That's A Nice Ride.

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  1. As I've going back and forth between work, and every where else around where I currently live, I've noticed some seriously nice rides... and that's made me curious Iwaku.

    If you could have any vehicle what would it be, and why?​

    Oh yeah (open)
  2. Cars suck.
  3. Then show us your bitchin' Schwinn, old man. : D
  4. I want a magic carpet. But it would have to have a gazebo attachment for when it rains. And spinning rims.
  5. I want a Dragonite to be my transportation.
  6. Oh! And it has to have an awesome sound system, and a rack underneath for my guitars so I can play guerrilla concerts anywhere I want. They'll be like "STOP THAT!" And I can say "Come up here and get me then! Oh, that's right, you can't! Because I'm on a mofugging MAGIC CARPET!" *lightshow*
  7. I love it, Dark. Take me riding with you, eh? :p

    Saturn Sky Redline (open)

  8. Pontiac Chieftain. Doesn't really matter what year. This is, according to the file name via Wikipedia, a 1952 model.

  9. I wanna ride this (open)


    And this! (open)


    And this too! (open)


    But also these! (open)

    The Suzuki Choinori

    Mini(cooper)'s concept electric scooter

    Ducati Sport Classic 1000

    ...Steve Urkel's car

    And the car from "Overnight Delivery" which turns out to be an amphibious car that Volkswagon didn't even know what to call it but "The Thing" (as quoted from "Switched at Birth")

  10. Coorie's first ride looks like a giant dick.

    No wonder she wants to ride it so bad.

  11. I don't really care that much about vehicles.

    However, I would LOVE to have a Chauffeur. XD I want a fancy car and to be driven around by my chauffeur. Since I can't stand driving, that would be heaven.

    Of course, for practical daily use outside of dreamland, I need a really big family van. >< Cause we're all tall as fuck, so we need enough space to sit/drive comfortably. Plus we go on family trips, so we need the extra seating for passengers. AND I need to be able to removed/fold up seats when I go buy groceries, furniture, supplies, whatever.
  12. If I had a personal driver I'd have this:

    Volkswagen Phaeton (open)


    And if I had to drive myself:

    Nissan Skyline GTR (open)
  15. My dream car (open)

    1968 Camaro, cream with a burgundy leather interior. It's what my older brother had and I fell in love with it. This is close to the color but with a different interior. I'm not a big fan of cars or anything, but I f-wording love this car.
  16. I used to think smartcars were cool, but then I realized I would be pulped if I ever got into a car accident. So now I want a mercedes.