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    Simple, flirty, uncaring, and full of mockery, yet so high ranked. He should've been kicked off but he was seen as... Inportant? Other than that, he was the clan 'heart throb.'

    "C'mon, hun, just one more day? It's not like I'm going anywhere. Besides, I have upcoming assignments I gotta finish before I get to this." The evermore flirty Takeshi was easing his way into getting one more day to fill out his entry form to be considered a full part of this specific clan. The head of the organization that had kept track of such papers so happened to be quite the intelligent lady; all the more weak in the knees when he rolled in.

    "Takeshi, I can't do that. Riku wouldn't allow it. He expects everyone to turn in their signed papers by the end of today. Your mission can wait until tomorrow." Yuuka's pale pink eyes glimpsed at the male who still played it off cool.

    "Nah, he trusts you, Yuuka. Just look at you; beautiful eyes, body, and very intellectual mind. He can never say no to you, sweetie. ~" Takeshi smiled and edged closer to her as they walked, tugging on her sleeve lightly and playfully. "Please? You know I'd do anything to have you agree to my terms~" he was at it again; putting off something that must be turned in the day the head clan leader needed it. His golden orbs watched everything Yuuka did, as if reading what she'd do next and predicting what she'd say.

    The girl hesitated and flustered before him as he made a bit of physical contact. She was at a loss for words. Before long, she nodded. Her eyes avoided eye contact all the while.

    "Well... Alright. But only one more day. None more, ok? You've got to promise me."

    "Ah, ah, no problem, Yuuka. Thanks alot, hun." He'd lean down towards her face, as if to kiss her but paused just centimeters from her lips. With a small chuckle, he turned and walked on back to his quarters where he usually spent his time chilling. It only left Yuuka wanting more. Just the way he liked it.

    This little act usually drove a few guys insane, seeing how easy it was for Takeshi to get his way so easily doing one simple thing; complimenting, flirting, persuading, you name it.

    As the male walked on, shirtless as always, little did he know that maybe someone was watching his little act. Someone he knew despised him. Not for who he was exactly, well maybe, but for how less he cared for what he had assigned to him. It was all, in fact, just a little game to him. The way he killed, the way he spoke to others, the way he'd manipulate both genders to get what he wanted; it was all a simple yet complex game. Hey, it was a nice warm cloudy day and he just wanted to take the time to relax even though he was seen relaxing almost 24/7. So long as no one bothered him, that is.
  2. Tying her fiery red hair into a high pony tail, Regan glanced at the small mirror in her room before she squared her shoulders and walked out, dressed in her usual workout shorts and a simple crop top for easy movement. She had no mission or anything else to do today, so she planned to go to the training gym for a while. She didn't like staying still for too long when she could be training to get even better.

    She was in a fairly good mood today, too, for Regan anyway. She had gotten the chance to see her father - the clan leader's son, Arata - last night. It wasn't often she was able to see him any more, so when ever she did, she was often in a good mood for a couple days after. Granted, she wasn't his blood child, but he had raised her from an infant, for which she was eternally grateful. She cared and respected her father more than anyone else for that. If he hadn't taken her in, she would surely be dead.

    However, much to her displeasure, her mood soon soured when she saw the one guy she hated. Takeshi. It frustrated her to no end the way he flirted with the girls and manipulated everyone to get his own way. On a mission, it could be useful, but here, it was a nuisance. No, he was a nuisance. She wouldn't be the least bit upset if he suddenly went missing to never be found again. Perhaps, though, her hatred stemmed more from the fact, that despite he never put in effort, he was almost as good as her. For how hard she trained, this is what it came to? Some boy comes along who doesn't try and he's on level with her? Yeah, right. Regan wouldn't allow that.

    She watched in silence as he flirted with Yuuka, trying to get an extra day to fill out some paper work. And after some careful manipulation, Yuuka caved. Regan's brow furrowed and she crossed her arms over her chest as she watched Takeshi lean down towards the woman and then stop short of kissing her and then just left.

    Disgusted, she quickly changed course to follow the boy, saying to Yuuka as she passed her, "He's got no such assignments. You should know better than to give extra time to anyone," she cast a fleeting glare at the woman before going after Takeshi. As usual, the cocky, flirty pain in the neck was walking around shirtless, which showed the odd black flame-like markings that ran along his upper body.

    "Takeshi Rouke," Regan called, annoyance clear in her tone as she caught up with him and then took a quick step ahead of him and spun around in front of him to stop him, not letting him pass. She placed her hands on her slender hips and glared up at him, not letting the fact that Takeshi was a whole head taller than her bother her. "You can't do that," she stated, meaning Yuuka and the entry form, "if you want to join something - what ever it may be - then you need to hand in the forms on the day. Flirting your way out of it to get an extra day is wrong," she huffed softly, her unusual grey eyes blazing.

    As much as she didn't like talking to Takeshi - he made her skin crawl - she didn't like seeing him get away with everything he so desired.
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    His mood was pretty neutral as he paced on over to the direction of his quarters. His thoughts settled on what other mission would supposedly come through. It was always easy, honestly it was. A little too easy in his thoughts. All the more to laze away from all of it. Then, just before he thought he was in the clear, that familiar, annoyed voice rung through the air.

    Oh god... Here we go again.

    Takeshi thought this as he inhaled deeply. Just as expected, Regan came into view, stepping in front of him with hands upon her hips, causing him to stop walking.

    "Well good morning to you, too, sweet stuff." Came his usual greeting before she could go on with her rant. "Do what? This?" Without consent, he stepped forward and leaned down slightly, his golden orbs gazing into her gray hues - his face just close enough for him to attempt something unwanted. The male would grasp her waist and laugh softly, acting as if Regan was, in fact, his for the taking.

    "Don't be upset. I was just looking for a bit of fun was all. Unless you were perhaps looking for some amusement as well?" Takeshi continued to keep the eye contact, as if he were staring directly at prey; nothing else caught his attention.

    The guy always enjoyed her anger. It made him laugh whenever she got frustrated with his acts. There was no way he'd let this drop. Even though there would be someone else he'd be flirting with, Regan would always somehow be around corner.

