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    • "I feel the sun on my face, I see trees all around me. The scent of wildflowers in the breeze. It's so beautiful. In this moment, I'm not stranded in space.
      It's been in 97 years since a nuclear Apocalypse killed everyone on earth, leaving the planet simmering in radiation. Fortunately, there were survivors. 12 nations had operational pace stations at the time of the bombs. There is now only the Ark, one station forged from the many.
      We're told the earth needs another 100 years to become survivable again. 4 more space-locked generations, and man can go home. Back to the ground.
      The Ground- that's the dream. This is reality..."

      Any crime committed on the Ark is punishable by death (or, as they call it, 'Floating') unless the offender is under the age of eighteen. In the case of a minor committing a crime, they are put in the prison ward of the Ark, and kept there until they turn 18. Upon their 18th birthday each minor is given a hearing, where their final fate shall be decided.

      Except, things are changing. The council has voted for a new protocol- one that will be kept a secret from civilians until it is completely necessary to share new found information with them. The council has decided to send the most disposable people on the Ark, the delinquent prisoners, down to Earth in a drop-ship. Their mission is to determine whether the planet is survivable again. The drop-ship is set to land at a very specific destination, where supplies had recently been dropped down. The council has determined that there should be enough supplies to last the children until the rest of the ark is able to follow. The communication devices implanted in each wristband put on each prisoner was the only way to communicate from the ground to the Ark. Unfortunately, they malfunctioned once entered the atmosphere, and now the only way the Ark will know that the Earth is survivable is by watching each person's health through the data transmitted via wristband.

      You can either choose to be one of the 100, or a grounder (a grounder is one a human who has been living on thsi ground the whole time... they are not very advanced in their technology, and can speak English among many other languages). The people back on the ark will NPC's, played by myself, and my Co-GM @Justice_20
    Firstly, we will only be OC's. Meaning, Bellamy, Clarke, Finn and the rest of the gang is not included in this RP.
    The Ark is divided into 12 stations, one for each of the nations. Each station has a different career field, and each person will take a job according to the section they were born into. However, once you are an adult you may move to a new section, if room is available. The adults job will not be changed, but their child born into that section will. (These will also help us determine the jobs everyone will have on the ground, so choose your station wisely) It goes as the following:
    1. Agriculture- Farmers. They grow the food, and have access to books about the Earths plants.
    2. Medical- These are either Doctors, Nurses, Assistants or Dentists.
    3. Cooking- Pretty self explanatory.
    4. Mechanical Engineering- Anything to do with rebuilding the Ark, and technology.
    5. Chemical Engineering- Not to be confused with the scientists. They just make the chemical compounds that keep the Ark working. They've got a lot of knowledge about physics and chemistry.
    6. Scientists- They mostly just develop new kinds of medicine, but they sometimes invent new technologies.
    7. Peacekeepers- These are basically the police officers of the Ark. They tend to think of themselves as better than everyone else.
    8. Educators- They teach the young until they are 18, which is when everyone begins their official training for their jobs. Teachers mostly just teach basic subjects, but are known to know a lot of facts about Earth.
    9. Sewers- These people pretty much just mend clothes and make new clothing (usually from old clothing, since there are limited supplies).
    10. Janitors- I'm sure you could guess their job, but in case you can't it's pretty much just to clean up around the Ark.
    11. Public Speakers- These people are really just the leaders of organizations. Some organizations are based on religion, while others are based on a common interest. Sometimes they are referred to as Therapists, cause these would be the people most would see for advise.
    12. Merchants- There isn't really a black market on the Ark, but these people are always selling things you had no idea existed. No one knows where they get this stuff, and no one really asks.

    To mix things up, our Dropship will land in a different location than the one in the show. Instead, we are going to land on the big tropical and human island, on the beach. Our ship will also land correctly, instead of crash landing like it had in the show.

