The 1st Annual Sci-Fi Tournament

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  1. This is mostly a fun-based rp, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. And yes, you can win/lose in this. The gist of it is to create 1 or 2 characters (max is 2). These characters won't have a backstory, history, or anything of the like. They do possess one thing, however. Weapons, armor, and the need to succeed.
    1: Weapons/armor can only come from games. They cannot be made up.
    2: Do not be a sore loser! We are all in it for the fun of competing.
    3: The tournament will be in, of course, tournament format.
    4: Winner and loser of a specific 1v1 round will be determined by the participants and/or community.
    5: Whether you win or lose, the object is to make a good battle
    6: People not participating in the battle can add in a specific rule for a 1v1, example: Can't use your sidearm
    7: Don't make the rules that complicated, after all, we don't want everyone to just collapse in a fistfight due to no use of weapons
    8: If you have a rule, add it! If the rule seems fit, this rule thread will be edited and your rule will be added in.
    9: The winner of this tournament, at the end of all the rounds, gets...... the recognition of winning! Not only that, but in the 2nd Tournament, they get to dole out rules and punishments(within reason)!
    10: If you lose, you can still participate by adding in rules for the round
    11: If you do not show up, or post, for your battle in a 1-week span of time, thou shalt automatically lose by exploding chicken gun.
    12: Armor and weapons can be modded up to their fullest potential. Cannot make up modifications.
    13: We are human! So, no T-1000 (sorry everyone). Of course, for armor you can use a mech-suit or a mech if piloted by ONE human. No crews, sorry once again.
    14: Once you defeat an opponent, you may steal one of their weapons in exchange for one of yours. For example, I can swap out my Primary 1 with another Primary.
    15: Have fun!

    Nickname: This is not the real name of your fighter. This is just an alias, example: ChickenMan
    Primary Weapon 1: (This can be any sort of primary weapon, such as an assault rifle, sub machien gun, machine gun, sniper rifle, etc. No rocket launchers, that would be a special)
    Primary Weapon 2: (See Above)
    Secondary Weapon: (Pistols, sidearms, throwing weapons, and the like)
    Melee: (Do I really have to explain this? Example: Lightsaber)
    Special: This is your ace! Whether it be the BFG from Doom, or the Physics gun from Garry's mod, this can be the difference between life and death! (No vehicles)
    Armor: Can include mechsuits, armor, power armor, and classy James Bond outfits, you get the armaments/powers/abilities from said armor
    Please list which game you got it from.

    Before anyone complains about overpowered weapons, please keep in mind this is for fun. Plus, the community can always handicap such weapons, so no complaining please.

    Signups will last one week. Afterwards, you can be a rule-adding spectator. Matchups will be determined via Random Number Generator. If we have an uneven number of participants, we may have 3-way battles. Prepare yourselves!

    When two fight, the community will look at their armaments, in closer detail. So, for now, just list their names

    Maps will be selected via random number generator and a wide array of combat environments.

    So, for my two, one from me, one from an ally(Im gonna kill him):
    Primary 1: Lanka (Warframe)
    Primary 2: Synapse (Warframe)
    Secondary: Embolist (Warframe)
    Melee: Obex (Warframe)
    Special: Castanas (Warframe)
    Armor: Frost (Warframe)

    Primary 1: Super Shotgun (Quake)
    Primary 2: Sniper Rifle System 99C-Series 2 Anti Materiel (Halo)
    Sidearm: Cyclone (Strike Force Heroes)
    Melee: Chainsword (Warhammer 40k)
    Special: Chaos Mine (Code Geass)
    Armor: Burai Heavy Weapons Type (Code Geass)

    Any questions you have, you may post them below

    May the odds be ever in thou favor.
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  2. I wanna break this...

    Nickname: Pontiff
    Primary Weapon 1: Quietude gravity rifle (Warhammer 40k)
    Primary Weapon 2: Boltgun (Warhammer 40k)
    Secondary Weapon: Inferno Pistol (Warhammer 40k)
    Melee: Guardian spear (Warhammer 40k)
    Special: Grav-gun (40k)
    Armor: Artificer armour (40k)
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