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  1. THE 100
    **photo not mine.***

    So, instead of me writing a whole new long intro, I decided to shorten it, so that way you guys can start right away :D

    -Some quick info-
    We start out in our cells. this should go on until everyone has posted at least 1-2 times. The cells are all cement. With a bed, one window showing a view of Earth, and one metal sliding door with a small window towards the top.
    We will then be escorted to the dropship and put into seats, strapped in and than the door to both the platform and the dropship will close. Chancellor Jaha, will than pop up on a small TV in the dropship, telling us what we are going to do or at least wanted to do. He will give us important information, so try to pay attention.

    When we land on Earth, we lose contact with The Ark (due to the landing, it damaged our communications). Our Mission when we land is to make it to Mt. Weather (supplies and other things are there for our possible use.) How or whether or not we get there, is completely up to us. Mt. Weather is just a goal and not a main focus.

    Question, feel free to ask!!Don't wait for me to start, we are just in our cells at this moments lol.

    Bellamy "Bell" Blake

    Co-Leader/Advisor: 1;
    Veronika "Nik" Gail

    Med: N/a
    Med assistant: n/a
    Devon Vaughn
    Clarissa "Clary" Riley Scott

    Audra Weathers
    Jack Atwood (temp spot))
    Breanne "Brea" Herman
    Justice Lincoln
    Jaiden "Jay" Kovich(temp spot.)
    Katherine "Kat" Pace (temp spot)

    The status' could change throughout the rp! Those with "(temp spot)" after their name are people who didn't give their character a rank, so I just put you in Regular, like I said this can change.

    So yeah, start off in our cells. Land on Earth, from there I can try and steer us between following the series and blending our own storyline into it, sounds good? Awesome :D

    Some Rules/Guidelines:
    Do not powerplay or godmod.
    Include everyone! Don't ignore anyone. If they interact, you sure as hell interact back. Common courtesy.
    Swearing is allowed. You don't have to star it out.
    Violent or gory posts are allowed also. But some people may not be able to handle it, so please tell us if its a very descriptive and gory post.
    When you communicate with someone's character, please address them in another color (so that way if someone is briefly scanning over it, the color will attract them. Makes sense?) or tag them at the bottom. If you are interacting with more than one character, please list the Roleplayer and their character, i.e:
    @CrystalSol : Melany
    @DownwardSpirals: Jacob
    Simple enough aye?
    You don't have to follow the series' plot. WE are using it as a guideline. Certain things will be very similar, while others are not.
    Be nice and just have fun ^.^

    Alrighty, so start ^.^
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  2. Jack Atwood was pacing up and down his cell... not like there was much else to do other than try to sleep... and sleep rarely found him... so much so that the bags under his eyes were dark and easily noticeable, but he never felt tired, he only felt tired when he woke up... He halted his pacing, to look at the window... showing Earth. He moved around until he could see his reflection. He noted that his hair was terribly messy, then turned his attention to Earth, and once more said quietly to himself, "They just had to blow themselves up didn't they?" He continued his pacing... which turned into a simple exercise... he wasn't as strong as he would like to be, but he was quick.
  3. Breanne Grace Herman

    Click here to reference Breanne.

    Silence has consumed Breanne for a long time now. She'd been laying awake, staring at the ceiling of her her cell for who-knows-how-long. She did know, though, that it must be almost time for breakfast. Whenever a meal was served everyone was let out of their cells, and ate at the table that were located in the big area located in the center of all their cells. She always chose to sit alone at a table, however, because interacting with the other delinquents just didn't interest her. It'd be a waste to get close to anyone here: They'd all be floated the day they turned eighteen. The way she saw it, things would be easier if she didn't make any friend.

    Suddenly the door to her cell opened, causing her head to turn in it's direction. "Oh good," she said with a smile, getting off her bed. "I'm starving."

    But, two guards stepped in, one holding a clipboard. He said, "Breanne Herman," and after giving her a second to confirm that's who she was he continued, "Come with us."

    "Where are we going?" She questioned, stepping back. "I'm not eighteen yet. It's not my time."

    "Just come with us," The guard replied, while the other one took a hold of her upper arm, and forced her out of her cell.

    Clarissa Riley Scott

    Click here to reference Clarissa.

