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  1. The war

    A long time ago, the seven kingdoms were formed. Each one was ruled by their king. They all had their own skills and abilities, and for a short time they lived in harmony. Until the great war started. It was inevitable it was going to happen. 7 powerful nations all living next to each other, how could no one have guessed a war would start. Alliances formed and then fell. Great battles waged on and cities crumbled. The war has been going on for almost a century now. The old kings and queens of each nation have died now. It is time to see the rise of a new generation, the new generation of leaders.

    The seven kingdoms are:
    Qin- Tiger
    Qi- Ox
    Chu- Dragon
    Yan- Fox
    Han- Eagle
    Zhao- Phoenix
    Wei- Monkey


    Each nation was blessed at the beginning of time with an ancient creature. Each creature gave their Kingdom powers beyond imagination, and each kingdoms power is unique to them. Only those who rule the kingdom can fully use the power blessed by the 7 beasts. ​
  2. Park il-pyo woke up early in the morning. He had recently been chosen as the new king of the Yan nation. After his father, the earlier king, died in combat against the king of the Wei kingdom. Park had been chosen as their new ruler. He was never one for ruling a nation, he much preferred to be the one on the front lines. But he could do that as much as he wanted now.

    Park il-pyo dragged his body out of bed, he was only 16. The Kimono he was wearing was dangling down one side as he wiped the sleep out of his eyes. He looked very harmless in the state. He made his way to the wash room. Being of royal blood it was obvious how big the room was going to be. The giant bath house like room was paved with white tiles. The boy dropped his clothing as he walked towards the huge bath full of water. He slumped his body down in its warm in-brace and relaxed for a while. It was the only chance he was going to get to do so today, after all the great meeting was this afternoon. All the leaders of the 7 kingdoms were supposed to meet to talk about the future of the war. Parl il-pyo pushed his body down, fully submerging himself in the warm water. "So now I am the new Fox king" he thought to himself as he sat under the water.

  3. The kingdom of Zhao was more lively than usual today. Maids and butlers were running around, doing their additional tasks at lightning speed and high-ranked authorities including the generals and lords, yes, even the kind himself were eagerly exchanging suggestions and making plans for tomorrow. It was the last day before one of the probably most important meetings this year: The Decision on whether to end, pause or continue the war.

    One certain princess wasn't so eager on the following day. In fact, she rather felt like staying home than to show up at all. Atesha, princess of Zhao, wanted to train with the soldiers. Eventhough it was unusual for girls to fight, her father had allowed her to learn how to use the sword because his daughter seemed interested. And he loved his daughter, obviously.
    Said girl with long, crimson hair and bright brown, almost golden eyes was standing on the balcony and observing the chaos and stress in the kingdom's garden with crossed arms. "Tseh!", she hissed in disapproval, almost disgusted by the sight. "If they were only half as eager when it comes to helping the starving beggars and exploited workers in this nation..."
    "Your Highness", a maid tried to catch Atesha's attention, "You might want to get out of that armor and pick a dress for tomorrow. Your father has requested to see your choice in clothing."
    Sighing, the moody girl went back into her room to go through her dresses and meet up with her dad later.

    ~Wanna timeskip?~
  4. Ryu stood steeped in the blood of the king. By his own blade he had slain the tyranical bastard that had lorder over his country for so long. He picked up the crown and felt the power of the dragon swell within him. It was clear that the previous king had not had access to such ferocity, probably due to the powers above despising his rule of greed. But things would now change.

    Just a day later, Ryu had been sworn in and the news had spread across the land. The rebellion had been successful, the King was dead. Long live the Emperor.

    The changes were stark and dramatic. The bans on female labour were removed, all resources would be given to the empire and plentiful rations handed out in return. A new era had begun in the kingdom of Chu. One of endless prosperity.

    The Emperor himself headed a convoy into Zhao, skirting the borders of Wei. A conference was needed.

  5. "... what do you mean, you want to wear armor? Honey, other royalties will visit, they'll-" "Alright, alright, I'll change into a damn dress tomorrow then!", an annoyed princess declared, crossing her arms in anger and frustration. She always felt so.. vulnerable in dresses. The armor of a soldier gave her a feeling of safety which she didn't want to miss when meeting the strongest people of the entire continent all at once.
    Oh well, at least she had some rather unique abilities given to her by the great Phoenix as she was, though not the king and queen, still one of the rulers of this place. She had their blood and a part of their responsibility.. the energy had been there all along.

