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  1. NOTE: Recently we've lost a lot of players, so this is our new sign ups. My Co-Gm (@Poetic_Justic3 ) and I are hoping to bring in new interest so we can get this thing going again. We've barely started, but we are going to be doing a bit of a time skip so that we can make up for all the major players we've lost.​

    If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! ♥​

    • "I feel the sun on my face, I see trees all around me. The scent of wildflowers in the breeze. It's so beautiful. In this moment, I'm not stranded in space.
      It's been in 97 years since a nuclear Apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. 12 nations had operational pace stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from the many.
      We're told the earth needs another 100 years to become survivable again. 4 more space-locked generations, and man can go home. Back to the ground.
      The Ground- that's the dream. This is reality..."

      Any crime committed on the Ark is punishable by death (or, as they call it, 'Floating') unless the offender is under the age of eighteen. In the case of a minor committing a crime, they are put in the prison ward of the Ark, and kept there until they turn 18. Upon their 18th birthday each minor is given a hearing, where their final fate shall be decided.

      Except, things are changing. The council has voted for a new protocol- one that will be kept a secret from civilians until it is completely necessary to share new found information with them. The council has decided to send the most disposable people on the Ark, the delinquent prisoners, down to Earth in a drop-ship. Their mission is to determine whether the planet is survivable again. The drop-ship is set to land at a very specific destination, where supplies had recently been dropped down. The council has determined that there should be enough supplies to last the children until the rest of the ark is able to follow. The communication devices implanted in each wristband put on each prisoner was the only way to communicate from the ground to the Ark. Unfortunately, they malfunctioned once entered the atmosphere, and now the only way the Ark will know that the Earth is survivable is by watching each person's health through the data transmitted via wristband.

      You can either choose to be one of the 100, or a grounder (a grounder is one a human who has been living on the ground the whole time... they are not very advanced in their technology, and can speak English among many other languages). The people back on the ark will NPC's, played by myself, and my Co-GM @Justice_20

    • We are starting up after the 100 have been on the ground for a week. I've put the main thing you need to know here, there's just more detail in the spoili's

      The 100- Many people have died the past week, and there is still no leader. Tents have been set up, and for the most part everyone has to share a tent. They're still learning how to survive.

      They have landed on the ground, and have been there for a week. he 100 has opened up the boxes and, while they have not left the beach much, they have pitched tents and established where everyone sleeps. Their main struggle as of now is that a leader has not been chosen yet, and his causes things to be chaotic at times.

      One evening in the past week it began to rain, and at first the 100 danced in the rain. That was until their skin began to burn, and they realized the rain was actually some kind of acid downpour. Quinn, Sabine, Kristopher, Adam, Katrina, Hayden and Hal were all out looking for food when the rain started, and were not able to find shelter before they died. Some of the 100 grieved, but because most of them are criminals who only care of themselves the grieving period was very short.

      The Grounders- The Grounders are ready to reveal themselves, because they want to handle the 10 already. It's up to Esme (their leader) to decide how to proceed. Many lives have been lost in the past week, and so many Grounders are angry and mourning.

      They still have not revealed themselves to the 100 intruders. As each day passes the Grounders in the village become more and more anxious, and want to make contact already. Most of them just want to show them that the island belongs to their tribe, and that the 100 need to get out.

      The Grounders were preparing to take some of the 100 one night, but before they even reached the beach a wild boar attacked them out of nowhere. Esme (their leader) was greatly injured, and Baldur (her guard) was killed. This is when Maeve (A Grounder who was banished) joined the Grounders again. Bastianna and Ragah (two great warriors), who have secretly been keeping track of Maeve's whereabouts, sought her out to come heal their Chosen One (Esme), and in return Maeve would be pardoned of her crimes and able to rejoin the Grounders. During a hunting trip that Bastianna and Ragah were a part of there was an acid rain (side effect of the nuclear bombs that destroyed the Earth), which killed them both because they were unable to reach shelter quick enough. Rio (a loner), Sam (a loner) and Osias (a healer) were also killed in the acid rain.

      Grounder believe life is precious, and so many of them are still mourning the loss of everyone who's died in the past couple of days. Some begin to blame the arrival of the 100 for all the sudden deaths, and now that Esme is healed for the most part it's probably about time she reaches out to make contact.

      Jillian (a lone Grounder who traded with the village) has also joined up with the other Grounders. She traded something very valuable in exchange for protect from the ones who fell from the sky (the 100), And will be staying with them at least until she is sure they are no longer a threat.

      For those who have been here since the behining, here's what's happened to everyone:
      The 100:
      Adam Macdonald- 17.- Death by Acid Rain.
      Benjamin Gegenheimer- 14.- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet. Was planning on running away with Sly.
      Calixto Barnaby Quinn- 18. - Death by Acid Rain
      Clarissa Riley Scott- 17.- Alive and well, hasn't affected the plot very much yet.
      Grey H Alec- 13. -Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Hayden David Keller/Candid- 13. Death by Acid Rain.
      Hall Hoffman- 18.- Dead-- Acid Rain.

      Imogen Pace- 14. Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Jaiden Amiel Kovich- 17. Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Katrina Lindsay Keller- 18. Death by Acid Rain.
      Kristopher Dark- 17.- Death by acid rain.

      Lyndsy Rose- 16.- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet. Was trying to build structures.
      Sabine Emmerson- 17.- Death by Acid rain.
      Sly- 16. Bisexual, Merchant Station.- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet. Was planning on running away with Benji.
      Quinn Faye Hunter- 17.- Death by Acid Rain.
      Viaeny Aster Newcomb- 13.- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Zahra Alec- 16 .- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.

      Baldur- 24.- Death by Boar.
      Bastianna- 24. Death by Acid Rain.

      Esme- 19. - Was injured, is better now.
      Jillian McCarthy- 24.- Traded something valuable, on the condition that she got to live with the grounder tribe until at least until they were sure the 100 isn't a threat.
      Kaito Kree of the Azure Water Clan- 20.Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Maeve Southernile- 20. Joined the grounders after healing their leader. Still interested in the 100.
      Rhea- 17. Still second in command, kind of Esme's guard now that her real guard is dead.
      Rio Lanster- 17. - Death by Acid Rain.
      Ragah- 27. Death by Acid Rain.

      River Swiftpaw- Alive and well. Hasn't affected the plot much yet.
      Sam/Stalker- 17. - Death by Acid Rain.
      Osias- Unknown Age. - Death by Acid Rain.

Firstly, we will only be OC's. Meaning, Bellamy, Clarke, Finn and the rest of the gang is not included in this RP.
The Ark is divided into 12 stations, one for each of the nations. Each station has a different career field, and each person will take a job according to the section they were born into. However, once you are an adult you may move to a new section, if room is available. The adults job will not be changed, but their child born into that section will. (These will also help us determine the jobs everyone will have on the ground, so choose your station wisely) It goes as the following:
  1. Agriculture- Farmers. They grow the food, and have access to books about the Earths plants.
  2. Medical- These are either Doctors, Nurses, Assistants or Dentists.
  3. Cooking- Pretty self explanatory.
  4. Mechanical Engineering- Anything to do with rebuilding the Ark, and technology.
  5. Chemical Engineering- Not to be confused with the scientists. They just make the chemical compounds that keep the Ark working. They've got a lot of knowledge about physics and chemistry.
  6. Scientists- They mostly just develop new kinds of medicine, but they sometimes invent new technologies.
  7. Peacekeepers- These are basically the police officers of the Ark. They tend to think of themselves as better than everyone else.
  8. Educators- They teach the young until they are 18, which is when everyone begins their official training for their jobs. Teachers mostly just teach basic subjects, but are known to know a lot of facts about Earth.
  9. Sewers- These people pretty much just mend clothes and make new clothing (usually from old clothing, since there are limited supplies).
  10. Janitors- I'm sure you could guess their job, but in case you can't it's pretty much just to clean up around the Ark.
  11. Public Speakers- These people are really just the leaders of organizations. Some organizations are based on religion, while others are based on a common interest. Sometimes they are referred to as Therapists, cause these would be the people most would see for advise.
  12. Merchants- There isn't really a black market on the Ark, but these people are always selling things you had no idea existed. No one knows where they get this stuff, and no one really asks.

To mix things up, our Dropship will land in a different location than the one in the show. Instead, we are going to land on the big tropical and human island, on the beach. Our ship will also land correctly, instead of crash landing like it had in the show.

So far the main location in the Grounder Camp is the Temple of Knowledge, where Esme (their leader) has spent most of her time studying. Otherwise, the village surrounds it, and there is a wooden gate surrounding the village.

