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    Between 1946 and 2004, 4400 people of different ages and from different countries vanished. In 2005, they reappeared, at Mt. Rainier in Seattle, Washington, with no memory of where they had been. They haven't aged a day, and some begin to develop supernatural abilities. In response, the Department of Homeland Security creates a government task force called the National Threat Assessment Command (NTAC). NTAC, stationed in Seattle, sends partner teams of agents to discover the truth behind the disappearances. Eventually, it is revealed that the 4400 were abducted by a group of people from the future, who gave them their abilities to stop some massive wrong apocalypse-like thing that's going to happen at some point.

    In 2005, after what seemed like a plague impacted the returnees, it came to light that the head of NTAC, Dennis Ryland, had been injecting the 4400 with a neural inhibitor meant to stop their abilities from developing. Ryland and his deputies resigned in disgrace. Jordan Collier, a returnee who had now become a spokesperson for the 4400's cause, used the incident as a rallying cry.
    Jordan_Collier_-_The_4400.jpg Jordan Collier

    Collier solicited the help of Kevin Burkhoff, a scientist, who provided Collier with a project he'd been working on--an injection, promicin, to allow non-returnees to develop 4400 abilities. Collier began distributing the injection on a mass scale, without knowing the truth behind it--the injection has a 50/50 chance of killing those who use it within twenty four hours. The government declares promicin an illegal substance and tries to control its distribution. Collier seizes part of Seattle for the 4400, naming it Promise City. And all prepare for a full scale war between Collier and his followers and NTAC.

    Such is the Reader's Digest version of the four produced seasons of "The 4400". I'd like to set this RP right where the show and my synopsis ends. I'll also give a post with the main canon characters, but originals are absolutely allowed! Here's the wiki page:

    I can also give more detail on anything people want me to =). Thoughts?
  2. (This is in progress)

    All moderately relevant characters from the television show:
    -Tom Baldwin: NTAC agent, former FBI
    -Diana Skouris: NTAC agent, former CDC
    -Meghan Doyle: The new head of NTAC, and Tom's former lover. Meghan develops the ability of transmutation after unwilling exposure to promicin.
    -Jordan Collier: Abducted in 2002. A former real estate mogul turned spokesperson and revolutionary for the 4400 cause. Jordan's ability is to neutralize promicin--he can eliminate the abilities of those who take the promicin shot and survive.
    -Shawn Farrell: Abducted in 2001. Tom Baldwin's nephew. Ability to heal or harm someone with touch.
    -Kyle Baldwin: Tom Baldwin's son and Shawn Farrell's cousin. Was with Shawn when he was abducted, and the future wanted him instead of Shawn. Kyle was sent into a coma when Shawn was abducted. Since then, Kyle has taken Shawn's position as Jordan Collier's right hand man, and, after taking the promicin injection, has begun to have prophetic dreams (a lot more detail here).
    -Maia Skouris: First one abducted. Thirteen years old in 2004, born in 1938, and abducted in 1946. Diana Skouris' adopted daughter. Ability of precognition. (MINE =P.)
    -Richard Tyler: Abducted in 1951, while stationed in Korea. Richard is African-American, and was in love with a white woman from his home in Missouri. He is the widower of Lily Tyler, the granddaughter of his girlfriend from before his abduction. Their child is Isabelle Tyler. Richard has the ability of telekinesis.
    -Isabelle Tyler: Isabelle Tyler is not a 4400 herself, but she is the child of two of them--Richard and Lily Tyler. Isabelle--get ready, it's weird--aged overnight from a two year old to a twenty year old woman, killing her mother in the process. She's with Jordan Collier, and supports his cause, despite trying to consistently kill him while still an infant. She possesses a myriad of supernatural abilities, including telepathy and tissue regeneration.
    -Tess Doerner: Tess Doerner was abducted in 1955, at the age of seventeen. She is a paranoid schizophrenic with the ability of mind control. She is sexually involved with the doctor, Kevin Burkhoff. If she sounds like a character from Firefly, look up Tess on Google Images and brace yourself =D.
    -Kevin Burkhoff: The 'father of the 4400', who created the promicin injection. His ability is spontaneous regeneration.
    -April Skouris: Diana Skouris' sister, and the 'black sheep' of the family. April took the illegal promicin injection, and developed the ability to compel people to answer any question she asks them, truthfully. She's currently employed by NTAC.

    I could fangirl over it, but RP it? Sorry, no...
  4. We should definitely talk about how perfect life was when The 4400 was a thing!

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  5. I've been rewatching The 4400 ever since I saw this today. <3 I just don't feel very into RPing it.