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  1. Damien had been in Russia on the a front with Finland when he got a letter from General Patton. It had stated as such;

    Dear Damien,

    This letter is to congratulate you for your progress on the Russian Front. You have been promoted to the rank of Major. Because of your recent success you have been chosen to lead a small squad to the Chinese front and take on Imperial Japan. With this small squad you will proceed through China, to South Korea, and finally to Japan itself. This mission will have you go into enemy territory to actually give us a chance in this war. Things have been hard and war is never easy but I personally put my trust into you. Everyone here is counting on you to give us hope and an opening to push back. This war has only caused death and chaos... Blah, blah, blah....

    General Patton

    That wasn't all of what was on the letter but that was the gist of it. Damien was to lead a small squad behind the enemy lines into Japan to start taking out key building and factories that supply them. Along with the letter was a small list of names, each varied from country to country. Some were American and some were Russia. He thought he even saw a German in there. They had been instructed to meet at Krasnokomensk on the Chinese front. Everyone would get there before him so it would be interesting to walk into the dynamic they created without a squad lead to keep them in check. Potentially it could cause problems between comrades but this was a mission that couldn't fail and they should know the importance of it. Everyone was sent a letter that they would meet at the Eden Hotel until further instruction. The only other problem would be choosing his second in command. He needed to choose a back up in case he died or was not around to make important decisions. This was war and anything could happen, anyone could die. Luckily Damien was a Vampire so he learned pretty quickly how to use his powers on the front line. The only problem would be his "new comrades" They might be inexperienced and it could bring the whole mission down.

    January 4th, 1951

    Today was the day everyone should be getting to the Eden Hotel. This was set up so that everyone could get to know each other and then rest before moving out when Damien gets there. General Patton had set the rooms so everyone was on the same floor of the Hotel and thankfully it had a bar in it. The bar was actually kind of big but the hotel had no restaurant. The town was quite small and there was not many people in the town due to how close to the front lines it was. You could still see the pock holes caused from tanks and mortars. Even the building itself had bullets marks on the outside. During this battle the Russians had succeeded in pushing back the Japanese so the front lines had been moved a good 50 miles. That made this town the perfect place to gather everyone. Close to the border and close to the action, but not far enough away to waste time traveling. It wasn't long before each member trickled into the Eden Hotel.
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  2. "Agent Imogen S. Goldhirsch, please see your handler in the Commons."

    The Royal Intelligence Cell that evacuated her family had been integrated into the FBI. Her bravery in the evacuation earned her a call to work for the FBI on her 18th birthday, and she was put to work as a support gunner in international operations. It had been an unusual lull in ops, so her being called by her handler was a thrill to hear.

    However, the news was less than welcome.

    "Look, Imogen, I know you want to work in Europe–" "You have no fucking clue how little I care about the fucking Japs." "–and you will move there eventually–" "I'm here to put a bullet in a kraut's skull, not fight off Banzai Soldiers in a godforsaken swamp." "–but we've heard of action from the Lanze."

    Imogen stopped for a moment.

    "I'm getting silver bullets?" "And a rank. In fact, you're going to be a permanent member of the squad, Agent. No more handlers, but we will be expecting reports when you can." "Rank?" "Yes, Major. You won't be in command, but you'll hold some weight." "And I'm going to Europe afterwards?" "Correct."

    Imogen gave the handler an intimidating stare, but he stayed steady.

    "I'm in."

    The handler smirked and handed her a folder. "Here are your orders."
  3. Anton Lanze, Dragon of the Reich, deployed on another critical mission for the Führer. His battalion was unmatched in Europe and quickly became a leading example for the entire Wehrmacht to follow. However, this was unfamiliar territory. He watched from within his Kübelwagen, analyzing the faces of the people around him, both on the streets and of his personal guard. He had never tasted the blood of the orientals before. Jews, Poles, Slavs, but not an oriental. Anton decided against it. The people of Japan were honorary Aryans and of equal value to a German. The Generaloberst smiled once the vehicle had come to a complete stop.

    "Heil Hitler!" a Japanese infantryman politely opened Anton's car door. An officer bowed deeply, yet sneered at the lower-ranked man for using a German greeting, instead of a traditional, Japanese one. Anton could see that the officer was very, very old; no younger than 65.

    "Heil Hitler," the general responded with a firm Sieg Heil. "I have come on behalf of the Führer. Kōtei ni uyamae!" Anton's Japanese was more rusty than he would have liked. The infantryman was more than pleased to serve as a translator for the time being.

    The crowd walked into the German embassy, seated comfortably in Tokyo, and at last Anton felt a sense of relief. Not a single wall was without a swastika, but it was scenery like this that the general loved more than the blood of mortals.

    "The Emperor sends his ultimate grace upon us," the infantryman repeated in German what the officer had said. "We have much to discuss. Japan and Germany share mutual interests in seeing the last remnants of the Allies decimated--"

    "Ja, don't you think I know that?! That has been the topic of discussion since 1939!" Anton rudely spoke out of turn.

    Regardless, he continued past the senseless formalities. "America will not fall to the eternal Reich with words alone. The Führer expects greater activity in the Pacific, while you instead throw yourselves into continental Asia. I may not be one of your generals, but I hope that your petty squabbles with the Soviet dogs will not be drawn out any more than it has to be. Ach, fetch me a beer, this mortal insolence is driving me mad. And make sure the perimeter is secure! A dignitary such as myself should never succumb to ill-fortune at the negligence of his kind hosts, ja?"
  4. "And do let the American handlers know that the intelligence report is on the way, da?"

