OPEN SIGNUPS The 1st Annual Multiversal Hunger Games


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"So, it's a deal?"

" Yes, you provide me with a way to finally show the heroes of these worlds that they are not greater than death and I will provide you with the means to expand your idea to beyond the reaches of your Panem."

"Perfect, I look forward to working you with, Amanda Waller."


You don't remember how you wind up in this dark basement area with all of these strangers that you have never met in your life. It's dark and cold and you can't help but having an unnerving feeling about everything that was happening here. Before you can even get your bearings, a voice would echo into the area.

The lot of you have all been chosen to be the first contestants for the first annual Multiverse Hunger Games. The good news for you is that, I will be your lovely GM.... and have created a beautiful arena for you. All you have to do to get back home is simple....Kill everyone else in the arena and the last one standing. If you fail to do that, well, let's just that it won't matter because you will be dead. You will find that your powers have been kept active.......but whose to say it will help you to kill the others? Come and enjoy the will be with a friend next time you awake....."

You would fall unconcious again and the next time you wake up, you will find yourself in a giant open arena.......

It seems that there is no way out. So you have a choice. Do you want to be the Victor of the 1st Annual Multiversal Hunger Games..... or just one of the many damned? Or.... do you want to try and break the Game and its maker? The choice is yours..... but the clock is ticking for you all.


1) All Iwaku Site rules apply
2)No Godmodding/powerplay. Nobody wants to be blown sky high because somebody turned on the volume.
3) OC's are welcome, you can play a duo or a solo- just know that this is first come basis. Don't worry- there's a way to still participate if you miss the sign-ups. Care packages are on to your favorite characters. Also, no character restrictions.
4)3 images/gifs per post. Mobile users don't want to be overwhelmed by your pictures and have trouble reading.
5)I plan to update as fast as possible, but know that I work four days a week- so updates will be fast paced on Sundays to Tuesdays and slower throughout the rest of the week.
6)Be nice to each other. Got OOC drama with someone from something else? I don't care- you leave that baggage at the door. ( I will try to pair people fairly- so let me know if you are friends or can't stand somebody and I won't pair them with you
7) Have fun!
8) Character murder is on. Want to throw someone or betray the group? Go for it..... just know that there are consequences to every action. :)
9) This game has TWO possible endings. You can try to kill all and get back home OR you can try to break the game instead letting everyone leave. Just know either way- the ending has in-universe consequences. :)​
10) Similar to the Hunger Games, there will be pairings in the games. Unlike the Hunger Games, the whole requirement for being a pairing is sharing one thing. I might decide this if nobody has any ideas.

Character sheet​
Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Abilities/ Powers:
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
Extra Info:
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Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures ):
Ezekiel Sims
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
42 ( Looks younger)
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Madame Web
Abilities/ Powers:

Spider-physiology: Hey, look, he's crawling up the walls
Superhuman Strength: Oh God, did he just one hand throw someone across the room?
Superhuman durability: Did he just fall off that building and live?!
Superhuman Speed: .....Is he keeping up with those cars?
Superhuman agility: Did he just leap across several cars with ease?
Superhuman Reflexes: Did he just *catch* that bullet?
Surface adhesion: As I said before, he's crawling up walls
Poisonous Touch: Oh, he just touched that lady and she died of being poisoned. Oh god, he just touched that lady and she died.
Diabolical prescience: He knows how he dies, maybe?
Expert Martial Artist: Oh, look that's a black belt.... and some dead cops
Knife Profiency: He can handle a knife and block it well
Expert Marksman: What the package says
Network: He's very good at using his power and influence to get what he wants
Omportant Lore/ History about Them: Ezekiel Sims
Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Genetically Altered/ Has had his credit Card stolen
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
Knife, a Handgun and a backpack full of supplies
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
His own arrogance and belief he is unkillable
Extra Info:
He is not above killing young children and pregnant ladies

Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )

