THE 100 (work in progress, don't post.)

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    97 years ago a nuclear war destroyed earth and made it impossible for the human race to survive but the human race was prepared. They took refuge in the Ark, an orbiting spaceship. For 97 years the human race thrived in space, building its own community and bringing all nationalities together as one. But people had to know the Ark's resources would run out and it did, but before the Ark was destroyed a pod of 100 prisoners were sent to the ground to see if earth was inhabitable again. Just days after they land on the ground the teens are unaware that the Ark, the place they once called home is gone. Their families are dead and all they have is each other now. They are mankind's last hope.. so they thought. They thought they were the only humans to be on earth again but they were wrong.

    Now they must hunt and kill to survive, and face the dangers of life and nature and the human inhabitants, who are called grounders, who were there first. Will the 100 turn on each other or will they stick together and fight it out?