    The man sat in an office, and while he wouldn't ever confirm that it was located in a major Russian city of any importance, he would say that he had rather immediate access to some of the most powerful figures in the Soviet Union. Said man looked at pieces of art spanning hundreds of years old, things that only the most wizened, die hard collectors would even have the chance of recognizing. Such was the collection of a being over half a millennium old, one of the few icons of, curiously enough, loyalty within the Russian history. For a people who constantly rose up against the old regime, implemented new power structures, how they loved to repeat the same sequence of the past. But, looking at the current situation that had caused him to authorize releasing information to the Americans operating against the Third Reich, as well as Imperial Japan, one had to wonder if history would repeat itself after this war was over. The man sitting at his desk chuckled softly, looking at the goblet of blood on his desk, the crimson fluids that sustained his kind having come from prisoners in a gulag. Oh, they would never know where their blood went, and as he drank from the goblet, an old relic of the past like many other items, a subordinate came in, blanching paler at the sight of the Sangvinik Polkovnik drinking his meal. The young man, newly inducted into the spy work that the vampiric man ran, left the communique with barely a word, excusing himself rapidly.

    "Poor boy, I imagine the gentlemen never warned him of his new boss. Now, Stalin's personal seal? What would the good man want with me today?"

    The letter, addressed to one Valeriy Pankratiy Sokoloff, a master of spies and formally a Polkovnic, Colonel by the standards of the English speaking countries, was rather plain. Ahh, good Stalin never did like mincing words with him, the man was smart enough to distrust those around him. Granted, the Purges did not do the Soviet's military many favors, but his enemies were not quick to survive such a move, or try anything in fear of being discovered as such. Sokoloff would know, after all, he had ferreted out quite a few men opposed to Stalin and his regime, during his time in serving the man. Reading the letter, he could not help but smile, confirming the contents and committing them to memory before secreting away the message. Reassignment, eh? Most excellent, and to a joint operation against the Imperial Japanese no less. The Imperials had this unnerving habit of being unusually focused in trying to push through their Eastern lines, and the Russian Vampir had dealt with more than his fair share of spies and traitors from the Imperial front. But, shut down the Imperial Japanese, and they could focus the full brunt of Soviet military power against the Third Reich, and their treacherous pet Vampir. Sokoloff was quick to gather his things, calling in his second in command, an elderly man who wore the attire of a butler. But, the sidearm on his hip and scars were quick to point out that this man wasn't just some butler.

    "I have business to attend to abroad, do make sure the protocols are enacted properly, and await my call. The funds should make sure each of you remain comfortable for the rest of your days, should the unthinkable happen."

    Some Time Later
    Polkovnic Sokoloff stood outside an establishment that seemed to be called the Eden Hotel. The Russian had never stayed at this particular place, seemed the American agents and their minders preferred to use the place as a staging point, far as the local Russian agencies were able to determine. But, according to the dispatch, he was to meet here with his new allies. He wouldn't be in charge, merely advising their leader and providing his skill set to their cause. A gesture of good will, and got him well away from the powers that be. Sokoloff hardly blamed them, he was Vampir after all, and proceeded to let himself into the hotel, smiling pleasantly at the receptionist as he checked in, heading up towards the floor where his room was located. He traveled lightly, cane seeming to support his movements, unloading his bags in the room that was his, careful to sweep the place for anything untoward or unwelcome, recording devices especially. He would retire to the bar for a spell, see who else showed up. Sokoloff was drinking whiskey, an acquired taste that many Americans seemed to have been fond of, and it was hardly as conspicuous or obvious as vodka, a filthy stereotype indeed!​
  5. The muddy army truck made its way back from the front lines. Its bed was filled with equipment in need of servicing or discarded parts that could be recycled. Tatiyana huddled against the side of the bed next to a pile of broken tank track links and an engine. She was wearing a standard Russian winter uniform. Her hands were bound together with cuffs, which chilled her wrists. She watched the terrain move, it was a small comfort to look at the land she helped liberate. She still wanted to be fighting the Nazis on the Volga, but after the incident two years ago, she was transferred here to fight the Japanese. She found them tough combatants who rarely allowed themselves to be taken alive. Prisoners needed to be taken in raids or subdued before they could kill themselves. However, few soldiers captured ever gave useful intelligence, so often they would be given to the NKVD, arguably a fate worse than death.

    Across the bed was another Russian soldier with the NKVD. He and the officer riding in the cab were there to escort her to the Eden Hotel. When she was called to be part of Patton's multinational force, her Captain tried to keep her. He made the argument that her expertise as a medic was essential to the company. This reply was met by a visit from the NKVD, who made it quite clear that she could either come with them or stay with her company in the same mass grave. The journey was long and cold, taking several hours on primitive, muddy roads. She lifted her shoulders slightly, tyring to keep the heat in as the truck hit another bump.


    The truck stopped at the hotel and Tatiyana was roughly led off the truck and into the hotel proper. The NKVD officer had orders to release her to the commanding officer of the unit. He led the group, with Tatiyana in the middle and the soldier behind them. The other soldier carried a PPSh at the ready in case the sniper had any ideas of escape. The warmth of the building was a welcome feeling on her skin. She briefly looked to at the bar before being roughly goaded forward and up the stairs. The officer knocked on Damien's door.

    "Major King, This is Leytenant Timurvich of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. I have transfer orders for Seryant Tatiyana Kirova that require your signature." He said, intending to hand him the orders and the keys to her manacles.
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  6. Lily fought back her tears as she walked away from Alessandro, who was crying and calling out to her, but it would do her no good dwelling on what couldn't be changed. Just as she reached the loading doors on the CP 140- Aurora, she allowed herself one last backwards glance towards her nephew, before she was ushered into the large aircraft.

    The only other non crew member on the plane was her original recruiter, and handler during the war. She had never actually found out his name, and was told to refer to him as "Sir" or "Captain", anything else was unacceptable. She thought that by now, since the war was "over", that she might have been able to live in peace with Alessandro, but she was mistaken.

    She had been living in a small apartment with Alessandro since they had both returned to Canada, in fact it was Alessandro's birthday and they were celebrating. Lily had just taken out the small cupcake she had purchased from the bakery, when there was a knock at the door. She had motioned Alessandro to hide, then walked up to the door with her gun in her hand. When she opened the door there he was, the infamous "Captain", the man who forced her into being a spy.