    • This is intermediate. Please about 1-5 paragraphs.​
    • Be active. There is not a posting order, so just reply when the people your character is interacting with do.​
    • Please be kind to each other OOC
    • All Iwaku rules apply.​
    • Relationships are allowed, but please do not revolve the roleplay around it. In addition to this, you must communicate with the other person if you want your character to have a relationship with theirs.​
    • To add onto the previous rule, if things get past pg-13, please take it to PM.​
    • The age limit is 13-18. UNLESS you are going to be a grounder. In which case, be whatever age you want. (ALSO: The position of the Grounders leader is first-come-first-serve)​
    • Oc's only- we are not going to be included any characters from the show.​
    • 1-4 characters per person.​
    • If you took the time to read he rules, please add a theme song at the bottom of your form. If you do not do this I will not accept your form, nor will my Co-GM, and will instead ask you to read the rules.​
    • Be realistic... if you're hit with a spear, it's gonna hurt!​
    • If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please PM either me or @Justice_20 so we can work around your absence in the rp.​
    • That's pretty much it... have fun!​

  • You can either choose to be one of the 100, or a grounder (a grounder is a human who has been living on the ground the whole time... they are not very advanced in their technology, but can speak English among many other languages). The people back on the ark will NPC's, played by myself, and my Co-GM @Justice_20

    Right now we will not be accepting any lone grounders, due to the lack of grounders actually living in the village.

    The 100-
    "Quote/Saying here."
    {Insert image(s)/gif(s) here}
    Full name:
    Crime Committed:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Significant Other:
    Station they were born in:
    "Quote/Saying here."

    "Quote/Saying here."
    {Insert image(s)/gif(s) here}
    Sexual Orientation:
    Significant Other:
    "Quote/Saying here."

  • Alphabetical. Name links to looks, age links to Character Sheet, and the information in the smallest font links to the profile of the person playing them.
    Girls in Pink.
    Boys in Blue.
    The 100-

    Benjamin Gegenheimer- 14. (Closet) Homosexual, Agriculture Station.
    Clarissa Riley Scott- 17. Heterosexual, Peacekeeper Station.
    Grey H Alec- 13. Pansexual, Medical Station.
    Imogen Pace- 14. Sexually Unsure, Janitor Station.
    Jaiden Amiel Kovich- 17. Heterosexual, Janitor Station.
    Lyndsy Rose- 16. Heterosexual, Sewers Station.
    Sly- 16. Bisexual, Merchant Station.
    Viaeny Aster Newcomb- 13. Heterosexual, Public Speaking station.
    Zahra Alec- 16 . Bisexual, Medical station.

    Esme- 19. Bisexual, Leader/Princess.
    Jillian McCarthy- 24. Pansexual, Lone Grounder (Trades).
    Kaito Kree of the Azure Water Clan- 20. Heterosexual, Scavenger.
    Maeve Southernile- 20. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.
    Rhea- 17. Heterosexual, 2nd in command.
    River Swiftpaw- 20. Heterosexual, High Warrior.

    The Council/NPC's-
    Chancellor Isarah
    Shiloh Candid- Doctor
    Marcus Stahlin - Monitors feed from wristbands
    Katarine Tori -2nd in command
    Chanel Fahly -Important Engineer
    Ginn Grey- Head officer.

  • Q: I've never seen the show before. Can I still participate?
    A: Of course! Everyone is welcome!

    Q: The rules say 1-5 paragraphs. Is it alright if I am only able to write 1 in each post?
    A: Yes, it is. 1 paragraph is the minimum, which means it is absolutely permitted!

    Q: The roleplay has already started! Can I still join?
    A: Of course! Just like any good story, new characters need to be added along the way. But, be aware that your character will only be accepted if the roleplay is at a good place to add another character. If we're in a chaotic situation, it's likely that you'll need to wait before joining. Sorry!

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    "Death's gotta be easy, cause life is hard."
    Full name:
    "I'm Clarissa, but lately I've been referred to as prisoner 143."
    Clarissa Riley Scott.

    "It's been a while since I've been called my nickname."

    "Young enough to be spared of being floated... for now."

    Crime Committed:
    "Yeah, the rumors are true. But the son-of-a-bitch deserved it."
    One night, when Clarissa was 14, she was walking home with one of her friends. All of her friends had gotten together to celebrate a birthday, but her parent's didn't want her to stay long. So, when it was time for her to go, one of her male friends offered to walk her back. His name was Jason Rodrickson, and he was seventeen at the time. All of her female friends had a crush on him at the time, so she was more than happy to accept his offer.
    During their walk, he told her that he really liked her, and they ended up kissing. Which Clary was fine with, until he pushed her against the wall. His hands began to linger places, and when she asked him to stop he only told her to shut up. This scared Clary, and he managed to get her shirt off before she seriously began to fight back. He was much stronger than she was, and so she could only push him away for a few seconds at the time, and he covered her mouth the moment she began to yell of help.
    Her pants her around her ankles by the time Clary's fingertips touched something cold and hard. Without thinking she took a hold of it, and bashed it against Jason's head. He stumbled back, and for good measure she hit him again. Once he hit the ground she threw the item- which was apparently a fire extinguisher- down as well. It wasn't until her clothes were mostly fixed that a Guard turned down their way, and as soon as he saw the two of them she was arrested. It was determined later that night that Jason was dead, and the cause of death was a few brute hits to the head. Clary pleaded guilty, because she was not going to deny what she had done, but it seemed that nobody cared why she had done it. Only that a young and promising gentleman had been killed. And, because she showed no remorse for what she had done, she was sentenced to solitary confinement until she was old enough to be retried as an adult.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Relationships aren't exactly high on my priority list."

    Significant Other:
    "Considering I killed the last guy who tried anything with me, I'd say it's safe to assume I'll never have one of these."
    N/A- Interested? PM Me!.

    "I've been locked up so long, who even knows."
    Clarissa is a great fighter, and incredibly strong- despite how weak she may look. She's very good at hiding, cooking, and running her mouth. One of her talents is noticing other people's weaknesses, and using them to her advantage. Lastly, because both her parent's were doctors she does have some knowledge of medical stuff, but not much.

    "I'm sure I have an abundance of these."
    Due to being in solitary confinement for the past three- almost four- years, Clarissa's 'people skills' are horrible. She's pretty much forgotten how to interact with other people, and so sometimes things come off more insensitive than she mean's it to. Other people's feelings are just not a thing she thinks about. However, her feelings can be easily hurt, as she takes almost anything said about her directly to the heart. Clary is not very good with secrets, and has no experience with any technology. She's never had to save anything either (such as food, water, money, ect), which has caused her to be rather wasteful. Lastly, Clarissa trusts almost no one, and even when she does grow to trust someone it isn't unusual for her to expect them to turn on her sooner or later.

    Station they were born in:
    "I was supposed to grow up to be a peacekeeper. Ain't that ironic?"
    #7 -Peacekeepers- These are basically the police officers of the Ark. They tend to think of themselves as better than everyone else.

    "No comment."
    Clarissa is a very careful girl. After Jason, she decided not to trust anyone ever again. And, so far, she had stayed true to her word. Of course, it's pretty easy to keep a promise like that when you're cut off from all human interaction. Because she was not allowed to leave her cell under any circumstances, Clary took up reading. She likes to read all kinds of genre's, and the books she has read are the biggest influence on the person she has become- because there is nothing else to influence her. She's very imaginative, and often can get ahead of herself. Jenna is also incredibly outspoken, and has no problem sharing her opinion with others. She knows a lot of useless facts, but rarely shares them because she believes no one cares. She also believes that no one cares what she has to say, because they certainly didn't care when they tried her for murder. She's quick to jump to conclusions, and is very insecure with herself. She has a hard time interacting with other people, because of how long she's been locked up by herself, but hopes to regain her people skills with some time. She says exactly what is on her mind- which can make her either really funny, or really bitchy. She's also very defensive, and will turn hostile if she feels like she's being threatened in any way. Lastly, she can be violent, if pushed hard enough.

    "Let's keep the past in the past."
    Growing up, Clarissa was very popular. She had many friends, and got along with adults pretty well. She was a respectable young lady, who always had something nice to say. She appreciated the little things in life. Unlike other children, Earth never interested her. She liked the simple life on the Ark, and stories of the dangers on Earth kept her curiosity of the planet to a minimum. Clary was very flirty with boys her age, but usually never really meant anything of it. It was all just fun and games. Knowing her now, it's hard to believe what a positive person she used to be.

    After Jason attacking her, and her killing him, Clary decided to plead guilty in court. She knew that what she had done was wrong, but it was all in self difference. She hadn't actually meant to kill the guy- just get him off of her. She and her family were hoping that because she was so young, and because Jason was trying to rape her, they would give her a punishment such as community service. However, the law was that any crime committed was punishable in the same way, no matter how small and justified. Plus, the little remorse Clary showed about the life she had taken worried the court, so they sentenced her to a life in solitary confinement, until she was eighteen. At that age she would be tried as an adult, and more than likely floated.

