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    • "I feel the sun on my face, I see trees all around me. The scent of wildflowers in the breeze. It's so beautiful. In this moment, I'm not stranded in space.
      It's been in 97 years since a nuclear Apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. 12 nations had operational pace stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from the many.
      We're told the earth needs another 100 years to become survivable again. 4 more space-locked generations, and man can go home. Back to the ground.
      The Ground- that's the dream. This is reality..."

      Any crime committed on the Ark is punishable by death (or, as they call it, 'Floating') unless the offender is under the age of eighteen. In the case of a minor committing a crime, they are put in the prison ward of the Ark, and kept there until they turn 18. Upon their 18th birthday each minor is given a hearing, where their final fate shall be decided.

      Except, things are changing. The council has voted for a new protocol- one that will be kept a secret from civilians until it is completely necessary to share new found information with them. The council has decided to send the most disposable people on the Ark, the delinquent prisoners, down to Earth in a drop-ship. Their mission is to determine whether the planet is survivable again. The drop-ship is set to land at a very specific destination, where supplies had recently been dropped down. The council has determined that there should be enough supplies to last the children until the rest of the ark is able to follow. The communication devices implanted in each wristband put on each prisoner was the only way to communicate from the ground to the Ark. Unfortunately, they malfunctioned once entered the atmosphere, and now the only way the Ark will know that the Earth is survivable is by watching each person's health through the data transmitted via wristband.

      You can either choose to be one of the 100, or a grounder (a grounder is one a human who has been living on thsi ground the whole time... they are not very advanced in their technology, and can speak English among many other languages). The people back on the ark will NPC's, played by myself, and my Co-GM @Justice_20
    Firstly, we will only be OC's. Meaning, Bellamy, Clarke, Finn and the rest of the gang is not included in this RP.
    The Ark is divided into 12 stations, one for each of the nations. Each station has a different career field, and each person will take a job according to the section they were born into. However, once you are an adult you may move to a new section, if room is available. The adults job will not be changed, but their child born into that section will. (These will also help us determine the jobs everyone will have on the ground, so choose your station wisely) It goes as the following:
    1. Agriculture- Farmers. They grow the food, and have access to books about the Earths plants.
    2. Medical- These are either Doctors, Nurses, Assistants or Dentists.
    3. Cooking- Pretty self explanatory.
    4. Mechanical Engineering- Anything to do with rebuilding the Ark, and technology.
    5. Chemical Engineering- Not to be confused with the scientists. They just make the chemical compounds that keep the Ark working. They've got a lot of knowledge about physics and chemistry.
    6. Scientists- They mostly just develop new kinds of medicine, but they sometimes invent new technologies.
    7. Peacekeepers- These are basically the police officers of the Ark. They tend to think of themselves as better than everyone else.
    8. Educators- They teach the young until they are 18, which is when everyone begins their official training for their jobs. Teachers mostly just teach basic subjects, but are known to know a lot of facts about Earth.
    9. Sewers- These people pretty much just mend clothes and make new clothing (usually from old clothing, since there are limited supplies).
    10. Janitors- I'm sure you could guess their job, but in case you can't it's pretty much just to clean up around the Ark.
    11. Public Speakers- These people are really just the leaders of organizations. Some organizations are based on religion, while others are based on a common interest. Sometimes they are referred to as Therapists, cause these would be the people most would see for advise.
    12. Merchants- There isn't really a black market on the Ark, but these people are always selling things you had no idea existed. No one knows where they get this stuff, and no one really asks.

    To mix things up, our Dropship will land in a different location than the one in the show. Instead, we are going to land on the big tropical and human island, on the beach. Our ship will also land correctly, instead of crash landing like it had in the show.

  • This is intermediate. Please about 1-5 paragraphs.​
  • Be active. There is not a posting order, so just reply when the people your character is interacting with do.​
  • Please be kind to each other OOC
  • All Iwaku rules apply.​
  • Relationships are allowed, but please do not revolve the roleplay around it. In addition to this, you must communicate with the other person if you want your character to have a relationship with theirs.​
  • To add onto the previous rule, if things get past pg-13, please take it to PM.​
  • The age limit is 13-18. UNLESS you are going to be a grounder. In which case, be whatever age you want. (ALSO: The position of the Grounders leader is first-come-first-serve)​
  • Oc's only- we are not going to be included any characters from the show.​
  • 1-4 characters per person.​
  • If you took the time to read he rules, please add a theme song at the bottom of your form. If you do not do this I will not accept your form, nor will my Co-GM, and will instead ask you to read the rules.​
  • Be realistic... if you're hit with a spear, it's gonna hurt!​
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please PM either me or @Justice_20 so we can work around your absence in the rp.​
  • That's pretty much it... have fun!​

  • The Council-​
    • Chancellor Isarah
    • Shiloh Candid- Doctor​
    • Marcus Stahlin - Monitors feed from wristbands​
    • Katarine Tori -2nd in command​
    • Chanel Fahly -Important Engineer​
    • Ginn Grey- Head officer.​

  • Alphabetical. Name links to looks, age links to Character Sheet, and the information in the smallest font links to the profile of the person playing them.
    Girls in Pink.
    Boys in Blue.
    The 100-

    Adam Macdonald- 17. Heterosexual, Merchant Station.
    Benjamin Gegenheimer- 14. (Closet) Homosexual, Agriculture Station.
    Calixto Barnaby Quinn- 18. Pansexual, Peacekeeper Station.

    Clarissa Riley Scott- 17. Heterosexual, Peacekeeper Station.
    Grey H Alec- 13. Pansexual, Medical Station.
    Hayden David Keller/Candid- 13. (Closet) Homosexual, Born in Public Speaking Station, lived in Medical Station.
    Hall Hoffman- 18. Heterosexual, Public Speaking Station.

    Imogen Pace- 14. Sexually Unsure, Janitor Station.
    Jaiden Amiel Kovich- 17. Heterosexual, Janitor Station.
    Katrina Lindsay Keller- 18. Heterosexual, Public Speaking Station.
    Kristopher Dark- 17. Pansexual, Agriculture Station.
    Lyndsy Rose- 16. Heterosexual, Sewers Station.
    Sabine Emmerson- 17. Heterosexual, Mechanical Engineering Station.

    Sly- 16. Bisexual, Merchant Station.
    Quinn Faye Hunter- 17. Heterosexual, Medical Station.
    Viaeny Aster Newcomb- 13. Heterosexual, Public Speaking station.
    Zahra Alec- 16 . Bisexual, Medical station.

    Baldur- 24. Heterosexual, Commanders Body Guard (Occasional Healer).
    Bastianna- 24. Bisexual, General/Warrior.
    Esme- 19. Bisexual, Leader/Princess.

    Jillian McCarthy- 24. Pansexual, Lone Grounder (Trades).
    Kaito Kree of the Azure Water Clan- 20. Heterosexual, Scavenger.
    Maeve Southernile- 20. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.
    Rhea- 17. Heterosexual, 2nd in command.
    Rio Lanster- 17. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.
    Ragah- 27. Heterosexual, Vice-General- Famed High Warrior.
    River Swiftpaw- 20. Heterosexual, High Warrior.
    Sam/Stalker- 17. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.
    Osias- Unknown Age. Heterosexual, Healer.

  • Because our location is different than that in the show, it would make sense that the grounders are different as well. This tab is mostly for those playing grounders, but all may read if they so please. Here is everything you will need to know:

    Overview:Though they are primitive in some ways (no use of metal or other artificial materials such as plastics, etc.) they have a very sophisticated understanding of ecology, biology, Permaculture, biomimetics, selective breeding, and other "earth sciences." They can use natural hallucinogens like ayahuasca and magic mushrooms for illumination, ritual, community bonding, and spirituality (no actual "paranormal powers").

    They are not vicious savages, but they will respond with ferocity toward the 100 because from their point of view the Consumers/Insatiables (what they call the people of the prior technological civilization and the survivors who remain in the Prison of the Insatiables, a.k.a. the Ark) destroyed the world, and are thus the enemies of all life.

    The Grounders are very close-knit and communal among their own kind, and peaceful toward other tribes whenever possible. War almost destroyed all life, so they view it as an abomination. The big exception to their peaceful demeanor would be anyone who visibly uses the technology of the Consumers beyond the simplest forms of salvage and repurposing (i.e., tearing apart an electric motor to make copper necklaces from the wire: suspicious but tolerable; trying to make the motor run again: desist, or we fight). Robots, drones, or any other self-powered machinery is also considered anathema, and subject to attack at the earliest strategically and tactically sound convenience.