    "How do you know I've got some stuff to get in, anyway? Don't tell me the little mistress has come following me like a lost puppy. If you wanted some attention, you know you could've just asked~" came the croon of his voice, his lips inching closer to her's. He was slowly getting off the subject of the earlier event.
  4. As he called her 'sweet stuff', Regan couldn't help but scrunch up her nose momentarily in disgust. He knew she hated such names and she swore he called her that just to annoy her. And then he stepped toward her, leaning forward, his face too close for comfort. She was about to step back, away from him, when his warm hands grasped her waist. It wasn't often that she was out of uniform when she was around Takeshi, so it felt a lot different when his hands touched her. Only wearing workout shorts and a crop top, it left her middle completely exposed.

    She took in a sharp breath and glanced down at his hands in contempt as he laughed softly. She didn't like him touching her bare skin. Not one bit. And when he spoke and then asked if she had been looking for some amusement as well, she raised her gaze back to his and narrowed her eyes. "I am nothing like you," she remarked, "why would I be 'looking for some amusement' when I have much better things to do?" she asked, glaring at him as he stared at her, not breaking the eye contact. Like a hawk eyeing off his prey. It unsettled her.

    She was about to answer his question of how she knew he had forms to hand in, but he kept speaking, not giving her a chance to speak. He called her a lost puppy, which made her bristle. She wasn't no puppy. And she hadn't been following him! It wasn't her fault that he always seemed to be in the same vicinity as her. Which she hated, if she was being honest. If he hadn't come into her life and ruined all her hard work, she'd be happy.

    Her eyes widened at Takeshi's last remark about just asking for attention. He inched closer to her, like he was going to kiss her. He was so close that she could feel his breath. Regan gritted her teeth, a momentary lapse of panic swept through her and swept her hands out, breaking his hold on her waist with ease and she pushed him away before dancing back a few steps. She truly hated this boy. "I would never seek attention from you, Takeshi. And I wasn't following you. Unfortunately for me, you just always seem to be in the area. Now, i'm not letting you off that easily. Hand in your forms today. It doesn't take that long and it's really not that hard. It takes two minutes," she said and folded her arms over her chest as she looked over at the male, making sure there was enough space between them so he couldn't try any of his tricks again. She didn't want him touching her again.
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    "Nothing like me? Ouch. A little harsh, aren't ya?" He replied, pulling a false hurt expression. "Everyone looks for fun once in a while. You're not that uptight, are you?" Again, Takeshi chuckled, listening to everything Regan had to say. Before he was able to pull yet another little trick on her, he felt fast hands sweep his grip off her and a good amount of force pushed upon him, causing him to take a few steps back.

    Her remark came soon after and he, once more, listened carefully. She wasn't enjoying his presence and he could sense it off of her. Regan was most certainly not exaggerating what she was telling him, too. Now that she was a good couple of feet away, he took the time to cross his arms over his chest. His expression was blank. He was acting like he could care less again.

    "Oh is that so? Well I apologize for taking up your precious space, mistress, but I've been dragged here against my own will. They begged me to join this place and I so dearly refused. Eventually," he laughed and scoffed a little. "I agreed. I may just be a bit more important than you think~"

    He arched a brow as Regan went ahead and stated that she wasn't going to let him off easy. The male's stature shifted a little as he tuned in fully.

    "You're kidding, right? C'mon, honestly, I've got better things to do than sign some piece of paper and read over some lame rules. When there's an assignment or mission posted for the squad I'm settled in, call me." Again, he scoffed and began walking, brushing past Regan without much play. It already goes to show that doing physical writing work or having to read over a certain amount of stuff wasn't his thing. He could do it, he just didn't want to do it.

    "Anyway, it's not like I'm going to be kicked off or anything. This has happened tons of times. They let me off still." A shrug and he was off once more. Yet he stopped a few feet away from Regan. "Besides, what are you gonna do about it? It's not like you do anything anyway. You see me do this yet you do nothing to change it. Funny. Maybe you do take a liking in me." With a wink, he shot her a flirty look after saying so.
  6. Not that uptight? Well, apparently she was. And she didn't care one bit. She wasn't here to have 'fun'. Once there was space between them, she watched as he crossed his arms over his chest, his expression going blank, like he could care less. Her brow twitched as he called her mistress once again for the second time in the span of two minutes. She hated being called that. Others said it in a form of 'respect' because she was the clan leader's daughter, but she knew Takeshi said it just to irk her. And it worked.

    He went on to say how important he was and she pressed her lips together in a thin line, sightly amused by how important he thought he was. "If you don't want to, don't. Stop wasting people's time. If all you want to do is fool around, go somewhere else," she said. She watched as he posture shifted shifted and he turned his full attention on her.

    He then said he had better things to do and Regan couldn't help but scoff at that. "Better things to do? Like what? You do nothing but fool around or do absolutely nothing and lounge around. I hardly call that 'better things to do'," she said as he started walking. He brushed past her and she turned to watch him as he passed her.

    When he stopped a few feet away from her, asking what she was going to do about it and then saying that she liked him. He then shot her a wink and a flirty look. She stared at the boy, a shocked look on her face. She? Like him? Yeah, right! "No," she said, "i'm not going to do anything about it. Because, ultimately, it's your decision. I'm just here to advise you on what you should be doing. If you don't want to listen to me, then don't. But i'll be here, hoping, waiting, to see the day that they do decide not to put up with your excuses and do kick you off the team. And when that happens, i'll be there to say I told you so," she told him.

    She turned around and walked off, planning to go to the gym like she had originally planned. But then she stopped and looked back at Takeshi, remembering. "And, no! I do not like you. At. All!"
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    Her stream of suggestions fluttered through the air like a flock of birds. One this and one that, it really was getting on his nerves. Heck, he's been putting up with this for a while now so same old same old.

    "Fool around? As if. I don't fool around all the time. How do you think I got where you are now, hun? Maybe I'm just a little more dedicated than you. Just maybe. I'm not saying I am. I'm just pointing out a couple things I see on my end." Then came the stern 'no' to his remark of her possibly liking him. Ah, no matter. He knew she had a thing for him. Well he thought. He's had the mind of a teen for ages, considering the fact that he is one, and wasn't going to grow up any time soon.

