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I have several RPs on my plate currently, but you know what? I'll bite if this is still accepting. One alternate version of Ryomen Sukuna coming up, and I'm only using a slightly AU version because I need him using Yuji as a vessel by the time he gets snactched as opposed to Megumi, because I don't think any of you want to deal with his slash (Dismantle) that cuts the world or, you know, this:

Could also use the redeemed version I've got cooked up for a fanfic idea, but eh, I feel like having a character who can engage with the deatmatch premise at face value and not have to make them overly complex. Brings me back to my arena battle RP days. Plus it's good to have an out and out antagonist in these. Not sure on how many fingers he should have though.
Yes, it's still open. You can work on the CS once the update is done and this sounds fine.
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I have several RPs on my plate currently, but you know what? I'll bite if this is still accepting. One alternate version of Ryomen Sukuna coming up, and I'm only using a slightly AU version because I need him using Yuji as a vessel by the time he gets snactched as opposed to Megumi, because I don't think any of you want to deal with his slash (Dismantle) that cuts the world or, you know, this:

Could also use the redeemed version I've got cooked up for a fanfic idea, but eh, I feel like having a character who can engage with the deatmatch premise at face value and not have to make them overly complex. Brings me back to my arena battle RP days. Plus it's good to have an out and out antagonist in these. Not sure on how many fingers he should have though.
Yes, it's still open. You can work on the CS once the update is done and this sounds fine.
Sounds good. I'm guessing there's some sort of revamp coming to the provided CS as well given your wording here?
Sounds good. I'm guessing there's some sort of revamp coming to the provided CS as well given your wording here?
Nope, that was me referring to the Iwaku Site update that happened today actually.
Oh. I hadn't noticed that actually (probably happened while I was asleep), but I see!
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Alright, here's my contributions. Decided to include Uraume as well for more interactions that aren't just Sukuna being a dick to everyone around him.


Artwork by Artblank.

~ Ryōmen Sukuna ~

|| King of Curses ||
|| Imaginary Demon ||
|| Disgraced One ||
|| The Strongest ||

"What a wonderful era to be reawakened! Women and children are crawling everywhere like maggots! How marvelous! It'll be a massacre!"

Jujutsu Kaisen.


Sukuna is selfish, cold-hearted, immoral, and exceptionally sadistic. When he was reincarnated shortly after Yuji ingested his finger, he commented, implying the slaughter of women and children and likening them to maggots crawling around. Due to his immense power, he rarely cares about the consequences of his actions, even if these affect his host. Sukuna is aware of his immense power and is quite arrogant about it, brutalizing a finger bearer while being patronizing and proclaiming his superiority over it. For this reason, he is highly dismissive of his opponents and rarely takes them seriously, even explicitly stating he would kill Satoru Gojo to his face. However, these brutish traits are not to be confused for stupidity, as Sukuna is highly intelligent and manipulative. He has also displayed the ability to acknowledge and praise his opponents, as shown by how before killing Jogo Sukuna acknowledged his strength - despite having completely overpowered him - and told Jogo that he should be proud.

Sukuna has likened human beings to insects many a time, both before and after his incarnation, and admits that he is unable to comprehend why the weak cling so desperately to life instead of quietly accepting the suffering that life forces them to endure since the weak should have no right to complain. He also claims that he doesn't understand how a creature that falls apart at a touch can say that it always wants to be happy, which expresses his antipathy and disregard of human emotions and their will to live. It also reveals that Sukuna's perception of life adheres strongly to social Darwinism. It is also repeatedly stated that Sukuna has a myopic view on love and does not comprehend the value of relationships.

Taking the form of his current host, one Yuji Itadori, Sukuna has a similar appearance to the boy. As such, he possesses the same spikey pink hair (albeit pushed up at the front) as well as a similar physique overall - though his eyes are a burning crimson in contrast to Yuji's light brown. Unlike Itadori, however, tattoos also run all across his body and face, and a second pair of eyes rests beneath the first. In regards to clothing, he currently wears the same thing his vessel did - sans the jacket or shirt since he prefers to completely forgo them - which amounts to a pair of denim pants and red sneakers. Other than that, and a noticeable change in behavior and voice naturally, there isn't much of a difference between the two physically speaking.

