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  1. The 3rd Reich

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    • Hitler and his Nazi regime has recently won WWII and eliminated Britain. Churchill has been and the Royal family has been executed but not many of the citizens made it over to the Americas. South America, Mexico, Canada, and the United States have come together to create a huge country called The United Americas. UA for short. The Soviet Union has also stood tall. The rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia has been taken over by the Axis. Germany has control over all of Europe and some of Asia. Italy has been annexed by Germany. Japan has most of the control over Asia and they are currently fighting the last of the resistance in Australia. The war was lost because of a new type of Nazi soldier brought into the war before 1945. They were Vampires. It was called Project: Black Moon. Not only did it reveal the existence of vampires to the world it turned the tide for Germany. They halted progress on the Atomic Bomb in America and started to decimate armies near the Fatherland. Naturally Werewolves rose to contest the Vampires. The allied countries recognized Vampires as an actual race, gave them rights and let them join the army to fight the Nazis.

      The year is 1950 and the Soviet Union and the UA are creating a joint project to sent a unit of soldiers behind enemies lines to put a halt on Germany and start taking back land. President Truman and General Patton are the ones putting together the project in Russia and sending the Unit to the front lines against Hitler and his Generaloberst Lanze .

    • 1. All Iwaku rules apply
      2. No drama in the OOC, IC is fine of course
      3. Reply in a timely fashion. Within 4 days please
      4. What I say goes. I am very reasonable and fair however so it shouldn't be a problem
      5. Romance is fine and I encourage it, however keep 18+ faded to black or go into a private conversation
      6. If you have any questions just message me or ask in this thread
      7. Don't bash
      8. HAVE FUN!!!

    • Vampires - Vampires are stronger and faster at night. They also can heal faster than humans but not werewolves. They are weaker in the day. Vampires are also weak towards stakes and silver. They are subject to heavy discrimination within the UA and the Soviet Union.

      Werewolves - Werewolves have regular strength but have a tougher constitution. They can heal faster than humans and Vampires but have to change during the full moon no matter what. They can change at will outside of that. Werewolves are often met with high positions because they rose up to fight the Vampires and Nazis.

      Humans - Humans have better willpower and mental strength, but are kind of fragile. They have the lowest rate of healing but can drink the blood of either Werewolves or Vampires to heal. They are most of the worlds population.

      Technology - For technology they are going to use 1944-1945 weaponry and gear. I will also allow inventions of your own creation but must be reasonable and have my approval beforehand.

    • Name: The full name of your character. Please list your character's name
      Must be between 18+
      Sexual orientation:

      Height: Your character's height.
      Weight: Your character's weight.
      Special characteristics: Does anything special or unique stand out? Perhaps a scar or interesting birthmark, or even...
      Appearance: Please describe your character's general appearance. Their preferences in clothing and colors, body type... (You have the option of using pictures instead. Anime please)

      Personality: Describe your character's personality. Be as detailed as possible.

      Interests and hobbies: How does your character enjoy spending their time? Anything in particular that they like?

      Skills: What are they good at?

      Fears: Please list a minimum of three logical fears and describe them. Eg: Ghosts, fire, snakes, spiders.

      History: Your character's history. Summarize their life up until now, detailing any important events, to the point...


      Weaknesses: Describe any weakness of your character's powers.

      Weapons: What weapons they carry

      Gear: The gear they carry on their persons and in their pack at all times.

      Other: Anything else you'd like to tell us about your character?

      - Feel free to add anything you think is necessary -

    • Generaloberst - Anton Eisenmann Lanze - @Uncle Legens Legentis


      Valeriy Pankratiy Sokoloff - @Rax Rosetta

      Ramon Francisco Martinez Pasqual III - @FrostedCamel

      Lily Martenelli - @Hyanna

      Imogen Stein Goldhirsch - @VerbalAbuse

      Tatiyana Pavelovna Kirova - @Krag_Jorgensen

      Cless Leatherman - @GreenSea

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  7. Name: Anton Eisenmann Lanze
    Nickname: Dragon of The Reich
    Race: Aryan Vampire
    Age: 375
    Birthday: April 21, 1640
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 188 lbs.
    Special characteristics: Unlike other vampires, Anton has two sets of fangs; one on his bottom jaw and the other on his top.