    They do train and practice for war. In part, to provide release for humans' natural inclinations toward violence, in part to be ready should any Consumers escape the Prison of the Consumers (that's basically the sort of thing they scare their children with: "If you don't stop being bad, the Consumers will come and EAT you!"), and in part for the purpose of hunting, or any remaining War Machines etc. show up.

    Beliefs: The Consumers (those who lived prior to the nuclear bombs) practiced a dark sorcery beginning with the smelting of metal (i.e., making of things that do not grow by consuming more energy than the Sun and Life provides naturally), then began to "drink the blood of the Earth" and ravage her biosphere. When they had ravenously gobbled all they could, they fought each other over what little was left. It is said that the Consumers heralded as their greatest triumph, that they could launch themselves into the starry void riding great fiery spears, and live entirely by their dark magic, without being interdependent with the rest of the community of Life. When they threatened to destroy all in their greed and savagery, the Earth-goddess Gya said, 'You say that you can destroy all life and yet live? Therefore, you are expelled from My embrace and the Tribes of the Living! So that women and men will never again follow in your path, behold, I shall grant you your desire: you shall live within the lifeless cages of your own making! Never more shall you grow endlessly in numbers and wealth; you would not live within the limits of My bounty; therefore, you shall live within the limits of the Void-prison you have fashioned for yourselves. Never shall you know the joy of a sunny day, never shall you run or dance without walls! You who would be rich without limit, shall now be poor without limit! Your prison shall cross the sky forever as a rootless and wandering star, forever traveling but never reaching Home, for neither Earth nor Void nor Stars will have you. And women and men shall look upon your prison as it crosses the sky in its endless and never-satisfied seeking, and they will know not to follow your path of abomination. So shall it be for all days!"

    As a result, it is forbidden to use fire, smelt metal, etc. (though they have other ways of making strong materials, such as blades crafted from silk thread and resin, a composite material similar in strength and lightness to carbon fiber), but they are free to develop "technologies" modeled after life and ecological principles. Another reason they have for refusing to use fire is to remain hidden from the hungry eyes of the Consumers banished to the sky (the Ark) and any remaining drone aircraft from the War that might exist (if only in myth and superstition). This explains why the Ark has not detected them by their campfires, hence why the Council doesn't already know that Earth is habitable.

  • [​IMG]

    Opening Setting
    The 100-
    Prisoners are being taken from their cells and escorted to the drop-ship in large groups. Once they reach the drop ship it is their own responsibility to find a seat and strap themselves in before the launch. Things are pretty hectic, considering no one knows what happening exactly.
    (Please, if you are one of the 100 try to get your character into the drop-ship and strapped in within your first or second post, as we do not want to draw this part out for too long.)

    As usual, the ground is warm (83 degrees Fahrenheit) and very humid. The ground is especially wet today, because it had rained long and hard the night before. The air is fresh, and the wildlife has come back out to play after the downpour. Everything is going to seem normal, until the Drop-Ship lands. At that time, the leader (Esme- @Zarko Straadi ) will send out a small group to scout the mysterious ship and the people within out.

    Tagging: @Justice_20 , @slaine72 ,@Dramma , @*~Nightjade~* , @Freyalise , @Enderdeman , @Lunar❖Franco , @Akashi , @Zarko Straadi , @Koda , @Lucian , @BluEs .

    Clarissa Riley Scott

    Click here to reference Clary.

    The moment Clarissa's door opened she knew something was horribly wrong. "It's not trial day already, is it?" She asked, unable to keep the horror out of her voice. It had been years since her door had ever been opened, and if she didn't know any better she would have thought it was sealed shut forever. Even her meals were slid through a compartment for her... it hadn't taken her long to realize this was because they were scared of her murdering them too.

    Her question remained unanswered as she was approached by two large peacekeepers, extra buff. "What's going on?" She demanded, but the only response she got was the sudden grip on her forearm and then a sting on her wrist. "Ouch," she muttered, snapping her arm from the peacekeepers grip and examining the device he had placed on her. She could feel in in her flesh, against her bone, and already decided she didn't like it. "What the hell is this?" She asked, angry now.

    "You're leaving," one of the males finally said, and she couldn't help but think that it was so nice to hear someone's voice again. When she was sentenced to solitary confinement all those years ago, the court really meant solitary. For a moment, she considered her options. Go with them and get some human interaction, or resist and probably end up having to go anyways, after they've already caused her harm.

    She made the obvious choice.

    Already, the hallways were flooded with people. She brushed her brown hair out of her eyes, studying each face. There weren't any she recognized, but this was expected. She doubted any of her friends would be dumb enough to get themselves locked up too, and even if they were she was sure that their faces would have changed over the years. It dawned on her then: What do I even look like? Her room did not have a mirror, and so she wasn't even sure. Her hair was in a small braid with her bangs free, as she usually had it. As they passed by the window she caught sight of her reflection. She almost didn't recognize herself, but was pleased with the face she grew into. Puberty had done her well, if she did say so herself

    It wasn't until she was shoved into a spacecraft that she was informed of what was going on: They were heading to the ground. In all truth, Clary wasn't so sure she believed them, but she obediently found a seat nonetheless. Any place is better than that damn cell, she thought.


    Click here to reference Rhea.

    Everything was business as usual. The butchers were already laying out their fresh meat, advertising it to other villagers. Children ran around and played, while gradually making their way to their morning teaching session. Females sought out certain items in the market, males gathered around to tell stories they had all heard a thousand times.

    The familiarity of the morning caused a smile to stretch across Rhea's face. She had grown accustomed to the peaceful chaos that her village always seemed to settle in. It was almost like everyone was in everyone's way, while being in no ones way at the same time. She laughed lightly as a little boy ran into her legs, and then continued on his way.

    Rhea's whole purpose in life was to make sure that her people were happy. So, mornings like this always set her up in a good mood for the day. Of course, they weren't really her people to take are of until Esme died, but she still thought of them as her own.

    She was actually making her way to look for Esme, to see if she needed help with anything. Somehow, Rhea's schedule was clear for the day, and she hated to just sit around when there was work to be done. Even if Esme didn't need any help, Rhea knew she would find somewhere else to make herself useful. She always did.

    "Good morning," she said to a few hunters as she passed them, smiling kindly. Her long brown hair cascaded over her shoulders, shining in the hot sunlight. Today, she wore her shorter and thinner hides, because it was far to heavy for anything else. Perhaps it is time I purchase new articles of clothing, she thought, running her hand over the smooth hide her skirt was made of.
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  • [​IMG]

    Lyndsy Rose

    Lyndsy sat in her cell, she was tired life in prison could be tiring. Looking around
    at her bland cell she thought about what would happen if she hadn't been so emotional about Lionel and felt the scar on her hand, the scar that constantly reminded her of what she was going to do. The thoughts of the night coursed through her veins and she remembered the feelings and the adrenaline and then thought of how horrible she was. Cradling her legs she cried as her cell was opened and she turned to see who it was as they pulled her up roughly and snapped a metal bracelet on her wrist. The bracelet stung as they pulled her out, she tried to shake them off. "What the hell is going on!" She screamed in frustration why were these men pulling her out of her cell. "I'm not eighteen yet I think you have the wrong person she said as she saw everyone being taken out of their cell, when she got worried.

    Lyndsy was shown to the spacecraft as she looked inside and didn't know what to expect but looking at everyone around. People she had gotten use to and knew the stories of some. She moved her hair out of her face as she remembered she had just cried. Quickly wiping the tears she overheard where they were going. "Earth" The thought of going down there made Lyndsy's mind run with rampant ideas of huge overgrown animals and vicious man eating plants. "We can't possibly be going to earth can we they don't know what it's like down there yet!" She said generally not speaking to anyone specifically at all as she sat down and buckled up her voice was full of desperation as her face was a blank slate showing no emotion but one, fear.



    Benjamin Gegenheimer

    Benji was in his cell he was looking out at space, as he heard the door open, immediately turning around surprised by the sudden disturbance in his everyday schedule. "What are you doing here, It's not time for my trial I have 3 years" He stated as he was stubborn standing against the wall as the men came over to him. "Come here" one of them said abruptly and quickly as the pulled him over and put a bracelet on his wrist. "What the hell" He said as he felt a sting as he embraced it rather then fighting the pain. He started to go out in the hallway and was led to a spaceship.