    During her days in solitude, Clary quickly decided that sulking around was no way to live. Her life would be over soon, so she might as well enjoy whats he still had left of it. She requested books, and began to spend most of her time reading. After a while, however, she started to feel unhealthy and gross. After reading a book about health, she discovered that she was not getting enough physical activity, and would become very ill if she continued on the way she was. So, naturally, she started to work out. At first she'd do laps around her small cell, and then she'd do small repetitions of sit ups or crunches. Eventually she began to advance, and built up to new work out habits. Now, she goes until she max's out- whether her exercise be sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, ect- and then moves onto her next exercise. She does this until her muscles ache and she can barely move, and then she spends the rest of the day reading. Eventually she convinced the officials to hang a punching bag for her, and she started using that when she worked out as well. Because of this, Clary is very toned and very strong.

    Theme Song:
    "I haven't heard music in a long time."

    "I really don't like sharing things about myself."
    No one really knows her, and she doubts that anyone remembers Clarissa Scott ever existed .
    . She likes to think she's really tough, and puts up a great act because she wants people to think she's tough too .
    . Sometimes worries that she's actually a murderer at heart (relevance to theme song) .
    . Truly just wants to be accepted .
    . Will want to be a main Guard once The 100 has settled in on the ground .

    "Honestly, I think the world is going to end bloody. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices."
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    "It's an imperfect world, but it's the only one we got."
    Full name:
    "My name is said to mean 'Earth'."
    Rhea of the (will put tribe name here, when it is decided).

    "When you've grown up as fast as I have, age is just a number."
    "I shall be leader one day. When my time comes."
    2nd in Command.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "My own sex does little to interest me."

    Significant Other:
    "I'm a bit too busy to seek out a mate."
    N/A- Interested? PM Me!.

    "We are all strong, in out own ways."
    Rhea is very tough, both mentally and physically. She usually has great judgement because she is able to see both sides of an argument. She's very good at hunting, camouflaging herself to fit into her surroundings, and climbing tree's. She typically has great aim, unless her mind is preoccupied, and a good eye for detail. Rhea is also a gifted fighter, though she rarely needs to, and inspiringly brave. She is very flexible and light. Lastly, Rhea knows how to pick her battles, and when to let things go.

    "Faults are not something one should admit easily."
    Ever since she was born, Rhea has always been painfully indecisive. She doesn't want to displease any of her people, and so making any kind of decision takes much longer with her than it should. She also is a poor swimmer, and doesn't seem to ever get any better no matter how hard she practices. Rhea's sense of smell, as well as her sense of hearing are poor, and so it can be easy to sneak up on her. She is known to be too lenient sometimes, and often has trouble making sacrifices. She is irrationally afraid of tight and dark places, such as caves. Lastly, Rhea tends to grow close to certain individuals, and break the rules for them.

    "You mean my battle-scars?"
    Rhea has a scar, staring on her right shoulder, and stretching down her back to her left hip bone. It's from a mutated boar that attacked her while she was pout hunting for food.
    Usually, her face is bare, but whenever she is going to a tribal meeting or somewhere else important she decorated her face with warpaint.

    "I was raised to be a leader, nothing else."
    Rhea is often very serious and thoughtful. In theory, she should be a very graceful young girl, but she is actually very clumsy. Despite this downfall, Rhea is very confident in what she does and in who she is. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason, no matter how horrible. Usually, she is very kind to her people, and always offers any help she can provide. However, once irritated, Rhea has a nasty attitude. She's very protective of her people, and even more so for the people she is close to. She's known for being extremely brave and selfless. Rhea, although indecisive, is organized. She is only at ease when she knows everything is running smoothly. She is naturally peaceful, inviting, tactful and optimistic. Rhea adores little kids, and is often viewed as a role model by them. There are very few people who treat her as an equal, and she tends to be clingy with them. Like all people, she does have a few major faults. These include being bossy, gullible, impolite and secretive. She is also very fidgety, and has trouble sitting still.

    "All that matters in the present. One must always be looking forward."
    When Rhea was five years old, she was selected to be the Leaders 2nd in command. Since then, her destiny was basically set for her. She was to be the next leader, should anything happen to the current one. And when her time came, she too would select a young runner-up to take her place when she passes.

    Growing up, Rhea tried to be a very serious and sophisticated young women. However, whenever she had the chance, she would sneak away to play with the other children. Often, her punishments were much lighter than she expected them to be, which may be why she continued to do it. After a few years, when Rhea became a teen, she noticed that some of the people she used to think of peers began to treat her as if she was more special than them. She resented this treatment, because she truly did not think there was only one thing that made her better than everyone else. After she realized this, Rhea decided she had no interest in playing with others, and started to embrace her responsibilities more willingly.

    She became a very gifted huntress, and led hunts for food whenever she found the time. One of these hunts resulted in Rhea's scar down her back, and she was constantly reminded that she could have been paralyzed. It didn't take long for Rhea to grow tired of being told this, so one day she told one of the medics, "I could have been, but I wasn't. Which means there are bigger things in store for me." It was unusual for her to speak with such attitude, and so her words spread around the village quickly. After that, people stopped mentioning her scar all together.

    When Rhea was a younger Teen, her people were gifted with the coming of the "Chosen One." In the beginning Rhea believed this would excuse her from he duties, and the thought both excited her and frightened her. He wishes seemed to come true, as she was temporarily excused from her duties, while The Chosen One took her place. Sadly, because she had been raised to be the leader, Rhea did not conform well with the rest of her village. During the 4 years that the Leader trained The Chosen One, Rhea was classified as a warrior. However, because there was not much war since The Chosen Ones arrival, she served mostly as a huntress. When their Leader died, it was decided that Rhea would once again take up the position of The Chosen Ones successor, should anything happen to her. .

    Now, Rhea is a role model to the young children of the tribe, and although she is only 2nd in command she is very much respected.

    "Ah, I wield many weapons, stranger."
    Rhea wields custom set of a bow and arrows, which is her favorite weapon. She also has a sword crafted from silk thread and resin, but she only uses this when she absolutely needs to.

    Theme Song:
    "What is a theme song?"

    "What more could you possible need to know?"
    . Chews her fingernails when she is nervous .
    . Hunting helps her to release built up anger .
    . She sometimes climbs he high trees in her village when she wants to get away .
    . Stays away from the water whenever she can .
    . Whenever one of her own dies she cuts a lock of their hair off. She then makes the time to climb to the highest cliff in on their island, and lets each strand slip from her fingers and into the breeze .

    "Mankind is not evil. Just... unformed."
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    "Truth is always strange. Stranger than fiction."

    Full name:
    "I am Maeve, and it is a great pleasure to meet you."
    Maeve Southernile.

    "It's been a while since my age has been of importance to anyone."

    "Once upon a time I was great healer. Now I have been reduce to nothing."
    Lone Grounder - Former Healer.

    "Gather around, I guess it's story time."
    Sadly, after all these years, children are born with defaults. Deformed, slower than others, without sight or the ability to hear. Meave's older brother, Haltric, was one of these. Not only was he deformed, but he was also mentally ill. Haltric was highly paranoid, and it was very difficult for him to understand things explained to him. Even in these times, he was offered referred to as a gentle giant... that is, until the incident.

    When Maeve was only eight years of age it was discovered that she had a knack for helping the ill.She became an apprentice to a great healer of her village, and it was also discovered that she learned quickly. When she turned sixteen, which was still a big deal in her village, the community celebrated by building Maeve her own healing hut. That was when Maeve started to allow Haltric to sit with her while she worked, just as long as he didn't touch anything.

    She had one very simple rule for those who entered her hut: Do not speak to Haltric, unless you will do so kindly. She could not completely protect him from teasing outside of her work area, but it would not be tolerated in her prescience. Especially when she was trying to heal the bully. Most abided by this rule without any warnings, but there was one warrior, Asgard, who insisted on teasing Haltric whenever he came in to get a scratch disinfected or have a joint popped back into place.

    Haltric was used to the torment, for he had suffered from it since the day he could talk. He almost didn't care about it anymore. However, there was one very important thing to him: Maeve. His younger sister had spent her whole life sticking up for him, and so she quickly became the person he loved the most. When Asgard wasn't teasing Haltric he was flirting with Maeve, and as much as Haltric hated it he always ignored it, because Maeve requested him to do so. He was actually doing very good about keeping his mouth shut, and was very proud of himself... until the incident.

