"That" Tail That Will Be Told But Soon Forgoten

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should i even barther with this rp

  1. no way dont do it

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  2. yes way i want in do it

  1. i am think of a dark tail
    just random people with powers never meeting but maybe pased by in the sreet.
    in this rp they will never be meeting but only when they are fighting crime.
    they can be a vamp a were a fay a whatevre.
    you can be a police a student an cafe person juat living your life
    you can talk to one another onc i awahle like if your a cop and whent to a cafe and i can be a girl that works at that for a few thats all

    but i want this to be a mistory thing and if you want just Pm me to ask the bad guy but you cant ponting out that your a bad guy. i will post what your bad guy just pml me what he did he kill someone or steal something.

    its a vrey messed up game of cat an mouse or what i like to call this game Clue i will be giving clues once a day XD

    if anyone whats more about this just ask

    i will post a pic of something