  • This is intermediate. Please about 1-5 paragraphs.​
  • Be active. There is not a posting order, so just reply when the people your character is interacting with do.​
  • Please be kind to each other OOC
  • All Iwaku rules apply.​
  • Relationships are allowed, but please do not revolve the roleplay around it. In addition to this, you must communicate with the other person if you want your character to have a relationship with theirs.​
  • To add onto the previous rule, if things get past pg-13, please take it to PM.​
  • The age limit is 13-18. UNLESS you are going to be a grounder. In which case, be whatever age you want. (ALSO: The position of the Grounders leader is first-come-first-serve)​
  • Oc's only- we are not going to be included any characters from the show.​
  • 1-4 characters per person.​
  • If you took the time to read he rules, please add a theme song at the bottom of your form. If you do not do this I will not accept your form, nor will my Co-GM, and will instead ask you to read the rules.​
  • Be realistic... if you're hit with a spear, it's gonna hurt!​
  • If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, please PM either me or @Justice_20 so we can work around your absence in the rp.​
  • That's pretty much it... have fun!​

  • The Council-​
    • Chancellor Isarah
    • Shiloh Candid- Doctor​
    • Marcus Stahlin - Monitors feed from wristbands​
    • Katarine Tori -2nd in command​
    • Chanel Fahly -Important Engineer​
    • Ginn Grey- Head officer.​

  • The 100-
    "Quote/Saying here."
    {Insert image(s)/gif(s) here}
    Full name:
    Crime Committed:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Significant Other:
    Station they were born in:
    "Quote/Saying here."

    "Quote/Saying here."
    {Insert image(s)/gif(s) here}
    Sexual Orientation:
    Significant Other:
    "Quote/Saying here."

  • Alphabetical. Name links to looks, age links to Character Sheet, and the information in the smallest font links to the profile of the person playing them.
    Girls in Pink.
    Boys in Blue.
    The 100-

    Adam Macdonald- 17. Heterosexual, Merchant Station.
    Benjamin Gegenheimer- 14. (Closet) Homosexual, Agriculture Station.
    Calixto Barnaby Quinn- 18. Pansexual, Peacekeeper Station.

    Clarissa Riley Scott- 17. Heterosexual, Peacekeeper Station.
    Grey H Alec- 13. Pansexual, Medical Station.
    Hayden David Keller/Candid- 13. (Closet) Homosexual, Born in Public Speaking Station, lived in Medical Station.
    Hall Hoffman- 18. Heterosexual, Public Speaking Station.

    Imogen Pace- 14. Sexually Unsure, Janitor Station.
    Jaiden Amiel Kovich- 17. Heterosexual, Janitor Station.
    Katrina Lindsay Keller- 18. Heterosexual, Public Speaking Station.
    Kristopher Dark- 17. Pansexual, Agriculture Station.
    Lyndsy Rose- 16. Heterosexual, Sewers Station.
    Sabine Emmerson- 17. Heterosexual, Mechanical Engineering Station.

    Sly- 16. Bisexual, Merchant Station.
    Quinn Faye Hunter- 17. Heterosexual, Medical Station.
    Viaeny Aster Newcomb- 13. Heterosexual, Public Speaking station.
    Zahra Alec- 16 . Bisexual, Medical station.

    Baldur- 24. Heterosexual, Commanders Body Guard (Occasional Healer).
    Bastianna- 24. Bisexual, General/Warrior.
    Esme- 19. Bisexual, Leader/Princess.

    Rhea- 17. Heterosexual, 2nd in command.
    Rio Lanster- 17. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.

    Ragah- 27. Heterosexual, Vice-General- Famed High Warrior.
    River Swiftpaw- 20. Heterosexual, High Warrior.
    Sam/Stalker- 17. Heterosexual, Lone Grounder.
    Osias- Unknown Age. Heterosexual, Healer.

  • Q: I've never seen the show before. Can I still participate?
    A: Of course! Everyone is welcome!

    Q: The rules say 1-5 paragraphs. Is it alright if I am only able to write 1 in each post?
    A: Yes, it is. 1 paragraph is the minimum, which means it is absolutely permitted.

    Q: When will we be starting?
    A: Just as soon as we get 10 males and 10 females! ♥

    Q: The roleplay has already started! Can I still join?
    A: Of course! Just like any good story, new characters need to be added along the way. But, be aware that your character will only be accepted if the roleplay is at a good place to add another character. If we're in a chaotic situation, it's likely that you'll need to wait before joining. Sorry!

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    "Death's gotta be easy, cause life is hard."
    Full name:
    "I'm Clarissa, but lately I've been referred to as prisoner 143."
    Clarissa Riley Scott.

