"That's sad!"

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  1. I am not really asking for counselling here, I just want to take you guys' opinion on this. I don't know about where you live, but in my country when you are doing something that people consider immature or stupid, or just not in line with the way you are supposed to behave, for instance if I went to a gaming party instead of going to a club, when I had the choice from both, people would tell me "That's sad". Now, I make it a point not to care what others think, but this particular phrase baffles me greatly. "That's sad" they say... for who exactly? For me? Well I'm not sad, I'm quite happy! For them? What would they care about the things (even if they are wrong) that I do? Or do they mean sad for the society as a whole for having such individuals who do different things? I'm really interested to hear what you guys and girls, of course) have to say about this. If it is not fit for this section, I sincerely apologise.
  2. I think when people say "that's sad" it's a light way of insulting someone, as if that someone was asking for pity. It's showing disapproval in an asshole-ish, passive aggressive manner. Honestly, I'm not sure why people use it, I think it's mainly because, "I disapprove of what you are doing and I'm trying to subtly force my opinions and beliefs on you by making you feel like shit because you chose something YOU like over the choice I would make".
  3. You shouldn't care anyways what others think. Like I said before, they will judge You either way : )

    So, in my case if they say something like that I ignore it or say something sarcastic in return as quickly as possible xD

    " I rather feel pain than. Nothing at All." Or " I am not your type.. I am not inflatable." -xD

    I don't give a Damn about what people think of my doing In my life. Everyone is different ~
  4. It's just a weird way of pitying someone while simultaneously insulting them. I don't understand why people insist on using it, I've never used it, it just seems like a silly thing to say. Though people have said it though me plenty of times, not that I give a damn. It's one of the few insults I can easily ignore without it bothering me. In any case, the worst thing you can do is insult them back, it solves nothing.
  5. Eh… I am one of these people who use "That's just sad." It is a way of insulting someone, without being too harsh. It conveys pity, which in itself is a bit insulting. I don't know if everyone uses it like this, but I substitute it for when I call something pathetic.

    Example: Friend attempts to jump fence and clips their foot, face planting, but they're uninjured.

    Normal response - "That was a pathetic jump."
    My response - "That was just sad."
  6. I've only ever used "That's sad" when I'm joking around with friends, or if it's something legitimately sad. I agree with what was said above; it's stupid and extremely rude to "pity" someone for choosing to go have fun elsewhere. I've not heard much of that phrase unless people are using it in a joking manner, or if it's seen as lame or sad. I've never said to anyone directly, and nor have my friends; if we find something that someone else does sad. Really, at most that's usually when people are being assholes, or just plain stupid. It's kind of like customer service; the way me and my friends use it.

    I don't socialize with those kinds of people; considering I'm a shut-in so I'm not sure what the equivalent is here. I assume some people may not even realize they're being a condescending asshole when they use "That's sad" and are literally just using that phrase; however.