    Suddenly a horn was blown, interrupting the two in their conversation. A butler rushed into the throne hall. "Your Highness, a convoy has been sighted! It has the symbol of the Chu kingdom. They don't have so many troops with them, so a war seems unlikely, but..."
    King Faust rose his eyebrows, surprised at the unexpected visit. Then again, the former tyrannical bastard of a king had fallen. Pleasing news to his ears as the former Chu-king's politics had been unlike his in every way possible. Faust always put his nation's happiness and welfare first.. he was a peaceful and compromising king, avoiding war as much as possible as it only cost lives and brought no real peace, only suppressed anger and vengeance. Needless to say he hoped that the new king, whoever it may be, wasn't interested in war, either. What would he want? Maybe try for a new alliance or trading? Faust had a fairly big and wealthy nation, so that might be it.. he'd never done any business with the previous king, so the kingdoms had no real relationship, other than the few times when Chu had attacked him. Did he want to change that?

    "Ok, join the others at cleaning the palace, please. Atesha and I will be down to greet him once he arrives. Tell the shooters to be in place. We don't want to take any risks."

    ~~~ time skip ~~~

    When Ryu approached the gates of the capital, they were opened. The shooters and soldiers stood in a defensive stance.. they wouldn't attack him unless he did the first move. Excited whispers went through the folks as they emptied the way for the carriage to proceed. The last time a carriage from the Chu kingdom had visited had been 20 years ago!

    It didn't take long for him to reach the giant and proud palace which's garden was bigger than the building itself. If he had come this far without any resistance, it meant that he was welcome here.. for now.
    The golden gates of the garden opened, a few butlers and soldiers standing right next to them. They all made a slight bow. "Your Highness, please leave your carriage here. The princess is very fond of the flowers in this garden and carriages of the size of yours usually damage these. I hope you and your cortege are hungry as our cook has made a marvellous feast upon the news that the new king would visit."
  6. (Since the Zhao kingdom is recognized as the most civilized the meeting will be held at your capital, if that's okay?)

    "Sir it is time for us to go" Came a voice from behind the boy. It was one of the house servants. Park il-pyo had just finished training. His body was sweat covered, and the floor was covered with wood. The multiple wooden dummies he was using to train with had been obliterated, all that was left were splinters littering the ground. "I understand" Park answered, his eyes glowing a little.

    The boy returned to his room to wash up. He was not really in a presentable state at the moment, drenched in sweat. After he washed up he dressed himself in suitable clothing. He walked down to the throne room, there were about 4 soldiers kneeling down in front of him. "Emperor we are here to escort you to the Zhao kingdom" the said, their heads still lowered. "There is no need, I will leave on my own" he smiled towards the soldiers. As he walked he nodded to a hooded figure, a wall of flames appeared in front of Park il-pyo. The boy walked through and was instantly transported him straight into the garden.

    As he stepped out he was met with the site of the Chu emperor. However he didn't recognize the man who was posing as the king. He walked towards the group, like he hadn't just appeared out of no where. He walked up to the Chu carriage, "And who would you be?" the boy asked.
  7. (In fact, I would be honored. ^^)

    The butler that had just been inviting the stranger in flinched at the sudden appearance of the Fox king. Soldiers nearby snatched their swords and got into battle stance for a few moments. Then they slowly lowered their weapons.
    The butler spoke up timidly, "Your Highness, it is a pleasure to greet you here. If it causes you no inconveniences, it would be nice if you used the front gate next time. You may both follow me as soon as you wish."

    If the boys looked up, they might have seen the princess on the balcony.. Or who they might've considered the princess. The blonde did have the diadem on her head, but she
    wasn't royalty.. Just nobility. A crimsonhaired girl in typical palace attire showed up beside her. She was eyeing the two skeptically. Though it was too high for the two to hear, they could see the girls were talking... About them.


    "Oh boy, the new king of Chu sure is handsome!", the blonde one whispered in excitement.
    "I don't really care.. as long as he isn't as belligerent as the previous king. I've stopped counting the times he attempted to kidnap children of our country to make workers out of them.. Or women..", muttering this, the real princess entered the building again, disappearing from sight.
    "May I keep the diadem?"
    "Sure, I hate it."


