That which cannot be seen....

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    Lily Matherson

    The night was calm and quiet yet a single lone female ran through the streets a hoodie over her head as she looked behind her for a moment before cursing as she continued running. Lily knew that the person sent to kill her was close and she knew it was pointless running but she hadn't made it this far in her life by laying down and waiting for her life to end. Some would wonder why this young girl was running for her life, this girl was a wanted girl in the underground circuits as she had backstabbed alot of how powered men, stealing they're money and killing they're people after she had been paid to work for them. There were reasons this girl did what she did but noone knew why, she never let anyone get that close to her. As she kept running she found a open sewer drain and jumped down it grunting slightly as she hit the rancid water. She continued running knowing it would be harder to track her once she reached her hideout.
  2. A man was walking down the street late at night with a hood thrown over his head making only his dark goatee visible. Took a right down a dark and smelly alley. A hobo could be seen asleep next to a dumpster. There was a door colored back with a single red diagnol slash on it, the hooded man made his way to it and knocked two times. A small shutter slid open and revealed a dark set eyes that nothing. "Redrum." the hooded man whispered. The shutter closed and the door open show the man with the dark eyes. He was wearing a suit. "He's been expecting you." The man in the suit said gruginly. The hooded man didn't even acknowledge him just kept going, making his way down a narrow barely lit hall. The furhter he went the more music could be heard growing more loud with each step. At the end of the hall was another door. He just pushed his way through it. Music was blasting, people dancing, drinking, and some one was over dosing in the corner. This was not your average club but an underground club where drugs was pushed mainly exctasy.

    He went behind the bar ignoring the bartenders as they ignored him to one last door. He walked in to smell of smoke, alcohol and sex. A man was sitting in a chair in front of a desk with a woman in his lap half naked. Two more men was standing the corners as still as statues, all wearing suits. The man in the chair looked up to the newcomer. "Mason" He said calmy. "I've been expecting you."

    "So I heard." Mason replied. The in the chair grabbed a brown thick envelope from his drawer and slid across the desk. "This came in and they want it done immediately." "They all do," Mason said while grabbing the envelope and opening it. Pulling out a 100K in cash with a picture. He grabbed the pictured looking at it. It was a picture of a woman with long red hair. He turned it over and read it. "Lilly Matherson." Mason said in a whisper. He turned to leave with the picture and the cash. "Oh and Mason make it bloody."

    The next night Mason found his target or his prey he liked to muse. He was the wolf and she was the sheep. Easy prey sheep he thought. He followed her like a ghost waiting for the right moment. Something must have gave him away or she just got real paranoid all of sudden. He didn't know and didn't care it would be over soon. She jumped down the sewer. "So she wants to be a rat and not a sheep." He said to himself. He jumped down after. He could her feet splashing echoing off the wall he ran after her the need for quiteness was over she chose her own quick demise coming down here he thought. As he ran he pulled a smalled curved blade it looked like a talon off some creature, it was made for gutting.
  3. Lily knew that whoever was sent after her was close, she knew she had only one chance to fight back and she was going to choose where this happened. As she came to what seemed like a dead-end but she moved to open a hidden door leaving it open she walked into a large circular room,there was a small bed near the back this was where she hid out from time to time, she had a lot of money but she wasn't one to flash it, she saved all her money which was over a million dollars. As she walked around the room she pulled out the two daggers which were her weapons of choice and stood waiting her history coming back as she faced possibly the end of her life.

    As she waited for whoever was coming after her she took a deep breath as she remembered how her life had started, left at a cruel orphanage where she never really got along with anyone and was always in trouble. After she escaped that hell hole she soon met a man by the name of Kyle James, he had taught her how to operate in the underground world but little did she know at the time that he was only using her for his own power. When the time came and he tried to use her as bait she had back stabbed him{literally} and left the house they lived in and burned it to the ground with him inside listening to his screams.

    As she shook herself out of her past she shifted slightly tightening her grip on the daggers as she sensed the man getting closer to her location.
  4. He was down the passageway his black leather boots covered in filth. He saw that there was a dead end. That can't be right. He thought to himself. I swore she came down this way. But as he made his way closer he noticed a door way if it was closed he probaly wouldn't have noticed it was there but unlucky for her she didn't close it back. But before he entered he thought maybe it was a trap. The room was dimly lit he threw back his hood to better see. He had short unkempt black hair and blue eyes and a small scar on his left eyebrow. He gripped his blade tight surveying the room has he entered. Then he saw her standing there with two daggers in her hand ready to fight. But before he noticed that he notice how beautiful she was he killed many women was pretty but never one like this. He didn't bother to kill men, women, or even a few children. He didn't have emotions there was no room for them in his line of work.

    But there was something about her, he could see it in her eyes. And her hair. He thought to himself. Beautiful red hair that was like fire that could warm him night. But he had a job to do and he always did his job. He raised his knife to mid waist. "Are you ready?" He asked.