That Which Has Been Lost [Open]

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  1. The Story So Far, white

    Moonlight bathes the buildings, none stir other than guards and a group of men that creep silently through the city, slipping past the night watchmen without making a sound. They take what they want, you spot one of them leaving your house, through an open window, or an unlocked door. It doesn't matter, the more you think about it the sleepier you become. Dismissing it as a midnight hallucination you fall back to sleep without a second thought. You awaken to raised voices outside, pulling your eyes open you roll from your bed and gather yourself before heading outside. Momentarily blinded from the bright sunlight you swiftly lift your hands over your eyes. Upon lowering them again you see the cause of all the noise, a large group of people are gathered in the city centre, around the fountain.

    What you hear worries you as you remember the black-clad figure last night, just trying to remember their appearance makes you feel fatigued. Turning on your heels you rush back inside your house. You check every room, rummage through every drawer. It's gone. ''Bastards..'' you whisper under your breath, they've taken what was most dearest to you.

    Back outside a man speaks, it seems you weren't the only one who's most precious belonging was taken by these thieves, it's about time someone dealt with them he says, and you agree.


    This is only the beginning of a long and dangerous story
    There will be much, much more

    This is a group fantasy/medieval roleplay, if you don't want to know exactly where the story is headed then good, because you wont. The hunting down of the thieves is essentially an intro to a much larger story of intrigue and monster-slaying.

    The world as we know it, white

    The world of Arthfullis isn't mapped, and there is no definitive list of locations, but we will be adding to it as we adventure.

    Cassadoor City

    • [​IMG]
      This is a large city where our group of adventures begin their journey, planning to bring what they assume to be a group of local bandits down who have been plaguing the citizens for the last couple of months. Home to people from every race and profession, it's a melting pot of culture.

    Cassadoor Forest

    • [​IMG]
      A large, dense forest used by hunters to catch game and bandits to steal it. Strange noises can be heard coming from deep within the woods. Rumours say some routes are safe to travel, whilst others are traversed by monsters and the not-so-dead.

    • The Chimera
      Rumours of a great beast with the head and body of a lion, the head of a goat, and a snake for a tail have been circulating through the town of recent, started from travelling traders who claim to have seen the beast not far from town, patrolling inside the forest, perhaps it has set the forest as it's new home?


    Rules of Combat

    There will be fighting, lots of it, here's a run-down of how it will work:​
    • Characters will take TURNS attacking, your character sheet determines whether your characters attacks first, second, third, fourth, eighth or eleventh. So think about what effects your plate-mail will have on your characters agility.
    • No you didn't slice it's head off in one strike, and say you did, that's for me to say, not you, you say what you have attempted to do in your attack, and I will decide the outcome.
    • Fighting between characters IS allowed.
    • Magic IS allowed, but realize if you are casting a powerful spell, your turn will probably take place after a heavy-armour wearing brute with a mace who can and will spike you into the ground. Unless of course a team-mate is willing to protect you.


      Accepted Characters

      • Name | Ælfred Bellecoté
        Race | Human

        Age | 35
        Appearance |

        Height | 6'2''
        Eyes | Green
        Hair | Auburn
        Skills | Proficient warrior, Intelligent, unbreakable will

        History | Born and raised in Ibaenia, the blood red deserts of the east, to a band of warring holy knights (The order of Brothers of the Ibanian house of the Faceless), commonly known as The Holy Knights of Ibaenia, from birth he was indoctrinated in their ways and rituals, as well as trained not only in the ways of steel, but of the mind too. By the time he was an adult he had already earned his reputation as one of the most chivalrous and pious knights of the order, earning him rank and respect from not only his peers within the knighthood but those who respect such virtues outside of it too.
        After a decade of warring, the order set their eyes on other regions of the country, with reports of dark creatures and heretics all over, the knight was sent to Cassadoor to route out these infidels. He has been living in the city for many years now, surviving as a mercenary for various nobles and warlords.

        Stolen Item | A charmed bracelet given to him by the woman he had to leave in the deserts of the east.

      • Hint: Just follow mine.


      -All normal Iwaku rules
      -Help to build the world
      -Adhere to the setting
      -Don't argue with me
      -Don't argue with me please
      -Have fun​
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