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Follow the storyline or venture off a bit?

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  1. This RP will contain violence, strong situations etc.

    THE 100
    **photo not mine**

    THE YEAR: 2110
    "Welcome Delinquents"

    "97 years ago in a time of war, the human race slowly destroyed Earth. Making it uninhabitable for humans. In a quick decision to save humans to further our survival, 12 Nations formed "The Ark". A large space station that orbits Earth, in the hopes of one day being able to return. 400 survivors boarded "The Ark" and 3 generations later about 2,000 survivors now live their lives on "The Ark".
    Now, "The Ark" is losing resources and the air system has failed and time is running out before it can be completed. In an act of fear and probable hope, Chancellor Jaha signed an act that will send 100 Delinquents down to Earth, to see if the Earth is stable enough for human life.
    100 of you, all criminals, each one of you had committed assault, murder, theft and any other crime are now all together. You must put differences aside, work together and unite to fight against a threat other than yourselves and each other...

    For once, you are all needed. Needed by the entire human race."

    I have updated and revised this and even added some more info to it. If you feel like you don't have enough info, go to Questions, please ask!

    I forgot important info everyone!
    On The Ark, everyone in different sections of The Ark had a specific job, farming, engineering (mechanical, chemical etc.), medical, cooking and sciences.
    If you were born into a section, you were raised to do that job. So when we land, whatever skills you got while on The Ark, will help determine your job, makes sense?

    Another thing, prisoners are typically 18 and younger. Everyone awaits their judgment at the age of 18, to decide if you should be floated (put into a chamber that has a door leading right into space. The door will open and you will be sucked out into space.) or have a normal punishment.

    Please make sure you read EACH ONE of these

    Misc. Info:
    You do NOT have to rp a character from the series, but you may if you want to. If you do, they will have no connection at all UNLESS they are related. Meaning, Clarke and Finn in the series had sex, but in our version, they haven't met yet (unless of course the rpers decide otherwise). If they were related in the series, it stays that way in ours. It will make the storyline simpler instead of trying to edit it a bunch.

    NPC's: I allow them but they will only effect your character. You do NOT have to make one. This is an option completely up to you!
    If you make an NPC or are just interested:
    NPC's only have a minor effect on your character. They could be someone from your characters past, or help your character in the now. So if you are roleplaying, and want a quick character to go along with yours to create a small storyline of your own, that's the idea of it.

    The Adults:
    If you watched the series, than you are probably wondering what we are going to do about the people on "The Ark", people who haven't watched the series, this will also help clarify some things.
    The people on "The Ark" we do not rp at all. They themselves are just NPCs. They will only have a small importance once we make contact with them again. Make sense? Ask questions if you have any.

    When We First Start:
    When we first start out, we will start out in small cells (cement walls, cement floors, one window that gives a view of Earth, and a large metal door for an entrance). The prison area is built like a skyscraper basically. Square bottom that goes up with flights of stairs and an elevator. Cells on each level etc. Two guards will come get you and you will be escorted to the dropship, where you will get a metal wristband. You will then wait in a small waiting area for the doors to open to the dropship. You will board, get seated, strapped in, and will be expected to listen for the Chancellor on a small television set. We will rp for at least 1 page in the dropship, before it will be engaged and depart from "The Ark". In the series, contact is lost (the radio is damaged during landing), so that will happen with us also. When we land, we won't have exact order. I will allow chaos before my character and the other co-leaders decide to take hold of everything, and create some order etc. Throughout the roleplay we will discover that life still exists on Earth and that humans didn't completely die out. These humans are called Grounders. Many of them range from civilized and creating some culture to cannibals. We will face many dangers, from sickness to grounders.
    The area we land is a heavily forested land, in a small valley between multiple mountains. A large mountain called Mount Weather, will be our main objective to go after.
    This roleplay will be realistic, so if your character gets shot in the leg, they can't just dust it off and call it good.

    Some Extra Stuff:
    In the series, the only sibling pair is Bellamy and Octavia, it remains this way in ours...unless you pm me!

