The Abandoned Dragon Tavern

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The Abandoned Dragon Tavern is located in the middle of nowhere - in fact, it sometimes seems to be located nowhere itself. It seems to draw wanderers - the lost, the abandoned, the travelling. Though mysterious, the atmosphere of the place is warm and inviting, a place for those it attracts to find whatever it is they seek, whether it's shelter, a good drink, companionship, or themselves.

Given that this is a place that attracts the lost, it seems to be lost itself - those who have been typically say they've never found it again, despite going out in search of the place. The inn is tended by four employees - the bartender, Saur Pesmar, is charismatic as he is handsome, renting out rooms for the night and keeping the drinks flowing. Mercy Well, the barmaid, serves food and drink to patrons and offers some conversation and flirtation here and there while the quiet and reserved fairy Risoria Rose, the tavern's maid, keeps the building clean and tidy at all times. Jenn Vue, meanwhile, is a talented and vain shapeshifter who serves as the tavern's bard - playing instruments, singing songs, and taking on a new shape every night for the fun of it.

Saur Pesmar
Mercy Well
Risoria Rose
Jenn Vue (version 1)
Jenn Vue (version 2)
Jenn Vue (version 3)

The main floor of the tavern is exactly as pictured - tables and a bar counter for patrons to get drinks and rent out rooms, a small stage where Miss Vue performs each night, and a staircase that leads to the second floor, where all the rooms are located. Rooms can only be accessed with a key, given to you by Saur upon rental. Though the building is only so big and the hall only looks to be so long, the tavern seems to have an endless supply of rooms for those who need them.

Rooms needn't be rented by gold - many, especially those who are lost, don't have gold for tavern rooms, so Saur allows a number of other payment methods. Service, for example - if you can't afford a room, just give Risoria Rose an hour of your time and Saur make accommodations. Rare items, favours, and information are just a few other ways to purchase rooms if gold isn't something you come by easily.

Welcome to the Abandoned Dragon Tavern. We hope that your time here will be satisfactory and that you find whatever it is you're looking for.


1. Fighting and sex are not permitted. This is not a libertine RPG, it is open for all-ages. If you meet a character with whom your character has chemistry, however, you can take it to a PM or a private RP.
2. If you leave the Abandoned Dragon Tavern, you may not return. That's just how the magic works. You may, however, bring in a new character.
3. Character bios and pictures are not required. You can, however, use pictures to spice up your posts if you want.
4. All types of characters are permitted - humans, elves, fairies, vampires, witches, werewolves, mermaids, trolls, shapeshifters, centaurs... anything you wish.
5. Try to have fun!
A person, cloaked and hooded, walked in at a constant speed of a step every 2 seconds. It's gender unknown as it's cloak was very spacious so much so that some of it dragged along the ground. It walked to the counter. " Water, " It began in a plain voice. " Need." It finished off equally plain but slightly quicker.
It was just another regular night at the tavern. Looking out the foggy windows, Saur couldn't quite make out where they were - it didn't matter, though. What mattered was that no matter where the tavern landed, business boomed, and tonight would surely be no different. There were only a few patrons in at the moment - a handful of "regulars", or those who had yet to leave. He glanced around briefly. Jenn was on the stage but she wasn't yet performing; instead, she was tuning her instrument for the night. Mercy, he knew, was in the back washing some dishes, and Risoria was likely upstairs tending to the rooms. It was a regular evening.