Chase Davenport
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Lab Rats/Lab Rats Elite Force
Abilities/ Powers:
Super Intelligence: He's smarter than the pack.
Hacking: He can hack any computer without touching it
Mathematical analysis: He can calculate angles real easily
Mental database: He can store a lot of information like a computer and esentially has a photographic memory. He also can use it to match information from his physical database to objects
Chemical analysis: What the tin says, he can analyze the chemical analysis of most objects.
Thermal Scan: He can conduct thermal scans
Spectral Isolation Scan: He can see hidden things in pictures
Speed Reading: What the tin says
Force Field: The ability to make a protecton shield for himself and extend to cover others.
Force field ball: Turning the force field into a projectile, it can turn off electric devices
Commando App: When Chase gets scared or angry, it activates and he becomes a merciless brute that will attack anything. Huh- I wonder what will be easily activated here.
Super Strength: Under the Commando app, he has advanced strength
Voice mimcry: His voice sounds deeper and gravely under the app
Super Senses: What the tin says. He also can record things with this as well as make his fingers a flashdrive
Bionic Scan: He can scan and look through objects
Microscopic Vision: He can see tiny stuff
Super durabilty: You know what that is.
Magentism: He is a magnet:
Telekinesis: He can move things with his mind and levitate
Laser Bo: He can make a laser bo
Important Lore/ History about Them:
Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Genetically altered
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
He's still human, so if you catch him off guard or can disrupt his bionic chip, he can be killed pretty easily
Extra Info:
He's a bionic superhuman.
How many characters per roleplayer max.?
@Crow I'm going to go with Max 4 and min being 1
I'll join!
Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )rs=1&pid=ImgDetMain

Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): ???
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Record of Raganok
Abilities/ Powers: See below for all King Leonida's abilites etc...
Overall Abilities:
Befitting the title of History's Mightiest Rebel, legend has it he managed to lead 300 Spartans into battle against millions of soldiers in 480 B.C. known as the Battle of Thermopylae and never surrendered or gave up against the odds. Naturally as a Spartan, Leonidas has trained since birth to hone his skills and strength for battle. Even after death, it can be presumed from the behavior of his fellow Spartans that he has continued such training.

Physical Abilities

Godlike Strength: Like many of the fighters of Ragnarok, Leonidas possesses immense strength thanks to his years of training as a Spartan and as their leader. This was first demonstrated when upon the start of Round 9, Leonidas was able to slam the ground with his shield with so much force that it left a large hole in the ground and covered the arena in a large cloud of dust.[12]When Leonidas switched to the hammer form, his Phalanx Nemesis attack was able to cause a large shockwave that was able to decimate and break apart the stage.

Godlike Speed & Reflexes: While not as fast or reactive as fighters like Apollo, Leonidas has shown he is capable of feats of immense speed and reflexes. Leonidas' speed was first demonstrated right when Heimdall was saying "fight" with Leonidas having already leapt in the air and slammed his shield to the ground before Heimdall finished saying the word. The attack was so fast it left the audience in shock and despite Apollo effortlessly dodging it, he was surprised from the sudden attack.[12]

Godlike Endurance & Stamina: As the Mightiest Rebel in History, Leonidas has multiple scars on his body to prove that he has managed to endure several injuries in his lifetime including across his face and his chest. When he attacked Apollo, Leonidas inhaled his cigar whole with it still lit and suffered no pain from the action.[12]


Fighting Abilities

Spartan Warrior: Since the day he was born, Leonidas trained his entire life and afterlife for the sole purpose of combat and fighting. While his specific training regiment is not known, it can be assumed from the training regiment the Spartan Warriors were doing upon his introduction it involves heavy lifting with their entire bodies including their jaws and teeth.

Mental Abilities

Indomitable Will:

Enhanced Charisma:


Aspis - Base Form:[5] The base form of Leonidas' shield is a metallic aspis shield, which is dark gray in color. Leonidas can either slam his shield into his opponent at close range or he can extend the shield by a chain to attack from afar.Aspis Base Form
Phalanx AsanatosPhalanx Asanatos (ファランクス・アサナトス, Farankusu Asanatosu):[13] Leonidas extends his shield by a chain and launches it at his opponent, in rapid succession. It is fast enough to leave behind afterimages.
Aspis - Saw Form:[14] The center portion of Leonidas' shield lifts up and multiple spinning blades come out of it. This allows the shield to be able to deal much greater damage.Leonidas transforms his shield
Phalanx EncosPhalanx Enchos (ファランクス・エンコス, Farankusu Enkosu):[15] Leonidas extends the chain of the shield with the spinning blades out and launches it towards his opponent from afar. It is strong enough that Apollo couldn't hold it back nor was he able to fully mitigate the damage with his threads.
Phalanx Enchos ProdigyPhalanx Enchos: Prodevo (ファランクス・エンコス プロデーボ, Farankusu Enkosu Purodēbo):[16] Leonidas embeds the spinning blades of his shield into the ground behind him before dragging it forward, towards his opponent.
Aspis - Hammer Form:[17] The two halves of the shield around the center portion detach and turn into six spider-like legs, that then join up to create a large metal ball. The ball extends out a bit to reveal a handle and Leonidas takes it out, now wielding a large hammer in his right hand and a shrunken shield in his left hand, both of which are connected to each other by a chain.Aspis Hammer Form
Phalax NemesisPhalanx Nemesis (God of Destruction's Iron Hammer) (破神の鉄槌ファランクス・ネメシス, Farankusu Nemeshisu):[18] Leonidas lifts his hammer back before swinging it down on his opponent. The attack was powerful enough to completely shatter the entire ground of the fighting stage.
Aletheia Sparta (Shield of Truth) (真実の盾アリーシア・スパルタ, Arīshia Suparuta):[19] The entire metallic covering of Leonidas' shield is broken apart, revealing a standard-looking aspis shield underneath, that's engraved with a lambda. A dark aura is emitted around both Leonidas and the shield itself when it is activated.Alicia Sparta - Shield of Truth
Phalax LambdaPhalanx Lambda (ファランクス・ラムダ, Farankusu Ramuda):[20] Leonidas holds the shield up in front of himself before he makes a very straightforward charge at his opponent, creating a shockwave as he does. Though simple, it represents the essence of Sparta's Phalanx: an unceasing and unrelenting offensive charge that pierces straight ahead like a spear. This attack was powerful enough to counter Apollo's Argyrotoxos, though the shield ended up being destroyed in the process.