    "What is going on?" Benji said confused as he looked around for a familiar face, maybe someone to even sit by. He looked around as he heard that they were going to earth. Immediately he thought about all the plants he read about, and the farming that could be done easily if the soil wasn't radioactive. Radioactive...wait isn't earth still radioactive he thought to himself. "Are they trying to kill us?" He asked silently to no one at all but more or less talking to himself as he started to think if this was going to be his last day.
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  • tumblr_m6rs804vXo1rvj842o1_500.jpg
    ~Kristopher Dark~
    Kris was awoken by the sound of something clanging open. His eyes flashed open just before he was grabbed and hauled to his feet. "Wh-What the hell!" he cried before struggling. The hands holding him tightened around his arms as he kicked in blind fury. After a few moments of kicking, his foot made contact. Someone cursed and a devilish grin grew on the teen's face as he turned his head to clamp his teeth down on one of the men's arms. A small spasm of pain escaped him and another curse flew down the hall Kris was being dragged down. Yet, before he could kick again, there was a slight pinch on his arm and a woozy feeling began invading his mind.

    As the drug took effect, Kris calmed and began walking with the men, too out of his head to fight back. "What was- What was that?" his voice slurred,
    "Where are we going?" The teen added, sounding slightly drunk. There was no response, but Kristopher didn't care, he was too lost in his head to care. A sigh escaped him as a dreamy smile appeared on his face. "Jack is a good boy." he murmured sleepily. Stumbling with the men as they held his arms with an iron grip. "I'm going to be executed aren't I" he slurred scornfully, "I just wanted to protect the little idiot. I cared for the kid... More than you can believe... He was like my brother. Too bad I'm not there to protect the dumb-ass anymore."

    One of the guards shook his head disgustedly, "Believe it or not, the people you killed were innocent. No foul thoughts corrupted them. They were the kindest people you could meet."

    "Mmmm, well, believe it or not, I don't give a damn. I'd do anything for small Jackie." The teen shot back before an grunt of disdain escaped the guard and he was shoved into a room. Kris laid on the floor lazily for a moment before sitting up and glancing at his surroundings to find two women and a boy in the room. @Brea

    "What's this? Some random chicks and kid? What the hell is going on?"

    The guards explained a small, minimal bit of the plan before ordering the teen to sit, which he did after a small glare. the drugs polluted his mind and made him want to be lazy and follow any command. The men left and Kris was left alone in the room with the people. He sat there in silence before another person was tossed in...
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  • Katrina Lindsay Keller


    Katrina laid back down on her bed, as she hummed a tone she could hear from outside the cell, for these moments were peaceful, for this moment she is gone from the ark and somewhere beautiful, somewhere hot like, like somewhere in earth, somewhere..away. Katrina's time to herself was quickly interrupted by a two guards, one male one female, came in, Katrina shook her head, terrified that she knew that it was her trial. Kat backed into the wall shaking her head no with her hands to her side.

    "Wait, wait! I'm not ready yet, let me talk to my brother, please." The peacekeepers got closer to her as Kat used her self defense to get away from them, she kicked the man in the crotch and outran the woman peacekeeper out of the cell, she saw many delinquents getting taken from there cells, Are we all getting floated? But Kat's thoughts were quickly interrupted by the woman peacekeeper tackling her, she felt a sharp sting hit her wrist, Katrina quickly moved her head to that direction, seeing a wristband on her wrist.

    The two peacekeepers escorted Katrina to her cell, as she passed, she saw many prisoners getting taken from there cell and going to the same direction she was going too, Is this some mass floating homicide? Katrina's mind scrambled with ideas as she tried to squirm, each time the guard pressed harder on her shoulder, as they passed she saw a guy she recognized, but didn't know where she recognized him from, maybe when they were let out of there cells for free time? But that wasn't it. As they kept walking they stopped at a pod, it wasn't a floating pod, she knew in all detail of what those look like, ever since her mother.

    "What is this? I'm not getting floated." She turned her head back in forth, but was then shoved inside the pod without any answer, what an ass. She looked over at a few people on the dropship, she looked over at everyone inside, trying to look for someone who she wouldn't think of skinning her alive, but then came across another female and sat next to her, she smiled over her seat as she watched some goofball delinquents screwing around in the back.

    Hayden David Keller
    Hayden sat on his bed with a note pad and pencil, drawing what he thinks Earth would be like, Hayden has always wanted to visit that planet, ever since he heard Earth as a child and reading books, he has had a huge fascination of going to the wasteland planet. The boy drew a drawing about trees and bushes, with even a deer, he has also found deers his favorite animal he read about. He had a smile on his face, this smile would only be there when he was drawing, since being in a cell is no pleasure.

    But Hayden was then interrupted by the door opening, he dropped his notebook as two male peacekeepers came in, right away Hayden asked. "What's going on, did i do something...Wait is this my sisters trial! No this can't be she has another few months till she goes for trial!" Hayden panicked, one of the guards walked up to him and slapped something onto his wrist, which made him yelp. "Ow what is this!?" The other guard grabbed his shoulder, but Hayden squirmed. "Tell me now!" Hayden commanded. "Good news, your going to the ground."

    Hayden was escorted to the dropship, many civilians gave him looks and walked the other way when they saw him, everyone saw him as a killer, which was definitely what Hayden was not, it wasn't on purpose, but everyone else thought otherwise. Hayden was pushed into the dropship, as his eyes wandered around the ship, he decided to go to the top seats, Hayden was ecstatic that he is finally going to the ground, but was still sad that his sister is probably not going with them, but Hayden hoped that she was here. Hoped.
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  • [​IMG]
    -Adam MacDonald-

    Adam was doing what he always did to pass the time, laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling and thinking of different ways to steal the guards keys and escape. He hadn't come up with any realistic plans yet, but he has come up with one that only had a 60% chance of him getting shot.

    That was until he heard the door open, that never happened. They normally left Adam be since he literally just stayed in bed. He walked back away from the guard and said "the hell do you want? I'm 17 jackass". The guard ignored him and grabbed his wrist, he couldn't see what he was doing he just felt something sharp puncture into his skin "ow what the hell was that". He looked down and noticed a silver bracelet on his arm "the hell is going on?". The guard grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him outside into the crowd of moving prisoners "your going the ground, have fun down there"

    He was escorted to a drop ship and Adam swore, the assholes were gonna kill them all. He was shoved into the ship and he looked around, all it had on it were a bunch of seats. He looked around for one when he saw someone he kind recognised, it was Clarissa. He couldn't believe it, he took the seat next to her and asked smirking "hey Clar, miss me?".
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  • image.jpg

    Rio sat on a hill overlooking the grounder village. He often sat here, wondering whether he should approach, but he always decides not to. He sees the distant figures talking and probably smiling and hugging and loving. He wanted that so much. He shook these thoughts out of head and started cleaning his shotgun, again. He liked this weather, much better than the cold places he used to live. He took off his scarf, but kept his beanie and pulled up his bandana over his nose and mouth. Rio put his head in his hands and suddenly began to sob. Being alone for his whole life often got to him. He remembers flashes of his mother in these moments, holding him. He looks up again, and resumes cleaning his shotgun. He counts how many shells he has. 11. He only ever used it once, when he was young, and got frightened in the forest, accidentally puling the trigger. Rio hasn't spoken a word in ten years, since the 'stranger' that cared for him died. He never thought to ask for his name, which Rio deeply regrets. He walked back away from the village and slid smoothly down a slope. He entered a cave, with a Work in Progress camoflauge screen over the entrance. He trudges inside, and collapses next to a smoldering fire, falling asleep on an ancient bed roll.
  • "Bock Bock heat or Bock bock cold?" Sam spoke to his friend whom he had placed beside on a tree stump as he chipped two rocks together humming to himself playfully behind his mask, after one of the rocks fell to pieces he gazed at his hand in silence trying to figure out what he had done, "My friend. Rock fall away, never again to stay...why fall today its final day?" he spoke as his voice became angered and frustrated, with the movement of a blink of an eye practically he had unsheathed his combat knife and thrown it at the skull, the blade hitting just under the jaw of the once humans head. Quickly running over he wrapped the skull in his arms and hugged it tight "Hush my friend, why would someone do this to such a person...i will protect you" Sam spoke with a calm voice, using his left hand to rip the blade from the wooden housing it was once in. Sheathing it he curled up into a ball in the middle of the woods he was living in he began to cry into the skull. The sound was muffled but easy to tell he was crying. "I will avenge you!" he yelled out as he jumped up and threw the skull into his satchel, leaping forward to climb a tree quickly reaching to the top to get a look out at the surrounding area.
  • [​IMG]


    Viaeny stood in her cell, writing neat rows of inscrutable (or so she hoped) symbols on the wall. It was a made-up alphabet, with single letters for the diphthongs and some letters having a different version when used at the end of a word. A straight substitution cipher would be way too easy to decrypt. She made it a habit to misspell words from time to time, or write them backwards, or with the first letter last. As long as she didn't do such a good job of encryption that she couldn't read it herself...

