The 1925 Wizard of Oz

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Blind Hemingway

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It's the first fan fic film ever made. It's of course much longer than just 8 mins but you can get the pic. These movies hail from a different time, a remove so far as to almost border Oz itself: the silent era. If the general population seems only vaguely aware that there are more than a couple of Oz books, they are probably completely unaware that there were at least eight Oz movies before the 1939 Judy Garland vehicle, and numerous shorts.

More info on the film is mentioned here.

Fel of the Eternal Forest


ah, to be back in 1939... Wait. I hated that movie too.
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I have read the 14 original OZ books written by L. Frank Baum. Really an awesome series that many people know nothing about, past the original story. I had no idea about these films though, thanks for the info.