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  1. IC:

    America, cut off from the world, has taken up a new method of politics. This basically involves the third saturday of every month being "Fun Day". However, the name is deceptive. Fun Day lasts from 8AM until 6PM on the third saturday of each month and during this time, measured by an atomic clock, any event is legal. Kill, rape, steal, do anything you like, but only during these times will you get away with it scot free. The year is 2110, and although technology hasn't advanced very far, every person is monitored by a brilliant net of AIs to work out when and where crimes are commited. This keeps the government in power longer than it should be as the people are in a constant state of rebuilding and no one can get organised enough to overthrow them. Interestingly however, almost every gun and gang boss had been eliminated very early on by a large band of hippie activists (now also disbanded) under the reasoning that "everyone should have a fair chance."

    1. You can't be some super strong guy with an armoury full of guns because A thatll be a terrible character and B you'd have been killed really early.
    2. No guns unless you can convince me that your character would have them.
    3. No illogical things

    Appearance: (I prefer images, but I can work with descriptions, they just get a bit vivid in my imagination sometimes :D, if you know what I mean :P)
    Bio (optional):
    Weaknesses: (not just things like "Finds it hard to maintain friendships" cos that goes in personality)
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  2. Name: Della Tomstin

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: (At the bottom)

    Personality: Strong and independent. Dont lets her soft voice fool you, her hot temper could make grown men cry. She is viscous, but if you know her well enough, she's very kind. She just does what is needed to survive in this nation. And a select few know her well enough to see past her obsidian exterior, since many people avoid being friends with such a hot headed girl.

    Bio: Della lost both her parents on one of the 'Fun Days' when she was 15. Her and her older brother began learning how to fight. Protecting themselves. As they got older, they got stronger, less afraid of the 3rd Saturday of every month. Participating in the event disgusts both of them, but this is a war. And blood will be shed. And it won't be theirs. Della's favorite weapon, her war hammer, was a gift she received from her father right before he died. She was a natural with it, it swung easily in her hands.

    Strengths: Hand to hand combat and her war hammer. Fighting comes easy and her weapon, the war hammer is just great for crushing skulls.

    Weaknesses: Her brother. She'd throw herself in front of an arrow from him. And she did, which is how she managed to injure shoulder. Her right shoulder was shot by a crossbow last year, and without the money to fix it, it still causes her problems when fighting.

    Other: Her war hammer was designed to be lightweight, and with her name engraved in silver on its 2 foot long handle, she never let it out of her sight.

    Name: Derek Tomstin

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Appearance:(At the bottom)

    Personality: Derek is much calmer and put together than his little sister. He tends to handle situations a little easier, and is not a fan of yelling. That said, if needed, Derek can get mean. In other words, don't touch his sister. If you put a finger on his sister with a bad intent, he'll snap your neck. No hesitation. But its person does butt heads with that of his dear sister.

    Bio: Derek watched his parents die. He was glad Della didn't see it, but he knew, as young as they were, they probably wouldn't make it. But he made them train anyway. They were not going down without a fight. The training paid off, and as they got older, their skills grew. It made Derek happy. He used to watch the force Della hit the bag with, and imagine her hitting a person. No doubt that power punch she had would break some ribs. Dereks own skills were better set with weapons. Sure, if he needed to, he could fight someone hand to hand, but his weapons were much better.

    Strengths: Throwing knives and a dagger. Hand to hand combat was a strength but it wasn't near as strong as his skill with the knives.

    Weaknesses: His sister. He'd throw himself in front of a sword for her. He was good at not getting injured, but he has a constant tweak in his left knee, that does cause him pain if having to resort to hand to hand.


    [​IMG] Della and Derek at age 18 and 16. There is no pictures of them after that.

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  3. ((Ill just point out that guns pretty much dont exist except in very rare situations so it'd be a crossbow bolt or something that she got in the shoulder. Also a more realistic aging would be nice. Theres no way a 7 year old and a 9 year old can live in a normal situation for 29 days in a year and also be able to survive when it comes to fun day. Also, where'd she get the warhammer?))
  4. Name: Everett
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: (File attached)
    Personality: Funny and Outgoing. Everett likes to stick to whats right and follows rules to any system. If a friend is in trouble he is first to help, but if you got reputation problems then he is one to not get in the middle of it.
    Bio: Born and raised into an athletic family. Everett was smart in school right off the bat, out-witting all the other students and getting A's and B's on his report cards up to 6th grade. Everett was anchored by some bad influenced people in middle school and his grades dropped hard. He was using drugs and drinking beer and wine all the time. When he was 13, he struck out hard and got beat up by some people for money. Now he looks to settle his score.
    Strengths: Hand to hand combat. Cat-like reflexes, smart and can settle any situation.
    Weakness: Drugs, hed do anything for drugs. If he doesn tget any drugs his stamina drops greatly and he starts to sweat really bad.
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  5. Hah nice character :D add something other than "will do anything for drugs" in weaknesses and you're accepted. The weaknesses thing is meant to be for anything that could be exploited when it comes to a fight. Perhaps all the drugs have gone to his brain and if he doesn't get them regularly he can't focus properly?
  6. Mind if I join it should really cool so far with the character and the players and the plot is very interesting. (Truth be told I can see this as something happening in the future)
  7. Sure!
  8. Everyone who has currently applied is accepted too.
  9. Is the IC open? or has the party not started?
  10. It's not started yet. Ill start it after 1 more person.
  11. @Raitoningu You still have to make your character you know that right?


    Age: 16
    Gender: Female (looks male and acts like one aswell)
    Personality: Tom Boy and at times sweet and caring. but always bad butt and jerkish
    Bio (optional):she hates beening called a girl so she is a he. he hated this game they make him play. he always hated it. it what hurt his family and sister. who was killed in it. he told him slef that he would find the jack a## who killed her and kill him.
    Strengths: he was allways good at hand and hand combat. and getting a wepon out of someone hands. and is very good at hiding. thats how he gets away and lives all the time.
    Weaknesses: using a weapon. he sucks at it.
    Other: theres nothing much i can say about him.

    and yes i named him LOKI don't ask. but here the reason I was watching Thor and i wanted a cool boys name so I was like hay loki is my f**king fav character ever so lets do it. ​
  12. yeah I know. But I need inspiration for them and thats something I dont have atm :D, also accepted! Ill put up the IC as soon as i've eaten my food.
  13. HAHAH......a ok Can't wait to start!!!!!!
  14. All these signups and only 2 IC posts?
  15. oh shit ist started wow LOLZ ill post something asap
  16. haha yeah couple days ago bro.
  17. Can moi still join? .o.
  18. Can i still join? i notice the two spaces left :D hopefully its still on....
  19. Is this roleplay still open?
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