The 9 Muses

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    Ah, the 9 daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. The Nymphs who brought inspiration to others, taught by Apollo himself. Unfortunately, over 200 years ago, an unknown source sought out the 9 muses to turn their power and knowledge into a day a dark energy. If created the dark energy will that will destroy the Greek Gods in Olympus. It will feed off the immortality of the Gods and then move onto their souls. Leaving no possibility to be reincarnated. Permanently erased. Because of this, the Gods ordered the 9 muses to force their reincarnation by killing themselves. Therefore causing them to be reborn as humans with gifts they don't understand but also hiding them.

    Now, they are reborn once again and because of Apollo's love for the 9 muses, he now stays in the human realm as their mentor; despite the extreme danger for him. It doesn't take the unknown source long to find out they were reincarnated and so he/she has sent their dark followers to capture them. Only problem is? He/she has no clue which human is a muse, so they take extremely talented humans who have the potential to be a muse and test them... often leading to their death.

    They're running out of time to learn what is necessary so Apollo hired guardians, magical beings that are payed to protect immortals who come to the mortal realm. With time running out and innocent people dying, the 9 muses must learn how to control their power in order to survive. Survive? No, that's not what they plan to do. No more running. The 9 muses are tired of mortals being sacrificed and so they take it upon themselves to go in search of who dared to do such a thing. Now... well now, they just need to figure out how. Without dying.



    The Muses:

    Calliope was the muse of epic poetry. OPEN
    Clio was the muse of history. OPEN
    Erato was the muse of love poetry. OPEN
    Euterpe was the muse of music. Reserved
    Melpomene was the muse of tragedy. Taken
    Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry. OPEN
    Terpsichore was the muse of dance. Reserved
    Thalia was the muse of comedy. OPEN
    Urania was the muse of astronomy. OPEN

    The Guardians: (I added them for romance interests or for those who wish to join)

    Guardian #1:
    Guardian #2:
    Guardian #3:
    Guardian #4:
    Guardian #5:
    Guardian #6:
    Guardian #7:
    Guardian #8:
    Guardian #9:



    -Grammar~ I'm not saying it has to be perfect but I want you to use what you learned in school x]
    -Teamwork~ This is a group rp, we need to work together<3
    -No OP~ Don't create an OP character ok?
    -Listen to the rules~ I don't mind kicking you out
    -Romance~ There is romance allowed, I encourage it but if it gets hot and steamy, fade to black please
    -Character killing~ No, you can't kill off another character without permission
    -Vacation~ If you need some time off, just pm me
    -Leaving~ If you want to leave the rp, let me know before you disappear forever </3


    Characters Accepted:



    Character Sheet:

    Name: (name does not have to be the name of the actual Muse, it'd be easy to pick for the enemy)
    Role: (Muse or Guardian, if a muse then which?)
    Abilities: (one for the Muses and two for the guardians, don't op)
    Weapons: (only something you can carry, remember: this is the 21st century so I hope you can hide it)
    Personalities: (2 paragraphs or more)
    Background: (2 Paragraphs or more)

    Appearance: (Anime only)
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  2. Name: Neveah Agne
    Age: 20 years old
    Gender: Female
    Role: Muse of tragedy
    Abilities: (WIP)
    Weapons: Two daggers
    Neveah is a popular girl in her college who has many of the boys trying to get with her and while her friends believe that they know the mysterious beauty, they truly know nothing. She sees herself as empty and emotionless towards everyone and even though she doesn't know who she truly is, Neveah knows she isn't normal. Well, how hard would it be to notice that you can tell when something horrible will happen to someone? How are you supposed to even react? When Neveah was 13 and first got her ability she tried her best to save the first person who she felt was going to have a horrible ending, unfortunately Neveah didn't make it in time and after the next few tries that failed... she gave up completely. She continues to believe there's truly no way to help anyone and so she stays out of their fate.

    With a strong loyalty to herself and her mentor Kousan (Apollo) who is both her teacher as well as her father... well not biologically, he just adopted her when she had nowhere else to turn. He's the only one that's Neveah's ever truly trusted and while she doesn't open up to him, Neveah still considers him to be like a father to her. Because of her status as a Music teacher's daughter, many know her and suck up to her for a good grade. Though, Neveah isn't known for having the nicest personality. Being blunt and straight forward is her thing and its something she's gotten into a few fights over as well.
    Background: (2 Paragraphs or more)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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  3. I will take the Muse of Music~!!!
  4. For weapons could I use voice as my weapon~? OR do you want physical weapons~?
  5. It'll have to be a weapon, also if you were to use music as a weapon I'd prefer it if you used an instrument instead of your voice. Also, they are reborn and know nothing of what they can do so you'll have to practice a lot.
  6. *nods head* OKay got it~ Maybe have her play the harp or something *thinks as she makes the character*
  7. Could I reserve the muse of dance? :)