Leonidas shieldAspis Shield:[21] A metallic aspis shield that is dark gray in color and is lined with black, provided by the Völundr of the 5th Valkyrie, Geirölul. Due to Geirölul's unique nature, Leonidas can transform his close-range shield into a longer ranged weapon if need be, allowing him to fight from a distance as well.

Important Lore/ History about Them: Once the King that was in the battle of the Hot gates, he lead 300 Spartans in a fight against 10,000 persians. In the afterlife, he fought Apollo in Round 9.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: N/A Right now
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Spear, Sword, Arrows
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Supernaturally fast but somewhat still human
Extra Info:
Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures ) short white hair tied in a small ponytail, dark blue (almost black) eyes, dark skin, about 5'5'', female - will try to find an appropriate image

Name: Kaya Dusk

Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): 19

Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): OC

Abilities/ Powers: 1 - very good with explosives, and I mean very good.
2 - can turn almost invisible (so will only appear as a trick of the light), and is therefore amazing at hiding and carrying out an ambush.
3 - proficient with a bow and arrow, but not first choice of weapon.

Important Lore/ History about Them: Kaya was born in the aftermath of a worldwide war to a group of rebels who refused to conform to the new regime, and instead dedicated their lives to fighting for their beliefs. Therefore, Kaya spent all her life learning how to cause chaos and destroy and kill. She specialises with any weapons that go boom.

Potential connection to another character in the Games: n/a

Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: explosives, bow and arrows, dagger, apples, bread

One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: their own bombs.

Extra Info: I'm thinking that Kaya will be killed in the games - preferably by setting off a bomb or something but not being able to get clear of the explosion in time. Basically, an ambush gone wrong.
I'll also join in on this neat little roleplay idea Not sure why this type of roleplay isn't more common, it's really cool.

Name: Bruce Wayne. AKA: Batman. AKA: The Dark Knight.

Age: 45

Canon: DC Comics.

Abilities/ Powers: Batman possess no super powers, yet he has practically the abilities of a superhuman. He boasts incredible strength, stamina and endurance while maintaining an extraordinary intellect as the World's Greatest Detective. He is easily able to subdue and defeat supervillians twice his physical strength and/or size.

Peak Human Conditioning

Master Martial Artist

•Expert Engineering Skills

•Expert Detective Skills

Important Lore/ History about Them:
Batman is the superhero protector of Gotham City, a tortured, brooding vigilante dressed as a bat who fights against evil and strikes fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere. In his public identity, he is Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy. Although he has no superhuman abilities, he is one of the world's smartest men and greatest fighters. His physical prowess, technical ingenuity, and tactical thinking make him an incredibly dangerous opponent. He was also a founding member of the Justice League.

Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: None.

One Thing That Could Kill Your
Character: Batman's greatest strength is also his greatest weakness: His inability to kill. As a result of the trauma he experienced in his youth, Bruce developed an ironclad code of mercy that prevents him from taking the life off of hie enemies. Because of this, even if he's in a life or death scenario, and pitted against bloodthirsty warriors from other dimensions, he'll never take the path of least resistance. Even if it costs him dearly.

Extra Info: I thought adding a character who doesn't kill would add an interesting dynamic to a game that's all about taking lives.
Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )1710002074356.png
Name: Sgt. Marcus Wright
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): ????
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Terminator: Salvation
Abilities/ Powers: Cyborg/Terminator/ Half Human/Half Terminator
Important Lore/ History about Them:Followingng the TechCom Attack on Skynet VLA, Marcus' "corpse" was on a table, among other dead bodies. Hours after the installation had been blown, and night had fallen, Marcus awakened in the ruins of the Skynet VLA and staggered out into the rain-soaked terrain, covered with mud and disoriented, screaming in horror at the world around him. After composing himself, Marcus took the clothes of a deceased Resistance fighter and started a long walk through the desert, finding a sand-caked road leading into Los Angeles. Upon arriving, Marcus observed the ruined city from atop the Hollywood banner and then descended into the streets where he encountered a Series 600 Terminator patrolling the city.