    Clarissa was still asleep when her cell was opened. Slowly, her eyes began to open, and with a groan she lifted a hand to shield her eyes. It only took her a few moments to become aware that something was very wrong: Her cell hadn't been opened for as long as she could remember. Even her meals were given to her through a compartment in the door. "Is it trial day already?" She asked, yawning as she sat up. "I guess I lost track of time. I could have sworn I still had a few months." Her voice was horse, because she rarely talked anymore. And when she did talk it was always to herself.

    "It's not trial day," a guard informed her, walking in. "You're Clarissa Scott, correct?"

    Now she was awake. "What's this about, then?" She asked, ignoring his question. "Decided to float me without another trial?"

    "You're not being floated, miss. Just come with us," the Guard said impatiently.

    For a moment, Clary considered her options. She could stay here all by her lonesome- which probably wasn't even an option, because she was sure they'd force her out- or she could go with them and see something else other than the four walls that had confined her for the past few years. The choice seemed to be the easiest one she had ever made. "Alright," she said, shrugging and walking out with them. Once outside her cell she saw that nearly everyone was being escorted out as well.

    What the hell is going on?

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  4. The soft thud of feet against cool concrete could be heard in Jaiden's cell as the boy paced back and forth. He would walk to one side of the room, touch the wall, quickly spin around on the ball of his foot, walk to the other side of the room, touch that wall, and then repeat the process all over again. He spoke in hushed nervous whispers as he did so, tapping his fingers against his side and keeping his eyes fixed firmly on the ground. He had done this obsessively since he had been arrested, only stopping long enough to do necessary things such as eating and sleeping; and if one looked closely enough they could almost swear there were worn marks on the wall and floor caused by him repeatedly carrying out this activity.

    After a few moments of this, the noise was interrupted by the sound of the cell door creaking open. Jaiden immediately stopped in his tracks, eyes shooting up to stare at the guards as they entered. "Jaiden Kovich," One of them said as he stepped into the cell. "Come with us. It's time to go." The guards voice was flat and emotionless, but to the anxious teenager standing in front of him it seemed to be filled with malice and foreboding; and the boy quickly backed up against the wall in response, glaring daggers.

    The guard that had yet to speak shook his head slightly, allowing a small sigh to escape his lips. "Don't start this." He said, taking a step forward. "You have to come whether you want to or not."
    He waited for a moment, hoping, but doubting, that the boy would make this easy. Jaiden never had seemed quite right in the head, a fact that was well known to everyone on the Ark even before the child had been arrested, and the guard knew he would probably try to put up a fight. Seeing the boy only shrink farther into the corner, he lunged forward, grabbing for his arm.

    Jaiden immediately started to struggle, a million worst case scenarios racing through his head. Where were they taking him? This wasn't normal. They weren't supposed to take him anywhere yet. It was too early. They must be going to kill him. He wasn't eighteen yet, he had been keeping careful track of the date, but he doubted they cared about that. Everyone was out to get him, you see. After all, he had been thrown in jail for no reason. What he had been doing wasn't really stealing. Besides, he had needed those things. They were important. Did the others truly not believe that, or were they just pretending - using their fake disbelief as an excuse to be rid of him? People didn't like others to know how evil they were, this he knew. But he could see it, and because of this he had grown up with a target on his back. "No! Let me go! You can't kill me!" Jaiden exclaimed, wanting to voice his concerns. "I won't tell anyone you're evil! Just leave me alone! I haven't done anything!"

    The guard simply sighed again, a look of annoyance flicker across his face. "You're not going to be killed." He grumbled, struggling to keep the boy still. After managing to restrain him, he pushed him out of the cell, the other guard following close behind.​


    Alone was the only word that Katherine could think of as she stood with her face pressed tightly against the window. She had been so alone for so long now, and wanted nothing more than for things to go back to normal. They never could though. She would sit in this cell until she turned eighteen, when they would finally have her floated for a mistake she had made as a child. Then again, maybe mistake wasn't the word for it. After all, she had killed a man. She still remembered that day, though her recollections were foggy. She hadn't really been trying to kill the man, or maybe she had; all she really knew was that the idea of Jaiden being taken away was more than she could bear. The so called 'cold blooded murder' she had committed had been nothing more than the desperate attempt of a confused child to save her friend. No one seemed to care about this though, and she had been arrested anyways - no matter how much she had protested, begged, or fought. She guessed it was for the best. Maybe there was something wrong with her; murder was quite the atrocity to commit at such a young age. Besides, free or not, she could never have been happy without Jaiden by her side.