    Personality: Anton is unapologetic, crass, and wholly sadistic. He is a firm German nationalist and a loyal Nazi, answering only to the Führer himself. In combat, he is merciless, always finding new ways to exploit his opponent's weaknesses before they can find his. There are times when Anton can be persuasive, however. He is a master of negotiation when outright killing someone isn't an option. Needless to say he often refuses to negotiate with the 'racially inferior'. The Untermensch that still infest Europe are harvested to feed Herr Lanze's unit of elite vampiric soldiers (whenever the concentration camps reach full capacity, that is).

    Interests and hobbies: Studying the occult has been Anton's passion for many years. Cryptozoology, magic, witchcraft, alchemy, etc. He has led countless expeditions into conquered territory, searching for ancient artifacts under the watchful eye of the SS.

    Skills: Sharpshooting and public speaking are two of Herr Lanze's finely-honed talents.

    Fears: Weirdly enough, Anton is deeply claustrophobic.

    History: "Ach, it feels like I have an entire library full of these journals. Shelf upon shelf of memories, ja, rising into the air like a two-headed eagle. I will now convert the basics into audio-format; maybe it will be easier to manage then. Let's see, wait... ah! Here it is!" *wipes dust from book* "Mein first journal, the one I purchased in 1662. I was born in Regensburg. Yes, that seems correct. Mein vater was a captain in the Holy Roman Empire, a path that I was expected to follow, and I did so proudly. The First Reich was a noble one, ja. French, Spanish, English, Italian, Russian, it did not matter who I was fighting. It does not matter now, I suppose. All enemies of the Reich were to be crushed swiftly. But I digress...

    It was in mein 25th year when my career in ze army abruptly ended. There was a beautiful countess that I was assigned to protect, far off in Duisburg. I do not recall if ze order came from the emperor or a lowly prince. For six weeks I closely guarded this lonely countess in her estate, and not for a moment did mein commanders tell me why she ever needed such a service. It seemed impossible to me that anyone would dare harm this delicate flower. The fräulein knew a great deal about me, which was distressing, for I never told her a word about myself. For days she insisted mein company, even if it went against the demands of my superiors. Eventually I caved in. Her allure was unavoidable, but in my heart I knew that lower blood like mine could never mingle with that of a noble's.

    Her demands steadily increased in absurdity. The countess treated me like royalty, and yet, I was never granted any privacy. The estate's servants locked the doors und windows every night, and I was reprimanded for leaving its master any longer than a few minutes. I pleaded with her. She wanted me to stand guard in her bedroom, though any dummkopf could see what she was planning, and when she threatened to execute me for treachery, I knew that my options were limited. 'Oh, you might be more able to guard me if you were in this bed' the countess mocked me. 'Don't be a coward! You're supposed to protect me, ja? It's so cold in this bed," she pressured me until I snapped. She could sever my head in the morning for all I cared! I made an attempt to flee the estate, forgetting that the exits had been secured. Little did I know that she was a vampire. Vampires don't take rejection kindly, as one might imagine.

    Mein blood was spilled across the tapestry und carpets. She refrained from killing me for hours, toying with me, scolding me for resisting the temptation. Then she became hungry. While I was bleeding on the floor, ready to accept death, she slid her body over mine. Her skin was so soft, ja. I could feel a ticklish sensation on my neck. Moments later it developed into a searing pain. Und then everything went black... my next memory would not come until The Great War. A French artillery strike freed me from my grave. The details are a bit hazy, but I struggled to adjust to the Second Reich. Nevertheless the war gave me plenty of chances to drink blood. Those trenches still give me nightmares. Seeing Germany lose the war was the greatest insult I had ever endured. I was jobless und without a home, but everything changed once the Führer took control. I beheld a Third Reich, one to surpass all others, and one that would never fall."

    Strengths: Brute physical strength and sheer cunning.

    Weaknesses: His own ego, holy water, crucifixes, and most other traditional anti-vampire items.

    Weapons: StG 44, Gewehr 41

    Gear: Blood Vials (each one has a different effect when consumed by a vampire)

    Other: Anton is a Generaloberst in the Wehrmacht.​

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  8. Ramon Name: Ramon Francisco Martinez Pasqual III
    Age: 26
    Birthday: March 27, 1923
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 187 lbs
    Special characteristics: Two scars, one running up his face from his lower left cheek to just above his left eye and the other running perpendicular across the middle of his face.