    One day Asgard came to visit Maeve, without any injuries. He just wanted to see her. But, he got very handsy, and when Maeve told him to stop he began to tease her. Haltric knew what it was liked to be teased, and the thought of his sister going through it pushed him over the edge. He became enraged, throwing Asgard out of Maeves medic hut and beating him to death. The punishment for killing one of your own within the village was well known, and everyone knew what his fate was.

    He was to be hung.

    On the day of his hanging, Maeve, who had always been very good at climbing trees, hid up in The Hanging Tree, waiting. She waited until the whole village had gathered to bid her brother goodbye, and then waited even longer for them to slip the vine around his neck. As soon as they kicked the basket from his feet, Maeve cut the vine, shouting for him to run. Confused and terrified, Haltric did as he was told, which only resulted in him being speared by a hunter.

    Maeves punishment was considered very light, and she received special treatment because she was so loved around the village. She was banished from the village for going against their ways, and was no longer considered one of them. She left, given a sword by Asgards father, saying that he had made it for her anyways. Asgard would have wanted her to have it. Before long, Maeve found a cave a quarter of a mile away from The Temple Of Knowledge, which was hid by vines and trees. She's been unbothered her whole time living there, and so is pretty sure no one is even aware of the cave.

    About half a year after her banishment, The Chosen One was brought into power. For a while Maeve considered begging for forgiveness from her, so that she may return home. But, she decided against it, because even if The Chosen One did pardon her, she'd never truly be accepted by her people anyways.

    Solitude was just easier.

    That is until she was sought out. Due to recent events Maeve has rejoined with the Grounders with full pardon of her crimes, and all she had o do was heal their Chosen One.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "I'm into guys, but you don't see much of those out here in the trees. Unless they've been strung up, or are hunting."

    Significant Other:
    "Ah, what a strange question. As if I have the chance of reproduction anymore."
    N/A- Interested? PM Me!.

    "My greatest ability is keeping the fallen alive, but I haven't been able to do so in a while."
    Obviously, Maeve is an amazing healer. She's been doing it for twelve years now, so she ought to be. She can also climb trees easily, because she often scales them for coconuts and to get the upper hand in hunting. In her time alone, Maeve has become a skilled hunter, and an even better spy. She often hides up in the trees, after camouflaging herself, and watches what goes on in the villages. She is sure to steer clear of guards on the lookout, because there is no doubt she'd be shot down. She is a very quick learner, and has great agility. Maeve wields her sword greatly, because she practices a lot, and has also learned how to set several kinds of traps. A less important strength she has is singing, and she would often sing to the sick while she nursed them back to health. She can also read and write, since she used to document her patients deveolpment.

    "As it turns out, I have my fair share of faults."
    If you didn't get it from her Bio, I'll be frank: Maeve is reckless. And impulsive. And unorganized. She tends to be a bit of a scatter brain, and goes off track often. She is immensely curious, and when she cares about someone she will do anything for them, as seen when her brother. This was seen as a great weakness before the Chose One came, and she is sure it probably still is to most of the grounders. She can only speak two languages: English and that of her village. When stressed, Maeve has trouble thinking clearly. Lastly, because Maeve has been alone for so long, she can be horribly honest, forgetting how sensitive some people can be.

    "I'm sure those of my former clan will tell you differently, but..."
    As stated before, Maeve is reckless, impulsive, unorganized, and curious. Besides this, she is very kind and careful, especially when trying to heal someone. She can be very empathetic and compassionate, as well as loving. Because she has been alone for so long, and knows the only person who ever truly loved her is dead by her hands, she will be very protective and clingy with anyone who allows her to get close enough. Possibly even possessive. She is very stubborn, and will not change her thinking unless given a extremely good reason. She tends to be very calm, even in the worse situations, thanks to her training as a healer. Maeve is, most of all, lonely, and although she'll never admit it even to herself, she longs for some company. She is also very hard to scare, because she has nothing to live for and therefore nothing to fear.

    "Ah, I've discovered I have a few scars, though I am not entirely sure when exactly I received them. Perhaps during my exile."
    Various random scars all over her body.

    "Well, I've got have something if I'm going to survive."
    The Sword Asgard had crafted for her before she was killed, it is made of metal since this is pre-Chosen One, when smelting was still okay. She's also picked up the knack of making spears herself.

    "As it turns out, there's not much more for me to share."
    She has countless roots and other kinds of plants that are good for healing.
    She will not be frightened by the 100. In fact, they will peak her interest.
    She will stay away from the 100 until she is sure they are safe to approach, bu she will watch from afar.

    Theme Song:
    "I'm sorry, I do not understand the question."

    "Now hatred is, by far, the longest pleasure. Men love at haste, but they detest at leisure."
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  • "Truth and Justice go together. So do their opposites."
    Full name:
    "Viaeny Aster Newcomb. Being born in space, I guess the middle names makes sense, right? Dunno where my first name comes from."

    "Vinny, Vi, Veeny..pretty much any way people can think of to mispronounce my real name. ;)"

    "13. Still old enough to be a Threat To All Public Order and Decency...also known as 'a defender of liberty.'"

    Crime Committed:
    "It wasn't a crime! It's what any decent reporter, or citizen, or for that matter, human being should have done! To hear the Chancellor tell it, I'm an honest-to-gorrammit Terrorist. Booooo! Scaaaary! Like I'm the one that kills anyone who gets on my bad side or eats one too many dinner rolls.

    "I was a reporter for my school paper. Sure, I coulda stuck to writing fluffy stories about the kid that got to water the Tree, or the campaign for school President. But I wanted to get into the real news. It wasn't too long before it hit me that the real news is...about things like people getting 'floated.'

    "'Floating.' That sure is a pretty way to describe shoving someone out an airlock so that they die with their eyeballs bulging out of their faces and their blood boiling and freezing at the same time, isn't it? And you know what? To make it work, they gotta waste a WHOLE AIRLOCK FULL OF AIR so that the body gets ejected into space. Oh, and kids like me? They lock us up 'till we're 18--feeding us and letting us breathe all the while, mind you--so they can pitch us out an airlock then. Because keeping kids on Death Row for years is sooo much more civilized than just clubbing us over the head or something.

    "It's all totally about 'conserving scarce resources' and 'making the hard choices for the benefit of the human race.' Totally. Getting to have absolute power over the whole human race doesn't have anything to do with it, right?

    "Right, that's the 'why,' now for the 'what.' I decided that any government that kills people whenever it gets the chance can't be trusted to rule over them. Blinding flash of the obvious, right? I knew I couldn't go to any grownups and ask them to stand up to the Council and their goons. Because if the grownups were willing to do it, they already would have, right? I mean, how many of them just sat by and watched a friend or loved one get Death By Vacuum without making a peep? Or let their kids be carted off to Death Row?

    "No, the grownups were used to it. They thought it was normal, maybe even OK, because 'conserve resources' and all that bollocks. So I made a different plan: a Revolution of the Children. There were places that, if enough of us got together, we could block. Tie ourselves down in the way long enough to gum up the works, shut the whole station down until our parents found their consciences and their courage, and stood by us. Until the Chancellor and the Council were forced to step down, and a new, democratic government that was actually about keeping people alive instead of killing them could take over.

    "It would have been glorious.

    "Except...somebody ratted me out. Dunno who, and I guess I never will. The Council's goons came for me and dragged me away for Treason, Sedition, Terrorism, and probably Eating Kittens and everything else bad that can be imagined. And you know what? The last thing I saw my parents do was...stand there and just let them haul me away. Sure, they were crying and pleading, but...since when did that ever accomplish anything?

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Yes please! *ahem* I mean...I like boys. would be nice to know what it's like, before I die. Because I really like boys!"

    Significant Other:
    "Do stop taunting me, would you? I'm thirteen. And chances are really, really good that I'll never even be kissed. So just sod right off, why don't you?"

    "I can tell you the strengths I wish I had. 'Unstoppable Kung Fu Juggernaut' would have come in handy. So would 'Genius Hacker.'"

    "What the Cosmic Lottery gave me instead was...writing. I'm a really good writer, or at least that's what my grades say. I guess it could be said that I've got a lot more guts than ought to fit in my scrawny little body. But look where it got me--maybe that should go in the 'Weaknesses' column? I'm good at things like research, debating, public speaking, fast-talking, and I'm not the least bit shy. I actually got voted 'Most Likely To Become Chancellor' in Seventh Grade. I think it was supposed to be meant as a complement. But then, maybe everybody hates me and I never realized it? I did get ratted out, didn't I?

    "You could say I'm smart, maybe. I mean, how many other thirteen year-old girls actually plot a Revolution and scare the bejabbers out of the tyrants in power enough for them to actually send their enforcers? But then, look where I'm at. So maybe I'm not so smart after all?"