    She sighed slightly at the idea of him, her frown deepening. For as long as she could remember, Jaiden and her had always been inseparable. Sometimes the other kids had made fun of her for this, but she never really understood why. Sure, he could be a bit strange at times, but there was nothing really wrong with him. He just worried too much for his own good. She had tried her to best to convince him that the world wasn't a bad place, but the constant snickering and insults aimed his way by others hadn't helped. In the end, he was right in a way. The world wasn't good. Sure, she still didn't believe it was all evil, but it certainly wasn't perfect. If it had been, none of this would have ever happened. She would be free, not locked away without human contact, simply waiting for death.

    Katherine was suddenly yanked away from her thoughts, by the creak of an opening door, and the sound of footsteps entering the room. She stood straight, and turned, her eyes meeting the faces of two guards. "Katherine Pace?" One of them asked, glancing her up and down. "It's time to go."
    Katherine stared for a few moments, before going to walk over to them. One of them grabbed her arm, and led her outside of the cell.
    She had no idea why they were here, or where they were going. This probably should have concerned her, but she was just so happy for a change from routine that she didn't even really feel like, or care to ask what was going on. They were going to take her either way, and she honestly wasn't opposed to this. Besides, she knew she was much too young to be floated, so there was no danger of that; and she had been just dying to get out of that cell.
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  5. Jack was no longer pacing, he had hear things outside of his cell door, and was heading over towards it to listen when both the harsh sound of it creaking open alerted him and two guards appeared. It wasn't time for breakfast yet. Jack was nervous, it was unlikely he would die in space... but policies can change... the population on this ship was only getting bigger...

    The two guards stepped into the room, exchanged glances, and one of them said. "Jack Atwood, follow us immediately. Jack's initial reaction was to say; "This isn't going to be breakfast... where are we going?" The guards once again exchanged looks, this time for a few seconds, and one of them said; "It's a surprise."

    Jack's mind mind turned to a friend of his, his only current ally, and had some mixed feelings bout whether or not he wanted them with him for whatever is going to happen, or if he wanted this not to happen to them...

    Jack noticed some other delinquents being taken, he thought he saw one he didn't recognize... which only led to his confidence in his safety plummeting. He was starting to get anxious.
    Devon laid with relative comfort on the unforgiving surface of his cell floor, admiring the never changing form of Earth. It lulled in a lazy curve, divided by ranges of blues and green and browns. It probably meant something, the hues, but to him it was an untouchable idea, a dream glimpsed only from the octagonal window in his ceiling. There wasn't much he could do, not since they shoved him in solitary for being “a danger to the other prisoners”. What a load of horseshit. There were kids in here that killed people, and he needed social interaction, he thrived off it. Made him want to give them a reason for keeping him in here. They called the prison the Sky Box, the place where they kept the malignant criminals, which was ironic considering everyone on the Ark was held in a box in the sky. Just made them feel special that there were people who had less freedom than themselves, giving them a false sense of authority in relation. Or at least, that’s how he imagined those smug bastards. Truth was half of the people in here were incarcerated for petty things like stealing an extra ration or crossing the wrong guard. He dozed lightly, gripping the hem of his shirt with the subconscious frustration that was forever lurking, coiled and ready to play him like a puppet on strings.

    He was jolted awake by the thunder of footsteps, the all too familiar chorus of the Ark’s guards, and Devon pivoted to face the door, leaning back on his elbows as he waited. Their timing seemed a bit off, but it was a shot in the dark when it came to judging time in his cell, it always appeared warped and unpredictable. They entered with a rude amount of confidence, their identical black uniforms glistening against the fluorescent lights where it was armored like the exoskeleton of an insect. Devon plucked himself from the floor, standing with his arms hanging relaxed on either side, not giving them the satisfaction of seeing him off his game. “Prisoner 537,” the taller guard addressed him as he watched them blankly. Nothing unusual. Just the regular dehumanization of being referred to as a number, a statistic. However, when they slammed a glossy black box on the table by the door and opened it to reveal menacing silver machinery, his heart thudded into overdrive.

