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  1. I am sick.

    Apparently, so sick I've been investigating family doctors in case I have caught the plague. >:[ I have not been this sick since I was 18 and had my appendix explode. Before that I was 16 and spent all summer wallowing on a couch. PROLLY THE SAME SICK I HAVE RIGHT NOW. I HAVE BEEN IN BED THREE DAYS. B;AARHGLSAFALHFA.

    So I'm being melodramatic. DINA HATE BEING SICK. >:[

    So now everyone is going to tell me What is the sickest YOU have ever been? And Which member of Iwaku are you gonna offer up as a sacrifice to the ailment gods so Diana gets better faster?

    Bonus points is you answer sickest by it's 90s slang definition. 8D
  2. DRINK HELLA OJ AND EAT HOT THINGS LIKE CUP NOODLES AND RAMEN! Or if you can't eat just pound down liquids!

    I haven't been really sick in a long time, I was throwing up this one night not long ago but it was over in a night.

    Hope you get better soon, DIANERS!
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  3. You remember my death plague from the 00s when I lived in that little house Diana. Such misery! I had to actually see a doctor because I called out of work too many days in a row... Stupid thing was I never saw a doctor just a physicians assistant, who was all "well you're not sick now" when it took three extra days to get in, tried to go in on a Friday and coudn't get in til Monday, but because I had been weak, duh it was probably the flu, did blood tests and was all "LOL you have high cholesterol." So when asked what I should do about it got the great, "Well here's a small list of foods you should eat and go look it up online if you want more information!"


    And now I do nutrition, thanks for nothing lady!

    Furthtermore, I hate 90s slang!
  4. I offer up Bruds/Jinx. Cuz, it'll make me giggle.


    I've been SUPER sick a few times in my life, actually.. Like.. quite a few times.
    Usually it's been from digestive problems, like TONS of acid in my stomach cuz acid loves me, but I've helped that by taking like special doctor pills that basically built up film in my tummy again so I can handle acid better. And I have super strong anti-acid chewables that are intense, and you should only take one every two days if you feel hurt. x.x;
    Uhm, I've had throat bugs when I was younger. But mama made me soup lots, so it always went away.
    Ummmm. I've only thrown up like twice in my life.. but not from sickness, usually food or acid.

    That's my sickness list.
    I don't count times that are lack of nutrient related, cuz that comes and goes. Doesn't stick with me like sicknesses do.

  5. Perfect health, never been sick. What?
    Ahem, well. My body actually hates me and is rebelling so I give in and upload my mind to a computer like all those sci-fi movies.

    Oh, wait, 90s slang? I got this, yo.
    So I was at this bangin' party when my main girl Rina came up. I had barely gotten to ask that B wassup when she asked if I had some beans for the booze and... okay, I'm pretty much done with that sentence. I confused myself.

    Sacrifice a live Vay to the elder gods! Worse case scenario, Vay kills them and you're sick forever.
  6. I am too sick. I am the illest, sickest, baddest mofo alive. (For what it's worth, my husband and his friends still actually use the term "sick" in that sort of slangy good way lol. Apparently it's a commonly used term in the fighting game community.)

    One of my sickest moments is the time I found out I scored 1520 on the SAT lol. This was back when it was out of 1600 and 1520 was in like the 94th percentile or something crazy. Also the first time I ever snowboarded a double-black diamond run was pretty sick, too.

    One of my most physically unwell, unhealthiest times was back in middle school. I had just gotten back from Hong Kong for a family vacation and I was fine the entire time in Hong Kong. Then literally the day after we get back, something catches up to me and I am bed-ridden for over a week with stomach flu and/or really bad food poisoning. Later that summer I messed up my ankle ice skating. So I had a great summer for about 10 days while I was in Hong Kong, and then a really lousy one for the rest of summer, having to wear an ankle brace and use a walker and crutches.
  7. I'm sick a lot but it's better lately! Last summer was pretty hellish though, my humidifier was full of mold and I didn't know it. So I'd get a headache and turn it on and then get lungfuls of moldy wet air. I'm very allergic to mold. My lungs still hurt sometimes if I push them too hard. I thought I had Valley Fever! It was pretty bad.

    We're sacrificing people to make Diana well? It'd have to be a pretty good sacrifice... It'd probably take more than one person. I'd say three or four months of new people should do it! :D So however many that is!
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  8. One day I woke up hot as hell sweating in the start of winter. My body was heavy and my vision was I believe bad. I laid in my bed until 1 and my dad came in and told me too get up. I thought I was tired but there was something wrong. It lasted for 2 day, Wonder what it was.
  9. I had a sinus infection that got so bad that I was taken by the ambulance to the hospital because I had a hard time breathing on my own.

    And as for sacrifices, I offer up:


    He sounds like a great candidate.
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  10. I would sacrifice myself to insure your health be returned. Seriously.
    The sickest I have ever been, was when I was 14 I went into the hospital for Personal reasons. While I was In-patient, Strep throat just ran rampant through my floor in the hospital. It spread like wild fire in only 12 hours, me and 10 other patients had swollen sinus, throats. Burning eyes, and a constant nausea. It was the worst case of strep I had ever felt. Mind you I had caught the strep annually.​

    I was supposed to be released that day, so by the night they refused to discharge me and kept me for a WHOLE NOTHER WEEK, & MORE DAYS.​

    I wanted to die, From not being comfortable in a stale hospital bed to the hourly heaving that lasted for days. Two of my ribs cracked from heaving so much which made future heaving pure anguish.​