    Generations of humans that had remained on Earth. So far, all of them speak English and have developed some culture. Are not fond of Reapers and Mountain Men.
    You could call them brainless animals...which they are. They are cannibals and typically hunt down Grounders or even Mountain Men. They were "Created" by Mountain men.
    Mountain Men-
    Descendants of humans who survived in a mountain called Mount Weather. They are more advanced than Grounders. Like those of our modern day.

    Delinquents Info:
    Before being sent to Earth, you were all awaiting trial in prison. Close to all delinquents are under or exactly 18. The whole Earth thing, is a second chance for you. Since, on The Ark, you probably would've been "floated". On Earth all delinquents must wear wrist bands that monitor your health etc. This is that scientists can determine if there is radiation etc. You can take the wrist band off, but it is highly painful due to the fact that it has a grouping of spikes that are inserted into your skin and even bone (this is how they monitor you.)
    Not every delinquent has to be some hardcore murderer either. Some were actually arrested for petty crimes and just thrown onto the dropship to Earth.

    Status System: The status system will be needed later on in the rp.
    Leader: Me
    Co-Leader/Advisor: 1; Helps with quick decisions etc. *Reserved by Riot*
    Medic: 1; Helps provide aid for the sick/injured. They also help make decisions, if needed.
    Med-Assistant: 1; Aids the medic
    Guards: Unlimited; Act as warriors and do patrols. Only 5 permanent guards will be chosen if they are good enough at it. Permanent guards are only chosen throughout the RP.
    Regulars: Unlimited; Normal Guards and Regulars trade spots here and there depending if you are assigned to it or not. Regulars do everyday duties.

    Explanation about Guards. Only 5 permanent guards will be chosen. Meaning that you are fucking amazing at what you do and we would rather have you protecting camp than picking berries. Makes sense?

    Sign-Up: You may add things to the sign-up, but may not take away from it.
    "Quote they live by or just love?"

    Name: First, Last (Pronunciation)
    Nickname and/or Title:
    Age: 18 and under (otherwise, pm me.)

    Sexual Orientation: Use technical terms please. (Heterosexual, Bisexual, Demisexual, Pansexual, Homosexual, etc.)
    Significant Other:
    Weaknesses: at least 3
    Kin: Friends considered family?
    Status: The rank you think you will have. You may also fill this out after you get your rank.
    Crime Committed: What you did to get put in prison

    Personality: At least 1 paragraph.

    Physical Appearance: (Must include, height, weight, hair description, eye color etc. Scars/Defining marks and piercings go here also. These can be described in any order. At least 1 paragraph, descriptive.)
    Apparel: (What your character would typically wear)
    Weapons: (small knives or something else handmade. Guns were not dropped down with us.)

    Biography: (Short and Sweet or novel long, whatever works best for you.)

    Theme Song: (Song that reminds you of your character.)
    Other Information:
    Picture: Must have

    I don't have many so try your best to follow them.
    *No Godmodding or Powerplaying
    *No outside drama. If you have a problem with someone take it to pm.
    *Include everyone, don't ignore anyone. If someone talks to your character, don't blow them off.
    *Characters are unlimited!
    *Just be nice and have fun!

    So, it's up to you guys if we kind want to use the series as a guideline or if we want to try and venture off it.
    Now have fun signing-up! Now if you have any questions, comment below!
    I do accept reserves!
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  2. I'm still trying to develop his character more. So if he seems a bit...bleh, just know I'm leaving room for his growth and what not cx

    "Who we are and who we have to be to survive are two very different things."
    -Bellamy Blake

    Name: Bellamy Blake (Beh-luh-me B-l-ayk)

    Nickname and/or Title: Bell (if you're close enough to him)
    Age: 23

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Significant Other: n/a
    Strengths: Weapon skills, Speaking Ability, strength, agility
    Weaknesses: Rigid, Harsh, Brash, Can lie, Hard Exterior, Stubborn
    Kin: Octavia Blake (still feel free to use her if you want)
    Status: Leader
    Crime Committed: Unknown...for now