Important Lore & History
Over a thousand years ago, Sukuna was a human sorcerer tthat illed many of the sorcerers from the golden age of jujutsu. During the Heian period, Sukuna was invited to the Harvest Festival in the capital and worshipped as an idol after annihilating the Northern Fujiwara Clan's Five Empty Generals and Sun, Moon, and Stars Squad. During the festival, Yorozu embraced him thinking he was lonely, only to be driven away by Uraume. Yorozu then expressed her wish to alleviate his loneliness, only to be slashed by him in disgust. Before his death, Sukuna was helped by Kenjaku to live on after death by splitting his soul into twenty cursed objects created from his fingers. Despite binding vows being used to preserve their existence in exchange for not doing damage, Sukuna's fingers continued to grow stronger over the millennium, eventually being designated as special grade cursed objects by Jujutsu High.

Eventually a high school student by the name of Yuji Itadori would consume one of those very same fingers in an effort to fend off a special-grade cursed spirit, which resulted in Sukuna incarnating within him. Having been created by Kenjaku as a vessel specifically designed to house the ancient demon, Sukuna was able to subsume the boy's soul entirely, and was about to use his new body to kill Megumi when Gojo intervened, forcing him to flee for the time being. Angered by this defeat and swearing revenge, for in his eyes defeat was no better than death, he would wander Japan in search of his fingers. A course of action that inevitably led him to reunite with his servant Uraume and regain all but one of his fingers by the time of the Culling Game, as Yuka Okkotsu's cursed spirit Rika had consumed the last one in the hopes of using his own technique against him. Because of this he never saw the true potential of Megumi's Ten Shadows technique, and the boy himself was killed due to the subjugation ritual enacted when he summoned Mahoraga.

Before he could get the chance to kill Gojo as he had promised once the latter had been released from the prison realm or fight those who had arrayed themselves against him, however, Sukuna and his servant both were seized by an unknown force and transported to a distant reality to participate in the first multiversal Hunger Game...

Whatever the hell that is.

Powers, Abilities, & Jujutsu
Overall Skill Level: Back in the Golden Age of Jujutsu, the Heian Era, Ryomen Sukuna was feared and regarded with awe by all those in his time as the most powerful sorcerer of the age, defeating and killing thousands of jujutsu sorcerers even as they sharpened their skills against him. One of his feats included single-handedly slaughtering both the Sun, Moon, and Stars Squad and the Five Empty Generals, the most elite of the Fujiwara Clan's forces, leaving the authorities of Japan so utterly terrified that they were willing to hold festivities in his honor. The impact Sukuna left on history until he died earned him the title of the "Strongest Sorcerer in History", as well as the "King of Curses". His strength is still held in such a high regard that even Satoru Gojo, the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of the modern age, with almost narcissistic levels of confidence and pride in his abilities, acknowledged his strength and that a fight between the two of them would be difficult.

More than living up to his titles, Sukuna possesses vast amounts of cursed energy and equally incredible control over it, with an extraordinary grasp over jujutsu, but he was also not reliant on jujutsu alone, possessing overwhelming physical prowess as well, capable of dispatching almost any opponent without unveiling his true cursed technique.

Even at his weakest state upon his incarnation in Yuji's body for most of the time he spent there, due to lacking most of his fingers, Sukuna remained extremely strong, capable of effortlessly dispatching powerful cursed spirits, including the likes of a cursed spirit who had ate his finger, which he easily retrieved from the cursed spirit after completely overpowering it. While purposefully weakening himself by removing Yuji's heart to ensure Yuji could not switch back with him, Sukuna utterly defeated Megumi Fushiguro, the inheritor of the Zenin Clan's prized Ten Shadows Technique and a prodigious genius who started school as a Grade 2 sorcerer with one of the highest potentials in Jujutsu High, to where Megumi admitted how utterly outmatched he was and was more than willing to unveil Mahoraga to defeat him. Sukuna would have killed Megumi had he not been interested in Megumi's unique talents, although before he could fight Megumi's trump card, Yuji managed to regain control of his body.

Sought out by Mahito's group under the belief that his revival could ensure their success, with just three fingers, Sukuna demonstrated an overwhelming superiority in power compared to Mahito by being able to resist his Idle Transfiguration completely and effortlessly inflict such a severe injury on Mahito when finally angered too much along with dispelling his Self-Embodiment of Perfection with a single attack. This terrified and intrigued Mahito to where he came to firmly believe that with Sukuna being on such a whole other level, his resurrection would surely bring about the Age of Curses.

Once Yuji's body had consumed fifteen fingers, Sukuna's overwhelming cursed energy was felt throughout Shibuya once he was awakened, compared to Satoru's own while being overwhelmingly more sinister. With 75% of his strength restored, Sukuna proved capable of overwhelming Jogo, the most powerful cursed spirit in Mahito's group, in a mostly one-sided battle as he easily overpowered the best efforts of his foe, leaving him utterly unable to even land the single hit that would get Sukuna to join him, before killing him with his own specialty of fire. His last act during the Shibuya Incident was to defeat Mahoraga single-handedly, a feat no user of the Ten Shadows Technique and even a member of the Gojo Family with the Six Eyes had done.