    The second she saw it was him, Lily slammed the dorr shut and yelled "No!" while locking the door and quickly grabbing as many things as she could carry. The man simply knocked on the door calmly, and when she didn't respond, said his goodbyes, and Lily thought that was the end of his visit. However a few days later on her way to the new apartment that she and Alessandro had moved into he found her again, and this time didn't take any chances. With a gun to her back, and a cloth pressed to her mouth, she hadn't stood a chance, or at least that was what she told herself when she woke up in an abandoned warehouse with him sitting across from her.

    "You've gotten sloppy since the war, that's unacceptable" he said in a tone that belayed his amusement more than his anger or disappointment. "However unlike the others, you did put up a fight, which is why being tied up is necessary." He said motioning to the ropes that kept her confided to the chair. Lily watched as he got up from the chair and walk towards her, stopping just a short distance from her and knelling down to look her in the eyes. Her glare amused him to no ends since he broke into a full bellowed laugh which lasted for a few seconds before he looked back at her, and grabbed a piece of her hair, yanking her forward with it.

    "Now, now Lily, that's not very nice, to greet an old friend with a glare, very poor manners, I thought we had trained you better than that" This time there was no mistaking his malice for anything other than what it was. He did have a point, she had grown sloppy since the war, becoming complacent in her new life, foolishly believing the government was done with her.

    "What do you want" She said calmly, already trying to figure out what they would want her for, she was a spy, not a soldier, and since the introduction of the Vampires and Werewolves, there had been no need of her in this new war.

    "Oh, it's not what I want, but rather what the UA wants. Darling, you have been reassigned to a special task force, you'll be going back overseas to serve your country once again." He let go of her hair at that point and decided that he would much rather circle around her forcing her to twist her head to follow his movements. "And before you say it, no. You cannot refuse this new assignment, no matter what baggage you leave behind. After all, even if you managed to escape with that little boy-" Lily's eyes widen at that point, "you wouldn't get far."

    "...You told me I was done, that I had repaid my debt and that I was free." She whispered. "I have a life now, responsibilities, I cannot just leave, and you know that." She glared and practically spat at him. "What am I supposed to do about Ale-, my responsibilities?" Cursing herself for her slip-up. "Am I supposed to leave everything for the government to take care of? To rely on you? We both know how that ended last time, me almost killed, my sister dead and a baby dropped on my doorstep. I have my answer, you and the government can go to hell, I have paid my dues, I lost everything in that fucking war, and I refuse to do the same to him. So go fuck yourselves, I'm done" Her voice had steadily grown louder the more she talked, ending in a full out scream.

    The "Captain" just gave a malicious smile before punching her in the stomach, knocking the breath out of her. This lasted for a few more minutes, him punching her in places that were not visible, places hidden beneath her clothes. The torture only ended when a door slammed open and a sharp voice echoed in the dark. The man who stepped into the light made the "Captain" stop and glare at him, but for Lily stare in shock.

    "R-Roberto?" she tearfully whispered not quite believing her eyes. The man turned to her and gave her a smile that she thought she would never see again.

    What happened next was Roberto agreeing to watch over Alessandro while she left. Every attempt at trying to figure out what happened to him was met with silence or a misdirection. It may have angered her, but the fact her baby brother was alive, was all that mattered. Alessandro took to Roberto quite easily, her departure however, not so much. The night before she was to leave they had gotten into a huge argument and he ran into his room screaming that he hated her. He apologized later that night of course, but Lily couldn't help but feel like she was making a huge mistake leaving them behind, but she had no choice.

    Once the plane had landed they quickly transported her to a hotel near the front-lines, The Eden Hotel's name seemed to ironic to Lily. If this was what paradise was supposed to look like she didn't even want to imagine Hell. The "Captain" shoved past her, going into the hotel to check her in. It had only been a few days since her beating and that shove had caused her ribs flared up in pain, making Lily hold in her scream of pain as she glared at his retreating back. It wouldn't take too much to kill him, just a single shot to the back of his head, she could run and no one would know any better. Or she could slip poison into his Whiskey, possibly choke him and make him swallow the cyanide pill in his mouth, and if worst came to worse, always kiss him while wearing her special lipstick.

    Lily knew she couldn't do any of those things, but that didn't stop her from wishing or imagining the life draining from his eyes. By the time she had made it inside, he had already checked her in, and grabbed her arm, dragging her up the stairs. If she thought walking was difficult before, it was killing her now. He set a relentless pace that made her ribs ache, but the grip on her arm was excruciating. When they finally reached the room, he opened the door and pushed her inside. Lily had caught a glimpse of someone by another door, but didn't really have a chance before being shoved into the room.

    The "Captain" left her, telling her to stay put while he went out to do whatever he wanted to do. With that in mind Lily quickly went into the bathroom and started to re-wrap her ribs and check on the new bruising on her arm. First day back in Europe and she was already injured, what she wouldn't give for a drink at the moment.
  7. "En nombre de Dios voy en este viaje. Puede Dios el padre conmigo, me protege Dios Hijo y Dios el Espíritu Santo estar a mi lado. Amén." he whispered into his crucifix.

    Ramon sat in his seat on the C-47, his right hand clutching the small silver cross dangling around his neck, the other hand gripping the arm rest so tight that his knuckles were white as bone. "Dios mío" he repeated as the plane shook violently rolling down the runway, he chanced a look out the window and immediately regretted it. For the shaking had stopped but the plane was now several hundred meters off the ground and climbing. A sudden feeling of lightheadedness overwhelmed Ramon and then there was only blackness.

