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  1. Hey all, so I'm absolutely obsessed with the show The 100 and I'd really love to get some rps going of it. Primarily I'm looking for someone to play Bellamy to my oc, and I will double as someone in return. I'll admit not I've never done yuri, but I've been kind of wanting to try it/easy my way into it, so if anyone would be okay with doubling and one of the pairings being hetero then I'd love to try! Here's a few things to know;

    --Email or threads is my preferred way of rping. I'd be open to pm though for this show.

    -- I tend do prefer canon x oc, at least for my own pairing, but I'm open to canon x canon or even oc x oc for a second pairing.

    --I do my best to give characters equal attention and I'd appreciate the same thing in return.

    --Please be literate! I tend to post at least two paragraphs per character and I'd like someone who could do the same. I understand writers block and sometimes it's mostly dialogue (or whatever the reason) but I feel like at least one paragraph is do able. Anything less, I'm afraid I'll start loosing interest quickly. Quality over quantity is always good though!

    Bold is who I want to be

    Bellamy x oc
    Clarke x Lexa
    Jasper x oc
    Finn x oc
    Lincoln x oc
    Murphy x oc
    Octavia x any
    Raven x any
    Canon x oc
    OC x oc
  2. Looking :)
  3. Still craving!
  4. Craving~~~
  5. Hey. I started a walking dead rp with you over a month ago. Please tell me if you want to continue it cause I would love to. Thank you.
  6. I've been mia for a couple of weeks sorry about that. I kind of feel like our post styles do not mesh well.. I appologize. But good luck searching!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.