Perhaps believing the 600 to be another human, he called out to it, only to immediately come under fire from the machine's mini-gun. Before he could be mowed down, however, Marcus was tackled to the ground by a young man called Kyle Reese; who told him: "Come with me if you want to live". Following Kyle's lead, Marcus bolted for the nearby building while the T-600 struggled to free itself from a snare trap the youth had set. It escaped by shooting off its foot, however, and promptly took chase. Up on the roof, Kyle's young companion, a mute girl named Star, released another trap, crushing the T-600 beneath a box car wheel assembly.

Kyle then held Marcus at gunpoint, accusing him of stealing the uniform of a Resistance fighter, but the cyborg easily disarmed him and demanded to know the date and what happened to the world. At first incredulous that Marcus had no knowledge of events up to that moment, Kyle answered his questions, and Marcus expressed an interest in reaching a Skynet-controlled location. Before they could decide on this, an HK-Aerial flew in overhead, toppling a building as it passed. Knowing their safety had been compromised, Kyle led Marcus and Star back to their hiding place. Here, Marcus demonstrated how to tether the shotgun to his arm to avoid losing it to an opponent.[3] He then fixed their radio, picking up a message from John Connor in the process.

In the morning, they traveled to Griffith Observatory to find transport away from Los Angeles. While repairing an old Jeep, Marcus accidentally cut himself on a wire and was given a band-aid from Star. He then got it working and inadvertently activated the radio, which started playing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, much to Kyle and Star's surprise. Overcome with sadness at the song being one of his brother's favorites, Marcus switched it off and barked at Star to get out of the passenger seat. They were then attacked by an Aerostats and Kyle attempted to lose it by driving down the hill haphazardly. Marcus eventually destroyed it with a tire-iron, however. Unimpressed by Kyle's driving skills, Marcus promptly kicked him out from behind the wheel.
Stopping at an old gas station bearing the mark of the Resistance, the trio are confronted by a gang of survivors who view them as a threat. Their de-facto leader, Virginia, offers them food and water, however, much to the annoyance of another refugee named Len. Star then senses vibrations in the ground mere seconds before a Harvester smashes through the roof and snatches Virginia and several other refugees. The trio flee outside and try to get aboard some of the escaping vehicles, but they speed away and leave them behind. Kyle quickly realizes that attempting to escape will only result in their death as the Harvester destroys the fleeing vehicles with its plasma cannon.

Before it can destroy him, the Transport is attacked by two Resistance A-10 Warthogs, one of them piloted by Blair Williams. During their missile attack, Marcus is dropped by the Harvester and falls into the river below. The two aircraft are then shot down by the HK-Aerial and the Carrier escapes. Marcus comes to at the riverbank and makes his way back into the desert where he encounters Blair hanging from a telephone tower, having ejected from her bird before its destruction. He helps her down, and in return, she offers to take him to John Connor, as he might help Marcus rescue his friends from Skynet Central.

Marcus, after rescuing Blair Williams

They stop at a derelict racetrack overnight where Blair removes her top in the rain to tend to an injury on her collar, catching Marcus' attention with her semi-nakedness. While Marcus is away gathering kindling, Blair is attacked by a gang of humans who want her supplies. Marcus arrives in time and viciously beats them into submission, stabbing one in the shoulder with a screwdriver. Afterward, Blair curls up to him to share his body heat next to the fire, and notices how strong his heart is before falling asleep in his arms. Marcus wonders if he's a good man and whether or not he deserves a second chance in life.

In the morning, they arrive at the Resistance base and travel through a minefield laced with magnetized landmines. As they pass through, a mine attaches itself to Marcus and explodes, injuring him. He is then carried to the infirmary where Kate Connor tends to his wounds, despite his declarations of being fine. Upon opening his shirt, she discovers the endoskeleton exposed beneath and calls for Barnes, who swiftly knocks Marcus unconscious with the butt of his rifle. He is then chained up and suspended in a missile silo where he is examined by John Connor. Kate Connor tells John about Marcus' human flesh, which heals itself quickly, and his human heart is contained in an endoskeleton. Kate also indicated there was an implanted chip within his skull. She also mentions that his nervous system is half-human/half-machine.