    "The Generaloberst seems very eager Bulle." came Krueger, Gellers second in command, "It would seem so, however keep an eye out. These orientals may be honorary Aryans but it doesn't change what they truly are. The Generaloberst could be in danger as we speak." Or worse, he could be planning to ditch us and follow his own agendas Geller thought the words but saw no need to say them. Outright dissent of a higher ranking official would surely mean the end of his career, and very likely his life. Laws were harsh in war, just as they need to be, but laws tended to mean little to a Vampire.

    "Eyes to our nine, a few people getting a bit too comfortable watching the Generaloberst, don't you agree Krueger?" Geller said as he motioned with his armored arm to the group of orientals huddled on a balcony, one of which had a personal camera pointing toward the motorcade. "Oh ja" came Kruegers' reply as he made a swift motion pointing with two fingers to the balcony, like a well oiled machine the detachment of 4th SS Polizei sprang into action.

    "Corporal? Corporal...? Corporal we've landed please wake up." came the soft voice of what Ramon could only imagine to be a stunningly beautiful woman. Groggily he rubbed at his eyes and looked up with a grin to the wo--- pre-adolescent male. All hints of a smile gone from his face he stood and smashed his head into the over head compartment.

    The boy gave a yelp as he stepped back and Ramon simply rubbed his head and grabbed his bags as if nothing had happened.

    Stepping off the plane, a sense of dizziness over took him before passing quickly. A UA jeep with a few others was present a few yards from the plane, a Corporal about the same age as Ramon leaned against the hood holding a sign with the words "Ramon Francisco Marti" written on the paper ending abruptly at the end of the page. Ramon grabed his bags and hefted them into the bed of the jeep and offered a hand to the Corporal. "Corporal Pasqual, Ramon Francisco Martinez Pasqual III. Pleasure to be here" he said. The Corporal scowled at him and waved the hand away. "Get in. I've got the other two to drop off at some shit hole as well. I'll give you the run down on the way to your drop off." he said as he slipped into the drivers seat and turned the engine over once before it started.

    Geller walked into the residential building just a minute and a half after his squad had entered, the main entrance was in splinters on the ground and the cast iron railing leading up the stairs had been ripped from its pilings, 'A matter of freedom of movement' Geller thought as he walked up the stairs, every step in his armor sounding off the tile.

    Turning a corner he quickly found the apartment that the group had been watching from, denoted by the two SS troopers in very intimidating power armor flanking the door to the apartment. "Bulle." one of the troopers said, not a friendly hello but a show of respect for their Unterscharführer.

    Krueger was waiting inside standing over five kneeling orientals, their hands tied behind their backs and facing the wall. "Bulle, we've got the camera. What would you like us to do with these untermensch?" the disdain palpable in his tone. "Why nothing yet. We must consult the Generaloberst first of course, wouldn't want to do anything rash behind his back ja?" the threat was hidden in the details, Krueger and the other SS troopers no doubt understood it but there loyalty was unfaltering and none would bring up the short conversation later.

    "Of course Bulle." Krueger replied. "Oberschütze." Geller said motioning to the trooper to his right, "Runa message to the Generaloberst. Tell him that we have five oriental spies in custody and require orders on how to handle them." he said, his brow furrowed beneath his helmet and he started again "And don't disrespect the Generalobersts wishes, Oberschütze."

    The trooper snapped a quick salute and disappeared from the apartment.

    "The Japs are mighty good at fighting sure. They're terrifying to be honest! But that doesn't change the fact that we keep on trading wins for losses both ways!" the Corporal yelled over the wind as he drove at blazing speed down a very narrow dirt road. He pointed to a blown out bunker on the left, "Would you believe that just four days ago there were still Japs holding out in there peppering anyone stupid enough to come down this road with holes!?" he said, the conversational tone of his voice, even while yelling, made Ramon uneasy.

    "Loco indeed." Ramon answered as he looked out into the fields on his left. Hulks of tanks and vehicles lay stagnant, their lives ended by metal screaming at them faster than sound itself. Every so often Ramon could swear he glimpsed corpses among the tall reeds. He signed the cross and kissed his crucifix, saying a short prayer for the dead.

    The jeep rounded a corner and was suddenly flying through a town. "Shouldn't you slow down?" Ramon yelled over the wind. "No need, practically everyone has left from the front, even this far back!" Ramon winced as a cat stepped into the road and disappeared beneath the tires with an almost unnoticeable bump.

    He sat in silence for the rest of the ride.
    "And here we are!" the Corporal said as the jeep came to a screeching halt. Ramon grabbed his bags from the jeep and qucickly put as much distance between himself and it. Entering the hotel he went straight to the receptionist, "Corporal Pasqual, Ramon Francisco Martinez Pasqual III. I'm checking in." he said. The receptionist stared blankly at him before handing him a key, which Ramon grabbed eagerly. Walking to his room he noticed his hands were shaking, he clutched them together and willed the shaking to stop.

    After his bags were in the room he quickly left for the bar, "Two shots of Midori, por favor." he said as he took a seat at the bar letting out a long sigh. The bar tender returned quickly with two shot glasses, which Ramon quickly downed and shuttered as the liquor; which unsurprisingly was not Midori; made it's way to his stomach warming his body as it went.

    "Two more por favor."
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  8. Anton felt giddy with every passing minute of conversation. The tension in the room was palpable, as these orientals had never before negotiated with a vampire. If there was one thing that the Führer understood best, it was intimidation. The squint in the orientals' eyes, however, made it difficult to tell if Anton's behavior left any deeper impression. Oil was brought up more often than fighting, and this had annoyed the general to no foreseeable end. The Soviets held the monopoly on Siberian oil, but Anton laughed at the thought of a joint campaign in that frozen hellhole. Cruelty was his expertise, not insanity.

    Yet the Generaloberst flinched slightly when the sound of a door bursting open pierced the occasion. Anton sniffed the air, realizing that another German had entered the embassy. An Oberschütze, no less.

    The soldier leaned in close to Anton's ear, keeping the message well-protected from the eavesdropping translator. The general put his hands together as he processed the information. At first he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Spies? In Japan? Anton decided to hide this distressing fact from the patient officer.