The door opened and in walked a cloaked figure. Saur quirked one eyebrow and gave a small smile, saying nothing as the figure walked briskly to the counter. Water, it asked for, and water was a simple enough request. Not wanting to waste any time, since the stranger's words indicated urgency, Saur quickly turned and got out the water pitcher, pouring some into a small tankard and turning around again. He held the tankard out to the stranger with a smile. "Here ya go, mate," he said. "Water's free, so no charge."
(((( )))) = repition

It retrieved the cup with great skill considering it only moments ago had a grasp of what consciousness was then it dragged it's feet to a table and sat. It felt... well it didn't, it just knew what it should and could possibly feel. The second something was remembered it was forgotten only being re-remembered when it was needed, then instantaneously being forgotten when no longer needed, well it wouldn't know how long it took for it to forget because once it forgot, it would be unable to tell the passage of time because it was forgotten. " But here it was thinking right now at this instant about how IT could think, not assigning a name to itself but instead calling itself it, it realised that it had been speaking aloud and that the words that it was thinking were being spoken, even the words about it realising it was speaking." This was how it talked, in a sense we are all ' It ' unaware if we really are or not. It lifted up the cup with it's gloved hands and poured the water over it's hooded head.
**×X~~□ MIND WIPE □~~Xx**
(((It felt... well it didn't feel , it just knew what it should and could possibly feel. The second something was remembered it was forgotten only being re-remembered when it was needed, then instantaneously being forgotten when no longer needed, well it wouldn't know how long it took for it to forget because once it forgot, it would be unable to tell the passage of time because it was forgotten. " But here it was thinking right now at this instant about how IT could think, not assigning a name to itself but instead calling itself it, it realised that it had been speaking aloud and that the words that it was thinking were being spoken, even the words about it realising it was speaking." This was how it talked, in a sense we are all ' It ' unaware if we really are or not.))) "It looked at the empty cup wondering why it was empty it remembered how it got the water but not how it was empty, then it suddenly knew it was speaking," It then remembered pouring it on itself, but it was unclear on what was going on and why it was happening, why it was repeating itself , why it was cursed to this eternal fate of remembering, forgetting and not really knowing if it really was it."

**×X~~□ MIND WIPE □~~Xx**
It walked over to the counter. " Water, " It said in a plain voice. " Need." It said in a plain but slightly quicker voice.
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"Your lost."
"We are not lost."
"Then where is the Capital Miss. Compass? I don't see it."
"You can't see it because we're not there. We're here."
"And where is here?"
"Somewhere that isn't the Capital."
"Sounds lost to me."
"Sounds like you want your sorry ass to be flat on a piece of paper again to me."

This conversation became increasingly more audible until it's odd looking participants entered the tavern. One was a young adult, female and short. She wore plain brown clothes under a smock caked with old and new paint stains of every color imaginable. A threadbare barrette barely clinged to her dirty blond hair as tired and aggravated emerald eyes scanned the old map in her hands.

The other was a strange creature. It looked like this:
It's entire body was made of some inky black substance and it towered over it's compainion, as well as the majority of the other patrons. The creature held the door open for the girl and followed her to the bar table. The girl bumped into the cloaked figure as it returned again to the counter, earning a mouthless snicker from the creature. "Sorry." She mumbled as she withdrew the map into a purple satchel slung to her side.
Saur took the short tankard, quickly refilling it. Odd as this cloaked figure may be, talking some gibberish and asking again for water in the very tone it had used earlier, as if on some kind of loop, Saur wasn't one to judge. All types came to this place, and most days he was pretty sure he'd seen it all. He smiled as a pair walked in, nodding politely towards them. "Welcome, mates. What can I do ya for?" he asked. He was increasingly curious about this inky black fellow, but unless one of them spent the night ranting about life's woes at the counter, he was unlikely to find out anything of interest.