"What did they do to me?"
- Marcus Wright (to John Connor).
Marcus being examined by John Connor

Marcus protests that he is human, but John responds by removing the chain holding his head, allowing Marcus to see the exposed metal in his chest. He cries out in horror at what he's become but insists that he is not just some machine. John is convinced that Marcus was sent there to kill him and the leadership, however, and mentions Kyle Reese (his paradoxical father). This prompts Marcus to inform John of Kyle's capture by Skynet, which rattles him significantly.

Marcus is then left alone with Barnes, who shoots him in the chest for his late brother who died on a mission on Skynet VLA a few days earlier. Blair arrives moments later and tells Barnes that John wishes to see him, shooting Marcus herself. Barnes falls for her ruse and leaves, granting her the chance to lower Marcus to the bottom of the silo and release him from his chains. Barnes soon returns, however, and fires a rocket at the escaping couple, but they are able to flee through a ventilation shaft.

They follow it back to the minefield as the Resistance mobilizes to stop them. Blair uses a magnetic wire to trigger a line of mines, allowing them a safe path to the Jeep, only for it to be destroyed by a rocket. Forced to improvise, they flee to a wall where Marcus holds his hand out to draw their fire while Blair shoots out the floodlight, granting them cover of darkness. She is shot in the leg, however, which slows their escape. Marcus shields her from an explosion and gives her his coat, which she wears to confuse the soldiers.

Terminator-salvation 182
Marcus fights a Hydrobot

While she's captured, Marcus steals a bike from a soldier and uses it to jump the perimeter fence and takes one last look at Blair before running through the woods while under fire from John's helicopter. He is briefly incapacitated by John's assault, and is then severely burned when John launches a napalm attack. However, while searching the river for him, John's helicopter is attacked by Hydrobots and the pilots are killed. Marcus intervenes, however, and destroys the last Hydrobot, saving John's life.

"Kyle Reese is in Skynet. You do that; he's dead. I can get you in".
- Marcus Wright (to John Connor).
Marcus enters the Skynet Central

He is then held at gunpoint, as John threatens to shoot Marcus in the heart. However, he makes John an offer: allow him to go free, and he will get John into Skynet Central to save Kyle. John agrees, giving Marcus a comm device to contact him with once he's inside. Marcus promises to uphold his end of the bargain before swimming away as the Resistance arrives. He makes his way to the Skynet perimeter in San Francisco and confronts a turret, which positively identifies him and allows him safe passage.

Marcus in Skynet

Upon making his way into the core building of Skynet Central, Marcus interfaces with Skynet's database by synchronising with his CPU. He orders the turrets at the north entrance to stand down and then transmits Kyle's location to John, who is waiting on the outskirts of town. Afterward, Marcus researches his death and the activities of Dr. Serena Kogan prior to that, learning that she also succumbed to her cancer and that her work at Cyberdyne was adopted by the US Air force. The stress of maintaining the connection overwhelms Marcus, rendering him unconscious.

Marcus learns his purpose

He awakens in a diagnostic chair, his damaged flesh fully repaired and his clothes replaced with white garments. Upon happy to see he is "human" again, Skynet appears to him in the form of Serena on the screen and welcomes him "home", and then goes on to explain his purpose as the perfect infiltrator and his mission to find Kyle and lure John to his death, all the while showing him CCTV footage of John fighting the T-RIP, a prototype T-800. Sickened by his use as a pawn, Marcus tears the CPU from the back of his head and snarls at Skynet that he will save John.

Skynet offers him the chance to serve the machines, stating that he's no longer bound by the human condition, but Marcus proclaims that he is human and destroys the glass screen before hurrying to John's aid. He tracks John to the Terminator Factory beneath the building and finds him in the grip of the T-RIP. Marcus charged the machine and tackled it to the ground, allowing John to crawl away. The T-RIP throws him off and heads back to John as the skin on Marcus' left hand was burned away by molten steel.

Marcus confronts the T-RIP

Enraged, Marcus attacked the machine from behind and hurled it into a pylon. He then picked up a piece of metal railing and started beating the T-RIP with it, but it caught his wrist and kicked him away. Seeing John working on T-RIP power cells to make an explosive, Marcus decides to sacrifice himself by allowing the T-RIP to beat him repeatedly with a cinder block. It scans his body and discovers his heart, identifying it as a vulnerability, and punches him in the chest with all of its strength. The blow is sufficient to stop his heart, and Marcus is terminated.