Incarnation (受じゅ肉にく Juniku): There is a slim chance that Sukuna will incarnate into whoever eats his fingers, gaining a physical, human body in the process. Upon Yuji consuming the first of his twenty fingers, Sukuna immediately came to possess his body, which he used to inhabit. Unlike other incarnated sorcerers, according to the Angel inhabiting Hana Kurusu, Sukuna, after experiencing death, had developed the knowledge to split his soul as cursed objects, which he demonstrated by imbuing all his cursed energy into Yuji's pinky finger and then force feeding Megumi with it to possess his body.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While immensely powerful as a jujutsu sorcerer, Sukuna is also shown to be an extremely skilled and powerful hand-to-hand combatant, using martial arts as his first method of combat before unleashing his jujutsu abilities. Sukuna can unite his cursed technique and his hand-to-hand prowess, making him an extremely difficult opponent to overwhelm in battle. During his fight with Megumi, he was able to effortlessly overwhelm Megumi in unarmed combat, countering his attacks in close-range with ease before delivering a strong punch that sent him flying. When Yuji attempted to attack him in his Innate Domain, Sukuna effortlessly countered all of Yuji's attacks before seeing through his attempt to trip him and defeating him with a single kick. With fifteen fingers, Sukuna easily overpowered Jogo with hand-to-hand combat alone before finally killing him with a single use of a cursed technique. He was later capable of fighting on par with both Yuji and Maki Zenin, both being exceptional unarmed fighters with extraordinary physical ability, deflecting most of their blows and landing a few hits on his own, using hand-to-hand combat.

Immense Strength: In his first appearance Sukuna has shown to possess immense physical strength despite being in an incomplete state. He could easily defeat a very large cursed spirit with just a simple swipe, and during his fight against Gojo he was able to punch the roof of the school so hard it causes the building to rupture and crack. He easily overpowered the likes of a finger bearer, a special-grade curse. When gambling Yuji's life against Megumi, Sukuna managed to fling the sorcerer through several building floors without effort and he easily overpowered and destroyed Megumi's shikigami. He even punched Megumi so hard, the raindrops in that area dispersed. With fifteen of his fingers, Sukuna punched Jogo through buildings and even destroyed the latter's jaw. His blows had considerable effect on Mahoraga. Upon taking over Megumi's body, he was able to easily pierce through Yuji's gut and send him flying across the city with a single punch, stunning him temporarily.

Immense Speed: Sukuna has repeatedly displayed overwhelming levels of raw physical speed, capable of effortlessly surprising most opponents with the sheer quickness of his movements. With three fingers, Sukuna easily slammed a finger bearer to the ground and even cut off his arm without him noticing. He was also able to effortlessly blitz Megumi several times, delivering powerful blows with Megumi barely able to react at all. With fifteen fingers, he easily overwhelmed Jogo and was able to keep up with Mahoraga in their fight. Sukuna was even able to appear in the middle of Atsuya Kusakabe and Panda, both capable sorcerers, with the former being a Grade 1 sorcerer.

Immense Reflexes: Sukuna can easily counter any opponent and is fast enough for his opponent to not even realize that their limb has been cut off. He consistently dodged Mahoraga's blows and countered during their fight. He was quickly able to put Mahoraga down for good before he had finished regenerating. He was able to dodge Jogo's Maximum: Meteor.

Immense Durability: Even in Yuji's body, Sukuna can use cursed energy to bolster his host's resilience. Sukuna was punched through five buildings and shown to be completely fine. Sukuna was able to survive a 200% Hollow Technique: Purple during his fight with Satoru Gojo.

Great Tactical Intellect: Sukuna is an extremely intelligent individual. He has fully grasped the nature of cursed techniques, curses and reverse cursed technique as a whole. Due to that, he is able to quickly deduce the inner workings of cursed techniques after only seeing them once or twice and creating suitable foils to such techniques. He did this against Mahoraga in their fight, and was able to defeat the shikigami after gaining an understanding of its technique. Sukuna was also able to realize the potential of Megumi's cursed technique just by seeing it once during their short battle and he was able to create a binding vow with Yuji in order to take Megumi's body patiently waiting for the right moment before executing his plan. During his fight with Hana Kurusu by using Megumi's memories he was able to make Hana think that Megumi is in control of his body and thus when she hugged him he was able to critically injure her.