    "Again, ouch. You're going to kill me one day, grumpy pants." What she said was partially true, though. Everything he did was entirely up to him, so that really didn't concern her if he was kicked off or not. Still, Takeshi didn't acknoledge about a third of what Regan stated. Only parts he found to be more important; some of it.

    And wow was her argument put together fairly well in the end. Takeshi might as well have met his match. His firting did agitate her but it did not persuade her successfully like how it did to others. All he could do was to try and outbrain her using his enhansed set of vocabulary and possibly mix it in with his flirty self.

    "And I'll only wave to you in hopes that I'll run into you just to show you who exactly possesses the superior role. We won't be accounted for as allies by then, now would we?" A small chuckle came from him as she veered around and walked away, turning around for a moment to clarify that she did not, in fact like him. How sweet.

    "Oh, I love you too~" he called out, smiling to himself. "By the way, nice outfit! It's almost as if you're begging for me!" Was his final remark before heading back the opposite direction from her's. The male took light steps towards his quarters before seemingy bumping into a certain someone.

    Hikaru Iniku; the top mercinary within the clan to simply do the high ranked missions solo. He wasn't a part of this clan. The man was only hired to do the work that was nearly impossible to finish at some extent by minors. He wore a deep black-blue cloak and had eyes of different colors; one ruby and one saphire. His eyes were always cold, always dead, always demandive. Everyone stayed distant from him. Messing with this man was the last thing even Takeshi wanted to do.

    "Oi, Hikaru, how's it going? I take it you're morning is going fairly well?" Takeshi began, placing a hand behind his head.

    "Save it, hot shot. It's a little past sunrise and you've already decided to get at it with two girls already. Where's your paper work? Riku's been asking for them." The male's voice was suttle yet so very deadly. It didn't phase Takeshi too much though.

    "Not done. I'll have it to ya guys either later today or tomorrow. Don't worry about it."

    "You said that three days ago."

    "I know, I know. Three days ago, yesterday, same thing. Trust me on this one."

    "I can barely look at you without knowing that you're lying to my face right now."

    "Lying? I'm not lying. What are you talking about?" As Takeshi said this, Hikaru took a step towards him and narrowed his eyes.

    "I advise you bring it in on time like Regan said or else I'll have to deal with you personally. There's a meeting later today as well. Don't be late unless you'd like me to fetch you myself, romeo. Be at the dining hall by late afternoon." And he was off. Hikaru was headed towards the main grounds where basically his higher superiors needed him. The guy was usually sent to straighten up a few people.

    Takeshi simply sighed and shrugged it off. Having two people at him about the papers, mine as well get it done soon. Not now though. That would be too much work. Just as always. But that Regan girl, man. Today she seemed a bit more firm with him. Had he been bugging her more than usual? Only one way to find out; bug her more.
  8. A little more dedicated than her? Right. And pigs could fly. Regan knew for a fact that when it came to dedication, she'd win. He could barely give a crap. When he had said she was going to kill him one day, she couldn't help but grin, "and it couldn't come any sooner," she replied, narrowing her eyes at him. She meant it, too. She hated him with a passion. In fact, she couldn't remember anyone else that she's ever hated as much as him. He was such a pompous jerk.

    When he mentioned being in a superior role, however, Regan stiffened. Oh heck no. Not happening. She'd go and eat her own katana before he made a higher rank than her. And being counted as allies? Highly unlikely. She'd never see him as an ally.

    When he called out that he loved her too, she shuddered in disgust and glanced down at her outfit when he mentioned she was begging for him wearing it. She shot him a venomous look before she stalked off. She made no stops as she went to the training gym. She was angry. She hated talking to that low life jerk. And he had really gotten under her skin today. Her good mood from seeing her father had vanished, not even a trace of it left.

    People in the gym glanced at her, curious as to why she was so upset. But she went straight to one of the punching bags. Without even bothering to wrap her hands, she laid into it, giving it all different kinds of punch and kick combos. She had had enough of him. And she decided the easiest way to let out her frustration was to hit the punching bag. So that's what she did, to try and relieve her frustration. And it worked. For a time.

    She was at it for about 45 minutes before she gave up. Grabbing the bag to steady it, she bumped her head against the bag momentarily resting it there to allow herself to think. If she could just avoid him for the rest of the day, then she should be fine. She could do that. Couldn't she?

    Sighing heavily, she turned and left the gym, making her way back toward her room, figuring if she went straight there then she wouldn't run into the one person she really didn't want to see at this particular point in time.

    Thankfully for her, she managed to get to her room without running into Takeshi and she had a quick shower to rid the sweat and then pulled on another pair of workout shorts and crop top. Regan didn't actually own many normal clothes. She never went out to have fun. It was either completing a mission, training or studying targets. But for now, the girl actually wanted to have some alone time, to try not to do anything for once. She needed to relax. She hadn't given herself that chance in years. But then again, she hadn't gotten a whole day off in a long, long time.

    Leaving her room after tying her hair back up in a high pony tail, she made her way towards the courtyard, figuring being in the garden under the sky and not under a roof would be good for her. So that's where she went. It took her only a couple minutes to get there and she sighed softly before she stopped at a rose bush. She reached out and ran a finger gently over the petals before leaning down and inhaling its scent.
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    Today had started out semi good, he'd say. Omitting the fact that Regan and Hikaru had picked at his mood, all was fairly well. In fact, he was able to catch a few Z's for quite a while. It wasn't like he's never been able to do so. He found physical missions to be far more interesting than paper work and stuff like that. If he was going to do something, he wasn't going to waste his time and energy writing his name and reading 'hundreds' of paragraphs.

    Takeshi was residing within his room at this time, just waking up from his little nap. His golden hues would peer along the walls for what seemed to be minutes on end before landing on that paper. That one paper that he's been nagged about. He stared at it. Just stared at it. Man did he want to just burn the thing. It didn't look important so what was the point of getting it done.