    “So you’re floating me,” he muttered with a strange sense of calm, soaking in the reality. “But that’s not fair. I deserve to be reviewed first, and I shouldn't even be here in the first place. This isn't fair,” he swallowed hard, eyeing the contraption in the guard’s hands. It looked like a bracelet of some sort, with threatening needles lining the inside, waiting to stick into the flesh of his wrist. “What’re you gonna do? Slap that on me, so you can track my cold, dead body as it floats through space? Use my death to gather information like I belong to this place? Like I owe you something? This is sick, you’re fucking sick,” he seethed, voice raising into a shout as his face flushed with rage.

    “Relax,” the blonde guard sighed as he punched the bracelet into place, making Devon wince. “Sure, it’s a death sentence all right, but you’re not going to be floated. You’re gonna slowly die on a radiation soaked planet. So enjoy it while you can,” he explained as he roughly yanked Devon by the collar and led him from his cell, the same happening to other prisoners as chaos erupted in the halls. People were fighting and crying, scared of death or the ground, or just the guards themselves. “W-what?” Devon grunted in disbelief, attempting to twist and get a good look around. Is this some kind of sadistic joke?

    Veronika was alerted to her fate not by the sound of the guards, but by the sound of her peers, shouting and blabbering relentlessly. She stood and stared at the unyielding white door, willing it to open and welcome in whatever was in store. She’d been ready for this. She put herself here, and now she was ready to face the consequences. Without warning the guards flooded inside, forcing Nik to resist flinching. But she kept herself level, even when they clicked the condemning bracelet around her wrist. “Well, you’re surprisingly calm,” the guard closest to her commented idly, gripping the handle of his baton nervously. She laughed lightly. “You’d be surprised,” she countered, staring out the door.

    Veronika followed the guards calmly, or, at the very least, as calm as she could be with her life in the balance. It was just as Alicia had said, they were being taken to the ground. It was strange, after such an expansive amount of time not knowing whether she’d actually be floated or not. Sure, Alicia claimed she had solid information, but the Council were so secretive it could’ve just as easily been frivolous rumor, there were plenty of those on the Ark. Like the one about the oxygen running out. That had to be false. After all, the Ark was built to last forever, in its everlasting glory and well-oiled systems it was designed to last forever, and thus it would. No matter what happened to her on the ground, she took comfort in knowing the Ark was watching over her from above like a benevolent god. Life on the Ark was like a delicate ecosystem, so she understood why people like her were imprisoned, delinquents and criminals could never be left to disturb the peace on board. She was just glad she wasn't being killed for it.

    All too often she was left alone with her thoughts, mentally preparing for this day, and now that it was here, it was simply surreal and dizzying. She searched the crowd feverishly for Alicia, ducking and bobbing around the countless heads being funneled out of the Sky Box. Finally, with a breath of relief, she spotted her, edging closer without disobeying her guards. “Alicia,” she whispered harshly, “yo, Alicia, you were right. We are going down there, like you always dreamed.” Alicia gave her a tight lipped smile, nodding as her eyes flooded with visible excitement. “Told ya’” she replied with a laugh flitting around her features. Nik tried her best to match it, but the prospect of burning up in the atmosphere or getting sick off of radiation poisoning numbed the elation. To be honest with herself, she felt sick. Bile rising in the back of her throat and the scent of her fellow prisoner’s sweat and fear assaulting her with every step.
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  7. (alrighty, so with Bellamy I am somewhat following the role he had in the series. This post will explain how the 23 year old got onto the dropship. Your characters, however, do not know this. This won't be exact to the series, so just bear with me cx)

    Bellamy Blake
    "An Eye for An Eye"