Metamorphosis: Sukuna can create new eyes and mouths on his host, allowing him to see and speak without controlling the body of the host. For example, he made a single eye and fanged mouth on Yuji's left cheek to belittle and taunt him.

Cursed Energy Manipulation
Immeasurable Cursed Energy: Sukuna possesses vast levels of cursed energy due to his innate power, cementing his title as the King of Curses. He was able to continuously use his techniques throughout his battles without exhausting himself in the slightest. His reserve of cursed energy is likely the most transcendent throughout history, far surpassing special grade cursed spirits and sorcerers alike. Yuta Okkotsu, a Special Grade sorcerer who possesses even more cursed energy than Satoru Gojo, states that Sukuna has double the amount of cursed energy that he has or more. Sukuna also has absolute control over his cursed energy, being extremely proficient in both Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Technique and capable of performing both flawlessly and repeatedly without issue. Hajime Kashimo, one of the strongest sorcerers from 400 hundred years ago, was astonished by Sukuna's mastery over his cursed energy, displayed by his ability to seamlessly shift between Domain Amplification to his Innate Technique, to where he stated that if not for the Six Eyes, even Satoru Gojo would be no match against Sukuna in utilizing cursed energy.

Black Flash (黒こく閃せん Kokusen): A phenomenon that occurs when the user applies cursed energy within 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit, creating a spatial distortion that causes their cursed energy to flash black and amplifies the destructive power of the strike to the power of 2.5. Sukuna unleashed Black Flash against Maki Zenin during the jujutsu sorcerers' raid on him in Shinjuku, dealing a powerful strike that blasted away the girl with Heavenly Restriction.

Innate Technique
Shrine (御み厨づ子し Mizushi): Sukuna's cursed technique allows him to slash through objects and space. The full extent of the technique's limitations is currently unknown, as is capable of summoning seemingly unrelated flames.

Dismantle (解カイ Kai): Sukuna's default ranged slashing attack that is normally used for inanimate objects, however it can also be used against cursed spirits and sorcerers to great effectiveness. Using Mahoraga's second adaptation to Limitless as a model, Sukuna learned to enhance Dismantle by extending its target area to the world itself, transforming them into "slashes that cut the world" (世せ界かいを断たつ斬ざん撃げき Sekai o Tatsu Zangeki).

Cleave (捌ハチ Hachi): A slashing attack that adjusts itself depending on the target's toughness and cursed energy level to cut them down in one fell swoop. Unless used in his domain expansion, Sukuna must make physical contact with the target in order to activate Cleave.

Spiderweb (蜘く蛛もの糸いと Kumo no Ito): Sukuna can utilize the Cleave technique in the shape of a spider's web by touching the ground. As a variation of Cleave, Spiderweb adjusts itself to the surroundings' toughness, collapsing the ground in one fell swoop.

Fire (炎ほのお Honō): Sukuna can create and manipulate flames for long-range attacks by chanting "Divine Flame Open" (竈カミノ開フーガ Kamino Fūga) and forming an arrow. These abilities exceed Jogo's, an unregistered special-grade curse whose defining trait involves extremely destructive pyrokinetic powers.

Reverse Cursed Technique
Reverse Cursed Technique (反はん転てん術じゅつ式しき Hanten Jutsushiki): Sukuna is highly proficient with reverse cursed technique. While incarnated in Yuji's body, he used his reverse cursed technique to instantly heal any injuries, including even regenerating lost limbs within moments. Regained limbs maintain the same integrity as the rest of Sukuna's body. He can go further and even heal others, something few can do. Sukuna can also use reverse cursed technique to heal his burned-out cursed technique by destroying the part of his brain that cursed techniques are engraved in and regenerating it. This displays Sukuna's extremely high level usage of the reverse cursed technique.

Anti-Domain Techniques
Domain Amplification (領りょう域いき展てん延えん Ryō'iki Ten'en): Amplifies Sukuna's cursed energy into an aura containing his own Domain. Sukuna uses this technique to neutralize Gojo's Limitless technique and thus is capable of physical contact with him. His finesse with domain amplification allows him to keep it active while using his domain expansion, as well as use it in quick intervals to interrupt and resume Mahoraga's adaptation instead of nullifying its effect.

Hollow Wicker Basket (彌いや虚こ葛籠つづら Iyako Tsuzura): An anti-domain technique that is the predecessor to Simple Domain. It erects a basket-shaped barrier that neutralizes a domain's barrier to nullify its guaranteed-hit factor.