    "Torture them for every ounce of information they have. Afterwards... kill them all. Collect a pint of their blood, if you'd be so kind."

    The soldier nodded and went out to relay the command. Even now Anton was trying to consider the ramifications. He did not immediately suspect the Japanese of betraying the Reich, but the possibility was present nonetheless. If they were rebels, that would be as equally troublesome. He would have to get to the bottom of this. The general smiled back to his hosts, ready to ease their unspoken concerns with more meaningless babble.
  9. The ride to the hotel was tense. Her handler in the FBI gave her a more succinct briefing. She was to check in and stay put. She'd be briefed mission by mission by their commander, and she wouldn't know who that person got their orders from. All she knew is that she'd start to like her new job. At the moment, it wasn't looking like it.

    "Agent Goldhirsch. You got that in your books?" The man looked through his books frantically, the large woman giving off an aura of aggression rivaling any man he'd met. "Nyet, nothing for an Agent Goldhirsch." "Try Major Goldhirsch." "Da, there you are. The number to your room is on the key." Imogen huffed, snatched the key, and reevaluated the situation.

    Despite her connection to the FBI, she would no longer be known as "Agent". Admittedly, she didn't like the title, it implied subterfuge, which she was obviously not fond of - although she did have a way with words. She was used to it, though. Everywhere she went, she was called Agent Goldhirsch. Major had a much better connotation, and it'd probably grow on her quickly, but there'd be a lot of catching herself.

    Major Goldhirsch moved her bags - a noticeable brass and gunmetal jingle as she moved her equipment up. She noticed the floor had little traffic recently. It was unsettling. She dropped her equipment inside and locked the door behind her as she left.

    Imogen saw the bar - and a dark-haired man with tanned skin. Looking at his features, he was Spanish and Mexican. The Spanish were Axis, last time she checked, which kind of pissed her off. He wasn't a Spaniard, however, so she thought she'd give him a chance. Still, they had something in common besides their humanity - a particular thirst. Imogen slammed a fist on the counter to get the bartender's attention.

    "Whatever he's having, as much as he's already had. Keep the bottle out, I'm gonna want more." She looked to her impromptu Hispanic competitor and her eyes said it all.

    I bet you I can drink you under the table.
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  10. Damien was spending all of his time in his room trying to plan things out and just relax while smoking. He took a couple puffs then went back to trying to figure out a route that would take them straight to Japan. Not long after he heard a knock at his door. "Major King, This is Leytenant Timurvich of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs. I have transfer orders for Seryant Tatiyana Kirova that require your signature." Orders and the keys to her manacles were handed over. Damien signed the orders then grabbed Tatiyana's arms and pulled her into his room. He had the Leytenant and the other soldier leave. Damien had no room to be dealing with confrontations with the Russians right now, especially because they deemed her to be very dangerous. It's not often that NKVD transferred people out. When he closed the door he took off her manacles. "As of this point I trust you not to do anything stupid and if you have any problems come to me. I'm not going to confine you to your room or keep my eye on you at every turn. Just don't betray the trust I give you and we should get along just perfect." While finishing his sentence he handed her the key to her room and the time to get up in the morning. Every got a letter so nobody should be clueless as to why they are at the Eden Hotel.

    Damien was lucky enough to get an extra person at least until they start to move out. He used them to see what was happening when each person came in and how they reacted. Where they went first and who was with them. The usual stake out stuff. Damien got a Captain so he at least know what he was doing. The Captain was most worried about Lily. He had noticed how rough her handler had been with her and the Captain even noticed she was already hurt. Damien hated handlers. Of course some people need them but for the most part it was just an unneeded obstacle. On this mission; Damien's mission what he says goes, and is backed up by General Patton and the Russia's General so he did essentially what he wanted. Damien wanted the handlers to go so he called Patton personally. "If you don't want them there then have them leave. You have my permission." Patton had told him. There was always the possibility he said no but maybe he trusted Damien. He would have to see later because now he was going to see Lily.

    Before he could make it to Lily's room he was told that Ramon and Imogen were at the bar. Damien decided he would swing by the bar to see how they were doing. It wasn't surprising that they were obviously having a lot of drinks. Damien thought he would be nice and mention that they have to get up in the morning and get ready for battle. The front was only 50 miles away and with almost no civis near the front it would be a quick ride. "Ramon, Imogen, you might want to ease up. Were moving out at 0800 hours. If you still wanna drink just make sure your up and ready." He would at least warn them but they are adults, they do what they want. He also told them what room he was in while walking off just in case they had questions also. "Room 19"

    Before he knew it he was in front of Lily's room. Damien didn't know if her handler was still there but he sure as hell didn't care. He knocked on her door before entering. "Lily it's Major King. I lead this squad from now on and would like to talk to you personally, without your handler if that's alright." Damien knew she didn't like her handler. Nobody would like someone who treats them like dirt. He wanted his people in tip top shape and it was obvious her handler needed to go. Before she responded Damien had thought about how he would deal with Imogen's handler and if he would get rid of her or not. Damien was leaning on the side of just getting rid of all of them but the answer would come to him in due time.

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  11. "Words spoken in English"
    "Words spoken in Russian."

    "The mudak was just covering his ass." Tatiyana said, rubbing her wrists. Her eyes narrowed, her new commander was so pale. He was probably a leech. "If he didn't get that signature, they would send him to a penal battalion. . . if he was lucky." She left the vampire and picked up her duffel bag from the lobby. The NKVD officer and soldier had wandered into the bar for a drink and rest. It was a long way back to the front lines.

    She dropped her equipment off in her room and took off her winter outerwear, which had started to become uncomfortably warm. She came down wearing her faded uniform and boots. She sat down one stool to the left of the NKVD officer. The older man paid her little heed, she was no longer his responsibility. If she ran away, it wasn't on his head anymore. Beyond the NKVD officer and his lackey was Valeriy. She caught a glimpse of his unnatural eye color and winced a bit. 'Two leeches. . .' she thought to herself.