    "It's been a while since I've been called my nickname."

    "Young enough to be spared of being floated... for now."

    Crime Committed:
    "Yeah, the rumors are true. But the son-of-a-bitch deserved it."
    One night, when Clarissa was 14, she was walking home with one of her friends. All of her friends had gotten together to celebrate a birthday, but her parent's didn't want her to stay long. So, when it was time for her to go, one of her male friends offered to walk her back. His name was Jason Rodrickson, and he was seventeen at the time. All of her female friends had a crush on him at the time, so she was more than happy to accept his offer.
    During their walk, he told her that he really liked her, and they ended up kissing. Which Clary was fine with, until he pushed her against the wall. His hands began to linger places, and when she asked him to stop he only told her to shut up. This scared Clary, and he managed to get her shirt off before she seriously began to fight back. He was much stronger than she was, and so she could only push him away for a few seconds at the time, and he covered her mouth the moment she began to yell of help.
    Her pants her around her ankles by the time Clary's fingertips touched something cold and hard. Without thinking she took a hold of it, and bashed it against Jason's head. He stumbled back, and for good measure she hit him again. Once he hit the ground she threw the item- which was apparently a fire extinguisher- down as well. It wasn't until her clothes were mostly fixed that a Guard turned down their way, and as soon as he saw the two of them she was arrested. It was determined later that night that Jason was dead, and the cause of death was a few brute hits to the head. Clary pleaded guilty, because she was not going to deny what she had done, but it seemed that nobody cared why she had done it. Only that a young and promising gentleman had been killed. And, because she showed no remorse for what she had done, she was sentenced to solitary confinement until she was old enough to be retried as an adult.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Relationships aren't exactly high on my priority list."

    Significant Other:
    "Considering I killed the last guy who tried anything with me, I'd say it's safe to assume I'll never have one of these."
    N/A- Interested? PM Me!.

    "I've been locked up so long, who even knows."
    Clarissa is a great fighter, and incredibly strong- despite how weak she may look. She's very good at hiding, cooking, and running her mouth. One of her talents is noticing other people's weaknesses, and using them to her advantage. Lastly, because both her parent's were doctors she does have some knowledge of medical stuff, but not much.

    "I'm sure I have an abundance of these."
    Due to being in solitary confinement for the past three- almost four- years, Clarissa's 'people skills' are horrible. She's pretty much forgotten how to interact with other people, and so sometimes things come off more insensitive than she mean's it to. Other people's feelings are just not a thing she thinks about. However, her feelings can be easily hurt, as she takes almost anything said about her directly to the heart. Clary is not very good with secrets, and has no experience with any technology. She's never had to save anything either (such as food, water, money, ect), which has caused her to be rather wasteful. Lastly, Clarissa trusts almost no one, and even when she does grow to trust someone it isn't unusual for her to expect them to turn on her sooner or later.

    Station they were born in:
    "I was supposed to grow up to be a peacekeeper. Ain't that ironic?"
    #7 -Peacekeepers- These are basically the police officers of the Ark. They tend to think of themselves as better than everyone else.

    "No comment."
    Clarissa is a very careful girl. After Jason, she decided not to trust anyone ever again. And, so far, she had stayed true to her word. Of course, it's pretty easy to keep a promise like that when you're cut off from all human interaction. Because she was not allowed to leave her cell under any circumstances, Clary took up reading. She likes to read all kinds of genre's, and the books she has read are the biggest influence on the person she has become- because there is nothing else to influence her. She's very imaginative, and often can get ahead of herself. Jenna is also incredibly outspoken, and has no problem sharing her opinion with others. She knows a lot of useless facts, but rarely shares them because she believes no one cares. She also believes that no one cares what she has to say, because they certainly didn't care when they tried her for murder. She's quick to jump to conclusions, and is very insecure with herself. She has a hard time interacting with other people, because of how long she's been locked up by herself, but hopes to regain her people skills with some time. She says exactly what is on her mind- which can make her either really funny, or really bitchy. She's also very defensive, and will turn hostile if she feels like she's being threatened in any way. Lastly, she can be violent, if pushed hard enough.