Domain Expansion
Malevolent Shrine (伏ふく魔ま御み厨づ子し Fukuma Mizushi): Sukuna's Domain Expansion creates a Buddhist shrine decorated with skulls. Malevolent Shrine has a unique trait; it doesn't create a separate space using a barrier. By allowing an escape route, a binding vow is formed which vastly increases the guaranteed hit's effective area with a maximum radius of nearly 200 meters.

Uraume - Servant/Subordinate.

Not applicable.

Doing enough damage to his vessel or decapitating it will be enough to kill Sukuna, not that he's particularly bothered by such an outcome due to the presence and indestructibility of his fingers, not to mention his overall approach to life in general. Actually managing to pull off such a feat is far easier said than done though.

Differences From Canon
  • This is, for all intents and purposes, an AU version of Sukuna who managed to take over Yuji's body successfully, with Yuji himself being unable to act as a cage for him as he does in canon.
  • As such, all of the above information should be taken as true in a general sense rather than a specific, "He did X as a feat in the story", sense. He might have fought Mahito, for example, but not in the exact same way as in canon considering that Itadori as a character died the night he ate that finger. He has definitely fought Jogo and beaten him, however.
  • He does not possess the extension of Dismantle that allows him to cut space/the world itself, or Mahoraga, or Megumi's body, or his cursed tools/recreations of such from the Heian era.
  • Most of the information on his personality, powers, and history - at least the first paragraph of the latter anyway - is taken directly from Sukuna's page on the JJK Fandom wiki, albeit with some edits made on my part here and there for flow and clarity. I know, I know, plagiarism is bad, but there's only so much of a point in restating the exact same info in my own words before it becomes apparent that just going with what an existing source states is better. So consider this my citation. That being as it may, these entries should be taken as examples of what he can do in general, as his history here isn't the exact same as in the original story. The story might have changed, but his base capabilities haven't.


~ Uraume ~

|| The Frozen Star ||

"Step aside, bottom feeder. Don't make me wait any longer."

Jujutsu Kaisen.


Uraume is usually seen sporting a stoic and calm expression, their main trait being their loyalty to Sukuna, to the point where Sukuna actually acknowledges Uraume upon meeting them. Despite this, they are capable of being incredibly ruthless as well. Uraume has also expressed annoyance towards Kenjaku at multiple points, often telling him to leave their presence and commenting on him talking too much. Uraume can become exceedingly hostile if someone should show any form of disrespect toward Sukuna, which can also lead to them acting recklessly, such as when they tried to attack Satoru Gojo for insulting Sukuna.

Uraume has chin-length white hair, an irregular line of dark plum pink running horizontally across the back of their head, and dark pink eyes with long eyelashes. They wear a plain monk robe of dark blue, which is white on the innermost layer. Their appearance is androgynous, and they usually wear a blank expression outside of battle.

Important Lore & History
During Heian period, Sukuna was invited to the Harvest Festival in the capital and worshipped as an idol after annihilating the Northern Fujiwara Family's Five Empty Generals and Sun, Moon, and Stars Squad. Uraume accompanied him to the festival. When Yorozu arrived at the festival and hugged Sukuna, Uraume froze her arm to drive her away. Uruame then watched as Sukuna killed Yorozu by slashing her across the chest. In the modern day they would go on to aid their master in his recovery of his power following his incarnation, and like him was eventually snatched away by powers unknown to compete in some manner of multiversal death game. Regardless of their sudden change in circumstance, however, they have resolved now more than ever to serve their lord faithfully in whatever challenges are to come.

Powers, Abilities, & Jujutsu
Overall Skill Level: Uraume is a very old and experienced sorcerer who has existed for over a thousand years. They boast exceptional jujutsu prowess and can utilize multiple high-level techniques achieved with great control over their cursed energy. While fighting alongside Pseudo-Geto during the Shibuya Incident, Uraume was able to incapacitate over half a dozen powerful sorcerers with ease. Without Geto's help, Uraume was able to put all of their opponent's lives in danger until the sorcerers were rescued by special grade sorcerer Yuki Tsukumo.

Cooking Skills: Uraume is shown to have an excellent talent as a chef, especially when it comes to serving humans and curses. Their talents for the culinary arts was recognized by Sukuna and was the reason why he allowed them to serve at his side, since Sukuna has an appetite for human flesh.