    Personality: Faithful to a fault, Ramon is often seen offering prayers before, during, and after combat. He is a very companionable person and easily amused although his English is not the greatest he tries his very best to converse with his comrades.

    When in particularly intense situations Ramon is known to switch entirely to Spanish and has been known to begin "Talking to God" as he puts it, no matter if those around him can actually understand him or not.

    Interests and hobbies: Ramon is a drinker at heart, preferring a refreshing beverage over just about anything other than a woman, and at that both at once is his preferable combination. Deeply superstitious and very reliant on his faith.

    Skills: Squad support. A fast runner, making him well suited for the dangerous job of messenger on the front lines.

    Fears: The Devil, Supernatural beings, and the death of his mother.

    Born to one Rosalia Pasqual and Ramon Francisco Martinez Pasqual II in Mexico city, Ramon grew up attending church regularly with his family and listening to stories of the Great War from his father and tíos. He aspired to the heroics that his tíos' and father had accomplished in the trenches, working hard to condition his body, mind, and spirit in order to one day be a soldier equal to his role models.

    Come his graduation from schooling at the age of 17 in 1941 he immediately joined the Mexican Army and attended basic training where he ranked number eight in a graduating class of over one hundred. He moved on to basic infantry school and then was assigned to an infantry unit bound for the Pacific theater. After a short stay in Australia his unit was moved to the Philippines where it saw extensive combat against the Japanese for the next three years before what the Mexican unit calls the "Día del Diablo", when the Nazi's introduced their vampires to the confusion of the war.

    The unit was recalled from the front lines after a handful of crushing victories against the new enemy, and the Pacific theater was completely abandoned by the rest of the Allied forces just weeks later after an unsuccessful and costly counterattack.

    The American countries reformed into the United Americas and Roman now finds himself on his way to Russia, in an attempt to mount a massive country-wide counter attack into the heart of darkness.

    Strengths: Fast, Agile, and Unquestioning.

    Weaknesses: Tends to "leap before looking", can be over confident in battlefield orders that others would question, not the greatest shot.

    M1928A1 - Thompson Submachine Gun
    M1911 - .45 ACP Pistol

    Holy Bible
    5 1/2" Combat Dagger

    Other: Rank of Corporal in the UA Army. Very fond of animals, tends to be seen feeding strays his rations in the field.

    Name: Erhart Geller
    Nickname: Bulle (Derogatory term for a German police officer, Geller has taken a liking to it)
    Race: Aryan
    Age: 31
    Gender: Male
    Sexual orientation: Straight

    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 177 lbs
    Special characteristics: Member of the Master Race.

    Personality: Quiet and calculating, Geller is a man who is always planning something, no matter the stakes due to his position in the SS he is constantly on the edge of a very fine political and military situation.

    No stranger to Vampires, he harbors a distrust of them, no matter how undeserving it may be.

    Interests and hobbies: An avid reader, and a smoker. Erhart can be found lounging in the sun reading a book, cigarette in mouth when not in combat or on official duties. Has taken an interest in the Occult after spending so much time surrounded by it.

    Skills: Knife play, Tactical decision making, Leading soldiers

    Fears: Fears the fall of the Reich, however unlikely it may be. Fear of heights, and fears losing a limb.

    -Enlistment in 1937 into the Wehrmacht, recruited by the SS upon graduation of basic training due to fulfilling Aryan requirements.
    -Assigned to the 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division.
    -Served in the conquests of France, and distinguished himself along with his unit in the invasion of Britain during the initial beach landing.
    -Among the first to storm the parliamentary building in London.
    -Part of the special SS envoy that confirmed the identities of the British Royal family after their execution.
    -Unit now attached to a Wehrmacht Brigade, following a certain Vampire Generaloberst, and keeping tabs on his research into the Occult for the SS.

    (For Strengths and weaknesses, I'm mostly listing them for the armor not for Erhart)
    Strengths: Battle-hardened, Strong for a Human, Augmented Strength due to armor, Resistant to small arms, Maneuverable, and fire resistant for a short period of time.

    Weaknesses: Decreased visibility and field of view, large target, cumbersome and heavy which places great strain on wearers stamina after long periods of use, red glow of the eyes although hard to spot is a dead give away of the units presence if noticed when on.

