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    I want do something based in a world that is 100% anime. Every stereotype you could imagine from your favorite manga or anime, I'd like to include it! Of course, being in the Libertine section, this would have a lot of Hentai in it. Besides the sexytimes, I would expect many moments of hilarity where everything is complete random. Ridiculous dialogue would also be a plus.

    Every character would have a special power that they show off in fighting sequences. I don't want much seriousness, so make them funny! Also, this RP is completely heterosexual. I know, I know. Anime has a lot of Yaoi in it, but I'd like to exclude it for now.

    Now, onto the character sheets!

    Character Sheet (open)








    Stereotype (Big boobed girl, Cute/Shy guy, Pervert, etc):

    I hope this catches the interest of a few people!

    TIP: If anyone needs to find good images, I suggest checking out Safebooru. ^_^
  2. What, I thought we'd planned this together

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Lissa Hirasha

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Sassy and strong, Lissa is the girl you don't want to mess with. She doesn't really care what others think of her, which is ironic when one considers the fact that she's usually one of the more popular and listed after people wherever she goes.

    Bio/History: Lissa was born to a father rich from a real estate company, but her father passed away when she was an infant, leaving the money all behind to her and her mother. Her mother, being one who enjoyed being spoiled, passed the trait to her daughter, resulting in two women with a love for expensive tastes.

    Skills/Abilities: Lissa is very quick on her feet, but her bust usually gets in the way in such a way that it often ends up smacking both her and her opponent. She's also good with hitting with fists, too ;)

    Stereotype (Big boobed girl, Cute/Shy guy, Pervert, etc): Big bobbed girl FTW xD
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  3. @ElBell Accepted!
    To answer your question, I thought it would be really cool to make it a group roleplay.
    By the way, nice job on putting the boobs into at least one part of the character sheet. Sounds freakin' hilarious!


    Name: Elias Kiriad

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Outgoing, yet also a little shy. He's the type of person that'll come off as sweet and innocent, but then turn out to be extremely perverted.

    Bio/History: A blur.. that's all it is. Elias can't remember anything from his childhood, making him wonder how he came into existence. The farthest he can remember is when he was thirteen, but that was when he woke up in a random apartment with no parents or siblings. The key even had his name listed onto it.. yet there was nothing else to give him a clue of where he came from.

    Skills/Abilities: Elias's right hand has transformed into a more demonic, red hand. If he touches someone with this hand they will immediately fall to their knees in pleasure, though he doesn't make much use of this hand. His red eye can see into the future and he is also good at using his legs in fights.

    Stereotype (Big boobed girl, Cute/Shy guy, Pervert, etc): Pervert.
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  4. Bump! I wish more people would be interested in an idea like this. ;_;

    Anyway, I would be perfectly fine if we only got one more person. Then, we could all play two characters each.
  5. All hands on deck anime hilarity is the best thing ever. So yes, that will be much more fun than strictly sexytimes or sexual themes. But yeah, anime ftw.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Roxis Rosenkrantz

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Snarky and often considered a trickster, he enjoys nothing more than teasing people. However he does not like to talk much about himself as he feel nearly everything he does will never be good enough.

    Bio/History: Growing up in a middle class of wealth household, as the middle child, roxis has developed a small inferiority complex, as his brother has always been immensely better at everything Roxis had done. So being complimented on things he does well greatly boosts his ego and makes him feel safe and appreciated.

    Skills/Abilities: Roxis voice holds power within it. If he shouts it can easily blow someone away, however if he whispers into someone's ears directly it's more than enough to say it can turn them on in seconds. Male and Female alike. (yes that means he can even whisper "pickle fart" in your ear and you'll be turned on.)

    Stereotype (Big boobed girl, Cute/Shy guy, Pervert, etc): He's a tad bit on the tsundere side and denies often when he likes something, or tries to deny compliments.

    Also, i'd like to say that anime is hilarious in some of it's stereotypes. ))
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  6. yeeee thanks for letting me in. *oh wow that was bad phrasing but whatever* I hope to have fun.
  7. Joining because this looks awesome!

    I'll edit and post a form when I get hold of an actual computer
  8. Bump! I have some news.

    You can be as many characters as you want, BUT we have to maintain a good male to female ratio. ^_^
  9. Alright then. guess that means that new person has to be a fem? o-o
  10. They don't have to be, but it would be most preferred. If she chose to play a male, one of us would have to play a second character and make them a female.
  11. actually two of us would have to be, since the male girl ratio would be 1 fem to 3 male
  12. Ah.... right.
  13. Haha, if needed i can make a female char. I play both genders equally. uwu
  14. That would be nice. ^_^
  15. Just letting you know my char will be a girl! The nerdy pervert girl to be precise xD
    Sorry I haven't posted yet, I haven't had a chance to. Hopefully i can either later today or tomorrow.
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  16. i suppose all we can do at this point is to wait. i can hardly do that though, since i love to rp anime hilarity. It's just plain fun times.