    It had been one year since Bellamy had, gotten his sister caught and thrown in prison, and had his mother floated. Pushing back a single strand into the thick, sleeked black hair, he bowed his head back down to the mop cart, which he was pushing with the mop handle itself. Bellamy had been demoted to a janitor. That didn't bug him as much. It was the fact that his mother had been floated and that his sister, baby sister, was thrown into prison. His chest started to ache and soon the ache turned into a deepening cavity in his chest, he felt something lump up in his throat. This feeling...had to go, it needed to. Losing everything was more painful than he had ever expected, or known. Swinging up a hand, he pushed open a door to the storage room, pushing the pathetic cart in towards the left wall. Meandering over to his locker, he started to unbutton the grungy, steel grey suit, his head turned slightly, as he heard the storage room door open. Hands entangled together behind his back, elbows squared out, and head held high, Commander Shumway strutted his way into the room. His pale olive skin, straight, slicked backed hair, and hardened look stood out from the rest of the room. Bellamy's hand fell away from the second button from the top of his suit and he turned around slowly. Narrowing his gaze upon the Commander, his lips curled back in a snarl before he could spill out an insult, Shumway interjected
    "I have a proposition for you, Bellamy. Your younger sister, Octavia is it?" Bell nods, looking down at Shumway, with still narrowed eyes, yet holding curious spark to them. Shumway nods and continues, almost pacing the room as he speaks "The Chancellor has signed a document, stating that; anyone under 18, will be sent to Earth instead of going on trial. Your part of that group." pausing slightly, looking for a reaction in Bellamy, he continues "I can get you a spot on that dropship, with your sister, but you have to do one thing for me"
    Bellamy waited a moment, his face had returned to his normal, dead stare look " it?" Hesitant, this moment, something inside him urged for him to go for this opportunity, to save all that he had left.

    Shumway, smiled faintly, it was a bit smug, bluntly saying "I need you to kill the Chancellor." Shumway's expression faded from, smug, to cold within seconds. His stare burned through Bellamy.
    Bellamy stood there...stunned. Though, inside him, something started to claw it's way to the surface. Sudden anger started to soar through Bellamy "Kill the Chancellor?" Bellamy thought it over, his gaze averting to the ground. The Chancellor had allowed for his mother to be floated...Bellamy had begged for them to reconsider their decision. But the Chancellor had ignored his mother's and his own pleas. What harm was eye for an eye right? Revenge had been soaking and twisting up in Bellamy ever since. Bellamy, heightened his gaze, his head still tilted towards the ground "You will get me onto that ship." stated Bellamy.

    Shumway nodded "I will have guards at the ready, to escort and sneak you onto the ship. Here's a gun, the Chancellor should be in the closest section towards the drop ship."
    Nodding and grabbing the gun in somewhat shaken hands, Bellamy looks at the Commander, his eyes cold.

    Walking towards the exit, Shumway stops and looks back at Bellamy slightly "You need to do this quickly...or you will never see your sister again." Stepping out, Shumway's quickened footsteps sounded down the hall.
    The metallic shine of the pistol, glared into Bellamy's eyes as he stared down towards it. Never see your sister again...ran through Bellamy's mind so quickly. Right now...the only thing that was important...was seeing his sister again. She was all he had left...the Chancellor...meant nothing...was nothing to this would be easy...right?

    The pistol jerked back, and the tinging of the brass colored casing fell onto the silver tile. Ears ringing Bellamy watched as Chancellor Jaha collapsed to the ground. Holding his stomach, blood slowly starting to spill out onto the ground. Sudden fear, like a deer running from the headlights of a car, surged through Bellamy. Gun still in his hand, he started to back away, almost tripping on his own heel before twisting himself around and running towards the guards that would sneak him in. Already, his brain was making him rewatch that moment. Shaking his head, he felt two hands grab onto his jacket and yank him to the right. Into another hall.
    "Follow us" A somewhat larger guard stated, the other was average with blonde hair and fleshy lips. Before Bell could agree or say anything, they yanked him by his collar, almost pulling the still-in-shock kid to the ground. Rushing, at a quick walk, they escorted Bell to the drop ship. At the pace they were moving, Bell knew they wanted, no needed, to arrive before everyone else. Bellamy looked out the long window on the left side of the hall, Earth in all its glory. Blue seas, the green palette of land. The scattered clouds and the outline of a crisp atmosphere. Bellamy slowed a bit, but then another tug at his jacket and he shuffled a bit before starting off. "If he makes us late, than we all get floated.." Bellamy heard a guard state, the average one he betted. After what felt like an eternity, which was only 2 minutes, The larger guard opened the door to the platform of the drop ship. Bellamy stepped inside. The drop ship door was...below him? He looked down and sort of spun around. The guards pulled him inside, Bellamy was starting to regain his focus, his adrenaline and shock starting to wear off now. The shake of his hands had lessened and his thundering heart found its place back in his chest, Bellamy pushed the average sized guard off him and stood in the drop ship. Staring at the seats, riddled with red straps, that wove together. He counted...100 of them. The larger guard had gone off...probably finding a place for Bellamy. He heard a metal hatch open and footsteps above him. Than the larger guard shouted down through the hatch opening "Up here.." Bellamy moved up the ladder and onto the top floor, while the other guard stayed below as lookout. "Lock yourself in should be safe...but no guarantees." The guard pointed at what seemed to be an extra seat, red straps crisscrossing one another. "You have- looking down his watch- 1 minute, before the Delinquents get here."
    Bell nods and watches as the guard slips through the hole and leaves with the other. He closes the hatch, locking it and hurries towards his seat, not yet buckling in...just in case they decide to do a check. Bellamy waited...his stomach started to churn with fear, nervousness and excitement...yet something else lingered with it...and that feeling...he didn't want to focus on..