    Takshi sighed deeply and groaned as he pushed himself up. It wasn't long before he picked the stapled sheets of papers up and looked through it. An agreement here and bit of rules there, it wasn't... Appealing. But he got it done at least. Takeshi finished it with his signiture on the bottom of the final page.

    "Done" he'd mumble aloud, tossing the pen onto the night stand and folding the papers in half. It was displeasureable to do these sorts of things. In all honesty, his old clan didn't do these sorts of things. They didn't sign papers, didn't regulate rules too often, and wasn't as.... Strict? Back there, it was fight to survive and survive to fight. Something like that.

    He gave a sigh as he pushed himself from his bed, stretching and heading out out of his room. Down the hall he'd go, papers in hand and drowziness just lingering throughout his body. Though he'd smile at anyone who'd coo his name, girls in general, he was just looking for Yuuka; the one person who'd get his papers in. That was the only person people would have to seek out if they were to turn in work.

    Takeshi would step outside and peer up towards the gray cloudy skies. It was nice out in his book and he enjoyed it even more since it was fairly warm. Then the search for Yuuka began. The guy swept through the common places Yuuka would be in but with no luck. No matter where he looked, she seemed to not be around. By then he was literally just taking a walk for the fun of it until Yuuka just magically showed up.

    Then she seemed to appear... Now what was Regan doing out here?? Enjoying fowers?? Takeshi paused in his tracks and arched a brow, shooting the girl a very smug look.

    "Ahem," he called out, barely having the will to not laugh at all. "What may you be doing out here looking at roses, eh?" Takeshi wasn't too far from her. He was close enough to know that she was, in fact, smelling one of them. He had so much more to say to her but there was something he'd have to get through with before he had done so; seek Yuuka out.

    "Tsk, forget it. Have you seen Yuuka around? There's something I gotta do. I haven't seen her along the main grounds and it looks like she's maybe elsewhere. You seen her anywhere?" He hated having to ask Regan anything in general. This one was bad enough and as usual, Regan was maybe going to want to know why he needed to find Yuuka. He had some sarcastic ideas in mind so it was all good but still, he despised it more than ever. Especially on a day like this.
  10. Unfortunately for her, the peace didn't last long at all. She heard Takeshi call out and she knew it was toward her. She slowly straightened, pulling her fingers away from the red flower as he asked what she was doing here with the roses. "Is a girl not allowed to enjoy the flowers?" she asked him as she turned to face him, looking up at him, her mood souring once again. And just as she was starting to forget about him, too. To be honest, her remark wasn't really true, she wasn't really enjoying them, more so that she was curious as to their scent. She had to admit though, the velvety petals felt nice under her touch.

    But then Takeshi asked her if she knew where Yuuka was and that he had something to give her. Regan's brows lifted and her eye widened in mock surprise. "Takeshi asking me for help? Gosh. I never thought i'd live to see the day," she stated dryly and placed one hand on her hip as she looked at him.

    "And what business do you have with Yuuka?" she asked, only slightly curious. She certainly did know where she was, she had passed her on her way here, but she wasn't sure whether she wanted to tell him or let him wander around trying to find her. That sounded oh so very tempting. Maybe he'd get lost somehow, or maybe even fall down some magical hole in the ground. She almost snorted at the thought. Maybe she'd set up the trap for him, just to watch him lose face. That sounded like a fine idea.

    She studied the boy in front of her and then sighed, before she saw the papers he held in his hand. "Well what do we have here?" she asked with a mocking smirk, "did Little Take finally take some advice for once? Need to hand in your forms, eh?" she asked and looked up at him, using her nickname she had given him, hoping to get a rouse out of him.
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    Oh no she didn't. She just shot out an alternation to his name. He could admit, though, it made things only slightly fair between them. Still, he wasn't going to be shot down that easily. He smirked lightly and almost got off track of what he was truly looking for.

    "Oh calm yourself, mistress. No need to get yourself aroused or pridefull. You're not the only person at me on this." Takeshi retorted, putting on a fairly ticked off yet smug look. There was no need for him to tell her why he was looking for Yuuka anyway. The papers within his hand explained it all.

    Just as he had expected, Regan made yet another remark that might've gotten on his nerves if he hadn't expected it.

    "Aw, don't get your heart in knots. Take here was only finding a few things to do. Don't expect too much from your significant other~"

    The boy watched her as she placed a hand on her hip, her eyes just analyzing him. Did she have anything better to do? Perhaps so but he wasn't going to get into detail or anything. He rolled his eyes and shrugged off her small remarks.

    Come to think of it, Hikaru had told him that there was a meeting sometime this afternoon. Had Regan been told this as well. Hah! Possibly not~ well, maybe he'd hint it and have her think of it. If she wasn't going to tell him where Yuuka was then he'd return the favor.

    "Now are you gonna tell me where she is or not? Hikaru's going to have my head mantled on a wall if I don't get these in." He grumbled, shooting a final glare at Regan.
  12. She wasn't the only one bugging him about the forms. Good. He deserved to be hounded by someone other than herself. She shouldn't be the only one. But she certainly did like seeing his slightly ticked off expression. But when he called himself her significant other, she scrunched up her nose in disgust and shuddered. Like hell that would ever happen.

    When Takeshi rolled his eyes, Regan narrowed hers, wondering what he was going to say next. But when he asked again where Yuuka was and mentioned Hikaru, her eyes widened. "You spoke to Hikaru?" she asked, surprise, her tone holding a note of awe. She respected Hikaru greatly. He was an amazing man and fantastic at what ever her did.

    He certainly did have the abilities to mantle Takeshi's head on the wall. And he knew he would, too, if he had actually made that threat to Takeshi. "Wow. Wish I had been there. Haven't spoken to Hikaru in quite a while.. Wonder how he's doing," she said wistfully. She'd known Hikaru for a number of years because of her father and he was an alright guy once you got past his outer shell. And he was quite fun to annoy.