    Personality: [Brave][Charming][Introvert/Extrovert][Determined][Bold][RoughExterior][Intelligent/Quick Thinker][Protective/Possessive][Soft Mannered]
    Bell is willing to die for the group for it's survival. Usually putting himself before the danger. Though he is only seen as a hard-ass amongst the others since he tends not to show his softer side, believing it will make him seem weak.
    When he needs or just wants something, Bell can flick on a switch and lose the hard-ass act and become somewhat charming. More so in a mysterious way.
    Although Bellamy loves people following him and being in control of those around him, he does enjoy having time to himself and thinking things over. He is a bold and strong leader, but does not abuse this power. Bellamy has a hard time expressing his emotions and will not, even to those close to him. Having the thought that this will make him seem weak to those around him. So he keeps his emotions close to him and attempts to figure them out himself...even if they slowly break him down from the inside out. Bellamy uses his hard-ass act to disguise his real self.
    Bellamy, is highly stubborn. Making a decision and sticking with it, even if everyone around is nagging on him about it. He believes in his own decisions strongly.
    Bellamy isn't afraid to stand out or to make his thoughts known. He knows who he is and exactly what he is capable...or at least he thinks he does.Though at times Bellamy can be highly influenced by those around him, depending on the situation.
    Rough Exterior
    It takes a lot to get to Bellamy, emotionally. He tends to shut people out and not acknowledge their emotions. If you find a way to weasel your way past the exterior, it's not uncommon for him to just shut you out then and there, not to act on your emotions or to even act on his own. As a leader, he doesn't want to be slowed down, especially if someone can't keep up with him. But he is soft and squishy on the inside and a bit complicated, so you never know what could happen.
    Bellamy is intelligent and intuitive. He reasons everything out and then acts on instinct to carry it through. It isn't uncommon for him to act on just instinct alone, usually this is success or failure, but he learns from them either way. Bellamy absorbs the world around him, whenever he enters a room, he acknowledges weapons, exits etc.
    Depending on who you are and what you mean, Bellamy will protect you until death or until you betray him (than he just pushes you away without second chances). Bell also doesn't like sharing and will do anything to make sure he doesn't have to. It's not noticeable, to where he is pulling you away from people, but he gives subtle hints, you could say.
    Soft Mannered
    Past all his bumps and bruises, Bellamy is a soft mannered guy. He secretly hides his soft and cuddly side, well more so doesn't let it out. As stated before, he doesn't express it because he fears looking weak, especially with the role of being Leader.

    Physical Appearance:
    Bellamy has a lean stature, being 6'1 and around 175lbs. Bell is light on his feet and moves like a cat. Bellamy has a lean face with high cheekbones, giving it a "long" appearance, a sharp jawline which is counteracted by the surprising softness of his cheekbones. Bell has creamy mocha skin and his face is dusted with freckles, some more prominent than others. His hair is ink black and thick, it is of eyebrow length, and is typically messy looking. Bell's eyes are like two cups of coffee, having a daring spark in them and are surrounded by a thick long set of eyelashes. Bell has a somewhat thin top lip but is made up for by his thicker, more fleshy bottom lip. Bellamy typically sports a crooked smile or small smirk. Though at times he has a hardened look, with a stone stare and blank emotion. Bell has a bullet like wound on his right shoulder, just below his collar bone and a small knife scar on his ribs. Has this tattooed on his upper back. Chest This tattoo is located on the inside of his forearm, with the north part of the cross located towards his elbow and going down a bit past half way his forearm.
    Bellamy is seen wearing dark, jeans and a pair of tie up boots that are a bit grungy and are typically hidden under his jeans. His shirt is usually a long sleeve with holes here and there and sometimes he'll wear an old black jacket (the black one) that is patched up here and there.
    Weapons: He was able to sneak a gun before getting placed on the dropship (you will figure out how later on, if you haven't watched the series). He carries around two knives, one in the inside of his jacket and one inside his boot.