    Writing a book in prison was just something revolutionaries did, wasn't it? At a minimum, she needed to produce something at least as good as Martin Luther King's Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Once it was brilliant, and perfect, she'd have to find a way to get it out, and circulating among the population. Once it was brilliant, and perfect. For now, she wrote, and edited, and memorized, just in case the Peacekeepers decided to scrub her work off the wall or something.

    It wasn't like she had anything else to do in her cell.

    Suddenly, the cell door opened. She spun, tried to palm her mechanical pencil and get it into her back pocket (in case they were short of pencils and were coming to take it for the kindergarteners or something).

    "Good...whatever time it is. To what do I owe the unexpected pleasure?" she said, giving them a lopsided grin. *clack!* The pencil, fumbled from her fingers, hit the cement floor. Crap! "Soooo--"

    "Face the wall."

    "...Why?" Viaeny asked, suspicion creeping into her features.

    "Face the wall." Viaeny bit back a snappy reply. To have a chance at Revolution 2.0, she would have to be on Best Behavior, for the most part at least. Would they float her for scribbling incomprehensible writing on the wall? Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin?

    "Okaaay..." she said, trying to hide nervousness as she turned away from them. What if this is some kinda horrible prison rape? Nononononooo, not like this!

    Her arm was roughly seized. The touch of cold metal, a metallic snap, and stinging.

    "Ow!" They're cuffing-- But they didn't grab her right hand. Instead, one of them seized her arm, and shoved her toward the cell door, which remained open. Her blood turned to chilled mercury, or at least it felt that way. NO! No--stop--think! Her mind whirled, searching for something, anything she could say to keep herself out of the airlock.

    "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I will become more powerful than you can imagine!" That was weak. "No, think about it! A thirteen-year-old martyr? You'll make me immortal!" All that got her was a shove in the back that sent her stumbling out into the corridor. She raised her wrist to look at what they'd put on her. A weighty metal bracelet that had the look of technology.

    Wait--they'd have had to prototype this. Resources! So, probably a tracking bracelet, and maybe the needle things can inject sedative into me remotely? Or an electric zapper. Relief washed over her. There were sounds of commotion as she emerged into the cell block. A quick look around. They were getting other kids out of their cells. A lot of other kids. Whoa... She looked, and sure enough, she started spotting bracelets like her own.

    Some new kind of work program? The bracelets...could they be so they can have us do tasks all over the station and still keep track of us and zap us or something to subdue us? It made the most sense. They wouldn't have made dozens of the bracelets, with at least some precision, miniaturized parts (the needle things) only to shove them out an airlock. Which meant, they had to be useful.

    Some of the other kids were protesting, some crying, some even trying to fight, but Viaeny had to try to keep herself from squealing with glee. This. Is. AWESOME! I'll be able to talk to people! Maybe the bracelet is bugged, I'll have to test that. But there's ways to get messages out that don't involve talking!

    "Move!" A shove gave her the desired direction. Viaeny walked without protest or rejoinder, neither in haste (that would look too much like an escape attempt) or reluctance. I need to stay in this program! Be a sweet, cute, hard-working girl. People are gonna see me with this bracelet on and sooner or later they're gonna want to know why. I won't even have to tell them. I'll show them. Figure out who the meanest 'Keepers are. Once people know me and like me, get them to beat me down for no good reason in public. I'm not just gonna start the Revolution. I am the Revolution!

    Before long, Viaeny was well into visions of sympathetic looks aimed her way, covert at first, more blatant over time, grumblings against cruelty and injustice spreading through the population like poison gas--no, not poison, cure! Silently, subtly, until the people would take no more. And then, Uprising! Standing on a metal crate with the crowd around her, yelling out a ringing speech at the top of her lungs, a speech she'd had weeks or years to prepare, to stir and galvanize! The Peacekeepers coming to assail and subdue, and then the tipping point, that wondrous, magical moment when they realized that they'd lost, and the people realized that they'd won! The chanting, the signs, maybe DIY flags--

    "...Huh?" Instead of being fanned out from the others, put with a team and directed toward some part of the Ark where work awaited, she was being shoved, with them, toward something that looked disturbingly like an airlock. 'I am noticing confusion. My strength as a rationalist is the ability to be more confused by fiction than reality, so something I think is true must be fiction,' she recited in her mind, struggling to calm herself. Or is it 'Truth is stranger than fiction, because fiction has to be believable?' Her heart hammered in her chest as she tried to look over and around the bigger kids in front of her to see exactly what it was that awaited. "Excuse me sirs--"

    "Shut up." Another shove, and then she was inside...

    No door on the other side; not an airlock then. Rows of seats, with straps. "Sit down and buckle up unless you want to end up as red paste on the walls."

    "Right!" Viaeny said. The configuration of the seats could only mean acceleration, deceleration, weightlessness, or all three. We're leaving the Ark! Their destination? Either they were being sent to mine an asteroid or something to get more resources, or...

    As she started hurriedly looking for a seat, hoping to find one and buckle in quickly just in case there weren't enough to go around, she started hearing snippets of conversation: "Earth." "Ground." "Radioactive!" "Are they trying to kill us?"

    Viaeny felt the Cosmos shift around her, as if she were already tumbling in weightlessness. Her emerging plan for the Revolution exploded in tiny fragments, and her mind scrambled to piece together some new concept of 'What now?!' Then, just on the other side of a clot of dispersing teenage bodies, she spotted Grey. She felt an electric jolt course through her, and headed his way.

    "Oh, hi Grey! Are we really headed to Earth?" Even as she nabbed a seat next to his and awaited his answer, puzzle pieces started snapping into place. This could be really...really...terribad!



    Esme sat Indian style on a woven mat on the floor of the Temple of Knowledge, surrounded by books from a lost age. Many of them contained design diagrams for technologies the people who built the Shelter thought would be useful for bootstrapping a new civilization. What she was contemplating at the moment, as she turned it over in her hands, was a bit of woven basketry, in the shape of a breastplate sized to fit Rhea. If the silkworms and Darwin's Bark Spiders could be persuaded to weave their silk over it, sandwiching layers of resin between them, if she could get them to get the weave right, if she could keep the resin from developing cracks or flaws or air-bubbles, the breastplate could conceivably be bulletproof, such was the tensile strength of a Darwin's Bark Spider's dragline silk. Its silk was ten times stronger than kevlar, but perhaps the greatest marvel: the spider could manufacture it with only dead insects as its 'input,' without producing any toxic waste or radiation, and do so without even needing to reach a temperature warmer than its body. Compare that to the high heat and pressure humans had to generate (and the wood that had to be consumed, the ash and smoke produced, and the amount of labor) in order to forge steel, and the awe-inspiring magnitude of the miracle became apparent.

    Life could produce all of the things a wise and advanced civilization needed--rugged ceramics like mussel shell, strong, self-repairing materials like rhinoceros horn, energy from photosynthesis, heat, shelter, and more--all within the energy budget provided by the Sun, without high pressures, and with temperatures between the freezing and boiling points of water. And nothing, absolutely nothing, was waste. In the natural world, the 'waste' of one organism was food for another. The Clan lived surrounded by the results of three and a half billion years of research and development, battle-tested under Darwinian conditions. All they had to do was learn how to sit at Gya's feet as students, and learn Her ways.

    Even before the Insatiables from the Prison made their continued existence and colonial intentions known, Esme had no way to know that there were no drones or ships or submarines or reconnaissance satellites controlled by some other remnant of the Consumers, holed up in some larger version of the Shelter that had been her childhood home. She'd hoped she could help her people avoid detection, avoid sending them the message: 'People can live here!' To that end, she had taught them that fire was a thing of the Consumers, the first consuming-destroying thing that led, ultimately, to the Machines that had all but devoured the world, and then to the tomaiboms and the droons and the mysls that were unleashed to destroy what could not be seized.