Marcus rescues an injured John

However, Marcus is revived by John, who uses a power cable to give him an electric shock while the T-RIP is encased in metal. After reviving him, John is impaled through the chest with a steel bar by the T-RIP. Marcus jumps to his feet and breaks the steel bar, using half of it to decapitate the machine with ease. After terminating the T-RIP, Marcus carries John out of the factory. Then they meet Barnes, who helps Marcus carry John to the helicopter where he is reunited with Kyle and Star. As their helicopter flees the area, John detonates the explosive, destroying Skynet Central.

"Everyone deserves a second chance. This is mine".
- Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams).
Back at a Resistance outpost, Kate Connor tends to John's injuries and informs the others of his imminent death due to the damage suffered by his heart. Believing that John deserved a second chance, Marcus tells Kate to take his heart and give it to John to save his life. He says his final goodbyes to Kyle and Star, and kisses Blair before undergoing the operation. In his final moments, he looks to John, who acknowledges his trust and gratitude towards Marcus with a respectful nod.

By giving his life to save John, Marcus completed his original intention of donating himself to a better cause. Terminator Salvation

Resurrection and the Final Battle
"I remember the moment of my death".
- Marcus Wright (to John Connor).
Marcus explains his resurrection
Marcus convinces a wary John that he really is back from the dead

Marcus' heart was regenerated during the year when he was in his grave due to the unique feature of Hybrid's artificial tissue. Instead of death, he merely went into stasis after John and Kate buried him. Once his neural system and heart regenerated, he remained aware and partially conscious Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 7 until Skynet sent the signal to wake him up as a last resort to fight against Thomas Parnell's attempt to take over the whole system of Skynet. Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle issue 6

He rendezvoused with John and provide support for the Resistance to assist Skynet in overthrowing the serial killer Thomas Parnell before Parnell could take over Skynet's mainframe, which would let to destruction of the world along with Skynet.

Post War
Marcus and John
Marcus' final scene with John as they destroy the time displacement device after sending the T-850 back to protect John and Kate in 2004

"So what'll it be? Trash compactor? Drawing and quartering with sixteen-wheelers?"
- Marcus Wright (to John Connor).
Following the conclusion of the Resistance and Skynet's last stands against the nightmare created by Thomas Parnell, John bargained with the supercomputer and offers a truce in which Skynet and humanity work together to create peace. Skynet agreeed and the war was finally over.

Marcus tracks down the Terminator that Parnell sent into the bowels of Skynet to murder John while John was synced to the endoskeleton developed to fight Parnell. After being offered several options for destroying the Terminator, John told Marcus to prepare it for reprogramming and then brought it with him to the last time displacement device in Skynet's headquarters.

Marcus and John use the time displacement device to send the reprogrammed Terminator back in time with Dr. Serena Kogan's help to protect John and Kate in 2004. When John asked Dr. Kogan why they could not program the machine to obey his commands rather than Kate's, she explains that she did not have any voice samples from him before the Terminator killed his physical body and it would not recognize his voice as it was now filtered through a bare endoskeleton.

After that, Marcus stood at John's side as they destroyed the time displacement device and effectively rendered themselves incapable of meddling with the past.

Potential connection to another character in the Games: N/A
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Guns and weapons to help them in the long run
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Marcus's greatest strength is also his weakness: His heart. Even though it regrows itself, he can heal from wounds given to him over time.
Extra Info:
Appearance: 1710005452511.png
Name: General John Connor
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons): ???
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Terminator Salvation: Final Battle
Abilities/ Powers:!&&p=4be2...b20vd2lraS9Kb2huX0Nvbm5vci9TYWx2YXRpb24&ntb=1
Important Lore/ History about Them: Leader of the Human Resistance against Skynet.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: Marcus is his Sargeant against Skynet
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: Guns, etc
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: Being Human.
Extra Info:

Name: Michinaga Azuma (Kamen Rider Buffa)

Age: Mid 20s.

Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know): Canon

Abilities/ Powers:

Weapon/Armor Manifestation - When the Desire Driver has a while it's equipped as a belt with the ID Core attached, Michinaga dons an all black suit of armor with a colored helmet. This armor grants him protection on most things, but is weak enough to be damaged by lasers and swords. If taken enough damage, the Driver will force him out to preserve his life. If the ID Core gets damaged, however, it's lights out for Michinaga. Michinaga can layer these armors with the use of Raisebuckles; DGP brand equipment that grants the user access to extra top (chestplates, gauntlets) or bottom (pants, greaves, boots) armor as well as weaponry. He can freely rotate where the armor is at any given moment by performing a cartwheel.

Poison Secretion - a Trait unique to the Zombie buckle. It contains a chamber on his left forearm/right foreleg that when secreted via the massive orange claw, would act as a numbing agent to those that come into contact with it or as an acid that could dissolve metal.

Poison Constructs - Michinaga can create amber colored poison constructs in the shape of claws to either protect himself, restrain his opponent, or even augment his attacks.

