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  1. I feel like this video perfectly sums up that ONE guy you've had on your team in ANY competitive game where you have to work together with other people to win, whether it's basketball, Starcraft 2, Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, League of Legends.

    You name it

    What kind of experiences in gaming like this have you had?

  2. That's totally me and my husband if we're in a multi-player game. But only if the other teammates are being stupid, or being dicks. >:[ That sort of negative behavior inspires us to be as hilariously useless. We'll just heal each other, fight enemies alone, etc. while we ignore the crybabies.

    Other than that, with MOBA games especially, I've had plenty of experiences with that "one guy." It humors me more than frustrates me. And now even more so because that video had me cackling.
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  3. I like how only one of those team events are actual, physical team sports/activities.


    Oh god, I always get this fucker on my team. As a matter of fact, I always get paired with him.

    Kill me.

  4. Ahh... see, I try not to be that guy, but when it comes to video games, I unfortunately am. Though not my will of my own! I'm just so beyond awful at them that my boyfriend gently tells me to run around and collect Humanity while he takes on the actual boss. (To be fair, Dark Souls is hard af. I dunno why I agreed to play.) I've tried a few times to get into the mysterious world of gaming, but it usually ends with me remembering that, hell, I struggle with Mario.
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  5. In regards to Moba's this is me.

    Not by choice, I'm just bad at the game and lack much understanding for tactics.
    And usually the team is much more eager to be cyber-babies about having someone new than they are willing to be helpful, so I'm left just trying to figure shit out on my own. :P
  6. I love how that guy is technically playing the game well.

    That is how I want to play all multiplayer games. Ever.
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