    In his younger years, Bellamy helped his mom give birth to his sister. After that, he helped her keep her hidden for 16 years. During this period, he figured out his mother was sleeping with one of the guardsman (so she would know when surprise inspections happened.). She also did it for Bellamy, so that way he could get a spot in training for the Guard. Which would also help them with his sister.
    One day Bellamy while in cadet training, he snuck his sister out to go to a Masquerade party, this being the first time she had ever left their room. He promises his sister that he won't let her get caught and he will have her home before their mother got home. During the Masquerade party a sudden inspection happens and he loses track of his sister, grabbing her right before she got caught. As soon as they were about to leave, the head Guard stops them and asks for her I.D. Being that she is supposed to be a secret, she doesn't have one. Bell tells the Guard that he already scanned her...for a moment he believes they were out of the fog...but then the Guard says "You don't have a scanner". So immediately they grab his sister and take her away, putting her in prison. Bell was demoted to a janitor. During that time, the Council had floated his mother and ever since Bellamy resented them. 1 year later, that same Guard comes to Bellamy and offers him this:
    "If you kill the Chancellor, I will grant you a spot on that drop ship with your sister." His sister, Octavia, is all he had left, the need to protect her and be there was stronger than actual reasoning, so he took the offer and shoots the Chancellor...getting stowed away on the drop ship

    Theme Song: My Disease by Skylit Drive
    Other Information: I'm still developing his character on my own, so he might be a little bleh, but throughout the rp he should begin to make more sense.
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  3. I may be interested, but I have a few questions:
    1. Is it required that we play characters from the show, or can we create out own oc's?
    2. Could you explain the NPC thing a little more, it confused me a lot... Are they required? How would they only effect my character? How often would I have to play them? Ect...
    3. How many characters are we allowed to play? I know it says two at the very least... At that we have to play at least one male and one female. Personally, I don't have a problem with this, but I know a lot of people do because they're not good with one gender. I'd like to suggest changing this rule, because I believe this may be scaring a lot of people away.
    4. I also need more info about the status system... Because I don't understand what that is for at all. Will we be playing the delinquents on earth, as well as the adults back on The Ark?
    5. I've only seen the first few episodes of the TV show... Will this be an issue?

    After you've answered my questions, I may consider joining.
  4. No its fine to have questions, I realized how unorganized this was a few days ago cx
    Any who, I will answer this in order

    1. You may create your own. In the post I said you may rp a character from the series. Sorry I hadn't clarified that more.
    2. NPC's are optional. You do not have to make one unless you are creating a scene where it would only effect your character. This is difficult for me to explain, so bear with me. NPC's only have a minor effect on your character. They could be someone from your characters past, or help your character in the now. So if you are roleplaying, and want a quick character to go along with yours to create a small storyline of your own, than that's the idea of an NPC. Hope it makes sense.
    3. I will revise this rule. Honestly, feel free to make as many as you want. Gender is not a problem.
    4. The status system, initially is for order. Once the delinquents land on earth, order and rules will be needed (like the series, or just in general. Total chaos only rules for so long, before some order is established.). The status system only applies a little bit past the beginning.
    We only play the Delinquents. The adults are just NPC's. So they aren't needed but maybe later on we will make contact with them once again.
    5. It's not required that you have seen the tv show. Just a few episodes actually gives you some insight. If you want more information, go to

    If you want me to, I can bring in some more information and I plan on revising this anyways, so it would be great if you joined, but honestly i'm not truly proud of this cx
  5. Hmmm, I think I am interested. Thank you for answering my questions.
    But, if you're revising, maybe I should wait until you've done so, and see if anyone else is interested too. Are you going to re-post this in a new thread with the revisions?
  6. I just revised it, if you want to read through it and see if you clears some things up, that would be great ^.^
    I'll post a few more characters and hopefully more people will join, but The 100 doesn't have much of a fan base, so I may go through and make this into a whole new storyline and put in SciFi or something (if it doesn't get a few people in it.)
  7. Name: Audra Weathers (Ah-dr-uh W-eh-ther-s)
    Nickname and/or Title: n/a
    Age: 18

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Significant Other: n/a
    Strengths: Intelligence, Fighting Ability, Agility
    Weaknesses: Shy, Quiet, Introverted
    Kin: n/a
    Status: Regular
    Crime Committed: Said to have assaulted a guard.