    Sighing softly, a little jealous of the boy in front of her, she waved her hand slightly in the direction of the public bath house. "Yuuka was off to take a bath. Some accident had happened with a baby or what ever," she told him and then looked up at him again and ran a hand over her face. "But I suppose. Knowing you, you'd just waltz right on in to the girl's bath house. So, I can go get her, if you want me to. Would save many girls from embarrassment," she suggested and glanced at the paper in his hands.

    "Or you can wait here until she decides to come out," Regan suggested, "your choice."
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    "Course I spoke to Hikaru. We came from the same clan. Not that I favor the guy or anything. He's... A dark and dull person if you think about it. Only thing I respect about him are his fighting skills and abilities." Takeshi listened to the tone of Regan's voice as she menioned not speaking to Hikaru in a while. Hm... She seemed to hold quite the respect for the man. Maybe hedyou be able to pull a few things on her here and there about him. Only thing was; if Hikaru figured out he was using his authority and name for nothing more but pranks and tricks, it was a one way ticket to hell.

    Ah, there was the reaction he was expecting when he had called himself her significant other. He chuckled a bit and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. Standing around was causing his own feet to hurt already. It wasn't everyday he was standing in place for too long. The guy was always doing something. It didn't matter what. Point was; just standing here wasn't going to do him any good.

    Takeshi listened to where Yuuka was but arched a brow at the mention of an accident involving a baby.

    "What? What baby? Don't tell me it was her's." He had always known how Yuuka got around but she never really came close to a specific guy. Well, none that he knew of, really. Did she really get...? Better to ask than assume, huh?

    A laugh slipped past his mouth as Reagan basically stated his very plan. Walking into the women's bath house was nothing new. It was actually a way to really have his own fun. To him, it wasn't wrong. It was just another room with only girls occupying it. Same thing. A girl can walk into the men's bath house and get a positive response from all the lonely ones. Takeshi laughed and began walking.

    "Yeah, sure. It'll keep me outta trouble now won't it?" Came his sarcastic voice. "Yuuka seemed fine earlier today. She's really good at hiding things. Hmm... Who knows what other secrets she may have." He was thinking aloud again. It was a bad habit, actually. This was usually how he was caught before even pulling something. "Anyway, you coming, mistress? There's a meeting later this afternoon too, if you haven't noticed. I'm assuming you're going to go dressed like me?" She was wearing a crop top and a pair of shorts. Takeshi was wearing no shirt as usual. It was close to being the same exact thing. In a way, he found the look to suit her. Maybe he'd mess around with her later again. Besides, Regan was always the person to mess with. She always had the best reaction.

    His steps were light and carefull as he walked towards the bath house. Course, knowing Regan, she may or may not keep distant from him. She was a complicated one, Regan. Takeshi knew she wasn't like most of the others here. From the smell of it, she was human. Over the years, he's adjusted to her smell and really did learn to just accept her different scent. Still, it bugged him every now and then. Even when he was trying to fluster her up and get closer to her body just to irk her, that same human smell would usually screw him over. It wasnt bad. It just drove a seperate side of him wild. It was a cat and mouse sort of effect.
  14. "Dark and dull? Obviously you don't know him too well," Regan huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, "he's actually quite the sweetheart to me. He's not all sullen and moody, you know," she told him and then glanced past him, toward the bath house. The quicker she got there, the quicker she could leave.

    When he started speaking about Yuuka, Regan arched a brow, "no, not hers from what I know. Pretty sure it was her sister's child or something like that. Don't quote me on that, though," she said and shrugged. She was quite confused when Takeshi gave a short laugh. She had no idea what was so funny? Then again, small things amused small minds. She's stick with that. It made her feel a whole lot better thinking he had a small mind. She'd never try to argue that.

    "Keep you out of trouble?" she muttered softly, "you'll find some other way," she said more to herself and then looked over at Takeshi as he asked whether she was coming and then mentioned the meeting this afternoon. Her eyes widened slightly, "oh, I forgot all about it!" she said, "I had gotten.. distracted.. last night that I forgot all about it. Thanks for reminding me!" she said. She didn't care what Takeshi thought she meant by distracted, all she could think was that it felt wrong thanking him.

    "But no, I will not be going like you. I shall be getting into my uniform," Regan told him quickly, glancing over him with his bare shirt. Even though she really hated him, even she had to admit that he was fairly attractive. Though that admittance made her shudder with revulsion. Nope. She was never saying that in her mind again. She'd take it to her grave.

    As Takeshi started walking, Regan quickly followed. Despite not liking Takeshi she didn't want to walk behind him, so she walked beside him. Walking behind him made her feel inferior. And that was something she did not like one bit. When they arrived at the bathhouse, she stopped and grasped his forearm momentarily to stop him. "You wait here," she said, "i'll bring Yuuka out," she cast him a warning look before she let go of him and then wiping her hand on her shorts, more than hoping that would upset the boy.

    She quickly walked inside and went to the girls bath house. Walking inside, she ignored the other girls and women taking baths and washing themselves and she soon saw Yuuka soaking in the bath. She walking over and crouched down behind her, near the edge of the bath. "Hey there," she said and Yuuka jumped.

    "Oh hi Regan," Yuuka said, placing a hand over her chest, like she had frightened her. "What's up? It's not like you to come to the bath house," she said and eyed her clothing.

    "Nope, i'm here on business," Regan replied, which received a raised brow in reply, "Takeshi is looking for you. Needs to hand in those forms. It was either I come in to get you or he was going to," she said and Yuuka shook her head.

    "Sounds like him. Alright then, give me a minute," the older woman said and Regan straightened and stepped back as she stood up. She followed the woman to where her clothes were after she had dried herself. "So how'd you get Takeshi to hand in the forms today?" the woman asked and Regan chuckled.

    "It was mostly Hikaru, i'd say," Regan replied, to which Yuuka shuddered. Regan knew that Hikaru made Yuuka feel uncomfortable. "But I don't mind who did it, i'm just glad he did do it finally," and Yuuka grinned.

    "Whether you think so or not, i'd say you had a hand in him doing it, too," Yuuka said as they exited the bath house and the woman nudged Regan with her elbow lightly.