    The king of Zhao couldn't wait for the others to enter his throne hall. He was wearing his most expensive attire and couldn't even sit because of his anticipation. His eyes never left the huge golden doors that had an engraved Phoenix in them. Not even his daughter coming down the stairs would lift his gaze.
    "They're here, chatting in my rosegarden, dad.", she informed him, "one of them teleported here. I think the two are getting to know each other at the moment. Do you want me to interfere and call them in?", she asked, more impatient than her father, but for a different reason.
    "No, that's ok. We are not in a hurry after all. They shall come in when they have finished making acquaintances."
  8. [​IMG]

    The Emperor of Chu stepped out of the carriage, thanking the butler. He was tall, with an upright stature. Pulling on a pair of black leather gloves he looked around, noting the words of the noble girls. A little presumptuous? Perhaps. Cute? Probably. Justified? Definitely. "My name is Ryu, new Emperor of Chu" he announced to the fox boy and to their audience. His head turned to the gates and as he began to walk there, he continued to talk. "I am the murderer of Tai Zo and leader of the revolution. I greet you but we must press on" he finished, opening the door and walking into the main hall.

    (I apologise for the shortness, I'm pressed for time and didn't want to hold us back)
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  9. (Will post pics in the next reply, sorry!)

    The moment the two young kings entered Faust's entrance hall, the old man's mouth formed a welcoming smile. "I am very pleased to be allowed to greet you in my palace today, my friends. Let us pproceed to the dining hall while waiting for the remaining kings and queens.", he declared, leading the two through the halls.

    The princess only gave them a small glance and "Hello" before following her dad. She didnt seem in the bestest of moods.

    The dining hall was impressively huge and decorated with all symbols of the seven kingdoms to signal their welcomeness. The king gestured them their reserved seats and took a seat himself. From turkies to fruit salad, the feast table was overfilled.
    The king seemed to wait for the other kings, though.

    (How are we gonna deal with the remaining kingdoms?)
  10. "I'm surprised the Chu empire had a revolution" Park said idly. "Maybe they are weaker than we first thought" he said, more to himself this time. But it was loud enough to be heard by Ryu. Il-pyo followed the revolutionist into the palace. He looked back at the guards who had drawn their weapons when seeing him, he stuck his tongue out at them. Park il-pyo was still immature.

    The boy looked around at the fancy hall, it was no surprise that the phoenix empire had decorated their palace so much. He noted the girl standing next to the king, she must have been his daughter. His mix matched eyes scanned over her quickly, then moved on. He sat down at the table and without second thought dove into the meat. Park was unlike his father. The previous king was calm and collected, a tactical genius and above all a sly bastard. He was regarded as a trickster by the other kingdoms. However Park was very different. He was never calm, always moving. He was not one for tactics, but loved to fight. The only thing his father passed onto him was his immature behavior. The boy also had an appetite of a kingdom. He had already began to wold down the meat and vegetables laid out in front of him.

    (Not sure yet. Please feel free to invite anyone you may know who would enjoy this Rp)
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  11. Her father often boasted about becoming the Emperor of the Qin Kingdom, never one to stop telling the tale of how he secured it by defeating all his brothers either through combat or even by poisoning them. Her father was a proud, cunning and devious man. Something that caused his advisers to look on with unease and made their dealings with him cautious and just as calculated as he. Unfortunately, those characteristics didn't make him a good father. Mei often considered just how long it would be before paranoia set into her father's mind and caused him to turn on his subjects and adivsers.

    Being his only child so far, the Emperor decided that it would be important for Mei to attend many of the meetings he was sent for...including those in the other kingdoms. Her mother often disagreed...but no one could disagree with her father, it seemed like an impossible feat. Her mother did worry for her safety even if she left the safety of the castle, so it was ten times worse when it was the kingdom they were leaving.

    With the meeting being with all the other kingdoms, her father had given the order for Mei to be put into her best clothing for the meeting, obviously hoping to showcase his daughter to the other kingdoms for a future marriage. Strength in numbers, she supposed bitterly as the fitted outfit was tied up tightly. Burnt golds, sunset orange and a blackness tht belonged to the night sky. Colours of the tiger. "I need to breath." Mei hissed softly, hand raising to her chest as she attempted to loosen it. Her father would never dream of Mei having armour or even training in weapons...but given her title, lineage and father's past...Mei wasn't about to risk anything. Strapped to the outside of her thigh beneath her outfit was dagger, the blade curled wickedly and the handle wrapped in black leather.

    Mei would defend herself if needed. She didn't want to depend on others. Nor did she ever want to become a damsel in distress.