    She had taught them how to make solar cookers that did not Consume the wood of the forest, nor make plumes of smoke that could be seen from over the horizon. She had started making them new weapons of silk and resin, the hopeful beginning of a whole new kind of technology.

    If she could learn to synthesize the insect pheromones by hand.

    The Shelter's general purpose chemical synthesizer was lost now, rendered useless when the geothermal plant failed beyond her ability to repair it. The complex, computer-controlled synthesis machine had been on its last legs anyway. The vials of pheromones were an irreplaceable resource, now exhausted forever unless Esme found a way to refill them. Since becoming their Commander a couple of years ago, a nagging worry had always lived in the back of her mind: what happened on the day she could do less for her people, rather than more? That day had come, at the worst possible time.

    What am I doing?! The Consumers are coming now! I don't have time to research and experiment anymore!

    Esme set the basketry armor aside. Her thoughts turned to a book of sorcery so dark she dared not read it in the presence of any of her people, even Baldur. She did not want to read it at all, much less unleash its contents on her people and the world.

    It was a book on historical gunsmithing. Esme didn't anticipate being able to create guns for her people, especially not anything on a par with the ones the Consumers would have. To do that, she would have to recreate the system of which guns were a part: the Consumerist, industrial system. No. Even the most rudimentary muskets would begin to erode and destroy her people's Warrior ethos of skill and honor. But it might be good to know what kind of things the Consumers would need, in order to maintain their guns and keep them loaded.

    How can we counter their guns? We'll have to retreat into the jungle, build traps and pits, strike them from the shadows. But what if they keep coming and coming and coming, until they overrun us?

    Baldur spoke, pulling her from thoughts, and fear she could not express.
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  • Zahra Alec
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Zahra was humming to a song she should of forgotten long ago when her door was opened to reveal 2 hulk sized men. "Wait wait! I still have 18 months till my trial!" They just shook their heads before grabbing and clapping something on her wrist that stung like a mother. "Ow, what is this??" The metal bracer gave her the creeps but all they gave was a gruff. "Come." Z really had no choice as they basically picked her up on either side and led her out to the hall where she saw tons of other kids getting the same treatment. "Where are you taking me??" One man finally decided to answer. "Your going to the ground, good luck." And with that she was shoved into a shuttle that was already occupied with many kids around her age.

    'The ground? Its habitable? Maybe Grey is here!' Z started searching for her little brother. She was beginning to lose hope until she saw him seated next to another young kid (Viaeny). Quickly taking the seat next to Grey she pulls him into a big hug which he protested was squeezing him to death. Letting him go she smiles, elated to see he was alright.
    "I'm so glad your okay! I missed you so much Grey!" Her voice was filled with a mix of sadness, relief, and happy. Grey looked happy to but he also looked out of it, his pupils dilated and he was kindaslumped in his seat. 'They must of drugged him....'

    Grey H Alec
    Grey was sketching in his room when the door burst open to admit 2 peacekeepers. He was confused why they were there since he was nowhere near 18. "Give me your wrist boy and come with us." One of the men ordered. He hesitated which aggravated the men so one grabbed his arm while the other clapped a metal band on his wrist that stung like hell. He tried to fight them off but he was still too small to do much. "Let me go! Where are you taking me?!" All they said was "The ground" which Grey misconstrued as they were gonna float him so he struggled more.

    He managed to weasel his way out of their grasp as they got into the hall. But he only got a few feet before he felt a prick on the back of his neck. Reaching back he pulls out a dart before everything started spinning and he lost control of his body falling to the ground. One of men picks him up and roughly throws Grey over his shoulder before tossing him in one of the shuttle seats a few minutes later. His mind was all foggy and sluggish so he didn't even register Viaeny's presence before he was suddenly being crushed in his sister's arms. He was really happy to see her but the drugs were making it hard to think or move.
    "Sis...Cant....Breathe.." His voice was muffled by her shirt. Taking a deep breath when she lets go he gives her a lopsided smile. "I missed you too...Zahra." His voice was a bit slurred but his tone was happy. Turning to look at Viaeny "V-Viaeny? Ya...Thats what they said....I wonder what it looks like...." He mumbles, his grey/blue eyes half cast as he lays in his seat haphazardly.
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  • [​IMG]

    There was humming and rhythmic tapping coming from Sly's cell. That's what he liked to do during his long hours of alone time in his cell. The other kids didn't mind this because it brought a somewhat happy mood to the gloomy area. So he would just lay on the uncomfortable bed humming until he drifts off to sleep. Accordingly, his eyes slowly shut and the humming began to calm and settle as Sly is overcome with with slumber. But before his sleep cycle could commence, the cell door vibrates and echoes in the small area causing Sly to look shockingly at the entrance. Two tall and slim peacekeepers walk in and approach him. "What's up?" Sly asks casually while still laying on the bed. The peacekeepers give instructions on what he needs to do and Sly does what they say. He extends his left arm to them and a peacekeeper puts some sort of metal bracelet on him. There was a small subtle pain as soon as they put the bracelet on; almost like a needle. Sly, although confused as to what was going on, didn't mind it. Afterwards, the peacekeepers told Sly to follow them and he did.

    On the way to wherever they were headed Sly started a conversation with the peacekeepers. He had deeper intentions than to just talk with them. He was able to find out about how the "outside"world was, how his parents were doing, and othe things. This was especially easy because he knew the peacekeepers well. After a while, he let the two peacekeepers talk amongst themselves, but Sly still had his ear arched listening in on the conversation. Soon they arrived to an area where more people were waiting. Following the example of the other people, Sly chose a seat and buckled up. He looked around at the other people and saw some familiar faces. He decides to stay quiet and just wait for whatever next was going to happen.
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  • Clarissa Riley Scott

    Click here to reference Clary.

    Clarissa watched with wonder as one teenager after another was shoved into the drop ship. She couldn't help the smile that tugged at her lips, nor the glint that appeared in her eye. People of all ages were being shoved in and taking seats, all wearing the same wristbands as hers. Briefly, her eyes flickered down to her own device, and she studied it curiously. What could this possibly be for?

    In almost an instant she realized what this was: They were the guinea pigs. The ones who would determine whether it was time for mankind to return to it's rightful home again. These must monitor out health, she thought, looking back up at the door to watch more people enter. She hardly even noticed someone take one of the seats by her, until her nickname was used.

    Clary's brown eyes flickered over to the male. The first thing she realized was that he was handsome, and looked to be either her age or a year older. But, how did he know her, or her nickname? As soon as her gaze met his, Clary's eyes widened at the realization. "Adam?" She asked with disbelief, almost jumping up to her feet until her seat belt stopped her. "What the hell are you doing here?"

    Adam was one of her friends when she was younger, and from what she could remember he was a pretty well-behaved kid. Certainly not someone she expected to get arrested. Then again, she never thought she'd kill someone, so she shouldn't be so surprised. What should surprise her the most is how he recognized her so easily, especially all these years.



    Click here to reference Rhea.

    It didn't take long for Rhea to grow thirsty, and so she unclipped her water jug from her belt and raised it to her lips. She tilted her head back, turned the jug over and...


    She cursed under her breath in the language of her tribe, which loosely translated to, "Out damned." With a sigh, Rhea lowered the bottle and started to trudge off in the direction where their water source was. A fresh spring pond was located about a eight of a mile outside of her village, and this was their main source of water. She was sure if she really looked, she could find someone who had recently brought back a bucket of water, but she decided to get some herself. It's not like I have anything better to do.

    The path to water was easy to find, since it was walked several times a day. She hummer to herself lightly as she went, liking the solitude that the walk provided. Rhea loved being with her people, of course, but sometimes it was nice to just be by herself. Along the way, she through her hair up so that it was off her neck. It as just too humid for her to keep it down.

    Once Clary reached the pond, she knelt down and submerged her water jug. Once air bubbles ceased to rise to the surface, she took her now full jug out of the water, and plunged her hands into it once more. The water was cool, despite the warm air, and she felt a cool relief as she splashed it onto her face.