    "Let's keep the past in the past."
    Growing up, Clarissa was very popular. She had many friends, and got along with adults pretty well. She was a respectable young lady, who always had something nice to say. She appreciated the little things in life. Unlike other children, Earth never interested her. She liked the simple life on the Ark, and stories of the dangers on Earth kept her curiosity of the planet to a minimum. Clary was very flirty with boys her age, but usually never really meant anything of it. It was all just fun and games. Knowing her now, it's hard to believe what a positive person she used to be.

    After Jason attacking her, and her killing him, Clary decided to plead guilty in court. She knew that what she had done was wrong, but it was all in self difference. She hadn't actually meant to kill the guy- just get him off of her. She and her family were hoping that because she was so young, and because Jason was trying to rape her, they would give her a punishment such as community service. However, the law was that any crime committed was punishable in the same way, no matter how small and justified. Plus, the little remorse Clary showed about the life she had taken worried the court, so they sentenced her to a life in solitary confinement, until she was eighteen. At that age she would be tried as an adult, and more than likely floated.

    During her days in solitude, Clary quickly decided that sulking around was no way to live. Her life would be over soon, so she might as well enjoy whats he still had left of it. She requested books, and began to spend most of her time reading. After a while, however, she started to feel unhealthy and gross. After reading a book about health, she discovered that she was not getting enough physical activity, and would become very ill if she continued on the way she was. So, naturally, she started to work out. At first she'd do laps around her small cell, and then she'd do small repetitions of sit ups or crunches. Eventually she began to advance, and built up to new work out habits. Now, she goes until she max's out- whether her exercise be sit-ups, crunches, push-ups, ect- and then moves onto her next exercise. She does this until her muscles ache and she can barely move, and then she spends the rest of the day reading. Eventually she convinced the officials to hang a punching bag for her, and she started using that when she worked out as well. Because of this, Clary is very toned and very strong.

    Theme Song:
    "I haven't heard music in a long time."

    "I really don't like sharing things about myself."
    No one really knows her, and she doubts that anyone remembers Clarissa Scott ever existed .
    . She likes to think she's really tough, and puts up a great act because she wants people to think she's tough too .
    . Sometimes worries that she's actually a murderer at heart (relevance to theme song) .
    . Truly just wants to be accepted .
    . Will want to be a main Guard once The 100 has settled in on the ground .

    "Honestly, I think the world is going to end bloody. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't fight. We do have choices."
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  • (Unfortunately, I haven't seen the show... If you don't feel like accepting me fore this reason, I don't mind.)
    "I'm not called the Angel of Two Faces for nothing."
    "Uhh. Who exactly is asking?"
    Kristopher Dark
    Goes by Kris

    "This is not any concern of yours."

    Crime Committed:
    "I will do anything, and I mean anything to protect my friends and family."
    Having always been suspicious of everything, it was no surprise when Kris slaughtered a few men, thinking that they were going to attempt to hurt his friends. His suspicions were ill placed, though, and he was sent to wait in the wards until he was right of age to be trialed. Being sure that he was going to be tried for death (or floating) Kris lost a bit of his sanity during his three year wait. Yet, it seemed that he only had to wait two before he was taken from his cell, leaving a bit of himself behind as he was shipped to a foreign place.

    Sexual Orientation:
    "Does sex really matter? I mean, we're all gonna fall in love someday, let it be who it's gonna be."

    Significant Other:
    "Well... There was this one guy..."
    N/A (Open for discussion with others.)

    "Oh, fuck off, this'll work perfectly, I promise. My plans are flawless."
    Kristopher's strengths have always been based on thought. He could easily think up a magnificent plan to get out of a sticky situation, or even write a speech to sway others to see his way. If he had spare time and a piece of paper, he can usually be seen writing stories and he's always lost in his head.

    "Does this really concern you? I don't know you, therefore, you are not trusted. Leave me alone"
    Kris is... stubborn and prideful. If he cracks up a plan and only one person likes it, then screw what you have to say, you are going with the plan. Only people he trusts and love can get him from his prideful perch. He's also slightly insane, shifting from one emotion to another spasmodically, he'll be happy now and pissed off within seconds. He'll go from extremely excited to dreadfully bored withing a blink of an eye. Almost like bipolar disorder, except much more severe. He's also distrusting and will always be suspicious of you.

