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  1. Okay, everyone has that ONE movie that they can watch over, and over, and over again. That one movie that they could watch once a day, every day, for the rest of their life, and really NEVER get bored with it. It doesn't have to be your FAVOURITE movie, but it usually ranks high up there.

    So what's yours? What's that one move that you could watch any day, everyday?

    Mine is:
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  2. Jurassic Park. Hands down.

    I still imitate the velociraptor scream every now and then. 8D
  3. Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Crow, Never Ending Story, and the Labyrinth
  4. Totally agree with Jurassic Park.

    Labyrinth I could do, but ugh, no way in HELL could I sit through LOTR every single day.

    Another I just remembered. Probably the only other movie I could watch EVERY DAY:

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  5. Dude, you gotta quote it.

    "Lo, there do I see my father. Lo, there I do see..."

    SAY IT!
  6. That's because you do not have a true appreciation for LotR like I do. :P I sat through one day watching all three movies. Then another day I sat all day watching the extended editions (took about two days though). Then some days I watch the movies starting from the third to the first.

    I'm just a die-hard LotR fan :P

    Kill Bill Volume 1 is another movie I can watch everyday.
  7. Public Enemy Number one.
  8. 'The Cat Returns', probably.

    Yeah, it's anime. I dunno. I just like it.
  9. Princess Bride or maybe Big Trouble in Little China.
  10. Ninja in the Dragon's Den
  11. Adam. I love that movie.
  12. Don't be a menace to South Central....
    Crank: High Voltage


    Go on...finish the line. You KNOW you wanna.
  14. Necella, maybe so! I love LOTR, and I've done the exact same thing: I've watched all three of the extended editions back to back. It's an insane experience, but freakin' awesome.

    Just... I could never do that again. ... Wellllll, maybe...

    Great list, everyone! Very eclectic, running the gamut of all styles of film. I haven't seen Ninja in the Dragon's Den, but Hiroyuki Sanada is awesome, and a cursory glance at IMDB makes it sound freakin' AWESOME.

    I also haven't seen Adam. Again, a glance at IMDB makes me want to. It also sounds like a very sweet and endearing movie; I think I could enjoy it.

    Anymore movies? C'mon, other-people!
  15. The Little Mermaid >.> Don't laugh at me ;-;
  16. Kill Bill, Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Castle in the Sky.
  17. I love LoR, but I think If I had to pick one movie it would be Full metal Jacket.
  18. Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle

    and I'm sure other Studio Ghibli films
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  19. The Fall, Waking Life, Waking Ned Devine, Princess Mononoke and Amelie.