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  • Hal

    [[character sheet]]

    Hal returned to his cell after making his rounds throughout the prison area. After all, the “delinquents” were never confined to their cells, unless they were stationed in solitary confinement. Unlike the others, Hal chose freedom rather than isolation. He made it a point to visit each section of the prison for human contact as it was a vital need to keep one's self sane. Apart from that, he also just wanted to make himself known, a familiar face among the crowd. Someone they could trust.

    It wasn't long before he heard commotion outside his doors. “Must be a new guy. Another underage victim of this corrupt society.” Hal shook his head back and forth, he really did feel sorry for every individual here. Innocent or guilty, none of them deserved this.

    There was a quick knock at the door, and then the door quickly slid open.

    “Evening gentlemen,” he said as he addressed the two Peacekeepers standing in the doorway. Behind them, he could see groups of people being herd down the halls. Must've been what the commotion was all about... He soon realized this was no ordinary occurrence. Something was up.

    “Come with us, Hal. Up and at 'em,” one of the Peacekeepers said.

    Hal was never one to put up a struggle, and so he stood and obeyed.

    One Peacekeeper grabbed his wrist and attached a silver wrist band onto it. “This'll only pinch a little. Sorry.”

    Hal winced as on impact, a sharp needle extended from the wrist band and inserted itself into his skin. The pain was only temporary as it went away shortly after.

    “Hands behind your back.” Hal did as he was told. “I know this isn't necessary for you. know...protocol,” the Peacekeeper cuffed his wrists and led him into the halls.

    Like herding cattle, the Peacekeepers pushed and guided the prisoners through the halls, leading them out of the prison, and to another part of the Ark, one Hal was unfamiliar with. Inside the, what looked to be shuttle, were rows upon rows of seats. Prisoners scattered throughout the floor, each quickly finding a place to sit.

    “Okay. Find yourself a seat. Buckle up. It'll be a bumpy ride.”

    “Wait...bumpy..” before he could finish the question, the Peacekeepers walked away, leaving him to join the rest of the prisoners. “Ride?”

    He took a deep breath before looking for a seat. Most of them were already filled as people took their seats. As he walked down the aisles, his eyes landed on each and every face, reading every expression, learning every facial feature. He walked slowly, his posture upright and strong, and his face calm as if to reassure everyone that it was going to be alright.

    His eyes landed on a familiar face, though one he hadn't seen in years. Katrina. He and she were from the same station, and he remembered interacting with her when they were younger until she was sent to the prison after her mother was floated.

    He took a seat next to her, securing himself in with the buckle. He looked over at Katrina, not saying anything, but gave her a friendly nod.

    ( ^@Justice_20 )


    [[character sheet]]

    Sabine hadn't been getting any sleep after being brought here a few days ago, and lately she found herself falling asleep at random times throughout the day. Her body finally exhausted itself and took to sleeping automatically and out of her control.

    The sound of the door opening drew her out of a deep sleep. Without a word, a Peacekeeper entered into the room and cuffed her hands behind her back. She couldn't help but give a pathetic laugh. “It's been only what...2 days since I've been here and you already want to get rid of me?” After she thought about it a little, could her crimes have been that bad that they were sending her to trial this early? No, it couldn't have been. The rule was: upon their 18th birthday, each minor is given a hearing, where their final fate shall be decided. And was she 18? Hell. No.

    “Aaahhh-owww. What was that?” Her skin was suddenly pinched and punctured by something around her wrist. Though her hands were behind her back, so she couldn't tell what it was. The Peacekeeper still said no word as he led her out of the room and into the hall with the others. She followed the group mindlessly, for if she faltered, she was sure she'd be put back in her place by the abundant Peacekeepers walking along with them.

    Sabine grew more and more confused as the group was being led into unfamiliar territory, a part of the Ark even she didn't recognize...and she knew every in and out from having looked at the Ark's floor plans. No, this station was something new altogether. And foreign.

    “What is this, where are we? I demand to know!”

    “Prisoners don't get to demand, sweetheart,” were the Peacekeepers only words as he removed the cuffs and shoved her in with the rest of the prisoners. Not even caring to give her any direction as to what to do next.

    This was when Sabine noticed something very...strange about each and every prisoner. They were all wearing metal bands along their wrists. After further inspecting the device on her wrist, her eyes grew wide, dilated as a sudden fear came over her. Wait...I helped design these...wired them. Calibrated their inner workings...even tested them out! But...these were supposed to be used for monitoring...spacewalkers. Track them down in case they ever detached, or to be able to communicate with them via satellite rather than on the reliance of short circuiting walkies and other outdated equipment.

    Her mind flooded with all the possible reasons as to why the Ark chose to apply these wrist bands to the prisoners. It just didn't make any sense. Why would they need these bands if they were all stationed in their cells anyway. They couldn't go anywhere. The bands weren't meant for inside the Ark anyways, they were meant for communication between the Ark and outside sources. And then, just as she laid eyes on Hal, it hit her.

    She immediately ran up to him, sitting in the only open spot beside him, her voice trembling with desperation. “Hal! Oh God, Hal! You will not believe what is about to happen to us...” She swallowed hard, still not able to believe it herself. “You know these things,” she rose her arm into the air as she pointed at the band around her wrist. “Yeah, I helped create these. And you know what they are? Tracking devices. Mini monitoring machines to keep record of our health. A communication device. Which means they are sending us out there-” she said as she pointed into the beyond. “Either outer space, or Earth, but my guess is Earth because hell, we are already in space.” Her rants and frustrations left her out of breath. “They are sending us to the ground, Hal.”

    “Explains why the guard told me it'll be a bumpy ride..”

    “What?” She was confused by his statement.

    “Nevermind that. Regardless...we're all in danger.”


    [[character sheet]]

    Bastianna made her normal rounds throughout the village, keeping check on everyone. A few hunters followed close behind her, which wasn't unusual. It was rare to see Bastianna without one of her little warriors at her side. As usual, the clan was well-behaved. There were less “savageries” these days after Esme came into ruling. It was her new found thought that changed the clan, requesting they act more out of kindness for one another, a communal understanding rather than the solid warrior status everyone held in the past. At times, Bastianna enjoyed the close-knit relations between everyone in the clan. But at other times, she favored the ruthlessness the clan once had, and hoped to keep it for as long as possible, as the old ways were still instilled on her.

    As she walked through the market, making her way outside of the village, Rhea passed by the hunters with a welcoming 'Good morning.' Bastianna nodded, acknowledging her presence. Rhea was the Commander's second, something Bastianna was thankful for. She was glad Esme was chosen over Rhea, for she believed Rhea still had much to learn when it came to being Commander, often believing Rhea represented weakness with her soft heart and optimistic attitude. To Bastianna, it worried her that Rhea would not view things as realistically as they appeared, blind by her own good intentions. However, as it was shown, Bastianna treated her with the same amount of respect as her Commander. After all, Rhea was destined to be Commander someday.

    Bastianna and her warriors gathered on the outskirts of the village. It was time for their morning watch. She stationed each one at different locations around the village, each having responsibility for keeping guard from each direction.

    After her orders went through, Bastianna took her usual position at the top of a rocky cliff side. It was a pain getting up there, but the view was extraordinary. The surface of the cliff was a large, flat stone. Warm from basking in the sun as it overlooked the entire village below, perfect for Bastianna to not only monitor the village, but monitor her warriors and keep check on everything else surrounding their clan. In the distance lay the ocean and a sliver of a beach, and nothing but forest between her and the waters.

    Bastianna's eyes spotted her usual suspect, a lone individual she noticed stationed in the woods from time to time. He never posed as a threat to their clan, didn't seem to be dangerous, so she always let his presence pass as long as he kept his distance. Poor fool probably thought he remained undetected all these years. Bastianna probably knew more about the guy than he knew about them. She'd confront him someday. But today wasn't that day.

    ( ^ @Akashi @*~Nightjade~* , as you two are warriors, you would be in the little group Bastianna formed outside the village to keep watch/guard/patrol. And any other grounder warriors that I might have missed(?) )


    [[character sheet]]

    Baldur stood guard over Esme as she seated herself on the temple floor, her young and inquisitive mind reading through the many books. As of late, he found himself to rather enjoy her company, growing rather attached to the little flower. He wasn't all that much older than her, of course, but given his judge of character, he always felt older than others around his age.

    He looked over her shoulder, watching her as she read on the intricacy of spiders weaving stronger armors. She was smart, innovative. He gave her that.