    "Barman, warmed rations and a full bottle of vodka. I need something to chase away the demons tonight." She said flatly. She took out a cigarette and lit up. She was going to sleep in an actual bed tonight and didn't want nightmares disturbing it. Tatiyana looked over at the tall blonde and the American. The man intrigued her, he had a skin color similar to some of the Mongolian soldiers she had served with and his face reminded her a bit of a Turk or Tatar.

    The thunks of an opened rectangular can and full vodka bottle brought her out of her reverie. She set down her cigarette and picked up a fork, digging into what she hoped was American SPAM with the enthusiasm of someone who had not eaten all day. Warm meals, alcohol, and a warm bed were luxuries she rarely enjoyed on the front. To have all three now was a treat she hadn't enjoyed since she transferred here. She popped the cork and took a pull from the bottle, letting the burn from the liquid work its way down her throat. She sighed contentedly for a brief moment before going back to her meal.
  12. How long had it been? Anton repeatedly checked the clock on the wall, grimacing at every ten-minute interval. Over and over the same point of conversation lapsed. This was no place for a vampire in the Wehrmacht; he belonged on the battlefield, not forging deals with a bunch of orientals. The least Anton could do was give the Japanese the hope of future oil shipments, of which were to be extracted from the vast deserts of the Middle East. It was enough to get them to mix up the discussion.

    "From the land of the Arabs?" the officer looked puzzled. "That will take months to arrive! Surely you can't expect us to hol---"

    "Enough about your oil! The Axis stands committed to its mutual interests, and we cannot provide Japan without a few favors in return."

    As to what those favors were, however, startled the old gentleman. The undead German stretched his legs on the otherwise pristine table, laughing heartily. "I am in dire need of your empire's occult artifacts."

    "Occult artifacts? You cannot be serious!"

    "Oh, I'm very serious," now Anton removed his hat and threw it onto the floor. "Ame-no-Ohabari, a legendary sword wielded by your heathen nature gods. The Führer has good reason to believe that it is hiding somewhere in the Pacific. If the Axis Powers can get a hold on such a weapon, surely our nations will transcend time itself!"

    The officer was in total disbelief. Even if a sword like that did exist, there was no chance for a German to find it. It was a matter of honor, and that was something that the Generaloberst lacked. Another opportunity was opened up. Perhaps the Germans would be willing to help in finding the sword, for if that was the case, offering it to the emperor would assert his divine rule over Japan.
  13. Lily had just managed to get her shirt off when there was a knock at the door, assuming it was the "Captain" she ignored it. But then she heard a voice say her name, curious she opened the bathroom door. "- would like to talk to you personally, without your handler if that's alright." was all she managed to hear by the time she wandered close enough to make out the words properly.

    Lily managed to hobble to the door and almost opened it before she remembered that she was not wearing a shirt, and the bandages only covered so much. Deciding to not give the man on the other side of the door a free show, she called out to him instead. "If your looking for the "Captain", he already left, it's just me." She said with a slightly exaggerated French accent, not enough to sound fake, but still rather heavy and enough for her to know that it was fake. Depending on where she was, she tended to stick to an American or Italian accent, however since she didn't know who was on the other side of the door, she decided not to show her true ethnicity.

    Lily unlocked the door and walked back to the bathroom, taking a small stop at her bag to grab the first article of clothing she could find, pausing at the bathroom's door to call back to the man. "The door is open, I was just getting changed, your welcome to have a seat and wait if you'd like." Not waiting around to see if he actually opened the door and came inside or not, she quickly got into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

    Grabbing the rolling bandage near the sink, she started re-wrapping her ribs and finally noticed what she had grabbed and groaned. She had accidentally grabbed one of her nicer dresses, a dark red Swing Dress with white polka dots and black lining. While it looked gorgeous on her, it was not the kind of thing that was appropriate to wear near the war front. The only good thing going for it at the moment, was that it was easy to slip on, and didn't hurt too much to zip up, although the bruises on her arm was on display. Swearing under her breath, she quickly put the dress and walked back into her room, trying to not wince or show any weakness in front of this total stranger.

    "Sorry that took so long, it was a very long flight and those clothes were absolutely disgusting." She said as soon as she opened the door, pausing to fake a grimace at the mere thought. "Now, what can I help you with Mr...?" She paused, remembering that she didn't actually know the man's name. That drink was looking more and more appealing the longer she stayed in this room.
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  14. It wasn't long before Lily responded with a thick french accent. "The door is open, I was just getting changed, your welcome to have a seat and wait if you'd like." Damien already knew that she wasn't French, Lily was Italian. Anyone that went to Camp X is in the upper echelon of spies so they were always well hidden behind the highest of clearances. Luckily since she was going to be under him Patton sent over almost all of her files. It was the same with everyone else. Damien walked in and sat down. Soon after lily came around the corner in cute swing dress with white polka dots and black lining."Sorry that took so long, it was a very long flight and those clothes were absolutely disgusting. Now, what can I help you with Mr...?" Damien was curious thankful that nobody knew who he was beforehand. He has become quite the legend since his wife was killed. Kill on the front for almost 7 years and everyone will end up knowing your name.

    "I'm Major Damien King. The reason why I'm here is to see who I'm going to be trusting on the battlefield. I have seen almost everyone but you and one other. I would like to make sure your ready for what were going into." People underestimate the Japanese. They are some of the most stubborn of combatants, wanting nothing more than you dead whether it costs them their life or not. Damien had fought Japanese battalions on a few occasions and it was nothing less than brutal. They were quite good aims and would very often run in for the kill with a Katana. Damien had liked what he had seen with the other members but a Spy like this is quite valuable to have in this situation.