    "I'm the Angel of Two Faces... or so I was deemed by my closest friends."
    Kris, at first, comes of as cold and somewhat hateful. Yet, he's actually really kind. He will do anything to protect others, even if he doesn't trust them (He will usually make up an excuse so it still seemed as if he didn't give a damn about the person he saved.) If you gain his trust and crack beneath his shell, he'll be sure to take care of you and protect you with his life, but you'll also have some control over what he does. Only his friends can get rid of his ego and order him around, he'll be likely to stab anyone else who attempts. He was given the name "Angel of Two Faces" by a deceased friend due to his deceiving nature (seeming cold, but truly cares about everyone.) Due to his slightly broken mind, he is more than willing to make severe sacrifices and is willing to jump off cliffs to chase someone he was after, he's persistent and never lets anything go, including a grudge. Scorn him once, and you'll never have the chance to do so again.

    "Tattoos? I like them, but I'll probably never get one."
    The only markings Kris own are insignificant scars.

    "Farming is alright. I prefer reading the books though."
    Station No. 1: Agricultural

    "What? Do you want to get personal or something? Why would I tell you this?"
    Having grown up on the ship, Kris has never seen Earth, and hardly heard of it. So to him, it had always been a foreign place in his mind. He grew up reading book after book about Earth's wildlife and plants due to the fact that his station, Agricultural, had books upon books of plants and information about Earth. When it comes down to it, his life is rather insignificant and normal leading up to the attack on 4 innocent people. His family taught him how loyalty works and taught him to protect those he loved. He would never step away from a fight if his loved ones were in danger. After the attack, he was sent to the jails where he would wait for a few years. Fearing that he would die when he turned 18, his sanity slowly dissipated and he was almost savage when he was taken from his cell. Biting and clawing at the men before he was seduced.

    Theme Song:

    "What else can I say?"
    Hates sacrifices, but is willing to make them.
    Will always refer to himself as the Angel of Two Faces.

    "God, are you alright? I mean, not like it matters, the others might want to know about your health."
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  • Just remember The Ark is a space station which the foreign place is earth if that's what you were thinking, also no one knows that they are going to earth till they get into the pod, should of clarified that more.

    But the main thing is that you need to check the rules.

    Also we would never take someone out of the RP just for not watching the show, that's why @Brea put all the info at the top.
  • Also just remember to put there station that they were born in, not sure if Biography is mandatory, ask @Brea if you want. If you want more info about the stations just click Extra Info @Enderdeman
  • Hey @Enderdeman ! It doesn't matter that you haven't seen the show, it's nice to have you! Great character by the way, just a few quick things:

    1st- I suspect you rewrote the CS rather than copying and pasting. Weapons is only a part of the Grounder form, so if you could take that out I'd really appreciate it. I'd also like it if you added the station they were born in (for info on those see the extra info tab) and a bio. Doesn't matter how long the bio is, it's just always nice to have at least a short one!

    2nd- In your personality it says he is known to jump off cliffs for people. There REALLY isn't a problem with this, I'm just letting you know that unless he's a grounded he's been in a spaceship his whole life.

    3rd- Lastly, I'd like you to take a quick look at the rules, because there's something in there missing in your form.

