"That" Time Of Sadness And "This" time Of Love

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  1. 'In a Town in a slinet village. little town full of little people come out to say good bye.'

    this town is just a small town full of funny people. like ones a werewolf, another is a vampire then that guy over there is a mage, over there her she a holy women or something i dont know. it town that needs love. and a town that needs no more sadness. but that not all this town lost a great woman? Graet Aiunt Grim. one of the grims brothers Great great great great great ect... granddaughter. and now its going to a wird girl name Eve Grim. she would be the new story teller. one thing she new to town she dose not know what going on and there this that are likely to get out of hand.

    (this is like Once apoun a time? that show there and something much more but i for got so here are the rules
    1. be kind to one another. its dose not mean that you can F*** eachother in the rp please be kind to the player.
    2. you can be what ever you want. no gods or sh*t
    3. no god modding
    4. leave no man behind. so let everyone in.
    5 and dont make your charater very powerfull
    6. have fun!!!!!!!!!!)
  2. izzie
    not very welcoming snappy grumpy illiosnist (can make people see halucinations for her own enjoyment)
    can shrink and grow

    do i add a picture? ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.