  15. Lily took a good look at the man in front of her and the first thing that came to mind was the fact he was attractive, the second, well, that he was obviously a Vampire. Although Lily had nothing against them really, having never truly been on the front lines, seeing the damage first hand, yet she was still weary. The Germans won the war, simply because they used the Vampires for their own nefarious purposes, turning the tide of the war almost overnight from what was almost a sure victory for the Allies. She was instantly on edge around him, for all she knew he could be working for the other side and this whole thing was set up to lure her out to her death for her actions during the war.

    Before she got too far into her suspicious nature, one that had saved her life many times over the years, he spoke. "I'm Major Damien King. The reason why I'm here is to see who I'm going to be trusting on the battlefield. I have seen almost everyone but you and one other. I would like to make sure your ready for what were going into."

    A Major, Lily hadn't come across those in a while, but then again she tended to stick to the more high ranking officers, so this was a slight surprise to her. It didn't take a genius however to figure out that he was the leader of this "Special Task Force" that she was forced into, and was probably the only one who could give her some answers. She also noted how he mentioned how she was to go onto the battlefield, something she was extremely unprepared for at the current moment. In between raising Alessandro, being a nurse and civilian, and the fact she still bore the bruises from her beating, she would be more of a hindrance than help out in the field.

    Looking at the Vampire, she fought her instincts telling her to run away as fast as possible, instead choosing to sit down on the couch in her room, her eyes never once letting him out of her sight. Once she sat, she smoothed out her dress and gave the Vampire a smile, a fake smile she had practiced and perfected years ago to put people at ease. "What do you mean by Battlefield? Surely you don't expect to send a nurse out to the front lines to fight?" Lily raised her eyebrow at him. "We tend to stay back in the healing tents and let the medics bring back the injured. Surely you don't expect me to wield a gun and shoot at the enemy?" Although Lily was testing the man, she was also trying to figure out why the hell she was here. As far as she could tell, she was more useful on the Western Front, where she could blend in with the locals, where she could actually speak the language and understand the culture.

    Lily was actually quite proud of herself for keeping her temper in check, and keeping her accent from fluctuating into her two different dialects. Although it would have been unnoticeable for most people, even slipping slightly would give away the fact she was different. When she was stationed out in France she had to be in complete control, or she would have been killed, and any information she had gathered useless. She had a feeling that this skill of hers would come into play in whatever she was supposed to be doing here.
  16. Cless a nameless warrior who has fought countless battle and rumored to have escape from the depth from hell had finally arrived at Eden hotel. He came in way where people would noticed him directly with his dirty clothes which he haven't washed which he doesn't recall when was the last time he had wash. The ash mark were all over his face making him like a beggar, the receptionist kindly asked him to get out of the hotel before he cause a lot more trouble and discomfort to other customers. Cless ignored him and decided to just went straight in to where his commander and soon to be comrade are.

    Arriving at the room he seems to be the only one who's out of place, Cless seems a lot more old fashioned in fashion sense. Cless still wore his dirty farmer's clothes which he uses in 14th centuries and ripped pants that he used in many battles. he quietly went to commander's room where he silently sitting on a couch where he begun to taking care of his swords. Fate certainly can joke, years ago I was battling this guy and yet right now we're going to be battling the same enemy side by side...
  17. "What do you mean by Battlefield? Surely you don't expect to send a nurse out to the front lines to fight?" Lily raised her eyebrow at Damien "We tend to stay back in the healing tents and let the medics bring back the injured. Surely you don't expect me to wield a gun and shoot at the enemy?" He had thought this was particularly interesting. She still thinks she won't be in the thick of everything. "So where do you think we can station medic tents behind enemy lines? We are going to be moving very quickly through China and Korea to hit Japan. They will know were coming and the longer it takes us the more defenses the Japs can put up." Damien said very calmly. Nothing is going to be gained from getting mad and getting into a ridiculous heated debate. He sat back and relaxed quite a bit. Regardless of how he looked Damien was always on alert but it was better to feign ignorance. Not many people can understand how Damien thinks. He frequently dressed up as a Nazi to penetrate their lines and hasn't been caught. It took some time to get it down but to another native English speaker it was nothing. The problem would be the Japanese. Even though Damien spoke good Japanese, their military was extremely skillful at picking out traitors and spies.

    "I suggest you ask someone to teach you how to shoot if you're that worried. They might be a little confused because the rest of us had nurses that would travel with us and kill just like us. It's understandable though. Usually one doesn't go into combat and kill willingly." Damien said to Lily while looking her in the eyes. Usually you can tell the will of a person when a Vampire looks into their eyes. If they look away they are weak. He would have to test it on everyone in this squad. He was anxious to get her reply. Her trusting smile made everything even more interesting. Damien knew she didn't trust him and was curious as to what she actually thinks but she could hide her feelings very well. It was just another mystery he would have to figure out on the field.
  18. The vampire seemed to take her statement with amusement. "So where do you think we can station medic tents behind enemy lines? We are going to be moving very quickly through China and Korea to hit Japan. They will know were coming and the longer it takes us the more defenses the Japs can put up." Major King said very calmly, something that made her instincts crawl. He was also testing her it seemed, to try and get her to incite a debate between them. It was a valid point, if she were being honest with herself, although she had never actually been in the midst of combat it did not take a genius to see the obvious downfalls of setting up the posts. However, he still didn't tell her what the hell was expected of her, nor did he call her out on why she was really back in the war zone.

    "I suggest you ask someone to teach you how to shoot if you're that worried. They might be a little confused because the rest of us had nurses that would travel with us and kill just like us. It's understandable though. Usually one doesn't go into combat and kill willingly." Did he just assume that I can't handle a weapon? Lily practically screamed in her head. She had been shooting guns since she was 6 years old, having 3 older brothers and living in the rural areas near Montreal, she was more than proficient with a gun. If he had any information given to him about her, he should know that she was one of the top shots back at Camp X.