    Other than these minor things, he looks great! I will gladly accept h as soon as the 1st and 3rd problems are fixed!
  • Shoot. I read the rules, don't worry. I just completely forgot about the theme... I'll get to editing right now.
  • Fixed!
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  • Sweet, thank you! Accepted :)
  • Oh so tempting....But I shouldn't join anymore rps....But...But....:hissyfit:
  • Haha, we'd love to have you! But, don't bite off more than you can chew... Lord knows how many times I've made THAT mistake.
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  • "Your Sword is only as Strong as your Heart"
    Full name:
    "Hmm? Oh it's Zahra, nice to meet you!"
    Zahra Alec
    "Just a few."
    Z, Blondie
    "Birthday's tend to crash and burn around me."
    Crime Committed:
    "I never said I was a good girl, but I had no choice."
    Zahra was tried and convicted for stealing supplies and food for her little brother. As well as helping her mother hide him from everyone for years since it's illegal to have more than 1 child on the Ark.
    Sexual Orientation:
    "The heart wants what it wants."
    Significant Other:
    "I wish..."
    None - Open
    Zahra has always had a fascination with bladed weapons so when she could she would practice with them making her quite skilled with a knife/blade. Shes also quick on her feet, excelling in speed and agility over strength. Z has an unpredictable personality which makes it usually hard for others to tell what shes thinking or planning. She can be very persuasive when she wants something, you could say she has a "silver tongue". Shes also a nightowl so staying up late/all night isnt difficult for her. Has a good amount of medical knowledge and isnt afraid to deal with wounded/sick.
    "Heh, this should be good..."
    Zahra lacks physical strength giving her a disadvantage when it comes to feats of strength. She can be a bit too trusting which tends to come back to bite her. She has trouble forgiving others when they've hurt/betrayed her. She HATES spiders and will often run if one is near or freak out if its on her. She hates hurting anyone even if they've hurt her. Shes afraid to be alone in the pitch dark. She hates needles.
    Station they were born in:
    "How can you love and hate something so much?"
    Medical- These are either Doctors, Nurses, Assistants or Dentists.
    Zahra's personality can be summed up in about 3 words. Unpredictable but reliable. She can be the sweetest person one minute and in the next she can punch someone off their feet for threatening her friend.
    "Who wants to know? I don't share my past with just anybody."
    Zahra spent most of her preteen and teen years taking care of her disabled mother and little brother that they had to keep secret. Her mother was a doctor but due to Breast Cancer she eventually had to retire early leaving Z to earn their wages. She got a job as a nurses assistant due to her knowledge of medicine which she actually enjoyed. Until someone died in her care, no matter how many times it happened, it still hit her hard.

    One day Z was 13 and had just gotten home after working a 10 hour shift when a guard came to her door. He informed her that her boss was arrested on possession and distribution of Morphine and they brang her in for questioning. After days of answering the same questions over and over, she was finally let go. But when she tried to get another job nobody would hire her thinking she was "corrupted" by her last boss and couldn't be trusted. This led to her brother having to go without food cuz she couldn't buy any extra. Sick and tired of watching her family suffer for others crimes, she resorted to stealing. She only stole what they needed and it was going well. All until her best friend sold her out to the Peacekeepers.

    In their search for evidence of her crimes they discovered her brother. Z was convicted of theft and acting as an accomplice to hiding her brother. Her mother was already on deaths door so they floated her. Her brother-Grey was imprisoned as well, for being born. Its been 2 years and 8 months since she was imprisoned, now her and her bother might have a chance at freedom.

    "I love many things, I hate a few."
    Zahra loves music and dancing.
    She has a big sweet tooth.
    She dislikes spicy food.
    She loves animals.
    She hates bullies.

    "Theres a fine line between love and hate, I walk this line"
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  • "I just wanna leave this damn ship with my brother."


    Full name:
    "Names Katrina, don't care to know yours."
    Katrina Lindsay Martinez
    "Just don't call me kitty."
    Kat or Kitty (hates being called Kitty)
    "Old enough to get out of this damn cell."
    Crime Committed:
    "I didn't do anything."
    Katrina hadn't done any crimes, she was just an innocent young child when her mother, Lindsay, was floated. Lindsay was second in command with the Chancellor, she would follow his commands and was a known trusted right hand woman. Before her husband passed away she found out she was pregnant, she didn't know she was till a month, a group of her closest friends covered for her, they found clothing that wouldn't look like she was pregnant and made sure that the peacekeepers wouldn't know. One of her friends was Doctor Candid, he was a very loyal friend and was her friend for a reason, that she saved him from getting floated when he took too many medical supplies on a patient. The man helped deliver the baby in secrecy, to hope that she wouldn't get floated, the baby was a boy and they named him Hayden.

