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  1. So, I sometimes get that pretty weird feeling when I'm on different forums (this one not being an exception) that I feel like everyone here is the same.
    Don't get me wrong, you are all original and unique, but I talk with a person with whom I talk like we're equal in age, like to one of my friends, and then, when I check the profile of this person I find a 10-15 year gap between us.
    That also probably works backwards, you're 34 and then you find out you were talking to a 21-year old, though for mature people it's not that much of a difference as for me, when I talk with a 25-year old, having 14 years.
    That's bothering me quite often and I just keep thinking that everyone is equal. Maybe it's just me overthinking age differences, but heck, why not to overthink stuff?
  2. As a guy who's on the approach to 27, I've personally noticed that I'm caring less and less about a person's age difference as I was in high school and college. In high school, the 3 year difference between 9th and 12th graders seemed huge, and now I think nothing of having friends who are in their 30s or early 20s, and I still have friends in their teens.

    Basically, if you get along well with somebody, don't care about the age, unless you're considering dating them.
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  3. Age becomes a much more irrelevant factor once you're out of High School.
    Plus, on the Internet no one see's each other's face (so we don't get an instant guess to their age) so there's no bias when we interact with someone.
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  4. Ironically, the older I get, the younger people online assume I am.

    But yeah, I'm just gonna echo that the older you get, the less age differences start to matter. Not to say life experience past X age is worthless, but a lot more changes each year when you're young. It stops feeling as significant at some point, then we all sorta drift in age-limbo until we're so old we only talk about the good ol' days.
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  5. As someone who is older than most people on the forum, I automatically assume everyone is younger than me. Usually they are....
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  7. Half your man? O.o

    I think you mean half your age + 7.
  8. I have this all the time. I dont really care about the age though. As long as the person im talking too is nice :)
  9. yes, thank you. that.
  10. I can usually tell when I'm talking to a teenager, even without the coloured stars, but I've been surprised more than once
  11. True. I tend to assume everyone is my age which is an obvious lie. Idk why I do that
  12. People are all the same age, same sex, gender & orintation, and same race as you until you're informed otherwise. No, seriously, people have put my age all over the place, people have assumed I was guy and I shocked a few when they found out I wasn't the same ethic heritage as them. We settled for what we know because humans use paterns to make sense of the world.
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  13. Age difference means absolutely nothing to me. A friend of mine has a seven year old who knows more about economy, the industry, and big corporations than I do, and talking to him can be rather enlightening. He knows it, too, so he's probably the most arrogant seven year old you'll ever meet. I care about whether or not a person is intelligent and interesting to interact with, so I don't care if you're seven or forty-seven.

    I also have people mistake my age and gender a lot. When I was younger and not sporting a mustache, even as recently as when I was twelve or thirteen, I had people mistake me as female at first glance (mostly waiters and the like). Long hair and a slight build will do that, I guess. In real life people used to think I was younger than I am, but now (presumably because of my hairstyle and mustache) they always, without fail, think me seventeen (I'm fifteen). Online, I've been mistaken as an adult for years. Last year someone asked me what I was majoring in because they thought I was in college. I suppose it's kind of gratifying when people assume you're older than them by your mannerisms.
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  14. As long as they don't talk like they're five years old and have decent grammar, I honestly don't give a damn how old someone is. Unless they're like 10, in which case they shouldn't even be on the Internet without adult supervision or some kind of parental control. It's sadness me how often I see little kids freely surfing the Internet, that's not how I was raised. I was raised knowing full well that the Internet is not kind to young children.
  15. I personally don't care too much about age difference. As long as the person who I'm talking to is respectable, makes sense and mature, I have no problem in having a conversation with them. I started using the internet when I was a very small child; 8 years old to be precise. Admittedly, my grammar was poor and the way I acted was very immature. But as I'd reached 12 years old, I'd matured quickly and people had often mistaken me for someone much older.​
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  16. I never really cared. Good conversations and learning something new can come from anybody at any age. As well as a funny joke. But on the internet with strangers I keep stuff civil and appropriate for general audiences.
  17. When I was younger and on MMO games, I found that I didn't really even think of people as having different ages. It didn't matter to me.

    Got older, realized it was sort of weird I was making friends with people 4-5 years older than me.

    Grew up, realized I don't care. I've met mature 15 year olds and immature 20+ year olds and have learned that age doesn't equal character and that it shouldn't dictate how you make friends.

    I mean, those movies were some 16 year old meets some 80 year old that teaches him a life lesson and they become BFFs are always so cute! So why does an 8 year difference in a non romantic relationship bug people? Unless you're, like, 5, and your friend is a creeper or something.
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  18. Gyara, you are a sociopath. You assume we're all the same because you're narcissistic and have reduced us to homogenous Yungian blobs, only existing to pander to your diseased ego.

    You need to analyze this situation further, and become a better person.

  19. I don't really care about age differences as long as we all get along. Sure, not long ago I thought the 2-3 year age difference was already a huge gap but well, I've made friends older than me too. And those who are younger. It isn't really the age that matters, I care about your personality (though that is also influenced by age).
  20. I've never really cared what anyone's age is. Hell, a lot of people here have said that age gaps feel so much bigger when you're in high school and seem like a way bigger deal, but I never even cared then. As a high school underclassmen, I made friends with quite a few upperclassmen and maintained those relationships as they graduated and went to college. And then, when I became an upperclassmen, I became close friends with quite a few underclassmen. Even as a college student now, I'll occasionally visit my high school friends by showing up in their free periods when I'm home from school. So, even then, a 3-year gap really didn't mean anything to me. And it still doesn't. Age =/= maturity.

    ALTHOUGH, it can be amusing when people act like age = maturity and therefore assume that you're a lot older than you actually are just because you seem mature for your age. I remember being 15 and constantly being mistaken for someone ~4 years older or so for that reason. I admit, it probably inflated my ego a bit.
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