From the back room of the tavern, Mercy appeared, smiling at the sight of the new guests. She put her hands on her hips at seeing that Saur was already greeting them, having wanted that opportunity for herself. She waited patiently, figuring she could seat them herself if they wanted a table.
It picked the cup up swiftly with the opposite hand it had used before. " Opposite hand ? " It said. " How would it know it had picked up water before, it had just under gone a ' mind wipe ', was it really even IT, or was it a perspectiveless being who is observing something that also happens to be called it ?" It said in it's usual voice only it had a philosophical twist to it. At the bump of the stranger it had to adjust it's gloves to stop the flow of the thin black liquid that was seeping through. " Hm," It said in reply to the 'sorry' , before walking over to a chair and sitting squarely on it. " S'ti emit." It murmured upon sitting.
The girl stared at the cloaked... thing and under her breath mumbled, "weirdo..." She looked up at the bartender and managed a tired smile at his friendliness. She had to look up at him when she reached the counter and seemed to bother her, never the less she spoke, "food, drink, a table-" "And directions, because she's lost," the creature cut in, a wicked smile of white dagger teeth scrawling across its face. "Shut the fuck up Inky." "Admit that your lost Allover." The girl was about to resort when she relized that she was arguing in the middle of a tavern that was not exactly filled with noise. With a sigh Allover turned back to the bartender. "Uh, yeah. That too."
The man was sat in the corner. His chair was old, and whenever he moved, it creaked. Or perhaps, he himself creaked? He was old too, much older than the chair was. How old must he have been? He had no hair nor teeth nor eyes nor skin. In fact, he was just a skeleton with a sheet of fabric draped over him. How long had he been there to have become a skeleton? How had he died? Could he move? These were all questions that went through the man's head as he sat. Or was he slumping? He was a skeleton now, so could he retain his structure? He twisted his neck when the two began to speak. "Don't you get it, girl? You're not lost because you're here. If you're lost, you don't know where you are, but you're here so you're not lost." The man was one of the "regulars" in that he hadn't left for a long time. He had seen hundreds come and go, but they never returned just as he never left. Why don't they come back? How do they come? How did he get here? How was he still alive even after he died?
Saur gave a nod and gestures towards the skeletal man. How strange it was that it was almost yesterday he remembered the evening the skeleton had arrived, and now he sat in a corner, teetering somewhere between life and death. "What he said," said Saur. "I'd love to give ya some directions, but you'll have to find out where you're going for yourselves." He then gestured towards the waiting Mercy, smiling. "My Mercy here can show ya to a table though, mates, and you'll have your food and drink before ya know it." His smile widened and he gave the woman a wink. "Our brew's some of the best in the world, you'd best believe it."
It pondered on it's existence. Every so often It'd undergo a ' mind wipe ' which would erase It's memory. But it clearly did'nt as if it did It wouldn't know that It had mind wipes because It wouldn't, or atleast shouldn't even have recollection of them happening. " But it did. And as if it's own narrator; told itself."
It paused slumping down then continued to speak to itself about it, "I now know who I am... I am no one, nothing but what others know I am. Only being revealed as something when knowledge of what I am arises, so in a sense I am also everyone," It didn't know wether it would dissappear from existence and no longer have consciousness, a thought that saddened it greatly. It wanted to be in the minds of others, to be remembered. It would do it no good, as it wouldn't be able to think about being remember whilst no longee conscious but it was a form of preservation that it liked. It applied pressure to the sides of the glass of water with both of what were presumably hands, which made pieces of glass airborne and a small puddle of water form on the table. " Rebmemer em, " It said
Allover looked at the talking skeleton, she was at first unnerved by his... deadness but at his words she grinned smugly. "See? Not lost." Inky's smile disappeared, leaving it's face once again compleatly featureless aside from it's piercing white eyes, now looking at the skeleton. "The words of the dead are pointless. They hold nothing but old nonsense that doesn't matter anymore." It seemed to begin a threatening movement towards the skeleton but was stopped by the artist girl retrieving a piece of paper from her bag and smacking it against one of the creature's claws. The meathook talons were flattened onto the piece of paper and held regardless of Inky's pulling of his arm. Allover dragged the struggling monster over to Mercy and asked, "so that table? I think need some of that brew your boss is talking about. Splitting headache" "UNHAND ME YOU IMBECILE!" "I think you know why."
