The 7 kingdoms

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  1. The Plot
    The year was 3155, the world had been destroyed. It was no longer full of color and life it was full of darkness and grey even the forest was grey. The world was split in to 7 Regions. The main region Moria Ruled over the others. Moria was The Vampires kingdom the high class district King Vladimir ruled, Alanis was the Werewolf district King Lucian ruled here simple yet middle class, Valhalla was the water District Held By Queen Zersie the sirens ruled here obviously all water and pure water, Niria was the fourth where the Witches and Warlocks Ruled Queen Morgan ruled theses lands they were the most desolate, Giai was ruled by the Gods and demi gods the many gods fought daily for who was the main ruler, one day it was Zeus, one day it was RA, another day it was chronos this place was chaotic if you did not know where you were going, The Sixth kingdom was called Sola, The Fae the two courts both Queen Mab and king Robien rule here in the separate courts light and dark, Last but not least was The kingdom of Refalin Where those who were human or something else like a fallen angel, demon, angel etc. All seemed to co exhisit nicely ruled by Uther Pendragon king of kings. this was definitely the poor district, What was unknown to the 7 kingdoms the 8th kingdom was rising it was to be called Bás, The Kingdom of death and darkness. Now their agreements seem to be falling apart the kingdoms have arranged for the young to save the treaties, by being married . will they do it, will their pride make them fail or will something dark come along and wipe them all out, for their not just trying to keep a treaty they are trying to protect their world from the darkness that is coming.​

    cast list

    King Vlad: @Scorpio Queen
    Daughter of the king: open

    King Lucian: open
    Daughter of the King: @Scorpio Queen

    Queen Zersie: open
    Son of the Queen: @Shayla

    Queen Morgan: open
    Son of the Queen: open

    God or titian of choice: open
    Daughter of the God: open

    Queen Mab of the Light Court: open
    Son of the Queen: open

    King Robien of the dark court: @Scorpio Queen
    Daughter of the king: @Shayla

    King Uther Pendragon: open
    Son of the King : open

    King Menalous: open
    Queen Sanara: @Shayla
    Daughter of the King: @Scorpio Queen
    son of the queen: open

    Paired up
    Moria daughter x Bás Son
    Alanis daughter x Refalin Son
    Sola Daughter x Valhalla Son
    Giai Daughter x Sola Son
    Bás Daughter x Niria Son
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  2. Can I reserve King Robien's daughter , Queen Sanara , Son of Queen Zersie ?
  3. sure
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