    MG 42 or Sturmgewehr 44 (Situation Dependent)
    Walter P-38
    Combat Knife

    SS Powered Armor - Resistant to most small arms and low yield explosives. Provides wearer with high level of defensive capability while also augmenting the wearers strength, increasing it exponentially allowing feats of almost inhuman strength.
    Ammunition Backpack for MG 42 - Back pack containing multiple belts of ammunition for the MG 42.
    Cyanide Capulet's

    Other: Unterscharführer in the Waffen SS.

    Gellers' history is supposed to be more of a secret hence the lack of info. Also "Amtlichen" means "Official Record".

    I seemed to have managed to miss the personalities on both characters, hold up. Better I think.
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  10. Name: Valeriy Pankratiy Sokoloff
    Nickname: Sangvinik Polkovnik (Lit: Sanguine Colonel)
    Birthday: August 11th, 1316
    Sexual orientation:

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 163lbs
    Special characteristics: Does anything special or unique stand out? Perhaps a scar or interesting birthmark, or even...


    Personality: Sokoloff comes off surprisingly pleasant and amiable, despite his Vampiric nature, or perhaps because of it, which typically catches many off guard. Couple this with hundreds of years of learning and experience in the world makes the Russian Vampire an almost grandfatherly figure to his allies, passing on tidbits of hard learned wisdom, to those that listen, or mitigating the damage to those that don't. Proud of his Russian heritage as a whole over the ideology of the week, he cares little for the aforementioned ideology that is preached. So long as Russia will, from a long term point of view, benefit, he will support said leadership. Whether it was the Tsars before the dawn of the revolution, or the Soviet leaders prior to or during WW2, his loyalty has always been, and always will be, beyond reproach. His demeanor changes when confronted with any Nazi, especially their pet Vampires, and quickly becomes cold and judgmental. And nothing makes the Russian Vampire happier than putting down the scum that dared break their word and turn on their former allies, except maybe if they are vampires and he can show them the true meaning of a real, proper vampire.

    Interests and hobbies: Sokoloff aided in pioneering Russian experimental weapons projects and finds himself enamored with the development of technology, whether it is hybridized with occult methods or is pure science, Sokoloff has a wide interest in the field of developing experimental, cutting edge technology.

    Skills: Sokoloff is a natural Tactician when taking the field, and personally is a living nightmare in hand to hand combat.

    Fears: Sokoloff hates flying of any sort, preferring to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground.

    History: "My history? That, my young friend, is a long story that I could not tell in one lifetime alone. What I can do, however, is give you a, how do you say it, abbreviated version, da? I won't be digging out dusty journals or decrepit old diaries, I remember all the important things in life. Why live it otherwise if you aren't going to remember? But I digress, I was born in a small little village within several days wagon ride of Saint Petersburg. Ah, you would know it now as Leningrad, but she will always be Saint Petersburg to those that remember. Well, within several days wagon of where the city would be founded eventually. We were a small village, sparse and barely able to provide for ourselves, but it was honest work. The head of the village, my father, was a strange, reclusive man that avoided the day. We all felt something wrong with the situation, but it wasn't until the Grand Duke's men came that we ever realized what it was. During my infancy, my father was turned into a Vampir, my apologies, Vampire. They were nearly slaughtered to the last, but their master at arms seemed well versed in their kind and rapidly dispatched my father. I was distraught, but surviving within the family of a Vampire was noteworthy enough to be brought away from what was left of my family, to the Prince's personal hunters.

    Ahh, I miss those days, learning to fight the grand menace of the Vampir, for the glory of the Grand Duchy of Moscow. I was in my mid forties, seasoned and having faced many a blood drinker, when I would meet my demise at the hands of a being I, even to this day, cannot readily recollect the vision of. Blindingly fast, stronger than dozens of stout men twice its size, and with a wicked cunning that left us reeling from its words alone. I was the last to fall, and death was too good for the last man standing. I was given an option, die as cattle, or live as Vampir. Not much choice there. I inherited my sires speed and, as some are keen to say, cruel intelligence before the being vanished. Most who know of the event believe him dead. I do not, ancient beings like that do not readily pass on without incident. I am confident he will make his move when the time comes. But I digress, I had many hundreds of years to live through. The Grand Duke nearly ordered my execution, if not for my convincing of him that I meant no harm to the sovereign ruler and only wished to serve. It was not easy, and each new ruler was as suspicious of me as the last. But, I was a secret weapon for them, an undying locus of knowledge, experience, and a loyal agent should the need arise. My long, as the Americans might have said, track record saved me from countless purges and political intrigues. As did my own safety measures.