    Upon arrival to the kingdom, her father made swift apologies as they exited the carriage and hurried along into the palace. Having never been outside her own kingdom before, Mei was extremely cautious with what was around her and the people they were about to face. The cool steel of her blade was a burning reminder that she wasn't vulnerable at all times and that it would be okay if anything were to happen.

    The Phoenix Kingdom. How quaint. Mei raised an eyebrow as she took in the palace and it's grounds, secretly admiring the paintings and d├ęcor before focusing back on the matter at hand as they were directed to where the others were already waiting. The smell of food hit her first and since they didn't have time for breakfast before they left (according to ber father), Mei's stomach rumbled inaudibly and she swallowed thickly at the sight of the food laid out.

    "My fellow royals! We apologize for our terrible punctuality. My daughter couldn't decide what to wear." Her father laughed heartily and Mei glared at his back. He blamed her? He just blamed her for their lateness! What a joke! Her jaw clenched but the rest of her expression remained neutral, despite the tight smile she forced onto her lips. "Apologies." She echoed, unable to do anything else but take the blame.

    Reluctantly allowing her father to guide her to a seat, Mei waited for a moment before helping herself to some food. Her father obviously wasn't happy with her lack of manners, but Mei was more unhappy about the lack of food in her stomach.

    (The only reason why I decided to make her a princess too is just because of the historial purposes behind it)
  12. Ryu smiled at the fox boy. "Indeed they were weak but now we are strong" he replied nonchalantly, with a cold fire in his smile. As they entered the hall he kept the same smile on his face as he took in the frivolities and expense of the banquet. Disgusting. He was seated but did not touch the food, instead pouring himself a drink from his own flask and sitting silently. He noted the daughter of the King, and her lack of interest in the proceedings. It was then that the Tigers arrived and brought with them a snake.

    Ryu had always despised the kingdom of Qin from afar. But here before him was the leader, quite the vermin. His daughter arrived with him, a stark comparison to her father's face. He jokingly mocked her and her eyes widened. She was seated beside him, her father positioning her there. "I must commend you Princess" Ryu said, loudly enough for the table to hear. "To able to speak after being forced into such a tight dress, quite remarkable" he said, staring down her father, still holding the same cold smile.
  13. Mei's gaze flickered across the male that she was placed next to. His words created a conflict within her. Did she agree and verbally spit in her father's face with what it was like to be in this dress? Or did she retaliate with a comment of her own due to the taunting he provided? The tiger swelled in her chest as she sensed some sort of battle of wills occurring between him and her father and she placed a pleasant smile upon her lips.

    She had her claws. And she's be happy to use them.

    "My apologies, good sir but I must ask the question," she turned to face him after resting a hand on her father's arm to keep him from doing anything drastic, "Who are you? You mustn't hold a high enough title if you're not used to the fashion we entitle ourselves to. Then again, it could be just that you're used to women in a lack of clothing instead unlike us respectable women who prefer to keep our clothing on and tightly done up when around," her gaze flickered up and down his figure before meeting his eyes and her smile turned into a light smirk, "men."
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  14. The Fox king looked up at the new arrivals, the Tiger king. The boys same mix matched eyes scanned over the two, it looked like he was analyzing them. But they way he instantly went back to shoveling food into his mouth suggested that he was not capable of such things. The young boy laughed a little at Ryu's comment. Park new of the silent feud between the Tiger and dragon kingdoms, after all they are the two largest empires. Park il-pyo noticed the girls lack of manners, similar to his. It looked like her father was disappointed. However she seemed even more disappointed with him. Probably due to his earlier comment.

    Soon the insults started to fly. The princess of the Qin kingdom spoke back to Ryu. Park grinned, just watching as he began to eat. His eyes dancing between the pair.
  15. Ryu's eyes flickered around to her. Interesting. His smile remained. "I do apologise, you are, of course, correct. I am only the Emperor of Chu, the second largest Kingdom rivalled only by your own greatness. I am incredibly sorry and beg your forgiveness as I have only recently gained this title. I would kiss your hand but I am terribly afraid of getting any of the old King's blood onto you. It soaked me quite deeply" he chuckled. "Thank you for the educational course. I have never know a high class lady such as yourself. The women back at my country had trouble keeping their robes tied tightly, just like the women of this kingdom" he continued, gesturing to the phoniex king. He leant in a little closer to her but kept his voice loud enough for everyone to hear. "You see, they're so thin from starvation that they can't tied them tight enough. But not to worry, as least nobles like us can enjoy such feasts? Isn't that right?" He finished looking between the kings of Zhao and Qin.
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  16. Mei tensed as the Dragon King leaned forward so his words could only be heard by her. She didn't appreciate being in such close quarters with the man. But it wasn't just him. Mei didn't like anyone being in her personal space. Her gaze flickered down to her plate which wasn't actually piled very high but her appetite had diminished. Her hand raised to lightly push the plate away from her and she cleared her throat, her gaze returning to his.