    Regan smiled and laughed softly, "I somehow doubt it. But that thought does wonders for one's ego," she commented and they both laughed. Regan smiled and then they stopped in front of Takeshi and it instantly fell away. "Atleast you stayed," she said. "Well, here's Yuuka."
  15. ---
    "Dark and sullen fits his description pretty well if you ask me." Was the only statement he made of Hikaru. Man, was the guy always... Agressive. Especially in battle. Hikaru needn't lift a finger to make his enemies fall before him. As far as Takeshi could remember, Hikaru had quite the lonesome past. Not much memory left of his parents, his powers reflecting the mere hatred he held for specific beings, and life stealing powers that always ended successfully. Never had Hikaru missed one target. When he was assigned something, he got it done.

    "Her sister, eh? Interesting. Haven't seen her sis in ages. Well, considering the fact that she's taken, no need to bound within drawn lines there." Came the boy's remark. Even Takeshi knew where to stand. What was the point in firting with a girl who was already in a relationship? That'd be a waste of time having to fight for her, too.

    So on, Takeshi noticed that Regan had decided to walk alongside him. It was supposedly a more reasonable spot to walk in since she always felt superior to him. This wasn't a big deal; for now, that is. He'd show her her place. But that'd require effort. Nah, he'd keep that to himself for now. What would be the point in trying to get her to do as he said if they'd just argue for about 99% of the time?

    They approached the bath house and before Takeshi were to be able to make any unnecessary moves, he felt a hand grasp his forearm. For the fun of it, he could've made a small gasp but instead, he turned his head a little and shot her a sly look. The male only watched her enter the bath house having said she'd go and get Yuuka. As she left, he noticed her clean her hand, which had grasped his forearm, upon her shirts.

    "Yeah, love ya too~" was the phrase he used, which was always commonly said to her by Takeshi himself. Then the waiting began. During Regan's absence, Takeshi took the time to think about what they'd do sometime today; he, that is.

    Hikaru mentioned a meeting today but on all days, why today? They had one about a few days back so why so early? The next meeting should've been schedualed for later next week. It might've not looked like it but Takeshi did think when he had to. When something seemed off, he used hs head. When he wanted to know more of something, he thought. Tis how he managed to successfully get his way while flirting with a variety of girls. He was smarter than he appeared.

    Takeshi's thoughts were disrupted by Regan and Yuuka. Their eyes and looks seemingly blank at this point. At Regan's remark, Takeshi merely winked at her.

    "I'll always be here for you, hun. It's not like I'd leave you alone." The male smiled and looked towards Yuuka afterwards, handing her the forums he signed. She looked at them carefully and flipped through the pages, making sure that he didn't miss anything. At her nod, she glimpsed up from the papers and arched a brow.

    "You sure you didn't have someone do this for you?" Came her statement. Takeshi looked at her with a rather hurtfull yet fake expression.

    "Me? Have someone else fill it out? You've got to be pulling my leg, Yuuka. I did it myself. Go ahead and ask Hikaru to rerun our little conversation." The female gave a blank look towards him before looking back at the papers, shaking her head no.

    "There's no need! It's ok! Uhm.. I'd better be getting these to Riku! Thank you for getting it turned in on the final due date. Jut at the nick of time!" And with that, she waved to Regan and Takeshi, walking towards the main building off towards the center of their land. It wasn't far so she'd be able to take her time.

    "So," Takeshi began, "You gonna go to the meeting dressed like that? I tell ya, you'll pick up alot of guys. I'm giving you straight up chanses here. You seem too uptight to the point where you really need someone to just loosen up those tied ends of yours." He stretched and yawned a little, looking up towards the cloudy skies. "Oh, and you are very welcome. My, I never thought I'd hear the day that the mistress herself would thank me. How thoughtful of you." He said, smiling faintly.

    "Now I may be sounding as if I'm drunk or something but hear me out. Our last meeting was a couple days ago if I'm correct. If so, why is it that they're holding another one just a couple days after? I was expecting the next one to be held sometime next week." He arched a brow, his expression becoming.... Serious for once in his life. "Think that something important finally came up?"
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  16. At his comment about Yuuka's sister, Regan glanced up at him. Well, atleast he didn't go for those who were already committed. That was something good about him, she supposed. Though the negatives far outweighed the positive.. Yeah, she said it. Positive. One. Definitely not plural. "Yeah, well, from what I know, she now has two kids. Two girls. Think they're called Misa and Chiharu, or something like that. I've met Chiharu once for a minute. She's pretty cute," she told him.

    As she had entered the bathhouse and Takeshi said he loved her too, she cast him a fleeting glare before she couldn't see him anymore. Ugh. She couldn't understand how he could throw around words like that. She couldn't do it. Then again, she was fairly sure that flirting was out of her abilities. She hadn't ever done it before and she didn't plan to start any time soon.

    After she had come back out with Yuuka and the boy winked at her, saying he'd always be there for her, she screwed up her face in response. But at Yuuka's question to whether someone had done it for him, Regan couldn't help but give a short laugh. That certainly wouldn't surprise her. But Takeshi rejected the notion, saying he did it himself and suggested for Yuuka to ask Hikaru. She cast her gray gaze to the woman, who looked slightly uncomfortable at the idea and she quickly told him it was fine.

    Yuuka soon left, waving at them and Regan flashed her a smile and waved back. Though Yuuka was quite easy to manipulate, she was a nice person.

    When Takeshi spoke to her again, her mood soured once more. Why hadn't she left already? It was beyond her why she was still standing here. She looked up at the boy. "I'm not you, Takeshi. I have no interest in stuff like that. I have no need for a guy to," she paused for a moment, "loosen up those tied ends of mine," she didn't like saying that, to be honest. It just felt dirty.

    "Don't expect it t happen ever again," Regan told him when he said he was surprised she had thanked him, "I thank people when they deserve it. I can't see it happening again with you," she told him honestly and then folded her arms over her chest, "and stop calling me mistress."