Cursed Energy Manipulation
Great Cursed Energy: Uraume possesses highly imposing levels of cursed energy and is extremely adept at controlling it. Not only does Uraume control their powerful innate technique with elite finesse, but they're even capable of manipulating their cursed energy into positive energy, something very few sorcerers can accomplish. Uraume is also a master of applying cursed energy in its base form and using it to steel their body. By reinforcing their hands with cursed energy, Uraume was able to partially block Choso's Piercing Blood and completely brushed aside Momo Nishimiya's Wind Scythe.

Innate Technique
Ice Formation (氷ひ凝こり呪じゅ法ほう Hikori Juhō): Uraume's innate technique gives them the ability to create and manipulate ice. It can range from small to large quantities, depending on the desired utilization.

Frost Calm (霜しも凪なぎ Shimonagi): Uraume channels a cloud of freezing mist from their mouth and blows it towards their opponent. The freezing mist materializes into large columns of thick ice and frost to ensnare the enemy. This technique was shown to be especially effective against groups of people, instantly freezing an entire squad of sorcerers in place.

Icefall (直ちょく瀑ばく Choku Baku): After covering their hand in frost and touching the ground, Uraume can generate a large amount of spiked ice that can be controlled to float telekinetically through the air like shards. The ice freezes its target on impact and rains down sharpened icicles to skewer them as well. This attack is extremely deadly, nearly subduing an entire group of targets all at once.

Reverse Cursed Technique
Reverse Cursed Technique (反はん転てん術じゅつ式しき Hanten Jutsushiki): Uraume is capable of producing positive energy with ease. They were able to regenerate the flesh of their palm that was drilled through by Choso's Piercing Blood.

Sukuna - Master/Superior.

Not applicable.

Enough bodily damage or straight decapitation will be more than enough to kill Uraume, as will poison if given enough time to act, as it is notoriously hard to heal unless one has incredible skill when it comes to using RCT. A feat that only a few within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe can lay claim to, amongst whom Uraume is not counted unfortunately.

Differences From Canon
  • Not much has changed here. Even the fight at the end of the Shibuya Incident against the other sorcerers is more or less the same, as Sukuna couldn't really be bothered to fight against them or Yuki, leaving Uraume and Kenjaku to deal with them instead. They did insist on it after all.
  • Citing sources once again, here's Uraume's page on the wiki: Uraume.
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Updated my sheet for Sukuna in relation to some recent developments in the manga. Nothing major.
Turner Hayes
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 17
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Gotham Knights
Abilities/ Powers:

  • Peak of Human Physical condition
  • Expert hand-to-hand Combatant/ Martial Artist
  • Skilled swordsman
  • Expert thrower
  • Skilled detective
  • Stealth /Infiltration
  • Indomitable Willpower

Important Lore/ History about Them: Turner has been framed for murder, beaten, bruised and hurt and he's still standing
Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Batman- while he is not directly related, he is the adopted son of a Bruce Wayne
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
Katana, Pistol, Batarang and sticky bomb explosives
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
He's human, so a lot of things.
Extra Info:
Turner has died before and been revived.
I'll be withdrawing from this for the foreseeable future. Not due to anything on your part, I just need a break from RPing at the moment.

If anyone wants to use Sukuna or Uraume, feel free by the way.
Hello! I'm very interested in this! Question, is it only live action characters and such, or can animated/cartoon characters join the fray?
@Majade You can 100% play as animated characters if you like.
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Character Sheet


Name: Blake Belladonna
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 19
Canon: RWBY
Abilities/ Powers: (This information comes straight from her
RWBY wiki page! As such I won't be putting ALL of it on here) As one can see, Blake isn't Human, but a species from her world known as Faunus. And like all Faunus on her world, they can see in the dark. And thanks to having both Human and cat ears, her hearing is quite exceptional. She also posses something nearly everyone on her world does, a Semblance. Which is basically a unique ability that both Human and Faunus can use. And her Semblance is called Shadow, which allows Blake to leave behind clones of herself to take a hit. Or she can use them to push herself in a certain direction. Blake also posses Aura, which fuels a living being's Semblance. Aura is the literal manifestation of one's soul, which comes in different colors depending on the person. Blake's is purple for example.
Important Lore/ History about Them: Blake Belladonna hails from the planet known as Remnant, a place plagued with literal soulless beings known as Grimm, which come in various shapes and sizes. From giant birds called Nevermores, to werewolves known as Beowolves. And it's up the four academies to train the next generation of Huntsmen and Huntresses to take these creatures down. Blake Belladonna enrolled in Beacon Academy, soon finding herself partnered up with Yang Xiao Long- and joining Team RWBY.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: N/A
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: If her usual weapon, Gambol Shroud is not with her, she will grab a katana most likely along with a pistol, and a kusarigama if possible. As for food, probably something that won't perish right away.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: An Aura acts as a shield for her body, protecting her from small hits and/or attacks. But it can't last forever, once her Aura depletes in a flurry of purple, she can get injured just like anyone else.
Extra Info: Blake is currently dating her partner, Yang Xiao Long. Her character alludes to both Beauty and the Beast from the popular 'Beauty and the Beast'.

