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    You were at the top. You dominated the various teams. You completed missions with the upmost accomplishments. Everything was perfectly fine. They all looked up to you. They all saw you as the best of the best skilled mercenary known to the whole clan. You had brilliant powers and an intelligent mind. That was; until he was requested to join.

    Takeshi Rouke; a flirty, cocky, mocking teen demon boy who never took anything seriously. Yet he still ranked just level with your superiority. His missions were ranked along the same lines as yours and he acted as if he didn't even try. Takeshi almost rarely wore a shirt, had mysterious black flame-like markings along his upper body, and basically didn't wear the usual attire everyone else wore. This guy was trouble - to you. Funny how he was just a year older than you. That made you both the youngest pair within the clan.

    His childish nature somehow got him so high ranked, his fighting abilities were that to match yours, and most of all, fake flirting with you was his specialty. Takeshi was to learn things your way.... Or will it be the other way around?

    You'll either shape him up and make him obey every command you give him or he'll grind you down to his level and lure you right in. What will it be? Will you make him in your image or will you perhaps fall for the clan heart throb?
    If you want to make a character sheet, tell me.

    Want the rp in thread or pm? Pm me right away if you just wanna jump into the rp

    Keep things fair and have a good length reply -- a paragraph to a few paragraphs would be bad ass xD

    Have fun! You better have freaking fun! xD
  2. Oh gosh, I love the sound of this. I'd love to do it <3 I've never played a character in a superior rank, so it may be fun >:D if you don't mind a newbie to said role, i'd gladly do it with you :D

    I'd prefer thread RP if you don't mind.

    Does Takeshi have a character sheet? If so, i'll make my guy's sheet like his :3
  3. Glad you like it hahaha

    Thread it is then~
    Yes, Takeshi had a character sheet but I'll out up the pic later since I'm not on my lap top xD I've got just about everything else about him done, though~
  4. Sounds good to me!

    Would you mind sending me his character sheet then, so I can see what info you put in it and I can mirror it for my character ^^

    Oh! And are you looking for a mxm or mxf for this? :D
  5. Alrighty then!!

    Hmmm...... Up to you! xD I don't mind mxm but mxf would be nice. Yet as always, I'm never scared to push the boundaries haha
    Whatever fits for you~
  6. I like the idea of mxf xD that way my character could be the type of girl who doesn't like being second best to a guy >:D plus i'm organising a few mxm Role Plays and only have one mxf going xD
  7. Hahaha alright! Sounds good to me! I sent ya the pm~
  8. Ill take you on!!! Um I don't really do mxm so would consider just keeping the romantic aspect out of it if we rp'ed? Let me know and if your cool with it please send me a character sheet :).
  9. Hmm... We'll see x)
    Takeshi is a big flirt so I don't know how that'd go haha
  10. Well where I lack in the romance department I can more then make up with my fighting skill. Combat RPs are my area of expertise. I can offer you a really great fight.
  11. Alright! I'll keep ya in mind ~
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