    That was the LAST time I ever contracted Strep throat. I remember reading A wrinkle in time, just to pass the time. the burning in my eyes made them water the whole time I read, like Slicing onions for hours on end.​

    All because I wanted to read....A freaking Wrinkle in Freaking time.​

    I have survived ​

    But the worse...Wasn't an illness. IT was a chemical reaction between my body and Some bad lunch meat.​

    I cannot really describe food poisoning...All I can say is that all of my insides felt like they were expanding up into my throat and out of my butt at the same time. everything that was once held neatly together began to feel like knots trying to push out the poison anyway it could.​

    Heaving for hours until nothing but bile came up, pain in my ribs, intense vertigo, intense nausea. Strep throat was my 'sickest' but that food poisoning was only a third of the time the case of strep lasted o.o​

    Food by far a very close feeling to death.​

    All that being said, I would still sacrifice myself gladly if it meant your suffering to end. I just can't Offer up another, It wouldn't feel right.​

    I hope you feel better soon ^_^​
  11. So Logic thinks I've caught life threatening sickness.

    It wasn't a sickness per se. It was anaphylaxis/allergic reaction. I was running around in a pasture, I tripped over some dried cow poop and into a bush of some weird plant that gave me an allergic reaction.

    That's it!
  12. I never said that, I just decided you to be the member of sacrifice.
  13. The sickest I've been? This winter and last winter I had pneumonia. This winter we caught it as it was developing and I got away with only two hardcore days of deliriousness and a high fever and no food. It was terrible, even with antibiotics in my system. I was so sick and feverish that I, and this is embarrassing to admit but, peed the bed a few times.

    That's ridiculously sick, yo.

    Last year's pneumonia went unmedicated so I spent 2 days feeling like my lungs were filled with lead and that I was drowning in mucus and I could only breathe by very short and fast panting. I spent 5 nights sleeping upright because laying down meant I couldn't breathe at all, and if anyone has ever tried to sleep sitting straight up, then you know it's nearly impossible.

    So yeah. Pneumonia 2 years in a row. That's the sickest I've ever been and the only time I've ever truly feared and believed that I just might actually die. ):

    So who am I going to sacrifice for Diana to get better? Only the prettiest virgin, otherwise a demon will take over Megan Fox's body and start eating people and making out with that chick from Mama Mia.
  14. Sneeze on ALL the beats, Diana.

    My sickest was when I was like, in fuckin' 5th grade in my Payless pvc-covered Jordan lookalikes and I managed to start a backflip to kick a soccer ball back towards the goal post before landing on my side.
  15. Sickest I've been? Hella.

    I offer up Torsty because I would give my best friend to appease Diana
  16. It was a flu. A shitting my brains out while vomiting into an emesis bag at the same time while contenting with rapid fluctuations in body temperature kind of flu. I prayed for death after every round of projectile vomiting made my eyes feel like they were going to shoot out of their sockets, yet death never came. I'm kinda glad since I was fine the next day...
  17. Die already, you old hag! I'll offer up myself to see you DIE SUFFERING A HORRIBLY SLOW DEATH!!! >=|

    When I was like 6 my family visited Türkey. For the first four days I had all sorts of bad things happening to me. Diarrhea, fever, headaches, I was puking all over the place and whatnot. The first time me and my dad went to the local doctor, they managed to give me the wrong medicines, but when we got the good stuff, it suddenly went away.
    I think the term used to explain this condition was "travel sickness'", it happened to me because I was so psyched to go to the Turk Lands.
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  18. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, Diana. None of us should have to die just so you can dodge that life lesson. >:[

    As for the sickest I've ever been... I was in high school, if I remember right. Like, 17 or something. I had a sinus infection, a lung infection, an ear infection, and really bad eczema. All at the same time. It wouldn't have gotten that bad if my mom didn't keep insisting I didn't need to see a doctor. To this day, I curse her for neglecting me like that. I don't EVER say I need to go to the doctor. >:[ Not unless I'm in terribad shape. I get apprehensive at doctors because I don't like them touching me, so...

    Anyway, it was miserable. I was dealing with a ruptured eardrum, which means I had tons of ear fluid soaked cotton balls in my trash. I was coughing up every color of the rainbow, my sinuses were always bloody, I needed an inhaler or else I'd always be gasping for air, I couldn't talk, I missed 3 weeks of school. Also, my sinus infection was bad enough that I almost needed surgery. My doctor said if these stronger antibiotics didn't clear the infection up, they'd have to cut open my face. :D I can't tell you how thrilled I was to hear that.
  19. Aaaw, poor Diana *pats her head* I'm gonna sacrifice Vay so that you can get better fast ^^

    I am a very healthy person, which is weird, cause I don't take care of my body at all, and I sometimes goes without a shower for two weeks, and I always forgets (Or don't care to) wash my hands. And I still never gets sick. I have even been over at a friends place when she had a stomach illness that was very contagious and I still stayed healthy. MOHAHHAHAHAH

    But I did become very sick some years ago. Four years if I remember correctly. It started with a two days fever, then the fever went down and was gone on the third day. And then on the fourth day, even though I didn't have a fever, I had suddenly lost my voice and could barely breath. So we had to get into the emergency and get it fixed. And after five hours and some medicine I could breath again. It had been some virus that had decided to close my throat. I couldn't speak for some days after that, but except for that there was nothing wrong. And then I were healthy a week after it had started :9 It wasn't too bad except for the fourth day. All the other times I have gotten sick I have just had a fever for three days and then recovered, or had a cold for a week and then recovered.

    I usually get a cold once/twice a year & fever once every 2-5th year. So I'm pretty healthy ^^
  20. I don't get sick suckers >:D


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