Not gonna lie, I had a SUPER hard time picking out a character, whether they be animated or not
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Character Sheet


Name: Ryuga Banjou
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 23
Canon: Kamen Rider Build
Abilities/ Powers: (All info can be found in the
Kamen Rider wiki, but I shall summarize) Banjou is skilled at hand-to-hand combat, easily holding his own against creatures known as Smash without need of armor or weapons. Once transformed into Cross-Z, you better watch out. The armor of a Kamen Rider is tough, especially Banjou's. More can be read on the wiki!
Important Lore/ History about Them: Banjou lost his parents at a young age, although he doesn't remember much of their deaths. Fast forward ten years later, Banjou becomes a professional fighter- although he was banned for life after competing in a fixed match. The money was planned to go to his fiancé for her medical treatments, but the deed was done. Looking for a new job, he ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time, soon framed for a murder he did not commit. Sent to a correctional facility, he was soon kidnapped and sent to a shady place known as Faust, where he was subjected to harsh experiments. He managed to escape though, soon running into one Sento Kiryu, the elder male believing that he was innocent- helped him to escape from his kidnappers and the government who had an arrest warrant out on him.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: N/A
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Banjou would most likely grab anything that had protein in regards to food, no weapons though. Maybe a sword.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: He's mostly Human, he can still feel pain, get hungry, and get tired. Any normal weapon or hits can kill him. And his armor can't last forever, if it takes too much damage, his Cross-Z armor will disappear in the midst of battle.
Extra Info: He's not the smartest man, but his heart is in the right place. He's actually part alien!
Character Sheet​


Name: Terry McGinnis/Batman
Age: 17
Canon: Batman Beyond (DCAU Cartoon)
Abilities/ Powers: (
All of it but I'll still summarize) Unlike Bruce Wayne, Terry does not have the experience of a seasoned fighter. He is an excellent street fighter though, and not too bad of a gymnast either. And while he was never properly trained in the art of being on the detective- Bruce did teach him what he could. Not to mention he was able to making connections to things that surprised his mentor. Terry was even able to take on the original Joker with a battle of mind games- although he did manage to get the upper hand against the Clown Prince of Crime- simply because he's not afraid to fight dirty. And that's what he can do without the new Batman suit.
Important Lore/ History about Them: He was an average kid who grew up with average people. Only after his little brother was born and his parents divorced did he turn to become a punk kid, even getting sent to juvie for a short while. He cleaned up his act, but still kept the same attitude. One day, while defending his girlfriend Dana Tan from a street gang known as the Jokerz, Terry fled- ending up an aging Bruce Wayne's mansion- both easily defending themselves against the gang. It was by chance, did he learn just who exactly Bruce Wayne was. Upon returning home however, Terry found the police already there- his mother sobbing at the door, and his father dead. Without even meaning to, Terry found something horrible was going on at WaynePowers, a company his father had worked for. He had given the evidence to Bruce, who told Terry to turn it over to the police. Sneaking back to the mansion later that night, Terry stole the last Bat suit Bruce created- the teen soon heading off the WaynePowers, to avenge his father's death- and to stop the dangerous plot created by the company's CEO- Derek Powers.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: No weapons, probably a bo staff he really needs to- but Terry will most likely grab food and supplies.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Despite the high tech suit he has, Terry can still take damage, and while the suit takes the worse blows, it can still get ripped up and shredded- and Terry's only Human. He bleeds and feels pain just like any other Human. So if he's not careful, he can die.
Extra Info: Due to meddling thanks to Amanda Waller, Terry's biological father ended up being Bruce Wayne. Has met only roughly 4-5 of Bruce Wayne's original villains from the DCAU cartoon.