    Personality: [Adventurous][Shy][Creative][Energetic][Intelligent/Intuitive][Loyal][Introvert][Harsh][Honest]

    Audra loves to explore and see different things. Not really wanting to stay in one place for very long, due to her ADHD.
    Audra isn't one to want to stand out from the crowd and would rather stay at the back of crowd. You would think, due to her mass amounts of tattoos that she would love to be front and center and the awe of everyone's imagination, but it's the complete opposite. She hates being center of attention and would rather go unnoticed and only a bleak existence of someone's imagination.
    Audra has an artistic side to her. Whether it be drawing or crafting, she has the ability to make something beautiful. Typically she uses her skills to build things, such as home made knives and such. But more so than ever, she loves to sit down and just draw.
    Audra is filled with energy. Though it's shadowed over by her more, introverted and shy side. In everyday tasks, however, she completes them quickly and is almost immediately ready to do something else. It takes a lot to slow this girl down.
    Audra typically will think about the consequences of something before carrying it out. But during a life or death situation, she lets instinct take over and will see where that takes her.
    Once you befriend Audra in some way, she will remain loyal to you no matter what. You could insult her or even kill someone she loves, and part of her if not all of her would still feel some loyalty towards you. Once you have gained her loyalty, she will more than likely follow you to Earth's end. She isn't like this with everyone, however, since her shyness gets in the way of making new friends.
    Audra isn't emotionally open. It takes a lot for her to open up to someone., even the closest of people struggle to get her to tell them things. Mainly because she doesn't want them to pity her, or think that she wants attention. Though she loves to help other people and know all their problems.
    Depending on the day and who you are, Audra can come across as harsh and rude. She can sometimes snap and verbally bring someone down. This isn't something that happens all the time, it's only when she is overly stressed or just annoyed with you or something in general. So don't take what she says into offense.
    Audra is straight and upfront. Telling something how it is and if you don't like it, that's your issue and not hers. This trait typically makes others see her as a bitch, because at times she isn't afraid to say, what needs to be said.

    Physical Appearance:
    Audra is about 5'4 and 116 lbs. She has a muscular yet lean build with long legs and a curvy waist. Her hair is straight and flows down towards the top of butt. It's of crimson blonde color and is partially shaved on one side. Her bangs are pulled forward and "swoosh" across her face. Audra has a somewhat lean face with soft features and full lips, a soft jawline with a lean neck that gently curves down into softly defined collarbones. Her dreamy gaze is created her bright blue, tinted grey eyes with long thick eyelashes that outline them. Audra's skin is a pale cream color and is littered with tattoos. Each one having it's own meaning. Audra has a few scars here and there, faint ones near the top of her elbow which are self inflicted yet she claims them to be a scratch from working with metal when she was about 15. Audra also has one another noticeable scar on her neck, moving from the back by her vertebrae down towards the top of her collarbone. This one is also faint, yet noticeable in the correct lighting. Audra also has these ear piercings, right, left. She has spider bites and a hooped nose piercing. (eventually she takes out her piercings).
    Apparel: Black or Steele Grey skinny, yet slightly baggy cargo pants, with black, leather boots that come up half way up her shin. She'll wear a loose tanktop that is slightly tighter at her hips of a dark color or a long sleeve with a bomber jacket over it.
    Weapons: She will make two knives for herself when they land.

    Biography: WIP.

    Theme Song: Join The Club by Bring Me The Horizon or Hospital For Souls by Bring Me The Horizon
    Other Information: meh
    Photo 1 (open)

    Photo 2 (open)
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  8. I've never actually watched the show (to be honest, this is the first time I've even heard it), but the premise is interesting.
    Is it okay to join even if you know nothing about the show?
  9. Name: Jack Atwood. [at-wood]
    Nickname and/or Title: Twitch.
    Age: Fifteen.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    Significant Other: None
    Strengths: Intelligent, calculating, surprisingly high stamina.
    Weaknesses: Paranoid, not physically strong, Mentally troubled.
    Kin: Had a friend who wasn't chosen to be sent to Earth.
    Status: Has yet to have one assigned.
    Crime Committed: Violent outburst, injured a few people.

    Personality: [Calculating][Strong Willed.][Sarcastic.][Paranoid.][Resourceful.]

    Jack is always trying to stay one step ahead, he wants to be able to predict things, to find patterns, to make plans. He is likely to carefully observe someone for a while before even talking to someone.

    [Strong Willed.]
    Jack doesn't know what keeps him going, but when push comes to shove, Jack will do anything it takes to survive, granted, he gets knocked down easily, but it is guaranteed he will jump right back up with the ferocity of a mad dog until he is either unconscious or dead.

