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  1. (Bonus points if you know where the title comes from.)

    Hello everyone,

    Tone here once again with an idea I've been kicking around, but first lets go over what I would like in a partner.

    I'm looking for someone who can drive the plot, toss twists my way, and who can come up with original ideas. I want at least two paragraphs per post, but if things slow down then I can understand a one paragraph post. As for posting speed I would be happy with one or two posts a week. I have two jobs myself so I'm not looking for six posts a week, but if you have a strong urge to write then please do so. Above all I just want myself and my partner to have fun. Now, on to the idea.

    I've been thinking about this idea for awhile and I would love to flesh it out more over the course of the RP.

    Picture this: You come home from a long day at work, tired and soaking wet from the rain. Thunder shakes your small home and the lightning makes you jump a little. You take your coat off and make your way to your bedroom to change. As you head up the short set of stairs and approach the hallway you hear sobs coming from the end of it. The breathing is soft at first but as you walk toward the noise it get's heavier, your heart is racing. "Who's there?" you call out with a shacking voice. You stop just outside of your room and stair into a dark corner of the hallway, but your eyes won't adjust to the lack of light as if something is stopping them. There is just breathing, short panicked breathing. Lightning flashes through the bedroom window briefly lighting the hallway. A white face with big black circles around it's eyes pops out of its shroud. You jump back in fright and you hear a light scratching at the wall, and more panicked breathing. Quickly you scramble for the hallway light switch *Click*. You recoil in terror and gasp at the sight in front of you. A young man with long black hair, pale skin, tired eyes, big black perfect circles around his eyes, a white t shirt, and a pair of tattered blue jeans. The gleam of metal catches your eye, in his hand he is holding a blood caked knife. Blood drips from the knife and onto his arm, then you see it. Several fresh cuts are carved into his arm. He reaches for you "Help me please. Help me. Help." his voice was quivering. *Clank* The knife hits the floor and the young man breaks into tears, curling up into a ball. "She's dead and it's all my fault!" he screams.

    So there is the idea, and I would love to make more of it with one of you. I'm cool with either a male or female partner, but I'm not really looking for a deep romance. A deep friendship is more of what I'm looking for or maybe something different again I'm open to anything. So if you are interested or have questions please pm me.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.