That's a very nice site you have there

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  1. Call me Whirl. I'm 100% girl, or I think my husband would have noticed by now. I am a stay at home mom to a 7 month old, & getting out is hard. Plus I love to write, so here we are. I'm 24 & have been rping since 2007. I prefer group rps, but will do 1x1s with someone I know can rp well based on interactions in a group rp. I dislike novel length posts, but not as much as 1 liners. I usually write 3 paragraph posts & my interests are NOT fantasy (elves, orcs, etc) or anime. I am transferring to this site from roleplayerguild, & hope this site is a bit more stable!
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  2. This site is quite stable, hopefully you find it to your liking ^ ^ . Welcome to Iwaku, Whirl! Enjoy your stay.
  3. Hey Whirlwind!
    You were in one of my RPs on Roleplayer Guild. I believe it was Stranded? I transfered here too from there. This place is 100% better! Here's to hoping we end up in an RP together! Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Thank you! :)
  5. Yes! Of course I remember you. It was a good idea for an rp. I really hope we can rp together again :)
  6. Yay! ^o^ we work hard to be a nice site!

    Welcome to the community, whirlwind! :D
  7. Thank you! :3
  8. *pokes head in* Checking out this site referred by Whirl. As long as it doesn't crash constantly I'll be a happy camper XD
  9. Gah! Your avatar is so creepy! XD haha
  10. It was a really good idea, and its my fault it died. I quit my job and was gone off the site for a good month. I tried to start it on here, and the same thing happened. I disappeared for a month. lol
  11. Oh well. If you ever restart it, and don't disappear for a month ;), let me know!
  12. I certainly will! I plan on restarting it. I just have to get it moved out of the graveyard
  13. Welcome to the community Whirl~ :)
  14. Thank you!
  15. lol XD

  16. Welcome to the site Whirl! You'll find that Iwaku if quite stable and tons of fun! :)
  17. Thanks Esthalia :)
  18. Welcome there~

    Hope you enjoy your stay~
  19. Thankies!
  20. I just noted~