    "Let's start out with just plain old 'weakness.' Look at me. I'm not gonna win a fight with, well, anybody. I'm not a track star either. I guess it could be said that I...over-estimate my abilities sometimes? Or maybe that I see good in people when it isn't really there? But I still want to see good in people, to be naive, if being 'mature' and 'sensible' means becoming like the Chancellor and the Council. I'd rather die than be cynical enough to just coldly pick out who lives and who dies like people are just chess pieces that don't suffer when you throw them into the box. Guess I'm gonna get my wish, aren't I?"

    Station they were born in:
    "If you haven't guessed 'Public Speakers' by now, you're probably not paying attention. In which case, maybe I'd better work on my public speaking a bit?"

    "Well, let's see. By now you've probably noticed that I've got a sarcastic streak a kilometer wide. Like any self-respecting reporter ought to be, I'm curious, and I'm a practitioner of the Art of rationality and critical thought. I'm not the kind of person that sits on the sidelines if I've got the option of getting into the action. I love to investigate a mystery. 'The Game is Afoot!' and all that.

    "I like to flirt with boys, and I especially like it when they flirt with me.

    "I suppose you could say I've got a temper. But when I get mad, I don't throw a tantrum, I do something about it. You know, like try to overthrow the government.

    "I guess that's why I tend to be pretty cheerful most of the time. Because I believe deep down that I'm in charge of my own fate. Now, you might say that's a rather silly thing to say from inside a cell waiting to die. Silver lining: I've got five years to plot my escape, and Revolution 2.0."

    "If I'd been born on Earth, it probably would have been somewhere in England. As it was, I was born in the British section of the Ark. My mother was a Vicar, and my father smelt of elderberries. No, actually, he's a psychiatrist. The truth is, I had a pretty nice life. Neither of my parents was Vacuum Massacred. I never had a little brother or sister we had to hide in a ventilation duct and feed through a straw. We didn't live in terror of Doom By Airlock, because we were Good Citizens.

    "The good old fashioned, technical term for my life: privileged. Maybe that's why I got so outraged when I found out more about the kinds of things other people had to go through. I was never taught that living in terror was 'just the way things are' and 'there's nothing we can do about it.' Anyway, you know the rest. Short life, short biography."

    Looking out at the stars
    Drama (acting, not the other kind)

    Mean girls

    "If you think you can do it, you might be right. If you think you can't, you definitely are."

    Theme Songs:

    "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all of your heart."

    --Marcus Aurelius

    "I am not Esme Alizadeh anymore. Until I die, I am..."
    Esme of the Azure Waters Clan

    "Will I ever be old enough, to be what I have to be?"

    "Somewhere between 'spiritual leader' and 'incarnate deity.' It sucks a lot more than you might think."
    Shaman and Lore-Keeper of the Azure Waters Clan (Commander)

    Sexual Orientation:
    "It'd be so much better if I didn't have one at all..."

    Significant Other:
    "I can't have one of those. It'd tear the Clan apart. 'Chosen Ones' don't get to fall in love and have happy families."

    "Does 'doing the best I can to be something I'm not' count?"
    Esme is highly intelligent and determined. She has a talent for strategy, and a wide range of knowledge to employ. She has, by necessity, developed a knack for eloquent public speaking, as well as skills in ritual psychodrama and spectacle. She has a deep spirituality rooted in her mystical practice, and from some of the great sages of the past, like Marcus Aurelius, Rumi, and the Buddha.

    "I'm not supposed to have those...but I do anyway."

    Esme has below-average physical strength, and so far, not much skill in combat. She has a difficult time dealing with and relating to her people's Warrior traditions. The concept of hurting and killing other people is too much like the 'hard choices' the people in the Shelter made while she was growing up.

    "The one you'll see is what I have to be, for my people and for the future of life. Don't expect to get to know the girl underneath."

    In her role as Shaman and Lore-Keeper, Esme is part Stoic, part guru, and part wild nature spirit. She strives to be at once a calm center, a well of enlightenment, and a conduit of ecstasy for her people. She is driven and dedicated, to finding a path for humanity to live in unity with each other and the rest of the planetary biosphere, so that the atrocities of the past will never be repeated.

    Underneath all that, she is an ordinary girl who fears she can't ever be what her people need her to be, except maybe a thousand years after she's dead. In an earlier age, she'd have been a shy and bookish nerd, last to be picked for the team and wallflower at every dance. In the life she's been given, she has to shove herself into the spotlight and do her best to be larger than life. In trying to be the 'leader' of a warrior people, Esme knows she has a tiger by the tail, that things could go very badly for her very quickly, if she makes the wrong misstep.

    Though she can't ever reveal her vulnerabilities to them, can't ever have a shoulder to cry on, she also admires and loves them. Their fierce strength got them through hells she can hardly imagine, and if turned in the right direction, she's sure it can overcome even a nuclear apocalypse.

    She has a love of learning, and indulges it at every opportunity.

    "What I'm about to tell you, nobody can know..."
    Esme was born in a bomb shelter that had been built by a group of survivalists three generations prior. It was powered by geothermal energy, and equipped with a closed-cycle life-support system similar to the ones on the space stations that became the Ark. Over the years, the group's numbers dwindled as systems broke down one by one and resources became ever more scarce. By the time Esme was born, only her parents and a few others were left, and she was the only child.

    The Shelter had a library of books selected to provide future generations with everything necessary to rebuild civilization, and Esme devoured them, reading them over and over again. They were her only solace in a life defined by ever-increasing resource scarcity and mourning for the beautiful, healthy world that had been destroyed. One by one, the adults in her life were "culled" as the group decided who had to go in order to extend the remaining resources as long as possible. Before Esme's birth, they had already adopted a resource-conservation measure that gave Esme nightmares from the day she learned of it: nothing can be wasted, including the flesh of the dead.

    Above her, warlike tribes fought one another in a more openly brutal application of the same zero-sum logic. They over-hunted the animals, and cut down trees to make weapons and forge steel, sometimes using forest fire itself as a weapon. They could tell that if this went on, they would strip the island bare and ultimately die off, yet any efforts to conserve and share resources always got trumped by whatever group or groups decided to use more resources to gain immediate advantage. One of the shamans began to preach about a vision she'd had, that one day a Chosen One would come, end the fighting, and restore the world. This myth spread among the groups, each coming up with their own variation of the cargo cult. Some said the Chosen One would come from the sea, others from the sky, still others from the stars. The 'Prophecy of the One to Come' became one more thing for the groups to fight over.

    When Esme was 12, her parents and the last two other adults made calculations, and came to a grim conclusion: if all four of them committed suicide, and Esme was very careful with the jerky she could make from them, the Shelter's resources would hold out until she was grown. It was at this point that they told her: the Shelter had audio sensors that could hear some of the activity going on above. There was life up there, human life, but it was savage. As a grown woman, she could face them, defend herself against them, perhaps even use the knowledge the Shelter contained to find herself a place among them. As a child, she would only be prey.

    Esme begged them not to do it, pleaded with tears, then told them that if they did, she'd refuse to eat them, go to the surface instead, and let the 'savages' do whatever they wanted with her. "How are we any better than they are? We're cannibals!" she protested. "We can all go up there now! Maybe together we can all find a better way!" The adults decided that they were too weak to survive on the surface; fear and guilt were perhaps their true reasons for rejecting Esme's proposal. If they could survive on the surface, did that not mean they could have survived on the surface earlier, before some of the cullings they had participated in? That some of the fellow survivors they'd eaten 'out of necessity' could have lived? Still, in response to her desperate entreaties, they promised not to kill themselves.

    They lied.

    One morning she woke up, and didn't find them in the Common Room. She searched the Shelter, until she found their bodies lying on the drying racks on the bottom level near the geothermal plant. Esme crumpled to the cement floor and cried until she ran out of tears. Then she rose, and solemnly climbed the ladder to the upper level, to do as she'd promised. She monitored the sensors until she heard the sounds of people coming near. When they seemed to be about as close as they'd get, she turned on a stereo system and started playing Mozart to draw their attention, then activated the hydraulic lift to raise a steel plate hidden under soil to expose the hatch.

    Two rival bands of hunters had been playing cat-and-mouse in the forest when they started hearing strange sounds, and Following it, they found each other--and a hole in the ground lit with flickering light. And from it, a slender dark-haired girl emerged, as if from the Earth itself. Who could she be, but the Chosen One come at last? Had she not been shaking with terror at the sight of the bands of ferocious-looking warriors, Esme might have laughed, or at least rolled her eyes. The 'Chosen One' trope? Really?! That was old before the world ended, if the Shelter's store of old novels and movies had anything to say about it. Besides, if there was anybody out there choosing Chosen Ones, wouldn't They have done it, you know, in time to actually save the freaking world?!

