That school with the odd people

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  1. Westerhelm Private School for Social Integration. The media refers to it as just "Westerhelm"-there really isn't anything else worth mentioning in that part of town- and any other outsiders call it "That school with the odd people". The state gives the school plenty of funding, they get new students every other semester, and the students are of many ages but all diagnosed with some condition that nobody really knows what entails, except it impairs the victim's ability to behave with others so seriously that somebody had to found a whole school just for fixing that. That's about all the public knows, and most of the money from the state goes towards keeping it that way.

    The truth is that Westerhelm doesn't take students of just one conditions. All their students are what the public would refer to as supernatural beings, there to learn how to blend with the rest of the population. Not all supernatural creatures have the possibility or need to go to such a school, but the ones that do really need the guidance. The school takes in everyone from newborn Vampires to Changelings, and it's all controlled by the government... Our story, though, is about a werewolf and a cambion. Today is their big day, their first day of school. Wish them luck.


    Jerry followed his father up to the gates of the school, looking back at the driver in the car he had just gotten out of. Franklin had been his favorite playmate, and now he probably wouldn't see him in a long time. His father would come by every week to check on him, but he would come alone. The women didn't live with the pack, so Jerry didn't know his mother. She probably wasn't very fun though, since she liked Father. Father was dull and serious. And strong and solid too, especially now as Jerry walked straight into his back while trying to wave down to Franklin.

    His father had stopped, and presented his hand to a human-smelling man while taking a deep breath. Jerry looked away, knowing this meant that he was going to do his serious business-things again. Jerry hoped he could get out of these stiff formal clothes once he had moved in. Franklin said so too, a 15 year old werewolf shouldn't have to be caged inside his father's work clothes. The young cub stopped worrying about his clothes though, as he saw more adults with kids approaching. Friends! Playmates! And of his own size too. Grappling Franklin was way too hard, and finding Franklin in hide and seek was way too easy.
  2. Eden stood amongst some of his fathers clients, looking around with a slight pout. He had actually just come there, Father had told him how this school was good for people of his kind. He didn't really know what he was, just that they called him cambion. His dad had told him that, he had grown up with his human mother. Though, after he had caused so much trouble at his last school Pa had taken him here to make him a proper man. Boring.

    The blonde teen took a look around. There were pale kids, people with shells on them, hairy ones and.. no one looked quite like him. He looked rather human, actually. With striking platina blonde hair and icey blue eyes. His skin was pale, and he had been told that he was very beautiful. The teen sniffed the air, scanning the crowd. Though, someone caught his eye. A kid standing with his father, clearly uncomfortable in the formal clothes. Hah.
  3. Jerry studied the other kids, tilting his head. There was a hairy one that looked like quite a lot of fun, but the others were just as strict as Father, if not more. Jerry himself wasn't very hairy for a werewolf, but his hair was brown with a hint of mossy green. Colors like that were normal for werewolves, he'd been told. If a werewolf hid his scent with perfumes, his father had taught him that unusual colors in their hair would give them away. The hairy boy probably wasn't a wolf.

    "Hello!" Jerry shouted, and waved at the people as they approached him. He wanted to run up to them and taste them them, but Father had some sort of way of knowing what he wanted before he wanted it. A hand was already holding him by the neck, not letting him go anywhere.
  4. Eden simply could not help it and giggled a little at the boy. Amusing. His father looked in the direction he had been looking, and smiled a little. The two of them went up to meet the teachers, Eden still glancing over his shoulder to look at the boy. Oh, he was certainly starting to like this place.

    The teachers whom met him each gave him a hand, Eden taking it with a small polite nod. Most of them looked pretty normal to him, maybe exept for their races. His father talked a bit with them, as Eden went to meet the other kids. They all Seemed alright, as he spoke with a girl with shells. His eyes looked around for the boy from earlier, curious. He would very much like to talk with him.
  5. Jerry was still standing with his father. He wouldn't let go of him, much like Franklin had predicted. 'Don doesn't like or trust strangers. He's not going to let you anywhere near adults for as long as he can hold you back. That'll be a few more years, I reckon,' Franklin had said. Franklin's nickname for Father was Don, but when Jerry asked what it meant he just said Father would explain some day. Anything between Father and Franklin was pretty boring though, so Jerry didn't care much at all that he was left out.

    The wolf kid staid put, having given up trying to look at the other kids or breaking away. Father wasn't holding him forcefully or hurting him, but he still had full control.
  6. Eden approached the boy, giving a small wave. His eyes brightened and he smiled smugly, tilting his head slightly to the side. ''Hi,'' he said, curiously eyeing him. The boy was about as tall as the other, looking straight into his eyes. As his father seemed to be busy with some others he took the time to look up at the boy's father. The man seemed.. stern. Not like his father.

    The blonde noticed the grip his father had on him, biting his lower lip a bit. It was a bad habit he had. His lips were already sore, cherry colored. He always did that when he was nervous.
  7. "Hey!" Jerry said, and turned his head as much as possible towards the blond kid. He was glad someone had bothered to come over to him since he couldn't go anywhere, and not he kinda wanted to hug this person. Instead he reached out a hand, hoping that the golden-haired boy would take it and shake it, or whatever the custom was. "I'm Jerry. What's your name?"