The Abandonment of Nana's Quilting

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  1. Rain beat against the windows, rattling in the sills with each roar of thunder. She couldn't sleep. An old lantern reflected the light of a trio of candle flames around the living room. Her computer sat dormant. Without electricity she could not have worked on inputting inventory, even if she had wanted to. The quilt shop could wait.

    Instead she was working late at "home." Clarkia Hurdiss sat on the carpet pulling her Grandfather's books off the selves. After reading the spines she piled many into a box. A few were returned to their original places. It was a focused task to block out thoughts of raging storms.
  2. *Sosuke trudged through the rain, wearing a baggy black trench coat, long black pants with a dark green t-shirt. He was wearing travelling boots as he slugged through the muddy streets. Despite the weather, his green eyes glittered and as he grinned happily. He was finally away, finally free. He was getting to live his life now, to see the world like he always wanted...even if it hadn't turned out so glamorous as in his books he read.*

    *His father had been the owner, founder, and leader of a multi-billion dollar corporation that he ran with an underground crime syndicate. He had been forcefully coddled and babied, kept under lock and key his whole life by his father since he was the heir to the syndicate and the corporation. After his father was arrested all his family's assets were seized, and he was finally free!! He was still on the island nation on ireland but he'd seen more in the past week then in his whole life. He silently trudged on, looking around in nervousness, hoping he could find a place for the night...but there was only one lit window. And it was a store window, he cautiously walked to said store and nervously knocked on the door with a 'closed' sign in the window. His belongings in a bag slung across his shoulder*
  3. Clakria lowered the book she was holding back to her lap, that was a knock wasn’t it? Leaving the volume on the carpet she took a candle and hurried through the open doorway connecting the house to the shop. The light was dimmer here, but still cast long shadows, her candle flame bowed and flickered with her haste. Navigating through the shelves and displays by memory, rather than sight, she arrived at inside of the glass door. A flash of lightning revealed the silhouette on the other side. A tall man in a trench coat. Almost immediately the thunder boomed, jarring her from a bewildered expression.

    She hesitating for a moment. Her left hand took hold of the candle. Her right undid the deadbolt. She pulled the door open just wide enough to poke her head out. She forced her voice to sound confident, like she did every day at work here. “This is Nana’s Quilt shop. You seem lost. Are you here for directions?”
  4. *Sosuke shoke his head, pulling back his hood to smile at her but immediately getting drenched by the pouring rain, his face running with water as it washed away the grime collected ther. His dark hair matted to his forehead and neck, he laughed in surprise as the cold water started invading the inside on his clothes even more, lighting flashed several times overhead as thunder roared ferociously as he laughed in nervousness but as well as happiness to find someone to help him, although it made him look like a maniac in such an atmosphere* "Why no, i'm not! But thank you anyway, so i was hoping you might have room for a lonely traveler on such a night? I hope i don't impose but i can't pay with much, though i can labor for you..i'm sorry to call at such a late hour, it wasn't raining until about an hour ago."
  5. *The man’s laughter amid the storm was disturbing. She was ready to lock him out and leave him to ‘enjoy’ the situation all by his lonesome. Shifting her grip on the candle in order to push the door closed a drip of melted wax fell onto her hand. The young woman winced; she never was good with fire. All at once the skeptical look vanished. Her eyes brightened and Clarkia threw the door wide open. Her welcome given far more enthusiastically than necessary.*
    “Please come in, come in! I can’t let you stay out in the rain.” *She stepped back to the side of the doorway giving the stranger an open pathway directly into the shop. She held up the candle offering it to him.*
    “You’re drenched. Here take the candle. I know my way. Feel free to wander around the store. I’m sorry the power is out, it will make me a poor hostess tonight, but there are plenty of candles and things to burn. At least you can get dried off, don’t worry about dripping. Wow, you really are wet.”
    *There would be no need to lock the door again tonight. If this kind of person was being let in, who would she bother to keep out?*
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