    “You are like a spider yourself, Esme. Our Mother, and we your brood. Shall I start calling you Little Spider from now on?” He teased. Though Baldur was always serious, representing himself as a boulder standing strong and unbreakable, he felt he could relax when around his Commander. She was the only other person he formed a close relationship with.

    His relaxation soon came to an end, as his protection mode returned at the sound of someone entering the temple.
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  • Q U I N N
    It was one of those days, that she had experienced for the past two years, almost three. She had lost track of time, even if she was in solitary confinement. On some occasions, she was allowed to have some free time, though outside her gritty small cell. Being in for so long, she had some visitors, but those were mainly her parents, and some friends. Quinn was quite exhausted and somewhat became paranoid almost everytime a Peacekeeper would open the cell.

    The sound of the metal cringing and the mechanics to open the heavy door would always make her a bit scared. Even if she could cope with her situation, she just couldn't believe that even her parents couldn't come up with something or talk on her behalf with the council that she was not to be blamed for atleast two out of the three crimes she was in solitary confinement for. Quinn, or as some Peacekeepers would call her, Fay, was laying on her bed. Her hands were clasped, as they laid rested on her stomach. She was in her own train of thoughts, as she gazed at the same ceiling every single day since she was thrown into the prison.

    Even if, in the back of her mind, she could hear noise outside her cell. Footsteps. And the same familiar sound of many cell doors opening up in the same area as her own. It almost reminded her about why she was so pissed at her own family, at the ones who put her there. Even so, it was just too late to do anything about it. For her, almost all hope was lost. It was only a few months until she would become eighteen. A few months until her fated day.

    It did not take long before she was brought back to reality. A couple of Peacekeepers banged on her cell door. After a couple of seconds, she tilted her head towards the door. Filled with tension, she abruptly pushed herself slightly up with her elbows. She could hear the sound of something. A voice. A voice of someone on a radio. It was definetely the Peacekeepers. Who else could it be? As the door was pushed open. She quickly stood up.. "Not again... - Not again!!" She almost exclaimed. Taking a few steps back. The Peacekeepers were standing before her, outside the cell. There was no escaping this. "I'm not eighteen.. Not yet... Please!!"

    As the cold cement wall touched her hands. She almost panicked. Looking frequently to her side. She was just fooling herself. She was so helpless. Even if the Peacekeepers were gazing at her with a normal demeanor. Nor where they threatening. But with her rebellious attitude, they were taking safe approach. "Listen Quinn.. There's nothing to worry about.. You'll just have to come with us.. Okay?.." One of the Peacekeepers spoke up, trying to ease the tension around her. It didn't work though.

    "N-- No... I'm not even suppose to be here.." She disagreeingly nodded. The second Peacekeeper pulled up his radio. Before he spoke to the HQ. "Quinn Faye Hunter. We'll be bringing her shortly." The sound of what the man said was probably not the wisest. Though it was the perfect distraction, even though it wasn't meant to be one. Her attention was at the Peacekeeper on the radio. Her guard was slightly down, before she heard the footsteps of the other Peacekeeper approaching her quite fast.

    Before she could react, she was rendered useless against the wall. Unable to do anything. "Alright now.. Quinn.. Don't do anything rash.." The second Peacekeeper approached her and held one of her arms, before pushing it in a straight line against the wall. "Wh-- What are you doing?!! Let go of me!! I'm innocent.. I didn't do anything..." She squirmed, but she knew it was a futile attempt.

    "Yeah.. Yeah.. We've heard you say that a countless times.." The Peacekeepers brushed her cry of innocence as an attempt to get on their good side. It was nothing new. She was able to get a glimpse of something in the form of a bracelet. Something round. After a moment, she could feel something cold touching her skin. A metal bracelet was now wrapped around her wrist. Quinn made a painful sound. As if something had stung her arm, or rather the wrist.

    "Wha... Whats that??" She curiously asked, before they crossed both her arms behind her back. They knew that she couldn't be trusted. So they also cuffed her, before pushing her away and outside the cell. Once she was pushed out. She was literally surprised by the many prisoners, just like her, in a line, walking down towards a certain direction. "Where are you taking me?" She demanded answers, before one of the guards held her arm tightly, to make sure she didn't do anything foolish.

    "You're going to the ground... Maybe you'll be able to see some of the animals you adore so much..." The Peacekeeper that was on the radio made a condescending and an awful comment, but the Peacekeepers knew that the books she was allowed to read while in her cell was to that of flowers and or animals. But, Quinn didn't respond, or flinch, she was just speechless.

    "Move. Get in line.." She was nudged forward. Without any reaction, she was surprisingly obedient. 'Ground... Ground?... As in.. Earth?...' She asked herself that question numerous of times. Again she was in her train of thoughts. From a couple to many minutes had passed. Without noticing, she was already standing before another Peacekeeper who held a list in his hand.

    The Peacekeeper standing outside the entrance leading inside the shuttle spoke up. "Quinn Faye Hunter?..." Quinn didn't respond, or didn't even notice him. The Peacekeeper spoke up again, though with a louder voice. "Quinn Faye Hunter!?" She was finally brought back to reality. "Hmm?..." She tilted her head towards the guard, before responding. "Yes.." That's when it all came back to her. She was going to a place. The planet Earth. Which is filled with radiation. Which will kill them the moment they inhale the oxygen down there, or expose their skin to the atmosphere. It was just as bad as being floated. But the tales she heard about radiation, and how excruciating the pain is before you die, pushed her aback. The fearful expression was plastered on her face before she took a few steps back.

    Turning around, she was met with a wall, though it was not a wall, but she crashed into another Peacekeeper who was there to make sure she didn't try to escape. "Get in there!" A tall, well-built Peacekeeper uttered. He held her from the arm. Even if she squirmed. "Let go.. Let go of me!!" She exclaimed again and again. Her voice could be heard by many inside the shuttle and even outside. After a few seconds, she was pushedand thrown inside the shuttle. Falling on the floor, she laid there for a second.

    'It wasn't suppose to be like this.. It wasn't!!' She had teary eyes. They were almost red. Her long brunette hair covering half of her face. She just laid there sideways. "Get up!" The same Peacekeeper uttered, before he pulled her from her arm up. Quinn was done. She slowly stood up. The same Peacekeeper had to push her into a seat, but after removing the cuffs. Quinn was seated next to a young man, who had a good reputation amongst the Peacekeepers, even if he was a prisoner just like her. She almost sniffled, but wiped the tears around her eyes, making sure they didn't trail down her face, her cheeks. Her eyes were red now. She didn't even look at the other prisoners there. The Peacekeeper made sure the belt was tightly locked around her waist. "Sit there obediently, Hunter!" The Peacekeeper uttered his last words before exiting the shuttle.
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  • [​IMG]

    Benjamin Gegenheimer

    "Some random chicks, and a kid?" Was all Benji heard as he was buckling up. "I'm not a kid, I'm fifteen at most two years younger then you" Benji said defensively to the boy who came in suddenly. He was attractive he thought to himself before he unbuckled to help the boy up. "I'm Benji, and you are?" He said trying to sound nice after his recent curt response. He sat the boy down in his drugged state and helped him buckle up. Benji then took the seat by him when he realized the boy was drugged. "Oh my god are you okay?" He said as he tried to make sure the boy wasn't hurt, when he looked around to make sure no one else was drugged. Everything was hitting him at once, they were going down to Earth, actually going down to Earth instead of living in space and they might sentence themselves to death as soon as they open up the spaceships doors. Then the fact these silver bracelets were digging into them, he just wanted it off already. Then there was they fact they were drugging people right before they sent them down to a maybe horrible fate.


    Lyndsy Rose

    Lyndsy stared at the ground as she fixed her hair, thinking about Lionel and what he must be doing. "Do you know Lionel?" She asked to no one at all just to make it feel like she was dealing with this okay. It's been years and still she hasn't come to terms with Lionel breaking her heart, she desperately wanted him to come to her and tell her that he's sorry and he'd never do it again. The hope and desperation made her look around for something to distract her as she looked at two boys across the room. One was threatening the other she shrugged it of - what else were you going to expect in a small space full of criminals. Lyndsy started to think of the last time she saw Lionel before he said that he was done with her. The image of him playing in her mind, and she smiled just remembering his face and the other distant memories made her happy. ​
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    ~Kristopher Dark~
    A moment after the guards left, one of the passengers spoke up, "I'm not a kid, I'm fifteen at most two years younger than you" before helping the elder teen to his feet. Kris tried to shake him off, but was too feeble from the drugs to be able to do so. The younger spoke as he began helping Kris buckle in. "I'm Benji, and you are?"