    Dr.Candid took care of the child, he tried to not tell anyone and had his wife take car of him while he was at work, Kendra, was also friends with Lindsay. From there apparently someone ratted her out, Chancellor Isarah had then floated her, he had then felt the regret ever since. He couldn't float Dr.Candid because then they wouldn't have anyone to place the infant, they couldn't put the baby in a cell or float it, so they kept the baby.
    Sexual Orientation:
    "I am what i am."
    Significant Other:
    "Your saying i can have a love but i can't leave this cell, these rules are screwed up!"
    N/A (Have any ideas? PM me!)
    "You can say i am quite the girl."
    Katrina is a very strong individual, maybe not really in built but in personality, she is very tough on the inside and won't back down too easily. She has a great singing voice and constantly sang in her cell, but she also knows martial arts and can take down people easily, even though she may not look like a body builder. She speaks a lot of languages most being the ones she learned at her school.
    "But every girl has there flaws."
    Katrina does not like authority or any higher men and women, she would like to do her own thing and not think about the rules. She doesn't care about anyone accept for her little brother Hayden, everyone else comes last. Kat keeps her feelings built up inside and doesn't show if she is emotional except when she can't handle it anymore. Or if she is very stressed. She didn't get to learn a lot about the Earth or religions and such since she spent part of her life stuck in a cell, but did know a lot of languages since her brother taught her about. Kat may act stupid and reckless when she gets to earth, but the only thing stopping that is her brother.
    Station they were born in:

    "Public speakers, didn't last long though."
    #11. Public Speakers: Mostly the higher men and women of authority are there, with way more authorization then most. She was there until she was imprisoned.
    "I am a very complex individual."
    Kat's main trait would most prominently be protective, but mostly to her brother, she will only protect people she grows a strong connection with. Which takes a while to gain. Katrina can also be very hard skinned and tries not to show her kind and good hearten nature. Kat will act tough and step up to the plate when she is needed. Ever since Katrina was put in her cell at a very young age, Kat has been brave through it all, ever since her mother was floated and her fathers death she has always tried to put everyone before herself and be brave for the people she cares for. Which makes her very courageous. But Kat isn't a very accepting, she doesn't like new beginnings and meeting people, since she is not an open and meeting new friends kind of girl. She is definitely not open minded, Kat doesn't like people being in charge of her, especially since she has been controlled by men and women and stuck in a cell on The Ark. Which definitely means she doesn't like authority. She is very adventurous and audacious girl, when the prisoners get to earth Katrina would want to act out and explore Earth to see what they have missed and how cool it is. But once she revolutionize through her life she will realize to gain trust and be a very valuable friend and ally against the grounders.

    "My life is screwed up."
    Katrina was born in station 11 on The Ark, The station was filled with Public Speakers, but most prominently was her mother, Lindsay. Her father Miles was a spacewalker and helped fix the Ark whenever it needed repairs, he was a good man and very helpful around The Ark, till one ordinary day apparently Miles was outside repairing outside engine of The Ark when he was tragically killed, Isarah had told her some item punctured his suit and died before anyone could get him inside.

    A few months later after the incident, Lindsay had found she was pregnant, after all of that she was found out after somebody ratted her out to Chancellor Isarah, which had gotten her floated, Katrina was put into The Ark Prison since she had no parent to look after her, she had not known why her mother was floated, and didn't know that she even know she had a brother, since every person she knew only had one child, and the law was only one child, so she presumed that she was an only child and she didn't have any family. Everyday Kat would sit in her cell humming or singing, sometimes getting a merchant to get her a radio, but that barely happened. Katrina had an only life, she used to find Chancellor Isarah an uncle since he was so close to the family, but now she finds him a monster for floating her mother and letting her father die.

    But one ordinary night, she heard a voice coming from over the door, she flickered to that direction to see a small boy, who was easily at least three years younger then her, he had said that they are siblings and taught her everything he was told about his parents, which took a while till he finally convinced her that he was her brother, the two got to know each other, the relationship grew to respect, then to care, then to like, then to love. She loved her brother and she wanted to protect him with all her might, but she couldn't do that since she was stuck in her cell, and that he was later imprisoned for getting caught. Each of them had a radio that Hayden supplied for them, each would talk to each other every night without the guards knowing or hearing. But one night the guards came in, Katrina yelled at them that her birthday wasn't for another nine months, she heard her brother yell her name, she ran past them to see him on the ground, but then blacked out by the guards.

    Theme Song:
    "I love music!"