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The skeleton creaked from the monster's words. "That's very rude. You shouldn't speak to your elders like that. I'm not dead yet and I don't plan on being dead for a while!" He pondered for a short time. "Wait, maybe I am dead? Maybe we're all dead? This could be the afterlife, I mean, I never see anyone who leaves return, but sometimes after one person leaves I see another person with the same narration style."
Mercy smiled and nodded quickly. "Yes, take a seat," she said. She grew increasingly curious about the composition of the inky black figure but said nothing, instead returned to the counter. As she passed by the cloaked figure with the memory trouble, she slowed and leaned over, smiling. "If all you need to remember is for other people to remember things about you then just let me know anything you'd like me to know, honey, I'll remember all I can," she said before heading to the counter. Saur had already prepared a tray for her, which has a couple tankards for the pair, a tall glass of water for the cloaked man, and a refill for the skeletal regular. She lifted it up and began to gracefully manoeuvre her way through the room, plopping down the drinks in front of each corresponding patron.
" It said thank you," It said forgetting what was thought and what was speach. " It has a question..." It paused thinking on how it'd word it. "... If it knew what it was then it wouldn't be here, It knows that much, so if it weren't here then it wouldn't be it, Or at least how it knows itself to be it?" At this point it was giving the water that was put on the table a stern look as if it was betrayed by it, as if it and the water were once best friends but out of no where the water massacred it's family when it trusted it most. " Then it turned from stern, to sympathetic and now it was as if the glass of water and it had finally reunited after a terrible accident. Of course it's face wasn't vissible and most lik-, then for what was probably the seventy quintillionth time, it realised it was speaking aloud when it meant not to," It perched up trying to hide the fact that it was a bit embarrassed on how of track it was and asked... " How much for a room for one week ?"
"For one week?" Mercy asked, grinning over at the cloaked guest before glancing briefly towards Saur. "We can make you a special deal for one week - normally it's three gold for the night, but we can give you the week for fifteen. That saves you - oh, six gold, I think," Mercy said. She had set the tray back down on Saur's counter and lifted one hand to brush a loose lock of black hair out of her eyes and her curious gaze fell on the woman who had entered with the inky black man. It was often that young women found themselves on the Abandoned Dragon's doorstep. Mercy herself had been one such woman, lost until she found her place at the tavern, as had Jenn and Risoria. Sometimes these women arrived alone, sometimes they had companions with them - men with whom they were running away, or injured family members in need of medical attention, or sometimes even a little pet they'd taken with them for company. This inky black figure, though, was something the likes of with Mercy had never seen, and she shot the pair one last glance over her shoulder before she headed into the kitchen to check up on the food that was cooking. The tavern never seemed to run out of food, and any food she made was always consumed, even when they had only a few patrons in the place.
a being with wings walks in. its features were human but his wings say otherwise. the hood of his cloak shadows his face but his golden eyes shine in the shadows. he walks up to the counter and glances from side to side then has a seat and calmly looks at saur.
Saur smiled at the winged newcomer and gave a nod. "Good evening," he said as the man sat down. "What can I do for ya?" As he spoke, he began to wipe down the counter on his side. Saur liked to keep his work space clean, and even the smallest of spills called for a thorough washing. He couldn't, however, quite say the same for Mercy, who was just coming out of the kitchen with a large tray in her hands. A handful of different dishes were on the tray - some meat, a salad, a pie, some freshly baked bread that she'd just pulled from the oven...
he sighs and speaks with a distorted voice, "may i have the strongest alcohol you have please?"
Saur let out a light laugh and nodded, beginning to fumble around under the bar counter. "Sure thing, mate," he replied. It took him a moment, but he soon pulled out a black bottle with a tightly-fastened lid. He fought with the lid for a moment before he was able to get it off, and then took out two shot glasses. Both were clear with a matte-style pattern on one side in the shape of a dragon. He poured a small amount from the black bottle into each of the glasses. The fluid that came out was a fiery orange colour with swirls of red and yellow - it almost looked like liquid flames. He smiled as he set the bottle down and picked up one of the glasses. "Cheers, mate," he said to the other man, holding up the small glass.
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