The 12 Midnight Snacks

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  1. Sometimes I find myself making something at 12 midnight and going, hum.

    What are the things you find yourself making at 12 midnight?

    Me grilled cheese and one time I made cookies for no apparent reason other than I wanted to make them
  2. Store bought cookies and bottles of water for me. :)
  3. I must be the only chef on this site to admit, I made a grilled cheese sandwich and it's 12:24 am
  4. :P I'm just too tired to actually go to the kitchen. When I was in my late teens, I'd fry up a bunch of mini samosas like these ones. So unhealthy XD

  5. My favorite "hungry but I need to be asleep" snack is just a bowl of cereal. For some reason it's the perfect amount of satisfying so I can go to bed. >>
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  6. I used to do that a lot when I was living with just me and the Mister ^_^
  7. Crackers and cream cheese. Best thing in the world.
  8. Cookies, brownies, fudge. But never because I'm hungry.....I bake because I'm bored :D
  9. I've been having a really weird craving for strawberry danishes at all hours of the day, but usually my midnight snacks are always random. Sometimes I want a ham and cheese sandwich, then other times I want ice cream. It all depends on my mood.
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  10. Whatever I feel like for two reasons

    1. No real sleep cycle atm. I could be awake or asleep at any time, meaning hungry at any time.
    2. Even when on a normal sleep cycle I find the idea of certain foods being reserved for certain times to be ridiculous

    As for foods I normally prepare in general?

    1. Alfredo Pasta
    2. Poutine
    3. Chicken Wings
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  11. well i agree about not restricting what food is for what, 12 midnight i should be in bed is all i'm saying
  12. I was expecting a list of 12 snacks to eat at midnight 0_0

    My snacking habits are unpredictable. Maybe I'll nibble dinner leftovers, maybe I'm feeling chips. Maybe an apple, or some yogurt, or cookies. Wildly depends and I'm not even sure what on
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  13. Me too actually :P
  14. I thought the same thing when I read the title.
  15. the 12 days of midnight snacking

    its official its a new holiday
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  16. Like Gwazi, I don't have much of a sleep cycle except for the fact that I sleep at all, so I make whatever I want if I'm hungry at midnight. Last night (this morning) for example, I made perogies.
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  17. It will be called Snackmus and will occur 360 days of the year at midnight. And at the end of the year you get a big cookie.
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  18. Whatever's in the pantry or fridge.

    Since that's usually nothing when the ramen runs out, my lazy ass goes to the convenience store to buy chips and tea.
  19. Which five days are outside of Snackmus?
  20. Anything related day to something sad
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