Enhanced Vitality - As a consequence of only using the Zombie Raisebuckle every chance he gets, Michinaga has a strange condition where he can survive being erased from reality via elimination; which is what usually happens when one gets eliminated mid-game via too much damage. Michinaga is no exception as the DGP Rules still apply to him even when he's missing off world. If his Driver gets too damaged, then he gets eliminated and erased from reality--except with this side effect of the Zombie buckle, Michinaga's physical body can remain regardless. He could theoretically be revived at this state, but he's in critical condition.

Aggressive Combat Style - In a word, Michinga's fighting style can be described as a 'Berserker'. He rushes into combat with well placed strikes and flurries but little disregard to anyone else other than the enemy. It's a fighting style cultivated throughout his Seasons as a player in the Desire Grand Prix, where one competes for a singular reality altering wish.

Important Lore/ History about Them:
The long and short of it: Michinaga was a middle class Carpenter for a construction company for a long time until he witnessed his best friend being murdered by a bunch of Riders while walking home last night. Ever since then, he has this desire to destroy all Kamen Riders, which qualified him into the same Rider Game that killed his friend in the first place; the Desire Grand Prix. From there, he had formed a long standing rivalry with the reigning champion of the DGP, Ukiyo Ace--Kamen Rider Geats. As Buffa, he continued to fight through the Games and failing to usurp the top dog time and time again.

Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Has played in a game similar to the Hunger Games

Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
Whatever he can grab. His priority's food, so bread if they've got some. Since he's known to use a handful of buckles that no one else could use anyway. If his Driver and Buckle's been thrown in the pit, he's gunning for those instead.

One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
His recklessness would be the death of him. Target his belt and the small ID Core; that'll cause his armor to be destroyed and his ass is ELIMINATED.

Extra Info:
-Taken before his first MISSION FAILED.
-Imma give him the following Raisebuckles:
Drill(Big drill hand.)
Water(Metal Pipe that shoots water(pressure depends if connected to a water source. If no, then *metal pipe sfx*) )
Boost(a one time use buckle that'll fly off after a finisher)
Name: The Saint.
Age : paradoxical (young, yet shows old traits.)
Canon: Rain World Downpour
Abilities/ Powers:
Long, sticky tongue
the saint can use their tongue as a grapple to high up surfaces, and scale walls with ease using this. this can also be used as a way for him to set off traps or grab things from afar.
high awareness + precognition.
The saint has high awareness of a variety of things, particularly with nearby people. On top of this, due to their connection to the void sea and the cycle itself, they have a very potent precognitive ability which allows for relative ease of travel around or past threats. this can't extend infinitely though, so Saint has to still think ahead.
the saint has the ability to temporarily begin flying as a gold karma 10 symbol appears in front of his right hand. if he decides to, he can knock out and even kill people with a short blast of energy coming from the symbol. this can only be done so much before he exhausts. killing also takes more time and energy than just a simple knockout.
physically inable
the saint is unable to do much physically, only able to throw rubbish and other small throwables as self-defense, due to weak bones and muscles.

The saint is incapable of consuming any meat based products like steak, pork, etc. eating meat will cause the saint to go into a state similar to that of a short seizure before he gets up again and spits it out, as his body will be unable to process the food.
Peaceful nature and pure desensitization
Saint has a very peace-aimed demeanor, and when it comes to a majority of situations, the Saint will not be shocked from many forms of harm or violence, as they have seen much, much worse back in the Void Sea and even on the surface near the two old iterators known as 5P and LTTM.

Important Lore/ History about Them: they're the final slugcat in rain world, and are a key player in the entirety of the lore, canonically turning into an echo when "ascending," but in this, he'll not be doing his original work, but rather, he'll have been working on helping the rest of the world prior to being dragged into the games. the person he's with is one of his partners.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: Spearmaster. also highly anomalous and paradoxical
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: grenade, karma flower, any non-meat food, or standard supply kit
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: one of the saint's most disadvantageous things is his physical inability. manage to get him in a physical fight without assistance from others, and he's done for.

Name: The Spearmastertumblr_c0a80802cda0075b899e52ebfa897a9b_0286eba7_1280.png
Age: unknown, likely young.
Canon: Rain World Downpour
Abilities/ Powers:
The spearmaster can fabricate needles of a bone-like substance from their tail, which can be used for a variety of things, from climbing walls to trade to use as weapons. if the needles hit any living thing, the needle will siphon the nutrients to the spearmaster through a thin string attached to the back of the needle, which is how spearmaster feeds. if he manages to overfeed, this overfeed will speed up his vitality further than was already given by SRS.
Radio tuning

The spearmaster, being made originally as a courier for a message to 5P, has the ability to tune into radio frequencies of both AM and FM highly accurately,
high vitality + increased agility
With their courier job being solidified, the spearmaster had to have a good chance to be able to make it there, and as such is light, fast, and easy to recover from mild to moderate wounds.

