That which Resides in our Hearts: an MMORPG-styled rp?

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Which would you rather? (Please choose one of each category)

  1. C1- Small rp group: around 4-6 people.

  2. C1- Multiple small rp groups: max. 3 or 4 groups

  3. C1- One big rp group: around 8-12 people.

  4. C2- Class and Level system, each class with a recommended skill tree' and skill points assigned ever

  5. C2- Class and Race systems, each race having special class perks should player choose to use them.

  6. C2- I'd just be happy with a class system, the race can be usued mostly for decor...

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  1. Hi, here is a little something I whipped up, hope at least a few of you are interested in it :p.

    2116, humanity has evolved much peacefully over the past century in terms of technology and medicine. Now with the Hoo-Yah virtual reality system, which establishes a strong connection between the player's brain and the console, VRMMORPG is becoming a genre with an ever-increasing popularity.

    Now is where you and I come in, dear player. As a random person between ages 14-22, you have been selected to beta-test a new game created by a company nobody has heard of before, in a remote facility somewhere in the high mountains of Russia. Of course, you would be paid, and all travel expenses are paid for, so anybody in the world can technically participate. Why ages 14-22? Because that's when the human mind is the most susceptible to change and addiction, of course. It also is the targeted market for the game, being it as a VRMMORPG itself.

    The game itself is wonderful, set in a open sandbox fantasy world where the player can team up with 1-5 other people. Hunger and Thirst are key factors that can be detrimental to your health, and making money via side-quests and/or hunting and selling rare mob drops to certain NPCs is one of the key things you will have to do.

    However, shortly after the first day, when all of the players finally meet one another, a strange chubby fellow appears in front of them, asking them all the same question.

    "If the world you call reality were to become a game, would you all find happiness?"

    And suddenly, the brilliant sunset sky changed to a menacing black and white, the ground beneath all the players broke apart, and they all started to fall into darkness. When you wake up, you find that you are in a very much different world from that you call reality, this one strange and mysterious. It looks somewhat similar to the game you were just playing, though any NPCs from before are now actual humans, not to mention there is no 'log out', 'sign off', or even an 'exit game' button. It seems to be that for now, you are stuck in a strange new world with only the people around you to rely on.

    Will all of you find a way back to the world which you call 'reality', or perhaps, you might never want to leave? Whatever choice you make, just be sure that it is true to both yourself and the others, and always be cautious. For when life suddenly becomes a game, consequences seem to be more of a myth than fact, and people can do strange things.
  2. Sure; I'd be down for this! Haven't done a virtual reality thing in while.

    I'll be watching to see where this goes~.
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  3. since nobody except @Jakers has really responded via post, but apparently people have voted, I'll work on making a rp...

    (11 days later, and I forgot to watch it XD sorry guys)
  4. If this is still a thing then i would love to join.

    *ahem* I mean, I'm working on the RP right now ;)
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  6. Cool, I voted.
    oops, now I have to add in skill points too... :p
  8. ???
    ...can I just ignore the skill points and focus on skill trees instead?
  9. It depends how many active interest you have.
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