    Audra Weathers
    "A Newfound Freedom? Or Just Another Prison Cell. (Part 1?)"
    The graphite clung to the side of her palm. What you could call a pencil, flowed across the cement ground before her. The idea of Earth had always fascinated Audra. Her adventurous side had always beckoned for something new, other than plain silver and white walls of The Ark. Sure The Ark was architecturally a maze itself. With all its here's and there's and gadgets, but there was nothing new about The Ark. Earth, was filled with surprises and danger was probably at every turn. Another quick line with the stroke of her pencil. She heard footsteps and guards talking, her ears honing in on them. She heard the numbers on her door being slammed with each hit. Quickly, she blended a few things and stood up from her knees. Viewing her drawing. A crimson moon, overlooking an open field, reaching up towards the sky. She gazed away and looked at all her other drawings that riddled the walls, some of them sceneries and others were just doodles of animals and creatures. She knew this was her last day as a prisoner, they were coming to give her trial and in the end were probably going to float her. Tossing the graphite to the side, than she turned around as the door slid open, a popping followed by the release of pressurized air. Two guards walked in and Audra put her hands up. No questions. A guard looked at her "Before you decide to run your mouth and ask question. Let me make this quick. You're going to Earth." Audra stood there, stunned, a smile teasing at the corners of her lips. A guard quickly grabbed her wrist, taking a small contraption and putting it on her wrist, it hissed an she heard metal clink before sudden pain was shooting through her. She cringed, sucking in a breath. The small machine was pulled away and Audra looked at the silver wristband on her wrist. Small, blue lights flickering on the screen. Silver eyes, shooting up towards the guard, as they gripped her on either side of her shoulders and escorted her out of her cell. Looking down the massive staircase, she watched about prisoners, be escorted from their cell.
    As they moved down the staircase, passing others, Audra gazed around at all the faces. These were the people she would spend the rest of her life with...on Earth. Part of her cringed. Her long hair flowed over her shoulder and down her back. Head low and gaze fixed on the silver tiling before her, she looked up just in time to see Earth, before being shoved past the platform doors and into the drop ship. They put her in a seat and she was strapped in. She looked at the seat next to her and part of her hoped that no one would sit there...she didn't want to deal with some kid having a breakdown while they were taking off or landing.
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  8. As Jack was being moved through the corridors, a bracelet was attached to his wrist... he could hear little bits of conversation above the general roar of the crowd, and hardly liked the bits he could hear. Well... he wasn't sure what do think of the situation, other than have a low, uncomfortable feeling in the bottom of the gut... the kind that feels strangely like hunger but actually makes one not want to eat... it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

    He was sat down, and he looked in every direction he could... not one sign of his friend...

    He started to ask around to see if his current idea of where they were going was true, and he got more and more sure each second.

    Someone looking from a distance might recognize him as that guy people call "Twitch" both behind his back and to his face... He got that name from being easy to startle, and right now he looked extremely uncomfortable, not very scared, but definitely unhappy with the situation.

    Once more he started asking; "...Are we really going to Earth?"
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  9. Breanne Grace Herman

    Click here to reference Breanne.

    Everything seemed so chaotic to Breanne. All of the prisoners were being escorted somewhere, and it was no surprise that most of them were resisting. Including her.

    The short redhead continued to writhe around, desperately trying to break free from the grip that the guards had on her. By the time they reached the end of the hall her two escorts had both of their hands on both of her arms. "Let me go," she repeated for the thousandth time, kicking her feet up in the air. "You can't just take me from my cell and not tell me where we're going. I may be a criminal, but I'm still a human being, and I demand to be treated as such."

