That ONE movie...

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  1. "But she enjoys it."
  2. "She enjoy killing spree for fun."
  3. "Diversifying?"
  4. A full pokemon RP with all the works, and drama. Pokemon form, possible powers, secret/public evil organization, kinky sex, and ...jealous pokemon?
  5. :P ok ^^ that does give quite a few options

    I'm still thinking on mine but I'm leaning toward one of the two I posted

    and also I'm going back home to visit my parents monday. However my tablet is refusing to connect to any wifi so there is a good chance that I wont be online at all for like two weeks.
  6. "She does like to try different things."
  7. "I know but doesn't mean she should follow what Melissa does."
  8. Happy b-days Josh and Kay!
  9. "I am not." Harmony huff.
  10. Evelyn look up at Kunari and handed her a small bunch of flowers, "Sorry mommy."

    Kunari took the flowers with a smile, tears brimming in her eyes, "Mmm.. it's ok baby girl." She look content and blissful.
  11. Adam. I love that movie.
  12. Don't be a menace to South Central....
    Crank: High Voltage
  13. Lucius quietly looked away.
  14. Necella, maybe so! I love LOTR, and I've done the exact same thing: I've watched all three of the extended editions back to back. It's an insane experience, but freakin' awesome.

    Just... I could never do that again. ... Wellllll, maybe...

    Great list, everyone! Very eclectic, running the gamut of all styles of film. I haven't seen Ninja in the Dragon's Den, but Hiroyuki Sanada is awesome, and a cursory glance at IMDB makes it sound freakin' AWESOME.

    I also haven't seen Adam. Again, a glance at IMDB makes me want to. It also sounds like a very sweet and endearing movie; I think I could enjoy it.

    Anymore movies? C'mon, other-people!
  15. "I don't know, but the air.. the aura is changing.. getting darker." Harmony shrug.
  16. Kill Bill, Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Castle in the Sky.
  17. I love LoR, but I think If I had to pick one movie it would be Full metal Jacket.
  18. Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle

    and I'm sure other Studio Ghibli films
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  19. The Fall, Waking Life, Waking Ned Devine, Princess Mononoke and Amelie.