The 9 Circles of Hell (Open Sign-ups)

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  1. The 9 Circles of Hell:

    One month ago, dozens of portals opened up all across the human world leading to Hell. Demons began spreading out and infesting Earth. The Vatican City has now assembled a large assortment of exorcists and demon hunters to enter Hell and slaughter the King of Demons, Mephisto. The exorcists have fought hard, and have eventually reached Mephisto's castle. They few that have made it this far through Hell must now raid the Demon Lord's castle to save all of humanity.


    Take on the role of an Exorcist, a member of the church going to Hell to purge the world of the demon plague.
    Demon Hunter, powerful human rogues hired to slaughter as many demons as possible.
    Demon, a foul evil creature that preys upon humanity's weaknesses.

    This RP will be a fighting/survival/competition between demons and humans. Either side could end up winning. Only time will tell.

    Character Sheets will be:
    Age: (16+)
    Affiliation (Exorcist, Demon Hunter, or Demon):
    Goals: (optional)
    Physical Traits: (pic or words are both welcome)

    I will accept up to 10 Exorcists, 5 Demon Hunters, and 10 Demons.

    Famous demons welcome, however no one can RP the Devil cause he's too OP.

    1. Post Regularly
    2. Don't be a dick
    3. This RP will conclude when all of the demons or all of the humans die. If you think your charater isn't strong enough to win a fight just except your fate and go out gracefully
    4. Have fun

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in PM.
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  2. Hmmmmm.

    Is there a limit on characters that one person is allowed to play, and is there any particular vibe you're going for? Like, traditional, Lovecraftian, creative...
  3. No limit to characters. I personally will be controlling two characters, Mephisto, and the exorcist leading the party into Hell. I was thinking more traditional however, I would recommend any and all creativity anyone wants to add to the mix.
  4. Can I reserve two spots? One exorcist demon hunter and one demon~
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  5. Can I reserve a slot for demon hunter. I'll post a cs tomorrow cus 6 hour car ride. Woo *sarcasm*
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  6. Character Sheets will be:
    Name: Terren Delorez
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Affiliation: Demon Hunter
    Skills: sharpshooter, sniper, hand to hand combat, deep knowledge of the occult
    Goals: Rid the earth of demons and angels to give it back to humans.
    Personality: very loyal to those she knows. Kind when meeting new people but does not trust easily. Will manipulate people to get what she needs.
    Bio: Terren was born into a family of hunters. She had been trained since she was young to protect the innocent from the torture of demons and even the manipulation of the angels. Her family has always been on the neutral side but once the gates to hell opened Terren has been fighting for humans to regain control of earth.
    Physical Traits:

    Extras: since Terren is part of a hunting family if anyone wants to be a brother, cousin, aunt, dad, uncle, mom, etc feel free.
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  7. K-michelle412 accepted. Happy hunting.
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  8. I really want to get more people involved in this RP so we can get it off the ground. Please, feel free to share this with your friends. :)
  9. Okie dokie!
  10. Can I reserve two demon spots, please? I'll post my form tomorrow.
  11. Does the demons have to be evil? can I just be a Non caring demon that was forced into the war?

    Name: Raven
    Age: I'm very old so don't ask!
    Gender: Female are you blind!
    Affiliation: Demon
    Skills: Getting out of something, and Making people hate me I just have that charm.... no Real I do *holds out a charm Bracelet*
    Goals: to do something other then kill people out of cold blood
    Personality: Sarcastic and seams to have no heart. but really she cares
  12. Sure thing! And accepted.
  13. Thanks ^^ yeah I'm going to piss people off!
  14. Name: Patientia
    Age: "Realllllly old heehee~"
    Gender: F
    Affiliation: Demon
    Skills: Being happily sarcastic, having an pissed off switch, making opponents feel pain for a long period of time
    Goals: "To make every single human suffer~~"
    Personality: Patientia demonstrates a very childish and behavior. She's seen smiling and acts, on the surface, friendly with everyone. Her bubbly and nonchalant attitude often leads to her sociopathic side come out. When it does, she quite playfully enjoys violence to a sadistic extent.
    Physical traits:
  15. Accepted, welcome aboard
  16. Name: Hawk Agilian

    Age: 18
    Physical Traits: AnimeGothGuy.jpg

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation: Demon Hunter

    Skills: Extremely Acrobatic, 6th sense for sensing demons, Cursed by a demon when he was a child he was given control of his own demon ichor (which was infused with his human blood causing him to be half demon) and is able to shape and move it into any form he wants. The curse slowly eats away at his humanity and is making him more and more demon like everytime he uses it.

    Goals: To find the demon that cursed him and kill it so he can break the curse before he becomes full demon.

    Personality: Reserved and Quiet. Has really bad trust issues. Girls make him extremely nervous. Strategical in combat. Anger issues cause him to not think clearly and act unrationally.
  17. Accepted, nice to see you again, Syphereon.
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