    "Seriously? You wanna know more!?"
    . She really doesn't want to be alone anymore, which helps her stay alive is her brother .
    . She loves to sing and hum .
    . Kat has always wanted to see an animal in real life ever since she read about them in books .
    . When The 100 gets settled on earth, she wants to become a public speaker or a leader type .

    "I have believed that one day that I can live in peace, A day i can finally not worry about anything, That's my dream."
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  • Done with my CS. Lol looks like we had similar ideas Justice
  • Well, since I do watch The 100. And the fact that an RP like that wouldnt be so bad.. I may join this.. Oh and...

    Are we starting off as on the ground as The 100's? or would we start RPing from the Ark? And yes.. I plan on being one of the hundreds, ofc.
  • Me and my co GM talked before and decided it will start when the delinquents are on the ship about to go to earth.
    Hey great minds think alike! I love the theme for it, my favorite band is HU
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  • I was wondering if this would grab your attention Aki =)
    Lol very true. Their one of my favs too =D Imagine Dragons is too.

    I also like your theme songs @Brea and @Enderdeman their awesome!
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  • "There's two Sides to every Story. Yours, Theirs, and the Truth"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Full name:
    "The goofball of your dreams."
    Grey H Alec
    "This can take awhile..."
    Goof, Clown, Kid, Smiles
    "I'm all man baby."
    (Just turned) 13
    Crime Committed:
    "Could you tell me? Cuz I would really like to know."
    Being born and hidden for 10 years.
    Sexual Orientation:
    "Uh huh, I see you all lookin' at me."
    Significant Other:
    "Got someone in mind?"
    None - Open
    "Umm, do good looks count?"
    You could say Grey is jack of all trades, he's very adaptable to pretty much anything but not particularly a master of anything. He has a charming way about him that can leave you liking the kid even if you wanna kill him. Hes pretty handy with electronics, he likes tinkering with things in his spare time, though it doesnt always pan out well. Hes good at easing up the tension by getting others to smile or laugh at his ridiculousness. Hes confident in himself and very resilient whether it be harsh words, or harsh terrain. Hes loyal to a fault so if you can win him over he'll take a bullet for ya. If you can overlook his goofy attitude hes actually a pretty bright kid.
    "Pff, who says I got any?"
    Despite his confident attitude and constant smile, hes actually pretty sensitive and often lonely. Sometimes he doesnt know when to shut up, especially when hes nervous. He HATES the silence so if it gets to quiet he'll start humming or singing to himself. His sister, he'll do anything for her. Little kids, he loves them. Killing anything, he'll freeze up just at the thought. Hes at his "lanky" stage so hes not particularly fast or strong yet, but oddly flexible.
    Station they were born in:
    "Wouldnt really know, I never got to go outside."
    Medical- These are either Doctors, Nurses, Assistants or Dentists.
    "I'll give you one guess."
    Grey is definitely that kid thats both annoying yet always gets you to smile. Hes stubborn and strong willed but easy going at the same time. Hes protective of his friends, who he considers pretty much everyone unless they give him a reason to think otherwise. Hes surprisingly sweet and down to earth once you break through his "I'm tough as nails" wall. His mind is always running so he can often get distracted easily, unless its a serious conversation.
    "You want a bedtime story?"
    Grey was isolated inside his small home on the Ark since the moment he was born. The only people he ever talked to, played with, or saw were his mom and sister-Zahra. It was a dreadfully boring life, but he did appreciate the work his older sister did to keep him safe. That was until it all came crashing down. His sister was arrested for stealing food for him and supplies for their mom. Thats when they found it. He still to this day doesnt understand why, but he was taken and locked away for no other reason than breathing. He's been imprisoned ever since, with only his thoughts and a few sketchbooks and pencils. Over the next 2 years and 8 months Grey became quite the artist. Now he'll finally be reunited with his sister, on a planet long thought to be dead.


    "I have a few tricks up my sleeve, some muscle too."
    He fears being alone again above everything else, next to losing his sister.
    He hates cruelty and bullies.
    He secretly hopes to find love soon.
    Hes eerily good at making animal noises.

    "A Smile a Day keeps the Grey away."
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  • Yeah Imagine is one of my favorites also, as you can see in my theme song.

    It's funny how the brother of Kat is going to be thirteen also :D
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  • Lol well its the youngest age.

    I added his theme song
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