    But Takeshi's attitude changed when he spoke about the meeting, and how it was strange. It was weird seeing him become serious and she let her arms fall back to her side once again. If she was honest, she already preferred Serious Takeshi to Flirty Takeshi. But his question was valid. She thought for a moment and then shrugged. "No.. I don't really know, to be honest," she replied, "I had forgotten to ask father last night about it. But if it's an early meeting, I would take a stab to say it's about some important mission of some sort," she said and started walking back towards the court yard. She glanced back at Takeshi momentarily in question as to whether he was coming or not. To see if he wanted to continue this conversation.

    So long as he was being serious, she could tolerate his presence.
  17. ---
    "Not like me," he scoffed at her reply, "everyone has that attractive side to them. Even someone like you. I bet I could name one uptight guy that can flirt just as much as me." His teasing words were said as if he was saying it to a mere everyday girl. He wouldn't back down from it once it's said. All the while, he noted Yuuka's sister's kids. Making a mental note of staying away from her children was just the thing he planned on doing.

    Back to Regan. She stated she'd never thank him again and he just smiled, arching a brow.

    "Oh really? Well... We'll see in time. You'll be thanking me left and right in no time." Came his usual reply.

    As Yuuka walked away, Regan replied to his statement about the meeting. She seemed much more easier to talk to when he brought up a question that she was actually willing to answer. It wasn't like him to take a serious change for a moment but this was something on mind so it was alright to him. She had stated that she had forgotten to ask her father of it and simply said that it was possibly some important mission. Ah, and hopefully it was true. Getting in on a mission would be just the thing to get his blood flowing again. Then again, if it was just some other meeting, it'd be no use getting excited over nothing. Takeshi watched as Regan trailed away. For a second, he thought of just heading towards the dining hall and getting in on some eavesdropping but with Regan as the clan leader's daughter, he supposed she knew a few things. So, he followed her, walking beside her but keeping a bit distant. If he was going to have at it with another girl, he wasn't going to walk so close to Regan. No. Just no.

    "Important mission, huh? Seems simple enough then. I don't think they need some meeting for a mission. If anything, they should just gather up the elites and start from there rather than pulling up all sorts of people. I wouldn't think they'd need the experienced Juniors waltzing in there." Takeshi Thought again but sighed and placed his hands behind his head.

    "But if Hikaru has the will to come and talk to me of it, then I guess it's important." He gazed around for a brief moment and noticed that a good handfull of the main squad members had left and gone to the dining hall. That meant that eavesdropping would be quite easy.

    "For now, I take it you're going to go get changed or whatever. Have fun. I'm going to head off to the dining hall and see what's up." He noted, looking off to the direction he'd go and started walking that way. "Oh, and again, nice bod," came his final chant followed by a light wink. By then he was off.

    The brief walk there did, of course, invole a bit of flirting, but as soon as he entered the dining hall, his sense of hearing would enhanse. This was a good usefull skill of Takeshi's. That and a good sense of smell. Hearing was something he'd been working on for quite a while. Focusing on the voices around him, he walked in casually and took a seat, is golden hues glancing around every once in a while. The make would lean back in his seat and as he crossed his arms behind his head, hisyes came to a close. They wouldn't question him if he appeared to be himself for now. The voices bounced off of the walls and both rough and smooth voices entered his head. This time, though, Takeshi centered his mind along Hikaru, Kageki, and Kovu's direction. They were the main lead mercinaries of this clan. Even though they were merely highered, they were very loyal men. Kovu and Kageki came from the same clan; Dokusei- meaning toxic or poisonous. They both specialized in toxic weapons and had small tricks up their sleeves that involved dangerous fumes. This explained the gas masks, fairly well designed and lined with bright neon colors, that would either be around their neck or strapped to their waist.

    The male listened closely to them, picking up where they seemed to be in talk right now.

    "The man's going to show no remorse once he's seen us. I doubt that he'd let any of us slip up this time." Came Kageki's voice.

    "He's been on the run for a few years, Kageki. I agree that he may go on the offense with us but he's still sane. Reiku isn't going to kill you unless you pose a threat to his existence." Hikaru replied, his voice remaining suttle and quiet.

    "To think one guy can cause so much damage. Why don't you take him on yourself, Hikaru? You both seem like an even match." Kovu jumped in now. Hikaru scoffed at his thought, though and went on to reply.

    "In a battle, there are no even battles. Although their strengths match, one will always prevail. Do not judge a man or woman by their appearance." That was all Takeshi was able to pick up on as soon as another person joined their talk.

    He opened his eyes and leaned forward afterwards.

    "Reiku..." He mumbled to himself. "I feel like I've heard it before..." After a brief moment of thinking, his thoughts came to a halt. "Reiku Tsutke. That's got to be it." Came his next few words to himself. "What's he supposedly doing back in the area?" It was about fifteen minutes before the meeting began so he had enough time to think things through. Of course, if Regan made it here before the meeting began, he would actually be able to think with someone he could annoy. That's how he thought.
  18. "You might be able to name a guy, but I highly doubt you could add me to that list," Regan said simply and when he said she'd eventually be thanking him left and right, she snorted softly. "Yeah, right. Keep dreaming," she said and glanced up at him for a moment.

    As she walked, she heard Takeshi come up beside her, though kept some distance between them. Good. She didn't overly feel like walking right beside him, either. When he went on to say they probably wouldn't call a meeting with the experienced juniors - them - if it was just a mission. She hummed softly in thought, "you have a point, there," she said. Never thought she'd say that, either. Apparently she was saying all different things to Takeshi today. She didn't like it.

    When he said he was heading to the hall and that she was probably going to change, she looked over at him for a moment before she turned and started in the direction of her quarters and paused as she said, "that would be correct. I suppose i'll see you later, then.. Unfortunately," and with that, she walked off.

    When Takeshi called out to her, saying she had a nice body, she cast a glare at him. "Shut it, Takeshi," she said firmly, "I don't need such compliments off someone like you."

    She quickly made her way to her quarters and she dressed into her uniform quickly. She glanced in the mirror momentarily before untying her hair and then retying it in a tight bun. She liked her hair. The brilliant red was something she certainly took pride in. It wasn't the ginger of a human. It was a pure, fiery red that for some reason, only half demons could get. And though most who had it hated their red hair she it signified that they weren't truly a human nor a demon, that they wouldn't ever truly fit into either society, it was something that Regan took pride in. It made her unique. Herself.