Important Lore/ History about Them: Being a former courier, they have plenty of experience with navigating new and unknown places, and will not hesitate much to attack when encountering a new potential threat unless they have good reason to resist killing.
Potential connection to another character in the Games: Saint. also entirely artificial besides his biological baseplate as a slugcat.
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab: rope and cloth, signal flare.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character: lack of prey. if the spearmaster can't find any prey or donors to feed nutrients off of, they'll starve.
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Name: Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher
Canon: The Punisher; Marvel, Earth-30847

Punisher-Flyer-Concept (1).png
(1993 Capcom arcade flyer)

  • Peak human condition - Frank is especially fast, strong, and durable for a human without superpowers. His pain tolerance is second to none, and he has impressive hand-eye coordination and reflexes.
  • Peak senses - Having served more than the number of allowed tours in Vietnam, he has developed extremely keen senses, making it difficult to ambush him.
  • Marksmanship - His role in Vietnam was scout sniper. He is a master of conventional firearms, but can also use high-tech weaponry and more primitive solutions such as bows.
  • Martial Arts - In addition to his savvy with a firearm, he is also trained to fight with his hands or any melee weapon, including improvised varieties. He makes an excellent brawler, despite his preference for guns.
  • Terrorism - Frank can employ guerrilla tactics, torture and interrogation methods, and psychological warfare strategies to demoralize his adversaries.
  • Desensitized - Intense violence does not bother the Punisher. He doesn't feel fear and truly believes he has nothing to lose.
  • Kevlar-lined suit - His outfit is designed to protect him in a fight and can take several hits from firearms. It also features a holster and magazine pouches for a pistol.
Important Lore/History about Them:
Francis Castiglione is not most people's definition of a nice guy. He served his max number of tours in Vietnam, then changed his name to Frank Castle to serve extra—not out of some sense of duty or patriotism, but because he enjoyed the fighting. After the war ended, he settled into a quiet life with his wife and two children.

One day, he took his family to Central Park, where they stumbled across a mob execution. Determined to leave no witnesses, the gangsters also shot the entire Castle family. Frank was the sole survivor. Devastated, he attempted to seek justice via legal means—police reports, testifying in court, et cetera. Corrupt cops and judges ensured the killers never faced charges. It was then Frank declared war on organized crime and became New York's most brutal vigilante.

As the Punisher, he teamed up with his old friend Nick Fury to target Bruno Costa, the enforcer who ordered the killing of his family. The Kingpin robbed Frank of his revenge, having ordered the murder of Costa to tie up loose ends. Not satisfied with this, Castle and Fury attacked his tower directly. They set explosives throughout the building, then bailed after defeating him in a brutal confrontation. The tower was leveled in the blast, yet the Kingpin's remains were never found. He and other powerful crime lords remain, thus the Punisher's war continues...

Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Ex-Military, vigilante, no superpowers, family murdered by criminals

Weapons taken from the weapon pit/Food they are going to grab:
  • Colt M1911A1 - Frank's pistol of choice. Rugged and reliable.
  • Garrote Wire - An unusual choice for Frank. Good for strangulation, or perhaps...
  • Frag Grenades (2) - A must for taking out multiple targets at once or flushing them out of hiding. Given the right tools, he could also set a trap with one.
  • Backpack - It's empty. Perhaps he plans to fill it with supplies...?
  • Water - Held in a metal canteen.
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
Castle may interrogate opponents to determine the locations of their camps and supply caches. It would be easiest to get the drop on him then, though it may come at someone else's expense.

Extra Info:
He might try to kill a few characters, but is a proponent of breaking the game and destroying the GM and Amanda Waller.
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Appearance: ( Image prefered, but description. Face claims, or random pictures )


Doctor John Stevenson
Age (Optional since it is hard with some canons):
Canon ( Put OC if OC. If it's an OC from a specific fandom let me know):
Time After Time
Abilities/ Powers:
John is immune to all diseases and genetic mutations. He also can survive being shot
Important Lore/ History about Them:
John keeps it a secret.... but there's a rumor that's he's potentially a version of Jack the Ripper
Potential connection to another character in the Games:
Is a doctor
Weapons taken from the weapon pit/ Food they are going to grab:
A knife, actually several knives
One Thing That Could Kill Your Character:
He can be killed by most normal human means.... even if it does take longer.
Extra Info:
This version is taken after the end of the series.