The 9th Poltavan... (Grimdark awaits)

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  1. So, this is both a sign up thread and an interest check so bear with me as I will be adding more over the next few days.

    The main idea of this is a role play of a small detatchment of Imperial Guard (Screw this Astra Militarum crap). The unit is made up of 'änglar' or in low gothic, angels. Their home planet of Poltava was a rather barren one, made of high cliffs and vast plains. It's infrastructure dedicated to the production of raw metals for the imperium, specifically adamantium. The Poltavan are drop troops, meant to fall behind the lines and wage whole scale devastation on an enemy from within their own ranks. Think the Elysian troops, throw in a bit of the Screaming Eagles and the 9th Panzer division. Yes, we will be deep striking tanks, because nothing makes a cultist shit their pants like a modified chimera falling from the skies. By modified I mean up gunned to twin linked autocannons for main armourments as well as ruggedized to withstand the fall. This does mean that the chimera cannot carry infantry within it's hull, but with it's upgraded firepower it becomes a very viable skirmish vehicle and close armor support.

    So! Who shall we be playing!? Well Guardsmen with the biggest adamantine balls imaginable. To keep things managable however I will be currently restricting things to one squad of these BAMFs. To attempt to control the havoc this may become I shall be playing the Sergeant of the squad.

    Open slots:
    2 Heavy weapons specialists
    ~ Troopers

    If interested I only ask that you post here, so I can try and get a semblance of popularity, more spots may open with it.

    Also, please if you have ideas or comments tell me!!!!!!!

    And therefore, you have my signature on this little sign up list.

    May I dare to ask to fill the battle-scarred, metallic boots of the heavy weapon specialist?
  3. Anyone else? If not looks like I'll change up a few things and make this a one on one...
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