    As ridiculous as the whole concept was (especially the part about her being cast in the role), it did have a benefit: for once, people actually listened to her. And as she learned more about their predicament, she came to a resolution that would define her life: no child would find themselves standing over the corpses of the last of these people, as she had over hers. That child would not see the last tree chopped down, the last wild boar hunted, the last bits of beauty and hope drained away.

    Because the outside world was beautiful. More beautiful than anything Esme had ever seen for real. This time, people would learn from their mistakes. This time, people would become truly a part of their beautiful world. So yes, people would bloody well have to learn to become beautiful too. Or die not trying.

    Esme was brought to the old shaman who had "prophesied" her coming, and together they managed to broker an uneasy peace. The shaman taught her the ways of the natural world as it now was, and initiated her into the world of the spirits through the ritual use of magic mushrooms and ayahuasca, drums and dance and mystical trance. Esme taught the people how to make solar ovens out of salvaged metal so that they did not have to burn wood to cook their food. Between the books contained in the Shelter (which only Esme can read), and the shaman's direct knowledge, they were able to teach the people, now united to form the Azure Waters Clan, how to create Permaculture forest gardens.

    Esme poured herself completely into learning, and teaching. When she was sixteen, the old shaman died, leaving her to try to fill the "Chosen One's" shoes alone. Of course no mere, real human can truly live up to the role of a messiah. Messiahs don't make mistakes. They don't get scared or lonely. They don't wish they could fall in love, or just be a normal person for once.

    Esme hopes that one day she can do just that: shed her role as the Daughter of Gya, Chosen One of the Earth goddess, and let the Clan become an egalitarian democracy. But there is too much bad blood left over from the wars, and not everyone is happy with the course she has set for the people, to the point that she has need of a bodyguard to protect her. Nonetheless, the island has started to recover, and the people as well.

    In order to keep the people's warrior traditions from tearing them apart again, Esme has sought to unite them against "the Consumers," the people who destroyed the world and even now look down upon it hungrily from their prison in the sky. In truth, she hates them too: they didn't just (almost) destroy the natural world; they destroyed all of humanity's achievements and wisdom as well, except (as far as she knows) for the contents of her Shelter. Mozart, Chopin, the Beatles, Casablanca, Star Wars, all almost certainly lost forever when the geothermal plant failed. The books, CD's, DVD's, artwork, and mobile artifacts are now kept in a Temple of Knowledge built above ground, and the steam that comes up through the Shelter's hatch is used to heat water for the Clan. Esme's hate for the Consumers erupts from a reservoir fed by guilt and shame for the terrible secret she can never share with anyone: that she was a Consumer of the worst order, when she lived in the Shelter. She now refuses to eat meat of any kind, especially pork. She can't stand the smell of it being cooked.

    As difficult as her people are to deal with sometimes, isolated as she feels her role makes her, Esme has developed a fierce love for them. They are the Warriors who struggled through the holocaust of the Consumers' terror-weapons, who faced the Apocalypse head-on, and won. Now she hopes that, instead of fighting each other, they can fight together, to heal the world.

    "Our souls bear the marks of what we have done..."

    Esme wears different types of body-paint depending on ritual context. She also wears coral jewelry and clothing of brightly-colored cloth (she has reintroduced the textile arts from the knowledge in her books, and her choice to wear only cloth is symbolic, representing her choice to refrain from life-taking).

    "I lead a tribe of Warriors, but I can barely fight my way out of a paper bag. How's that for ironic?"
    Esme's most formidable weapon is her knowledge, not only of the shamanic lore of her people (which includes the creation of hallucinogenic potions and poisons), but that contained in the books from the Shelter. She has a staff and a longsword, but has not yet had time to become very skilled in their use.

    Theme Songs:
    "Don't worry about saving these songs!
    And if one of our instruments breaks,
    It doesn't matter.
    We have fallen into the place
    Where everything is music."


    "Earth is not humanity's cradle, or even our home; rather, it is a whole, of which we are inextricably a part."
  • "In the end it doesn't even matter"
    Full name:
    "Eh Benjamin Gegenheimer, pronounced gay - gen - high - mer"
    Benjamin Gegenheimer
    "You can call me Benji"
    "I'm not that young!"
    Crime Committed:
    "It was an accident."
    Benji was a good kid he was happy and he did nothing bad, even though bad stuff happened to him. One night when his father swung at him Benji defended himself having a sickle in his hand causing him to cut his father and his father turned him in for attempted murder.
    Sexual Orientation:
    "I don't know."
    Closeted Homosexual
    Significant Other:
    "I'm only fifteen!"
    "These guns."
    Funny, Benji is quite good at getting others to laugh.
    Memory, Benji remembers things quite well and will hold things against you.
    Physical Attributes, Despite being young Benji has some muscle definition and can push himself.
    Mental State, He doesn't take mental abuse at all and will stand up for himself.
    "Do I look like I'm weak?"
    Physical Abuse, he will take it without saying a word and sees it as love.
    Lover, Benji can be played by his crush and is easily manipulated.
    Submissive, Doesn't like to go against what people say and does what he's told.
    Cocky, He thinks he's stronger then he is and will hurt himself.
    Station they were born in:
    "Only a farmer can look this good."
    "You can expect the best from me"
    Funny, Benji likes to be fun and happy.
    Submissive, does what he's told and doesn't really fight it.
    Lover, Benji gets crushes quite easily but he can be played easily as well.
    "I don't really like to talk about it"
    Benji grew up with just his father, his mother had been floated and his father blamed Benji constantly. He would sometimes go after Benji physically and Benji learned to accept it and not fight because fighting made it worse. Benji would tell his friends his bruises were from rolling in his sleep and falling although his teachers didn't believe it but didn't talk about it. Benji hated his father and when he told his father about his attraction to guys, his father blew up. He started to throw punches and kicks and Benji grabbed a sickle trying to defend himself as it slashed his father he cried and his father called the peacemaker. Benji was standing beside his father with a weapon and his father was on the ground with blood coming from his arm. He was sent to the prison for attempted murder and decided to not tell anyone about his sexual orientation.
    "I'm not this conceded Dramma was having fun creating me"
    Ignore the little dark blue words, I'm sick and it just made me laugh a bit
    Theme Song:
    "Don't you think it was hard?"

    "The thought of you could make a rainbow as dull as the clouds on a rainy day"
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  • "If only life was as easy as it was before the war"

    Full name:
    "Lyndsy, spelled L - Y - N - D - S - Y"
    Lyndsy Rose
    "My friends like to call me Linny"
    "If they didn't tell me I'd lose count"
    Crime Committed:
    "I wasn't going to do it, okay?"
    Trying to kill a bully
    Sexual Orientation:
    "I don't know?"
    Significant Other:
    "No one could really love me"
    "Strengths? I'm not strong"
    Running, from her fears and physically.
    Memory, remembers where she's been really good for not getting lost.
    Sewing, her hands are good at working with things, and it calms her down.
    "Now I can tell you how weak I am."
    Self Conscious, she is always questioning herself.
    Frightened, Lyndsy is always scared of something.
    Emotional, Lyndsy can be brought to turmoil over a boy.
    Station they were born in:
    "I like to sew."
    "These questions are getting uncomfortable"
    Kind, once you get to know Lyndsy she will care for you with all her heart.
    Scared, Lyndsy is always in fright of others and being hurt.
    Jumpy, you can scare her easily.
    Gullible, "I'll never hurt you again" will make her fall for you again.

    "Do you even need to know this?"
    Lyndsy had a life that wasn't too special, she grew up on the Ark with her father and mother, a single child obviously due to the rules. She always was hungry and her mother and father would give her some of their rations, it was a sacrifice and she didn't realize what they were doing. Lyndsy started to date a boy named Lionel. They were always together and would be small troublemakers, nothing that would break the law but they frustrated people and eventually she fell in love, when Lionel told her that she was worthless to him and he had to move on. She was devastated and changed completely she became timid and unhappy. Eventually she opened up a bit but she was cautious, and was self conscious about herself. Finding herself in the jail when she was being harassed by a group of girls about Lionel when she went after one of them with a broken piece of glass, and was stopped by a peacemaker because her hand was bleeding and sent to the jail. Her scar on her left hand forever, which she notices whenever she sews.
    Theme Song:
    "I told you to be patient and I told you to be kind."

    "Love hurts but it's okay"
  • "This world is harsh but don't let it change you."