    Jack is sarcastic to an extent, he will make little jokes and other things like that unless someone is quite angered by it... Jack isn't going to be a great guy, but he's not going to go looking for trouble.

    Jack is slow to trust people, and quite open about it, which comes from a mix of his own problems with anxiety, and the more reasonable fact that he knows anyone he talks to could have been a killer.

    When Jack gets to Earth, he plans to fashion his shiv into a spear as fast as he can, he will always keep an animal skin, and he will use anything in his environment to his advantage. He has some knowledge of making traps as well.

    Physical Appearance:
    Jack is A little over five feet, though a slouch makes him seem shorter, he is roughly 110 pounds, he appears skinny. His hair is dark brown and always messy, it goes halfway down his neck at the back and to the tops of his eyebrows at the front. He has thick eyebrows under his hair, and a sharp jawline, as well as noticeable cheekbones. His skin is pale, and his baggy eyes are grey-blue. His arms are particularly skinny.

    Apparel: Something loose fitting and durable. He has little care for how it looks.
    Weapons: Managed to secure a shiv.

    Biography: Jack was ten when he had the violent outburst... he isn't sure what caused it, but he managed to hurt some people, and now he's locked up in a box. For a few years, he met a single kind person.

    Theme Song: The Savage Side of Me by Miracleofsound.
    Other Information: Earned the name "Twitch" from being easily startled.

    Under a rare occasion, he will go into what he calls, "An outburst of selfless insanity.",
    Where his own sense of self preservation will go away and he will risk life and limb to help someone.


    If I need to be more in-depth with anything, let me know.
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  10. i'm making a character if anyone would like to be his younger or twin?
  11. Yes you can ^.^. If you want a better understanding you can go to the wikia ( but everything if you believe you can rp based on what I posted that would be just as good :D
    That is not allowed, unless taken up with me first. I'm sorry (and I may have forgotten this) but in the series only 1 child is allowed to be born. So if you talk to me about it we can work something out.
  12. Okay, thanks! Just wanted to double check!

    I'll start working on a bio.
    I can't guarantee that it will be up super quick though, because my last day of school isn't until tomorrow so I have homework and such things to work on.
  13. Oh and if you guys could tell a few people about this, that would be great!
  14. Nope, take all the time you need!
  15. One last thing, do you have to list a theme song?
  16. No it's not required, its kind of just something extra ^.^

    @Dahriin- Accepted!
  17. Oh okay sorry not a lot in the series, four episodes in.​
  18. Color Ref: ff0088
    "Honestly, I think the world is going to end bloody. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices."


    "Full name? Breanne Herman."
    Breanne {Bree-Anne} Grace Herman {Her-man}.

    Nickname and/or Title:
    "I like to be called Brea."
    Brea (Bree-uh).

    "What's it to you?"

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Well I definitely don't like girls."
    Heterosexual (Straight).

    Significant Other:
    "Seriously? I'm locked up and you think dating is one of my priorities right now?"

    "Ummm, let me think.... hold on..."
    She's a quick learner, and has an eye for detail. Breanne can also run very fast, and has always been good at climbing things. She is very flexible, and is pretty good at acting, which comes in handy when she lies. She's also a natural fighter.

    "Now why would I tell you my weaknesses?"
    She gets stage fright, and works better alone than she does in a group. Breanne is also not very strong, and can let her temper get the best of her. She's terribly claustrophobic, which is ironic considering she grew up in outer space. Lastly, Breanne has a thing about needles. She hates them.

    "No friends, and I wouldn't exactly call my family a family anymore. Haven't seen them in years."
    .Mother - Rayna Herman - Cook.
    .Father - Dean Herman - Guard.

    "You mean social status? It's safe to say I don't have one."
    Regular (For now).

    Crime Committed:
    "Here we go..."
    When Breanne was twelve, like all girls, she just wanted to be accepted by her peers. And so, to do this, she did a lot of stupid shit. She stole extra food roles to share with her friends, snuck them into restricted area's just for the hell of it. However, she was not put away, or even caught, for the petty crimes. On her thirteenth birthday, three of her male friend dared her to sneak them a space suit, and they'd go float around in nothingness for a while.
    Unfortunately, she was the one outside in the suit when they were caught, and because she also stole the suit she was the one to take all the blame.