    I saw the rise and fall of the Tsarist state, dined with the aristocrats and watched as the common man rose up, singing the praises of the Communist ideal. Breaking bread with some of the more well known names, in the background of course, swearing my services as I always had to the sovereign ruler of the land. I was tasked with being the true Master of Spies, vice the one that was known to the world, and I dare say I did my job well. I was very active prior to, and during, the first World War. Unlike the Western Front, the East remained fairly fluid and mobile, not devolving into a bloody grind of trenches and death in the statistical numbers that war had yet seen. I was in my element, then, and I won't say I had a hand in ending the war, but it could have gone far longer, even with the influx of fresh American bodies. But I disagreed with how uncertain the terms of German surrender were, too many gaps and loopholes, too little spine to enforce the fines and regulations placed upon them. It was no surprise to any of us that the Germans would rise again. It was not if, but when and how. But no one could rightly convince the Glorious leadership of this.

    The rise of the Third Reich seemed to convince them otherwise, and I was tasked with intelligence operations, managing and enacting mind you, I was rarely deployed to the field at this point in my long career of service. Early on the Tretiy Reykh (Third Reich) insisted that they were allies. We knew better, but treaties prevented overt action. But we were ready for their Operation Barbarosa, at least we were. Russia was not, and she suffered for it. She still suffers for it. But, our original operations against them was expanded immensly, and we were some of the first to encounter their pet Vampir. Such pathetic amaetures, faking at being such fearsome creatures. I feared the werebeast more than these uncut Nazi super soldiers. But the average soldier had no hope, and they turned the war. We, the Intelligence arm that is, kept operating and developing experimental means of fighting back. Some worked, some didn't, but I found myself with a reassignment letter on my desk, and I would end up departing days before the location was hit by 'unlucky' aerial assaults. There is no luck in this world, but it seemed rather fortuitous that I was being transferred to a new joint operation. Considering the outlook on the Vampir, well, this might not be easy to mesh with the newfound allies."

    Strengths: Unnatural Agility, Terror Tactics, Sheer Intelligence

    Weaknesses: Besides the typical weaknesses Vampires suffer, Sokoloff is not a leader of any sorts, to the point of scaring his subordinates more than his enemies when it comes to the field of battle and tactical plans are drawn. Often becomes needlessly cruel and sadistic towards captured Nazis, let alone if they are vampires.

    Weapons: Personal Sword Cane
    PPSh-41M (open)

    PPSh-41M (Modernized)
    PPSh-41M (open)

    {td}4.2 kg (9.3 lb) (without magazine){/td}
    {td}843 mm (33.2 in){/td}
    {th}Barrel length{/th}
    {td}269 mm (10.6 in){/td}
    {td}7.62×25mm Tokarev{/td}
    {td}Blowback, open bolt{/td}
    {th}Rate of fire{/th}
    {td}1200 to over 1500 rounds/min[5]{/td}
    {th}Muzzle velocity{/th}
    {td}600 m/s (1,968.5 ft/s){/td}
    {th}Effective firing range{/th}
    {td}150 -175 m[6]{/td}
    {th}Maximum firing range{/th}
    {td}225m - 275m[7][8]{/td}
    {th}Feed system{/th}
    {td}35-round box magazine or 71-round drum magazine{/td}
    {td}Iron sights{/td}
    Operationally speaking, the 41M recoils a lot harder than the original PPSh-41, making it uncomfortable for normal use by non supernatural beings for short duration, let alone drawn out fights, at least until recoil compensation technology catches up. The original feeding problem for a drum magazine over approximately 65 rounds was solved with an improved action and loading mechanism. However, the increased rate of fire and velocity of the rounds tends to heat the weapon faster, stressing the original jacketed barrel and compensator, requiring more frequent maintenance and part replacement. Makes it more unsuitable to average troops, and muzzle climb is much more of a challenge to manage.

    Gear: Tool Kit for repairing his, and other allies, weapons. Blood rations, intel reports and maps for the given field of operation (When available), lighter

    Other: Don't get him started on history lessons. Seriously, don't.​
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  14. This actually seems really cool and I was wondering if you were still accepting characters?

    Also, love the whole Hetalia theme for the characters, made my day :)
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