The 4th Floor (Psychological, Supernatural, Horror)

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  1. So I had started this story way back in 2011 at IR but it didn't go as planned so I'm restarting it sort of. Well the idea is of an abandoned building near an old run down colony and in that building the only thing working is the lift. But the lift has no option or button leading to the fourth floor, how ever what ever button you press it stops only at the fourth floor leading you to an alternate world and opening the gateways to horrors and demons.

    4th floor in far eastern culture is very much like room number 13 in the western culture the unlucky number. I wanted this to be a minimum character rp so a 'one x one' seemed perfect. My requirement is a male character but the rest of the idea of who he should be and how is totally up to you, you can be as creative as possible. Anyone interested please post and we can start discussing soon.

    A little summary of how it will start is a girl being chased by bullies how ever the bullies happen to be younger in age but let loose a dog after her and so she runs for her life and barges in the run down building and hears the 'ting' voice of the elevator and darts in, she presses all the buttons in a state of panic but the lift stops only on the 4th floor.

    I'd personally like someone who can post at least once a day, twice a day would be super fun but that's up to you, no forcing there. At most you can post once in 2 days is fine with me too :)
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  2. This sounds soooo fun and id love to play a male if your looking for one i love this idea so much!!
  3. if you dont already have a partner!!
    just wondering how i should come into the story ;u;
    if you had an idea?
  6. I dunno that's your freedom, how about I help you pick from a few ideas
  7. yes please!!
    again haha
  8. You gotta place your ideas first XD
  9. yeah sorry i had to go do stuff!!
    (siblings :L)
    anyways maybe meeting on the fourth floor? oh and i have some questions about the fourth floor is it like demons and things? and is there an actual way of getting out of the building or are you doomed to die ;o;
    or maybe he followed you in to see if you were okay.
  10. and like mind tricks that make you go crazy and turn on each other? ;u; i love all this stuff
  11. i like both suppositions a) him already being trapped before her and b) following her and demons wud be more like asian horror movie demons more scary and less sci fi fanatsy etc lol and well ofc there needs to be a way out perhaps finding another building in the doomed world that stands perfect as if a motel with actual human life in it the mission is to reach there sane and use the elevator of the 4th floor to come back on the ground does that sound good or no you share some ideas too :D
  12. Definitely a lot of mind games and what not ;D
  13. Oh that sounds awesome! it reminds me of corpse party, do you know it?
    Anyway i think ill follow you into the building.
    Oh and are all the demons evil, or there could be the souls of people who have died in their? i dunno haha
  14. oh brilliant, all the mind game >:3
  15. we can create more awesome stuff along the way i dont mind but lets keep it as twisted as possible and yeah i've heard of it never played it
  16. So shall I start the commencement of the thread? :D
  17. Sounds good!!!
  18. alright on it, soon as I do i'll post the link here
  19. okay thanks again xD
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