    "It's Jill, Jillian McCarthy"
    Jillian McCarthy
    "I lost track"
    "I only trade with them"
    "It all started with the fight"
    Jillian was born into a cement bunker, a military base, she her mother and father always taught her about the outside and what it was like, and her mother taught her about herbs and plants, because she couldn't take her out to see them she wanted her daughter to know about them. Then when Jillian was eleven the bunker started to flood, it was flooding so fast and Jillian didn't know where her mother or father were and she was taken out. Only a couple of others were alive, and Jillian didn't like them, grief stricken Jillian ran away and found herself alone in this world. Jillian wound up on the coast years later running from animals and found an old sailboat [​IMG] she sailed into the water and soon found herself asleep and woke up near an island, she sailed to the island. She started to free dive, and practiced over years she is able to hold her breathe for a while, using old goggles found in the boat she gathers pearls and coral and other knick knacks from the coral reef. She usually lives out on her boat anchored but sometimes will dock in cave, it's not the safest but it's better to be in there when a storm hit although she's not the best at predicting storms.
    Sexual Orientation
    "I really don't mind"
    Significant Other
    "Fall in love, in this world?"
    "I've got tons"
    "You think I'm weak?"
    Hand to Hand combat
    "You gotta stay kind"
    Jillian is a kind person, She is sweet and endearing and will do mostly anything to protect someone though.
    "Scars are being tough around here"
    Scar on her lip - Skin colored cut over her bottom right lip. Received from tripping and teeth.
    Burnt mark of a bird on her hip - she burnt herself with a bird shaped stone to resemble being free.
    Scar on her thigh - On her left thigh about 1 inch long from when she was 11 and ran she tripped.
    "Many things but I don't use them often"
    Knife made for mainly carving wood.
    Spear, used in diving mainly.
    Net, used for diving to not touch anything directly.
    "I remember this one song"

    "If only I had a family still."
  • (Thanks for letting me on board! :) Sorry this has taken so long to get together ^^')

    "Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. Sometimes, it simply means that you are a strong person"


    Crash stands at 6'2, he looks to be of a slim build though he's stronger than he appears. He tends to wear loose fitting shirts.

    Full name:
    "Officially its..."
    Caleb Waterfront

    "However everyone calls me Crash"

    "Pretty much an adult"
    17 (About to turn 18)​

    Crime Committed:
    "We are judged by the choices we make"

    On his 17th birthday he broke into a restricted area with one of his closest friends in search of old abandoned tech. When a guard came to investigate one of his friend struck the guard over the head knocking him unconscious, knowing someone would have to answer for it Crash sent his friend to safety and took the fall.​

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Despite the fact I can't talk to them, I'm still attracted to women..."

    Significant Other:
    "...No? I'm not exactly charming..."

    "I hate self assessment..."

    +Strong physically and emotionally
    +Values others above himself

    "...more than math and that's saying something"

    -Clumsy! < Surely effects his chance of survival
    -Awful when it comes to social perception
    -Too trusting
    -Values others above himself
    -Suffers from mild OCD, usually likes an organised work space, this tends to get worse when he's anxious or nervous.
    -Not a field agent...not that he's unwilling to help, but take him at your own risk.
    -Absolutely petrified of thunderstorms < Even on a screen they make him nervous.

    Station they were born in:
    "I'm more of a technician than a mechanic though I can do both"

    4. Mechanical Engineering​

    "Can we talk about something else? Space travel trek?"

    Crash as he is quite aptly named, is a bit of clutz. He’s a good guy at heart but often makes a nuisance of himself, he just can’t seem to slow himself down, he’s usually full of energy and isn’t happy unless he’s busy! He isn't good when it comes to serious matters, often remaining jovial despite all odds which others can find infuriating at times. He's physically unable to stay still for too long and severely dislikes anything that requires him to be so, he gets extremely restless and struggles to concentrate. Both of these facts can make him seem fairly immature to others.

    Crash is notorious for keeping a smile on his face and maintaining a positive energy. He doesn't tend to showcase his personal emotions, it could be said that he hides them behind his jovial nature or it could be taken that he really is carefree enough to let things go. He’s always willing to help out, he’s easy to talk to and although he may not always know what to say he makes for a good listener.
    If you're going to ask a favor of him though bear in mind that sometimes his clumsiness gets in the way and he may unintentionally end up making things worse before they get better.

    He's an intelligent chap but his social perception is awful, sometimes he talks before thinking. He's particularly nervous about casually talking to women and can become quite flustered, it's incredibly easy to make him blush. When he's flustered he's even more clumsy than usual.​

    "There isn't much to tell"

    Caleb started out life pretty normally, his parents appreciated him and he got on pretty well with both of his neighbours children. The three musketeers, Katherine, Alex and Caleb they were very close when they were younger, in fact Katherine was the one who gave Caleb his nickname, ‘Crash’ because of his habit of colliding with things and his obsession with the cartoon character Crash Bandicoot. Caleb’s parents worked on maintaining the ark and often took the time out to teach him tricks of the trade whilst he went through school.

    Growing up he wasn't disliked though his clumsiness was exhausting, he was looking to be a promising engineer himself before the unfortunate accident that resulted in him being court marshalled. On Crash's birthday Alex organised a small get together, though he insisted that Crash and himself took a detour on their way to the party. Alex was the one that struck the guard in a blind panic, even to this day the ark is unaware of this fact.

    Either way one mistake and his life was whipped out from under him, his saving grace was his age too young to be floated he was locked away in solitary confinement for a few months before a few trusted peacekeepers weedled him a way into the main cell blocks. He was always polite to the others around willing to offer a smile or small talk, generally considered an approachable person, whether others took the time to was another matter.

    He had little warning about the plan to send 100 of them to the ground, he wasn't included in the original 100 but one of his peacekeeper accomplices worked him into the programme by switching his cell. He claimed that the chances of Crash being floated after his adult trial were high and that the dangerous journey to the ground offered him more chance of survival.

    For the past week on the ground Crash has been trying to be useful to the others, helping out with essential chores and on the side trying to scrounge up tech to give them an advantage over the savage fauna. He's the annoying guy with a sometimes irritating sunny disposition.​

    Theme Song:
    "When words fail music speaks"

    (Quasimodo - Lifehouse)​

    "It's a shame sports take up too much oxygen, I reckon I could be an ace basketball player...just saying"

    > Caleb will always introduce himself as Crash, he claims to have no other name
    > His record of accidents in one day stands at 5
    > Crash finds it difficult to talk to women in relaxed situations, often becoming tongue tied and flustered.
    > Has a pet habit of touching the back of his neck when embarrassed, anxious or quizzical.

    "Where there is no struggle, there is no strength...or so I've been told"

    "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim"
    'Get knocked down, get back up'


    Eye Color Amber eyes
    Hair Color: Dark brown with natural highlights.​

    "A name that is rarely used"
    Shikoba of the Azure Waters clan

    "People tend to call me Feather, though I'll answer to most things"
    Koba, Feather, 'Little' Feather.

    "Not something I tend to keep track of"

    "I'm exactly where I want to be"
    Currently an unimportant hunter

    "Our choices define us" a net Feather has spent her entire life trying to escape from, being born and raised on the ground it is expected. 'The world is unforgiving' Her mother lectured her growing up, she was a talented woman, being both a skilled huntress and a healer. Feather learnt a great deal from her over the years and learnt early on what she needed to do to blend into the shadows of her clan. Studying the others around her she learnt that in order to remain invisible among her peers she had to remain mediocre, productive enough that she was useful but inefficent enough that she didn't appear gifted.

    Therefore for the most part, her past is uneventful, though she was probably familiar among her birth clan only a few people truly cared about her existence. Her mother met her untimely end out on a hunt when Feather was still a fledgling, the encounter left Feather with a hefty scar on the back of her calf.

    She was only young when the Chosen One emerged to broker peace between the warring clans. A move she was happy with, more people meant she was less obvious. Over the years she has watched and learnt from the sidelines of the clan, though she isn't completely fond of the path that has been chosen for their people by the Chosen One, she does truly believe that Esme was one of the best things to happen to the clans. Her loyalty to her clan leaders is what keeps her restless spirit from wandering away from her home.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Both have qualities I can appreciate"

    Significant Other:
    "Hodnes laik kwelnes 'Love is weakness'...yet loneliness is unbearable"

    "We all have our perks"

    +Agile/Fast (Grounder Parkour(?))
    +Silent Predator
    +High pain threshold

    "and our disadvantages"

    -Lacks physical strength
    -Prone to wandering
    -Aversion to loud noises such as gun fire
    -Severe aversion to going/being underground
    -Very curious about fire​

    "Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright"

    Feather is a restless spirit, although she is incredibly loyal to her clan she doesn't feel like she truly belongs there. She's searching for something that she herself doesn't yet understand, this inner secret shapes her personality. It feeds her wanderlust and encourages her curiosity, fuelled by blind optimism she isn't a picture perfect grounder. This often causes people to view her as a child and earnt her the name 'Little' Feather...she's often called Feather because of her fascination with them and the fact she wears them in her hair.