    "Geez, buy me a drink first, will ya?"
    Breanne is extremely stubborn, and very sarcastic. Because she's been in jail for almost four years, she's had a lot of time to think. One thing Breanne has discovered is that you should never do something stupid to impress someone else, because that's the whole reason she's locked up. No longer is she easily manipulated, nor does she take oders from other people. That being said, Breanne is also very lonely. She wants to make friends, whithout also being a push over. So far, she's having a lot of difficulty with this. Breanne is a very quick leaner, as in a monkey-see-monkey-do kind of way. She's also very blunt, because she thinks beating around the bush is a waste of time, and very straight forward. Brea value's honesty, for which reason she will rarely lie. Lastly, Breanne has a temper that she finds hard to control. Still, she struggles with standing up for herself, but has no problem with standing up for others. The battles of other people seem easier to fight than her own.

    Physical Appearance:
    "Are you serious? What does it matter what I look like?"
    Breanne is short, and only stands about 5'1.

    Approximately 117 lbs

    Her hair is pretty long, about boob-length, and strawberry blonde. Or, as she prefers to call it, Red. It's her favorite thing about her physical appearance, and never plans on cutting her hair.

    {Eye Color}
    Breanne dislikes her eyes, because she finds them terribly boring. They's a light brown color, which sometimes looks green in the right lighting- but that lighting was hard to find on The Ark.

    Breanne has one scar, which she got when she was twelve. While crawling into a place she wasn't supposed to be, Brea caught herself on a screw sticking out from the wall. It had cut pretty deep, and she now has a scar over the front of her right shoulder.


    While she was twelve, her and her friends thought it would be fin to pierce their own ears. So, both of her ears are pierced, and she wears a pair of small opal earnings that used to belong to her mother.

    "It's truly nothing too fancy."
    Before getting arrested, Breanne only ever wore dresses. But, when she was locked up that apparel was no longer available to her, and she had to adjust her style. Now she wears tight- yet comfortable- beige, black, light grey or usually camouflage jean-line pants. Her socks are always ankle-length, and black. She also wears shirts in the same colors as her pants, minus the camouflage option. These shirts usually are v-necks, because normal shirts give her some kind of choking sensation that she does not favor. Lastly, Breanne always wears her black leather jacket (which was her mothers too) her combat boots, and her leather fingerless gloves.

    "Hmmm, does my wit count?"
    She found a pocket knife when they landed, and she kept it for herself in case she ever needs to defend herself. She made sure no one saw her take it, and she keeps it in her boot.

    "Let's keep the past in the past."
    Breanne was born into a happy family, and grew up with lots of love from her parents. She was a natural born fighter, so her father- who is a guard- often allowed her to train with him. She could disarm anybody by the time she was seven, knock someone three times her size out by the time she was ten. All of the combat training Breanne did got on her mothers skin, and she often tried to get Brea to help her out in the kitchens. But, Brea never had any interest in cooking, and she was also never any good at it.

    When Breanne was found in the space suit, her father tried to get her out of trouble, but rules are rules. She's been in jail since her thirteenth birthday, and at this point is counting down the days to her trial when she turns 18. She just can't wait to get out of that place. In jail, Brea has done a pretty good job at sticking to herself. Sure, she'll talk to anyone who starts the conversation first, but Brea's never really been good at initiating conversation herself. For this reason, she has pretty much no friends..

    Theme Song:
    "Theme song? What are we, five?"

    Other Information:
    "Don't you know enough already?"
    . She's always wondered what Earth is like .
    . Wanted to be a guard like her father .
    . One time started a small fire in the kitchen, and so she was banned from the place .