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Character Sheet​


Name: May 'Mayday' Parker/Spider-Girl
Age: 16
Canon: MC2 Comics
Abilities/ Powers: (
All here, but I shall summarize) May's powers are pretty much the same as her father's- wallcrawling, super-human agility, spider-sense, healing factor, and super-human strength. Although her super-human strength at what her father could lift. However, her spider sense is MUCH more acute than her father's- she knows exactly which direction danger is coming from, and if its someone she knows or not. For instance, if she's being spied on- her spider sense can tell her if it is the same person or not.
Important Lore/ History about Them: Her parents were always worried May would develop powers akin to her father- and that she did. And at the right time too, for the Green Goblin's grandson, Normie- had sworn to kill Peter Parker- as revenge for the final battle between the elder Parker and Osborn, where the first Green Goblin had perished by one of his own pumpkin bombs. Donning Ben Rilley's old costume- May defeated the next generation Green Goblin, and the rest, they say is
Potential connection to another character in the Games: Punisher
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: No weapons, but she will get some food and other needed items
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: She's still Human, she still bleeds, and gets bruises like everyone else. While it may take a lot to actually kill her, May can still die.
Extra Info: Has a baby brother named Benjy. Will without a doubt, be one of the people to try and stop these Hunger Games- hopefully before anyone dies.
Name: Timothy Alvin McCoppin
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 34 (Debatly Canon but definely around this age.)
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Lisa the Unbreakable.
Abilities/ Powers: Despite what Tim looks like, he is borderline super human levels of gynastic, capable of reaching a floor to another by jumping, high levels of speed by reckless running advances, lifting heavy bodies of metal throught his sheer strenght, balancing himself on his crutch while spining with such speed which knocks his opponents.
Tim is capable of tacking a lot of punishment, explosives, gun shots, blasts of fire, torture, multilation, being drop several floors several times, waves of eletricity, having his bones broken, neck breaks, bleeding, having his heart grasped, brain damage and bitten, altought he usually gets knocked when dealing with lethal damage.
The closest time Tim dies, is when left to die in the middle of the Ocean.
Without mentioning his finger tips energy manipulation, creating ropes of energy to move himself around, capable of outbursts of eletric energy out of wet foes, empowering his crutch as a boomerang of raw energy, laser beams so powerful to reach further heights, geisers of power to obliterate seemly impossible obstacles, and combined with his latent power at the verge of death, making his powers three times as strong (Tim don't becomes more durable, or stay was strong when he recovered, at verge of death Tim gets empowered but still very vunerable despite the strenght of his moves).
There also his connection to Mr.Socko, a sentient? (debatably) puppet sock, which gives sound and legit good advice to him, which combined with a Powder technique he learned, is capable of teleporting himself to key locations by entering a different dimention, whose plane of existence manistest Mr.Socko as a Cyan Energy Dragon (I need to add Tim can't escape certain death, and until he gets teleport, he navegating his mind to connect to the location to get to Teleport, otherwise he just...vegetating until he is not there anymore).
He does have his Silver Fist (Close Ranged moves combined with different yet weak Finger Lasers Techniques) and Bronze Fist (His crutch/high level gynastic moves combined with opportunistic Grabbing Moves) Styles, but that typical from Olathe, a region who used to be very proud of their martial artists.
Important Lore/ History about Them: A former part-time cashier, debatly a bitter wreck of a vagabond, used to be part of a gang who disbanded after a tragedy,...whose Tragedy he won't personally remember.
Even after enduring a Woman-less Apocalypse (Lisa the Painful), Tim never had to endure any particular hardship, at least compared to many others from Olathe, with his father still kicking around, altought Tim lost contact with him.
A childish man with enjoyment of video games, wrestling and sports, who keep his crutch around after a school accident, because he thought it was cool, a man who used his childhood friend into a enigmatic entity, who made so many enemies he lost the count, whose lost of identity made him a better person.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: None
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Salmon, Chips and his favorite Weapon his crutch.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Being Abandoned (Starvation or Being Locked in a Room).
Extra Info: Tim might shift into a Super Agent trying uncover a theory, a Superstar with countless fair, or someone with unforgiving nemesis(he WILL make someone his nemesis), but ultimely he's just a wreck.
(His powers are genetic...a lot of people in his world are just capable of levitating between other stuff.)
Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )

Name: Barty Crouch Jr
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 30's
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Harry Potter
Abilities/ Powers: Advanced Dark Magic and High Intelligence
Important Lore/ History about Them: Grew up in a pure-blood magic family, went to Hogwarts and excelled in all classes, practiced the Dark Arts and joined the Death Eaters as a follower of Voldemort, spent years in Azkaban, escaped and used polyjuice potion to remain in disguise.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: N/A
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Wand, small knife/Any protein-rich food
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Anything that could kill a human and/or other magiks
Extra Info: He is very intelligent and manipulative. Would rather use spells to fight rather than traditional weapons. Has severe daddy issues.