    "Then what are you trying to do about it, sir?" She questioned, eyebrow raised, "Are you attempting to provide a better life for your people? Or are you just trying to make the rest of us feel bad? Because I can tell you that, if that is the case, your words will fall onto deaf ears when it comes to many around this table." Her own voice was lowered but she could feel her father's gaze burning a hole into the side of her face. "I wish the issue could be tackled within my own kingdom, but my father is a stubborn fool who doesn't seemto understand that a healthy workforce is needed in order to provide large quantaties of food. He can't see much past the roundness of his stomach or the desire for an equally large army for defensive purposes." She took a sip of wine and held the chalice lightly in hand, "He doesn't understand that some of the economy needs to be sacrificed before it can be built bette again."
  17. Ryu replied quickly. "You must not have heard the news. I have implemented a new from of economic policy. All goods are given directly to the Empire and then distributed. We have removed currency. Everyone is equal. I receive the same rations as any other person in my kingdom. Women can now work and are no longer just child producers in the laws eyes. Revolution has come to the Kingdom of Chu, and intend to make this widespread" he said, listing off each feature of the new system. His eyes flared a little as he noticed her father.

    "Why not succeed him? Claim it is time for you to take over" Ryu suggest led casually, as if it were nothing more than the weather
  18. Park il-pyo watched as the two went at it, throwing remarks at each. It wasn't just about themselves, but mainly about their kingdoms. Subtly insulting each others kingdoms as they seemed to happily sip at their drinks. Park hadn't been to many meetings, his father was not one to take people with him. He would normally go to these things alone, hence why Park was doing the same. Not even a guard would accompany the Fox king.

    As he watched the boy accidentally lent on his probed up fork, it was sent falling under the table. "Ahh, sorry about that" Park il-pyo said as the clanging noise echoed through the room. "Don't worry I'll get it" he said out loud, stopping any servants who were about to assist him. The boy vanished under the table to fetch his fork. He soon returned placing the silverware on the table, as well as something else. It was a blade, knife like with a black leather handle. "Now why would such a pretty girl be carrying such a devilish looking tool" Park grinned at Mei, he spun the blade skillfully around his hand.
  19. Her gaze flickered wide briefly at his announcement and her fingers lightly fiddled with a part of her dress skirt. "My father allows me the knowledge of what happens within our kingdom, but not particularly what others are up to." She mumbled, having to keep herself from biting at her nails, a disguisting habit according to her mother. It could be understood why her father would keep the news of the Dragon King's reforms. Women allowed to work? Freedom and food and equality. Women didn't just have to bare as many children as their bodies were able. It seemed too good to be true.

    The subject of her succeeding her father was a rather uncomfortable one at that. "Because I do not believe myself to be ready...and because he is still waiting for a son." Mei answered hesitantly, "My father would rather me marry instead of single handedly taking over our Kingdom. An alliance is more important to him." She waved a hand over the dress that clothed her, "Why else do you think I've been done up like a doll?" A smile pulled at her lips, but it was one without humor.

    The young Fox King was the next to hold her attention as he spoke next. Mei's breath caught as eyes focused onto the blade that was supposed to be strapped to her outer thigh. If looks could kill, her father would have successfully have murdered her ten times over by now. "I don't know what you're talking about," she murmured gently, but her hands were tightly held together in her lap and her face had gone a few shades paler. Now it would look as if she was carrying that in preparation to kill when it wasn't the case, "That blade is your own, your highness. I've never seen it before."
  20. Ryu gave a soft chuckle at the fox boy's antics. "Why il-pyo! I'm honoured you think my leg soft enough to be that of the madien next to me but I am afraid said blade is mine" he lied, convincingly at that. "You may keep it though, as perhaps a token of friendship?" He said, offering the boy a quick wink that he knew only his enhanced vision could catch.

    Turning back to Mei he asked her a question he thought would have been fairly obvious. "Why not marry then? It doesn't even have to be true marriage, just find someone willing to help you change the kingdom with you. You're quite beautiful so I'm sure there are plenty of options" he finished, taking a sip of his own liquid and swilling it around his mouth discretely.
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