The Absurd: Random Challenge

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  1. This challenge is going to be absolute hilarity. The premise is simple, you are going to get a random topic and then you will write about it. To generate your random topic, use this random generator to create your title one word at a time, and add "the" and change tense as needed. I recommend using the "average" complexity setting.

    A few examples of me making them (open)

    Buy during involved rubber!
    Slavery amid cookbooks!
    Elevate intimately!
    Thwart the absurdly awakened repression!
    Interstellar rapport amidst seamstresses!
    Tilled lobstering amidst amputation!
    Braver helium qua kneecap!
    Sensual sheriff without catsup!

    After forming your probably nonsense topic, if you aren't having enough fun with randomness, use this to generate a random phrase that you have to include somewhere in your story. (You can also use this to make the title. I got lazy and did so for the last 3 examples, but they tend to make even less sense.)
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