    "It's none of your business, kid." Kris grumbled back, slightly pushing the other away. He sat there for a few moments before the Benji noted his drowsy state.

    With a concerned, yet, thoughtful face, he asked, "Oh my god are you okay?" He was fiddling with the wristband that had been applied to everyone.

    Kris grinned a the child with a dark light in his eyes, "Kicked one of the guards and got a chomp outta the other, so they sedated me, I guess. Continue talking to me, and I may do the same to you. I don't like people." He turned his focus away and continued being lost in his drowsy thoughts. It's not that he hated people, he was just too suspicious of them, he didn't like trusting others. They brought too many responsibilities when he trusted them. Hell, Kris stood for them even if he didn't trust them... but it's not like he'd tell anyone that.

  • [​IMG]
    -Adam MacDonald-

    Adam smiled at Clary but around him he could hear people coming in the drop ship, some struggling, some walking freely into the ship. And every now and again you heard a thud like a body being dropped into a chair.

    Adam smirked and laughed at Clary's reaction to realising to was him "the one and only". He put her hand in his and said "you do realise I'm from the merchant district right? I'm not the goody goody you thought I was. Anyway one night something happened and I was feeling a bit down and stole some moonshine, but didn't cover my tracks. So they found me drunk shouting abuse at a wall". Even he kinda laughed at the memory of how drunk he was.

    Adam took a quick look at all the kids, damm there was a lot of them. And all so different, nothing in common except everyone in here is a criminal, hopefully they put some people on here with great earth knowledge. He turned to Clary and said " I've missed you so much, but God look how well you've changed. Puberty did you wonders I must say. But change all you like I could never forget your beautiful eyes".

  • Clarissa Riley Scott

    Click here to reference Clary.

    Clarissa eyed Adam carefully as he told her his crime, almost hitting him for being so stupid. Seriously, if you were going to break the law you might as well do it right. Getting locked up and floated over some moonshine just didn't seem worth it to her.

    Adam: "I've missed you so much, but God look how well you've changed. Puberty did you wonders I must say. But change all you like I could never forget your beautiful eyes."

    This comment caused Clarissa to swallow hard, and she snapped her hand out of his. "Thank you," she said, unsure of how to react. "But, you really shouldn't touch me. I'm a murderer. Wouldn't want to be my next victim, would you?" She looked around, seeing that everyone was seated by now.

    Suddenly, there was a loud clang, and she could instantly feel it. Their dropship was no longer connected to the Ark. She could feel them all soaring towards the Earth, and with this everything seemed to become so much more real. This wasn't just a dream anymore, they were actually returning to the ground. Another bang and flickering of lights as they hit the Earths atmosphere, and then, the television screens flickered on, and Chancellor Isarah's face greeted them all.

    "Prisoners of The Ark, you have been given a second chance. As your Chancellor I hope that you will this is not just a chance for you, but as a chance for all of us. We haven't the slightest idea what will be waiting for you on the ground. If the Earth is survivable we will follow. Quite frankly, we are only sending you because you're crimes have made you expendable. If and when we follow, your crimes will be excused in return for your sacrifice. Slates completely wiped clean. You're land sight has been selected carefully, as there is a underground military base nearby. We have sent enough supplies down to last you for as long as it takes for us to determine if we can follow, but you must ration and be careful with these resources. We will not be sending anymore."

    Clarissa could feel the weightlessness of lack of gravity, and her hair began to lift up above her. She might have been amused by this, if the parachutes didn't deploy themselves. The ship rocked violently as gravity hit them again, and her eyes scanned the area to make sure everyone was stills trapped in. If they weren't they were slammed against the walls of the dropship, probably injured. Morons.

    She gripped her straps tightly as turbulence shook them all violently. Sparks flew randomly, due to how old the ship was. And then suddenly... nothing.

    Clary caught her breath, slowly realizing that they must have landed. An uneasy laugh passed her lips, side affect of the terror she had felt moments before. Several people around her began to unbuckle themselves, and she followed their lead excitedly.



    Click here to reference Rhea.

    After dousing water on her face a few more times, Rhea looked up into the sky. It was clear, not a cloud to be seen. Although, this was probably only because of the downpour the night before, and by tomorrow there'd be clouds-a-plenty. She was about to start heading back when something caught her eye. Squinting, Rhea stoop up as if it would get her close enough to see the object better.

    It seemed to be falling, fast, in the direction of the tribe. She watched as it descended, and then suddenly large pieces of cloth sprouted out from the foreign object and she realized what it was. Just a few night before a similar object had fallen from the sky, and when a team went to scope it out they found some strange object within the metal boxes. But, this object wasn't box-like, and it was large enough to hold much more then silly contraptions. This could hold people, or worse machines. She watched it until it was out of sight, so that she knew the general direction of it's landing. It seemed to land close to where the boxes had been dropped before.

    "Consumers," she whispered to herself. She scooped up her jug and recapped it, attaching it to her belt as she ran back to her village. As soon as she was within her villages boundaries she headed for the Temple of Knowledge, where Esme was no doubt reading books. The path was long, and the uphill climb was tough enough when you walked it, but Rhea was much to anxious to slow down. Before long, she burst into the room in the temple where Esme and Baldur were hidden away.

    "Another," she said, breathing heavily. "The Consumers... they've dropped another contraption. This one is huge!" She reached up, pushing her damp hair from her face as she looked over to her great leader. "What does this mean, Esme? Are we in danger of the Consumers?"

    @Zarko Straadi @Freyalise

  • [​IMG]

    Benjamin Gegenheimer

    Benji was taken aback by the boys hostile behavior but took the mean behavior as a sign of affection. "I mean if you really wanted to you could?" Benji said as he shrugged and as he shut his mouth because the boy told him to stop. He decided to just make sure the boy was okay in his drugged state during the launch, once he heard the message. "What about the ones who hurt people I don't think they'll just let us off the hook I think they're lying" Benji said in a matter of fact voice, they had tons of murders and what they were just going to allow them back in scott free? Upon landing Benji unbuckled his seatbelt as he went to help the boy, not knowing if he was still under the effects of the drug or not. "I hope you don't mind me helping you I don't know what they pumped into you" Benji said quietly trying to not make the boy mad since he told Benji to stop talking. Benji then helped the boy stand up before rushing to the door. "Can I open it?" He said excited to open the door and see what was beyond.


    Lyndsy Rose

    Lyndsy listened the whole ride bracing for the impact or a crash landing. Her eyes basically glued shut the whole time until it all stopped, she saw people getting out of their seats and a boy already running to the door. She didn't know what was going to happen, what if he opened it and they all died or were poisoned with radioactivity. She just decided to keep it to herself at least it'd be better then living in this metal contraption as she unbuckled and slowly moved to the door as cautiously as she could. She didn't want to rush there but she also didn't want to not be able to see what was out there right away. She looked at the door as she waited for someone to open it knowing she wouldn't have the guts to herself.​
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    ~Kristopher Dark~
    Kris sat there, slightly stunned at what the kid had said, "I mean if you really wanted to you could?" after ppulling his thoughts together, the only comeback he could come up with was, "Idiot..."

    The announcement came on and the world seemed to stop... So they, were going down there, it wasn't a hoax. He groaned and flopped his head in his hands, ignoring the child's quip about murderers. At some point, they were floating, then they were falling, and then nothing. That's as simple as it was, no other detail needed. When they landed, the drug had worn off a bit and Kris was back to his right mind... A bit.

    "I hope you don't mind me helping you I don't know what they pumped into you" The boy had come up to help Kris unbuckle, but while Kris was grateful, his pride wouldn't let him say otherwise, "Really, I thought I told you to piss off. I don't want to talk to anyone, let alone accept their help." he turned away and the kid was suddenly at the door asking if he could open it.

    "Idiot." he murmured again. Why was Benji so damn persistent?

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    Rio yawned as he stepped out of his poorly camouflaged cave, just in time to see a huge box float down into the trees. He gasped, and dashed back inside to grab his shotgun and machete. He quickly strapped on his belt of shells, and dashed into the trees, making a huge commotion. He finally skidded to a halt near the huge box. He saw a door, and his eyes widened. He aimed his shotgun at the door, waiting for any movement. He pulled up his bandana and strapped his machete to his back, for quick access.
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