    "You're going to Earth," One of the guards finally informed her, whipping her around. Before she could pull herself away he took a hold of her right arm, and put on her bracelet.

    "Shit," she hissed through gritted teeth as she snappedher hand out of his grasp. "What the hell is this?" She questioned, inspecting the contraption they had put on her. It no longer hurt, but she could feel it inside of her, brushing against her bone.

    "It'll be used to monitor your health," the Guard replied, pushing her forward once more. Breanne still struggled, but she was now putting up less of a fight. Mostly, she just wanted them to let go and allow her to walk herself. Her feet did work by themselves, after all. "Think of yourself and your friends as sort of test subjects. If you live, we'll know that it's safe to return to Earth."

    A thousand questions ran through Brea's mind all at once. Going to Earth? What for? Why would they want to go to Earth anyways? What's wrong with The Ark? How could our parent's allow such a thing to happen to us?... Unless they don't know? Yeah, they probably have no idea this is happening.

    Before she could voice any of these questions, however, she was thrown into a smaller air craft. The walls were lined with seats, all of them with buckles. But there was no other means of making sure they landed on Earth safely... not even helmets. We certainly must seem disposable to them, she thought bitterly.

    Soon, other delinquents were being pushed in after her, and Brea was forced to find a seat. She took one in the middle level of the Dropship- there being three in total- deciding that it was probably the safest place for her to be. She found a seat on the other side of the aircraft, and buckled herself in. Once her straps were as tight as she could possibly get them, Brea swept her hair out of her eyes. She looked at all of the people filing in and taking seats, inhaling deeply.

    For the first time since she was locked up, she regretted not making any friends. She had always thought that they'd all be floated anyways, so it was pointless to get to know any of them. But now that they had a chance to live, she had no one.

    Her attention was drawn by the male who sat beside her, asking if they were really going to Earth. She turned to him, and recognized the male instantly. While Breanne has no idea what his real name was, she did know that most of her inmates referred to him as 'Twitch'... and also that he responded to the nickname. "Yes," she said shyly, her voice just loud enough for him to hear her over everyone else. "We're really going to Earth." She tried to think of something else to say, but nothing came.


    Clarissa Riley Scott

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    Clary quickly discovered that she was one of the few who had gotten kind guards. Neither of them laid a hand on her, only walked beside her as escorts. Maybe they're afraid I'll bash their heads in too, she thought as the three of them made their way through the crowds. Probably best that they don't risk it either.

    In all truth, Clary was extremely relieved that no one had touched her yet. It had been years since she last had any human contact, and so there was no telling how she would react. One they reached a clearing at the end of the hallway, they stopped. "I almost forgot," said one of the Guards, turning to her. "Please hold out your hand, Miss Scott."

    Eyeing the man carefully, Clary did as she was told. He informed her that he was going to put a bracelet on her, and that it would probably sting at first. She wasn't paying attention to what he was saying though; She only cared about how he said it. Every word was chosen very carefully, and the way he looked at her eyes without truly looking at them suggested one thing: He was scared of her. "Okay," Clary said, wincing slightly as her bracelet was put on. He wasn't lying, it did sting. But, the worst of it was over quickly.

    The next few minutes seemed to go by very quickly. She was led to the drop ship, and then told to go find a seat. She made her way all the way down to the bottom level, figuring that would be where the exit was. She wanted to be one of the first people out of the door when they arrived on Earth. Neither of her Guards had told directly that she and everyone else would be going there, but on their way down the hall she had picked it up from many different sources.

    Although she didn't show it, Clarissa was ecstatic. Even if she did die from radiation, which seemed very possible, at least she'd be able to die in a mysterious place like Earth. For the last couple of years Clary had been confined to the same cell. She knew every crevice in that place, every speckle of dust. And so, any scenery would have been gratefully welcomed by her. Especially Earth's scenery.

    Clary buckled herself in, taking little time to tighten the straps of her seat belt. They weren't very secure, but she decided they were good enough. She was more concerned with everything around her to worry about her own safety. There were so many faces she didn't recognize, so many interesting lights and buttons around the ship.

    Best. Day. Ever, she thought excitedly, smiling wide.