  19. Sorry I took so long!
    Also, I might make another character, depending on how many other's are created.
  20. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Veronika Gail
    Nickname and/or Title: Nik.​
    Age: 17​
    Sexual Orientation: Homosexual​
    Significant Other: N/A​
    Strengths: Honest, quick-thinking, brave, empathetic.​
    Weaknesses: Blunt, low tolerance for pain, rash.​
    Kin: Her mother, Martha, and her father, Phil, are still alive and thriving on the Ark, both disowning her to a certain extent for breaking the rules they've dedicated their lives to. Additionally, her friend and crush Alicia made it to the ground, although injured and likely to die​
    Status: Co-leader.​
    Crime Committed: Purposefully brawled with guards in order to get herself locked away and put into a cell.​
    Nik tends to be highly empathic, feeling other's pain as her own and is quick to attempt to assist them if at all possible. This applies more to physical danger than the emotional ones, as she's quicker to charge into danger than she is to arrange a therapy session. For this reason however, she's more easily manipulated than some, but as an upside it allows her strength as a leader in that she can see both sides of things. When she takes into account both views, and chooses which one she believes in, she cannot be budged, standing by that belief to the grave. Because she trusts her own gut over anyone else's, she acts upon what she believes is best for the well being of the group. She tries to be fairly selfless, but it's virtually impossible for her to completely disregard her own gain. That being said, while Alicia still lives, she's going to put all her effort into keeping her alive. Likewise, she's fiercely loyal, a violent passion of dedication to the cause of those she's connected with.

    Physical Appearance: Veronika stands at 5'10" and weights around 145 pounds, any extra attributing to muscle.
    Her hair is a dark brown that boasts a few highlights and can usually be seen unpinned and falling past her shoulders. Her eyes would be an almost identical hue if not for their deeper tone, and have a certain madness behind them, wild and unruly.

    Apparel: She wears a pair of simple olive green cargo pants that are a bit worn around the edges but more than make up for it in pockets. Over that, she layers a black t-shirt that have sleeves that snake down 3/4ths of her arm, with some blue stitching around the collar. Several pendant are strung around her neck. For in the evenings when it's cooler, she'll throw on a soft, muted gray and black jacket that doesn't look all that pretty but serves it's purpose.

    Weapons: A small hunting knife that she keeps in the waist of her pants. Unfortunately, it's not in the best shape and is dulled and rusted.

    All things considered, Nik was born into a position of relative prosperity, with her mom holding a high position close to the council and her father laboring as an engineer, she had a full life handed to her. In her earlier years, there was nothing to question about life on the Ark, after all, the system worked, and she never knew of anything better- anything she was missing out on. The Earth was nothing more than the sun is to us, beautiful but dangerous and untouchable. She ran about the halls when she was allowed, laughing and hollering joyfully as her dark hair cascaded behind her. Those were the easy days, the ones she wished she could recapture, but never could.

    Her troubles came disguised in the form of a friend, a girl named Alicia that lived in the same block. Alicia's parents maintained a completely alien perspective of things, stemming from a long line of historians that craved to study the remnants of civilization on Earth. They had ties in high places, and had access to snippets of information not meant for their ears. That philosophy seeped to Nik through Alicia, and within no time at all, they could be seen huddled around a window, pointing and whispering as they imagined the mighty wars and marches that had taken place on the ground far below. Nik's parents were generally disapproving of the friendship, but were entirely too busy with their jobs to enforce anything correlating to it, so she was free to spend her days with Alicia, never a secret going unsaid between them.

    Unfortunately, the secrets coming from Alicia became whispers of boys and romance, while Veronika was more interested in her than anyone else. But not wanting to trash their friendship with unwelcome feelings, she kept quiet and gradually fell in love with her from afar. So, when Alicia came to her with unbelievable news and an even more unbelievable plan, Nik didn't hesitate to jump in after her, risking everything for something she wasn't even that sure of. Alicia wanted to go to the ground, to document historical sights and take notes on the old architecture and ruins. To do so, they'd have to be arrested, which was no difficult task considering the strict nature of the rules on the Ark. That night, they snuck out together, pretending to be drunk, and sucker punched a few guards, screaming profanities while they let their fists fly wild, landing themselves firmly cells, which was exactly where they wanted to be.

    On the way to the ground, Alicia suffered head trauma and is currently undergoing medical treatment, so Nik is hesitant to leave her side, but knows she must move on if she'd going to survive on Earth. It wasn't like she'd ever be loved back anyhow, as much as it hurts.

    Theme Song:

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Maybe the planets[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Are trying to become the stars[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]And we really came from Mars[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The earth is alive[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]And man is a parasite[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]And heavenly bodies make us fight"[/BCOLOR]

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