    Nodding in satisfaction, Regan left her room and made her way to the hall. She noticed a couple other people making their way there. And when she was almost to the door, she saw Arata, her father, making his way here. The girl smiled broadly when he looked up and met her gaze and the man gave her a warm smile. As he came up to her, he placed a hand on her head, "hey kiddo," he said lightly and then moved his hand to grasp her shoulder gently as they entered the hall. The door opened and there were quite a few people there.

    Arata and Regan looked at each other and she smiled at him before they parted ways, Arata heading to the front of the room and Regan heading to where the other attending juniors were. The meeting would start soon.
  19. ---
    He was just about to see what other things people might've been talking about. Even maybe around the other Juniors such as himself. The boy was, in fact, strangely quiet, but no one bothered him for it. Some might've thought he may have been a bit ticked off. No need to get on that subject.

    Not too long was he about to tune into another conversation, a few more people walked in, including the clan leader and Regan herself. Hikaru and the others would greet the man while Takeshi merely flashed a glance towards Regan as a way to say 'pleasure to see you again.'

    No longer they walked in did the meeting begin. The first person who decided to get things started was Hikaru himself. He was always out of the area collecting information, interrogating outside clan members, and doing what he had to do to sustain the dominance this clan had. His red and blue eyes looked over everyone with slight agression, signifying his dominance over the majority of the people within the hall.

    "Do any of you know why we're here?" He began, analyzing the expressions and auras of the people within the hall. There were a few mutters here and there as the male waited for a response. No one really knew. Well some people did but no one spoke out. He crossed his arms over his chest and simply waited.

    "Reiku's planning on taking us out, now isn't he?" Came Takeshi's voice. Eyes went to him and Hikaru looked to him. For a while, it was quiet but after a few seconds, the man's voice returned.

    "And I wonder how you know this, Rouke." Was the sarcastic tone that replied to Takeshi's remark. "You've all heard of the poor lost soul who's infection lay deep within his mind and soul. His virus has become quite... Unstable. This is an infection that drives his lust for blood off charts. It triggers the madness from within and disrupts their conscious mind. Unfortunately, for Reiku, he has the ability to trigger this rampage and cause destruction with a simple click of energy." Hikaru took a couple steps forward. "I will be sending several squads out into the outcast lands to clear out minor enemy forces. I'll send others out further to take out defences within Tsume's clangrounds."

    Then he smiled. "Tsume is a fairly demandive man. His clan is ranked the highest of dominance within these grounds. His father alone refused to cooperate thus confirming his death. Two groups will push through the boundary lines in silence. Those groups will be split into two. One goes with myself and the others will head in with Kageki and Kovu. This will be the first step to uniting." A few people mumbled and Hikaru arched a brow. "Reiku has brought together a few exiled members who's infections range similar to his very own. One, Akumu Shize. A female filed as rank S. She specializes with sharp blades and relies entirely on speed. A second being Vero who's whereabouts and abilities are still unknown. I still have yet to seek his capabilities. Any questions? We leave at sundown." The mumbling started again. Some agreed and urged the beginning of a new fight. Others disagreed with the idea. Takeshi looked to Regan and shrugged. Her father might have something to say of Hikaru's orders but the guy probably knew of what he was doing. Hikaru's mind was an entire machine for quick strategies. Anyone who's sparred with him would know well. Kageki and Hikaru eyed the people before them as if picking out who'd be with them.
  20. She grimaced when she saw Takeshi flash her a look as if to say it was a pleasure to see her again. It certainly wasn't. She had seen him way too much today. Unfortunately there weren't many places to sit except on the other side of the table from Takeshi. Which she found quite surprising. Usually, seat around and near him was filled with girls.

    She didn't get much time to consider why that was as Hikaru spoke as soon as her father joined them. Hikaru asked if anyone knew why they were here and she glanced around, but no one seemed to really know the answer, only guess at it. But then Takeshi spoke out and her gaze flicked to him, surprised once more. Reiku was planning to take them out? Seriously? And how did Takeshi know this, anyway? That information was beyond her. And she didn't appreciate not knowing.

    Hikaru soon spoke and Regan leaned forward, elbows rested on the table and her head in her hands as she listened to the man speak about Reiku and his virus. She had heard a fair bit about him when she was younger from her Father, but talk seemed to just stop a few years ago. She thought maybe he had died or something. Thinking about it, that assumption was foolish. If he had died then there would've been plenty of word going around about it. But she hadn't thought of it back then.

    When Hikaru said he'd be sending in several teams into the outcast lands and others to take out defences within Tsume's clangrounds, Regan sat up a little straighter, much more interested in the topic now. He explained about Tsume and his clan and then about certain people who Reiku had gathered. She was definitely interested. She certainly hoped she was going on one of these missions. And if she had the choice, she'd be putting herself on Hikaru's team.. And Takeshi in a team the furthest away from her.

    Hikaru announced they leave at sundown and Regan grinned, suddenly excited. She glanced at Takeshi as he looked at her and shrugged and despite it being the boy she hated, she couldn't wipe the grin from her face. She knew everyone in this room was going on some mission, but Regan held on to the hope that she might very well be with Hikaru for a mission. A girl could dream, right?

    She glanced at the front of the room, at her father, who sported a a frown as he was deep in thought. Obviously Hikaru hadn't told him his plans, but he didn't seem overly bothered by it. Regan glanced at Hikaru and Kageki as they looked over the people in the room. Hikaru met her gaze momentarily before he bent his head down to tell Kageki something.

    Was she in? With Hikaru? Or possibly Kageki. Sure, she preferred Hikaru as she had known him for a while, but she respected Kageki, too. Either mission was important and she wouldn't argue. To be honest, she was happy to be leaving and getting out.. Doing something.

    Turning her attention to Takeshi, she remembered that he had known about Reiku and she leaned forward, toward him. "So how did you know about Reiku, hm?" she asked him over the buzz of noise.
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