    Not even bothering to hide her disdain this time, she narrowed her eyes at the Vampire sitting nearby, who seemed to eyeing her. "You needn't need to worry about that, Major King, I was taught how to shoot before I was deployed to Juno Beach during D-Day. Just because I don't wish to fight, does not mean I cannot fight like everyone else, I just prefer to uphold my oaths to save lives rather than take them." Lily maintained eye contact with the vampire, it would do no good showing any weakness in front of him. "But you should know that already, Major King, if you had gotten my file from the UA." Lily didn't bother trying to maintain the accent at this point, and spoke with her usual Canadian accent with only a barely even noticeable of her french accent heard. Glaring at the man, she stood up, instantly regretting the sudden movement but continued to walk towards him. "Let's cut the crap, Major, what is really going in here? Why did the UA bring me back to this godforsaken country, because we both know it wasn't for my skills as a nurse." By the end of her rant she was standing over top of the sitting man, not even bothering to hold back her anger and frustration at this point. Her ribs were on fire at this point, but she held her ground and waited for his explanation of why she was "recruited" for this Special Task Force.
  19. "You needn't need to worry about that, Major King, I was taught how to shoot before I was deployed to Juno Beach during D-Day. Just because I don't wish to fight, does not mean I cannot fight like everyone else, I just prefer to uphold my oaths to save lives rather than take them." Lily maintained eye contact with the vampire, it would do no good showing any weakness in front of him. "But you should know that already, Major King, if you had gotten my file from the UA." Glaring at the man, she stood up, instantly regretting the sudden movement but continued to walk towards him. "Let's cut the crap, Major, what is really going in here? Why did the UA bring me back to this godforsaken country, because we both know it wasn't for my skills as a nurse."

    Damien's eyes went narrow and his smile went to a blank expression. Lily stood over him and it wasn't something he very much liked "Just because you were one of the best shots in Camp X doesn't mean anything since you haven't even seen real combat. Can you pull the trigger on someone who looks like they are surrendering, only to grab you and kill you along with themselves? Have you seen your friends die because you haven't felt the pressure of real combat?" Damien sat back a little trying to relax. Even though this was a test she had to be intelligent to even be considered for Camp X. "You are here for you traits as a spy and a women. Obviously you have the charm, and you have the skills as you finished Camp X. You were trained to go into enemy territory to assimilate with their culture. Except this time you not assimilating. You're annihilating. If you wanna keep your oath to save more than you kill, then kill the fuckin' Japs because if we don't they will kill more than you can imagine." He hadn't got upset or showed how he really felt with the exception of his disgusted face. Damien looked at his watch. It was getting pretty late now. He and the others should be getting to bed and getting ready to move out in the morning. It was going to be a bumpy ride and nothing less than an adrenaline rush. The front lines had been fighting for days on end and finally it was time for them to make their appearance, and start their own campaign to Japan.

    His captain told him the the final member has arrived. It posed a problem for Damien as he thought he wouldn't show up. It was his style to do what he wanted and fuck over anyone who told him different. It was definitely going to get interesting from now on.
  20. Ramon raised an inquisitive brow at the sound of a fist slamming down on the bar. A blonde woman, likely the same age as himself was now occupying the bar stool adjacent his. He smiled at the woman, the fire of the competitions acceptance showing in his eyes. "Es una apuesta Señorita." he said as he poured another two shots for himself from the bottle grinning wide. Downing them both in quick succession and then spoke, "Corporal Pasqual, it's a pleasure to meet you Señorita...?" he asked, a hand raised for a hand shake.

    The CO had stopped by early on in their competition, but Ramon couldn't really remember exactly when just that time had passed and drinks were quickly disappearing, "How are you holding up Señorita? Still hanging in there espero?" he gave a short laugh and continued "¡Esto puedo mantener hasta mañana!" he said to Imogen before realizing it was entirely in Spanish, "I can keep this up until the morning, but the CO is right we should ease up eventually." he said drawing out each syllable of the last partly for effect and partly because it was a mindlessly large English word that he really had to think about pronouncing. @VerbalAbuse

    Geller sat in a chair of the Japanese apartment, his helmet had been removed revealing his stunning Aryan features and yet the spies paid no attention to the member of the master race gracing them with his presence. He spat in disgust. A Sturmman brought down his gauntleted hand heavy on one of the Japanese in the room, twisting the mans head farther than any human head was capable of, a wet "Pop" filled the space as the spies eyes went dull and his body slouched to the floor. "Oh my, it seems one of the untermensch has passed unexpectedly." Geller said, feigning concern so terribly it showed just how unconcerned he truly was.

    Krueger came from a room adjacent to his, his armor was splattered in blood and he had removed his helmet revealing another man of the master race, except that there was smears of blood in his near perfectly blonde hair. "Bulle. The two in there-" he said pointing behind him with a thumb, "Cracked in a moment, except that we don't have damn translator. So we did what we know best ja?" he paused looking for approval and getting a few from the troopers in the room.

    "We flayed one until the second learned to talk Deutsche." he said a grin across his face. "And how did that work out Krueger?" Geller asked sharing a smile with his second in command. "Oh not too well Bulle. The second one seemed resilient as well, until half of his skin had been separated from his body. The corpse will begin to rot in a few days." he said with a chuckle.

    "Oh nein, what a shame." he said as he lit a cigarette. "Seems we have only one left ja? Would be a wonder if he knew Deutsche." Geller stood suddenly walking to the final oriental who was currently hyperventilating with his eyes averted from the body of his conspirator. Geller placed his hand on the orientals forehead, wrenching his head back. The man opened his eyes, and Geller smiled as he plunged the lit cigarette into the orientals eye. Krueger watched approvingly as the man clawed at his face trying to relieve the pain.

    As quick as the incident with the cigarette Geller unholstered his Walter and shot the man in his good eye. Krueger laughed at the irony.

    "Run a message to the Generaloberst. The Spies haves been dealt with as he commanded." he said as he left the apartment.

    "Don't bother cleaning up."

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