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  10. Jaiden Kovich
    Jaiden continued to struggle as the guards pulled him towards the drop ship, a look of terror on his face. When they were almost there, they suddenly came to a stop, one of the guards frowning slightly. "Crap, almost forgot." He said, producing a small metal bracelet. "Now... before you freak out..." He added slowly, grabbing Jaiden's arm and pulling it towards himself. "This isn't going to kill you or control your brain or whatever else sort of crazy ideas go on inside that head of yours. It's just so we can monitor your health. Got it?"

    Jaiden tried to pull his arm away, not seeming convinced. "No!" He exclaimed, keep it away from me!" The guard sighed slightly, and shook his head, motioning for the other guard to keep the boy steady. After the few moments it took to get him to remain still, the guard clamped it onto Jaiden's wrist.

    Jaiden didn't wince, and rather fell silent almost immediately after having the bracelet snapped onto his wrist. He stopped struggling, and actually behaved after this, obeying everything the guards said. He was too busy frantically scratching and pulling at the bracelet on his arm to do much else.
    He was led to the drop ship, where the guards pushed him forward and into a seat, instructing him to buckle himself in. Once he had done so they left, leaving Jaiden to sit there glaring at his bracelet as if it was some sort of strange torture device.

    Katherine Pace
    Katherine's original excitement over being let out of her cell quickly changed to something more like fear as she was pushed down the hall towards the drop ship. The chaotic sight of the other prisoners being dragged away was enough to unsettle anyone, and it certainly made Katherine's stomach churn. Maybe she had been wrong. Maybe they were going to float her. Maybe they were going to float everyone. Perhaps they had simply gotten tired of the no killing minors law, and had decided it was better to float all criminals, regardless of age.

    Just the thought of it made her feel sick. Sure, there had been many times she had wished she was dead. Being stuck all alone in a cell for years was enough to drive anyone insane, after all. However, faced with the actual prospect of being floated she wanted nothing more than to turn and run. She couldn't, no, she would not die like this!

    She stared with narrowed eyes at the guard who was clutching her arm, waiting silently until he glanced away. The second he did so, she bit his arm. The guard reflexively pulled away, and before he could react farther, Katherine made a dash for it. For a few moments Katherine actually believed it had worked. However, this hope was immediately shattered as a hand reached out, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her back.
    "What do you think you're doing?" The guard growled, glaring. "Trying to get in trouble for injuring yet another guard?"

    "No! You can't! Let me go!" Katherine shrieked, digging her fingernails into the man's hand as she attempted to uncurl his clenched fingers from around her hair. "I'm only fourteen! You can't float me for something I did when I was just a baby! It isn't fair! I was only nine! I didn't know any better!"

    The guard sighed slightly, letting go of her hair and going to grab her arms instead. "You're not going to be floated." He said. "You should be, for what you did, but you won't. We're sending you to earth, to see whether it's liveable again yet."

    Katherine paused, a look of disbelief on her face. "...Earth? You're sending us down to some dirty old radiation filled planet?"

    "Yes." The guard said, nodding. "It's a second chance of sorts, for criminals like you; and it's certainly not one you deserve. Now stop fighting and make this easier on all of us." He pulled out a metal bracelet and snapped it around her wrist before she had time to react.

    Katherine cringed, and gasped slightly, staring at the bracelet with a slightly panicked expression on her face. "What's that? Are you sure we aren't being killed? You weren't just lying to me, were you?"

    The guard simply shook his head and pulled her back down the hallway, ignoring any other questions she posed. After being led to the drop ship, she finally began to believe that the guard was actually telling the truth. Maybe they really weren't going to die. Or... at least they weren't going to be floated. From the way others had spoken of Earth, she would be surprised if she wasn't killed by radiation poisoning. It was still better than the other option though; and so, feeling slightly reassured, she went to sit down - taking the empty seat near Audra.

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  11. Jack nodded as his suspicions were confirmed. He spoke, while looking at Earth through the window. "Well... it had to happen sometime." As Jack said this, he felt the inside of his shoe for something. "Unfortunate that sometime is now, isn't it?" His voice was calm, but his eyes were widened... a small amount, but still noticeable. He was staring at Earth like how a wild animal would stare at an approaching threat. His breathing started to slow, and his eyes started to look cold, the bags under his eyes and his messy hair adding his wretched appearance. He could have been a statue, if not for the slow rising and falling of his chest. In a flash, he went from the creature he was to looking more confident.

    He didn't take his eyes off of Earth. The look in his eyes was determination, the bags under his eyes and his messy hair adding a touch of savagery.
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