    Well known for being anywhere but where she is supposed to be, she's often considered unreliable by the others of her clan. However she always comes through for them in the end, combine this with her bravery, kind heart and friendly disposition some of her misgivings are often disregarded.

    "Our scars tell a story, our markings paint a picture"

    Feather has three visible scars, the first is a curved line on her face, it travels over the bridge of her nose curves along the top of her right cheek half an inch beneath her eye, it is only visible when she isn't wearing face paint.

    Another is an inch thick jagged line on the back of her calf, starting above her ankle it runs vertically up the back of her calf into the crook of her knee.

    The last one is a half a cm thick line that runs diagonally across the palm of her right hand.

    She has an intricate pattern around her left forearm and a black band around her right bicep.

    Feather's trademark facial marking is a thick black band that curves beneath her eyes concealing her scar, though she often adds colorful lines across her cheeks and down her chin. Colors she tends to use red, green, blue, black, white and yellow.

    "The silent predator never returns empty handed"

    Feather always carries a composite bow with a quiver of arrows across her back. Accompanying this are two hip holstered short daggers for close combat and a skinning knife tucked into the side of her boot.​

    Theme Song:

    "Am I not allowed any secrets?"

    > Feather has a few brightly colored feathers laced into her hair
    > Full moons are her favourite time of the month, she also enjoys clear nights that show the stars.
    > Spends as much time as she can in high places
    > Unless commanded otherwise she will always wear facepaint.
    > Feather doesn't want responsibility thus why she down treads her abilities, she prefers the freedom of just being a part of the tribe.

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear"

    (Wasn't entirely sure how to swing Feather into the clan so just gone with something simple, please let me know if I've gone wrong somewhere ^^')
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  • I can't decide I like them both although Crash seems nice

    Anddd! Lyndsy and Ben are open for love interests ;)
  • Oh yeah, all my girls are open too... All the characters they were going to have love interests with were dropped. :duh:
  • my three characters may be up in the next few days, most likely Kaito will be up today.
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  • I'll put Crash in then :D Brea and Poetic_Justic3 are both Feather and Crash accepted? ^^'

    I don't mind Crash being a love interest for someone, usually just see who drifts towards who in the IC but am open to suggestions ^^'

    Also depending how many guys there are when this starts, may slide in another CS later on if that's ok <.<'
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  • So I'm failing chem with a 50% right now so I might possibly lose my phone and my laptop, although my mom isn't smart enough to know how to get rid of my desktop computer without destroying it so I'll have a computer but I might be on more sparsely until I bring this grade up .-. I was sick for a week with a doctors note and she put everything in as zero's but she wants me to do it all..I'm not a bad student :c
  • "You will only reach death faster by being lonely."
    Full name:

    "It's been a while, I can't remember."
    Prisoner 22
    "Every inmate gave one another a nickname, so it is what is is."
    Sly Face
    "The marks on the wall say it all."
    Crime Committed:
    "I'm still not sure if it was the right thing to do.. I don't feel regret."
    At the age of 11, Sly was recruited by his dad to do a simple job. His job was to gather the items from dad's associates that were to be sold and take them back to their home. For some reason the job was considered illegal, but Sly was convinced to keep it a secret. He was not allowed to ask questions, look at the items, or deviate from his course. This became a daily thing for the next 6 months. Sly's curiosity became too great due to all the sneaking and carrying the mysterious items. He started to analyze the men that handed him the items and would stray from his path in order to take a look at the items. He was amazed by what he saw. There were bizarre items that, to him, made no sense. Some items were coated in shiny colors, other had weird operating mechanics, and others looked like some kind of map.
    This behavior continued for several months and he became pretty good at sneaking around. One time he even followed one of the associates to see where they went. It was such a rush for him since he almost got caught. Throughout the several months that he continued his sneaking, Sly began noticing strange activities around the Ark. He kept to himself about what he saw, however.
    A year went by and Sly had turned twelve not long ago and everything seemed to always go as planned. One day during his delivery route, however, he saw something strange. He walked over to the area to find out what it was, but he wasn't cautious enough and was stopped by a peacekeeper. The officer asked Sly what he was up to and why he was all by himself. Feeling confident about his skills, Sly brushed off the officer and went on with his business. Angered, the officer walked up to Sly and grabbed him by the arm and then lifting him up. The weird way that the officer grabbed Sly was painful. He was feeling his arm go numb. Instead of screaming in pain, Sly panicked and hit the officer on the side of his face with the bag of items he had in his other hand. This knocked out the officer and Sly ran away in fear as people crowded around the fallen officer.
    He neglected to tell his dad about the incident when he got home. However, the story was far from being hid as peacekeepers swarmed into their home and took Sly away. He was taken to a questioning facility in order to get answers for what he had done. Sly did want to give away the secret about what they were doing. He told the officers some bogus story about why he hit the officer, which they did not believe. Sly became angry that they did not believe him and began rambling about the suspicious behavior that he has seen around Ark, which included stories about other peacekeepers. With the information that Sly had, there was no way he could talk to the higher ups. The officers made up stuff about Sly and he was quickly sent to prison.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Prison only intensified our testosterone levels. It couldn't be helped."
    Significant Other:
    "It was only a one time thing. Sheesh!"
    "There is a big one...hehehe, you'll find out."
    Sneaky, Attentive, Tactical
    "Well I was in the low rank for a long time."
    Curious, Daredevil
    Station they were born in:
    "The reason why I am here."
    "Don't fret about it, we all lie in the end."
    Sly has always been a happy child. Although he may not be a funny person, he likes to be around other people and have fun. Before being recruited by his dad, he was careless about what he did or what was going on. He then realized that there was more than just living and that he should pay more attention to his surroundings. Through the work with his dad, he learned to sneak around effectively and to pay close attention to who was around in order to not get caught. He was also able to learn where the security cameras were and where the peacekeepers usually stood. This sneaky and attentive behavior led him to become very good at making tactical decisions. However, his curiosity most of time gets the better for him. He likes to figure out stuff whenever he feels like something is being hid from him. He even goes to the extremes and faces many obstacles, but he is determined to find out what it is.
    "If you must know..."
    Sly is an only child and was born in the merchant section. His lived a normal life from his infancy up to the day he started working with his dad. He would go to school during its hours and then he would go on his daily delivering. After that he would either go around looking for abnormal activities or be out with his friends. It was just the same cycle for that whole year. The biggest life altering event was when he put in prison. It was not an easy place for him to be in since he was only twelve. The older kids would bully him and toss him around along with the other young ones. Sly was not discouraged by this and even talked back to them since that was all he could do at the time. He would say things like, "You feel all big and bad now, but soon you'll be the next to float." His comments led to even more harassment by the older kids, but Sly gained the respect of many younger ones. He soon formed a band of kids that would follow and do whatever Sly said. This was mainly the reason why he survived through prison all the way to the age of sixteen.
    Theme Song:
    "Oh yes, the sweet sound of music."

    "In this case I should have just written an autobiography."
    -loves spicy food
    -loves the cold weather
    -bad habit of popping his bones

    -habit of biting of his bottom lip
    -can sing

    "A secret is like a fictional story, you can make it up as you go."
  • Welp, my teacher put all my grades in as E or excused until I turn them in thank god I have a 97% so not getting grounded haha, and @Lunar❖Franco If you don't mind I'm gonna make it so Benji has a crush on Sly, doesn't have to be both ways but since I don't wanna hermit away from the group since the whole ya know tons of people leaving, at least not until later...or maybe we could be building it together but not leaving until it's finished?
  • I'm really glad to hear that everything turned out positive for you. That plan sounds like a good idea to me. I would go with the one about building it together but not leaving until it's finished.
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  • Sorry I took so long to get back to you all, I've been busy this past week. But...

    Accepted again!

    Good to see Benji returning, accepted!


    ANNNDDD Accepted!

    Both accepted! Sorry about not replying to you before, since you wanted me to pick which character you should use. :/ I would have chosen Crash anyways, but if you ever feel like doing another character feel free to bring that female character you deleted back. Or, just make a new one :) It's up to you, but I love you're characters.
    While I'm at it, would it be alright if Clarissa had a crush on Crash? She's a sucker for sweet boys.

    Can't wait to see your new ones! ♥

    Thank's for the heads up... I hate it when teachers put things in as 0's when the student was out of school.. so annoying!
  • Welcome back Sly! Accepted.
    Oh, ignore my last message then. Oops :)
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