That Night in Victoria

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    The night was perfect for a party. Not a cloud marred the sky, leaving a perfect view of the stars and a bright shining crescent moon from the large floor to ceiling windows that adored the DeBarbarac home. A gentle sway of violin, cello and piano echoed throughout the grand ballroom. Giving guests dressed in fine silks and delicate laces the perfect opportunity to glide across the dance floor and show off their sparkle and finery.

    And there was no finer example of glitz and glamor than the Lady Felicity DeBarbarac as she gracefully stepped down the grand stair case, draped in dark purple velvet and with a halo of violets placed in her hair. Upon reaching the ground floor she greeted guests with welcomed enthusiasm.

    The Charity Ball had officially began, and it was sure to be a night no one would forget.
  2. Mr. Barkley, as usual, had taken explicit care not to wander more than twenty feet away from any type of refreshment- be it snack or drink. He found himself lacking mentally, thoughts and focus given to a business deal that would nick him a fair penny; should it come to fruition. Mr. Barkley cast his gaze lazily around the room, playing a game of "make-eye-contact-or-don't" with several of the people he recognized. He was content with how things had gone so far, he had arrived with the influx of guests and had the pleasure of sharing a moment with an old rival before situating himself. Mr. Barkley and the man both had the courtesy of quickly pretending they hadn't seen each other after their eyes had locked, sparing them both hostilities that would spoil a lovely evening otherwise.

    Mr. Barkley looked around the room one last time, then down at himself. He was dressed in the stereotypical gentleman's attire, not too flashy or posh- yet not too drab. It wasn't his idea of course, his wife had practically dressed him herself; claiming all sorts of nonsense about looking reserved. He shuddered, then reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a black canteen. He uncorked it, then took an extremely long and meaningful drink. He swished the liquid around in his mouth, then swallowed it with a pronounced gulp. Mr. Barkley re-corked the bottle and held it loosely by his side, yawning for the sixth time that evening. A whisper had moved across the room about the appearance of Lady Felicity DeBarbarac, the "Shining star" of this evening's occasion. Mr. Barkley had lost his taste in appearance long ago, and did not do himself the honor of seeking her out. He hoped she would remember that they had parted on sour terms long ago, and leave him to himself for the time being.
  3. Rowena had spent a fair few hour's trying to work out with her maid what she should be wearing for the charity event she was planning on going to that evening, after much nagging from her maid Elizabeth about Thomas would of wanted to see her in something more bright and cheerful then her morning attire. Rowena had given in and now stood in the DeBarbarac estate in a full length silver grey dress.
    It had been many years since Rowena had been in high society but she still recognized a few face's in the room and a few had even come by and spoken to her, she even had an invite for a afternoon of Archery which made her feel more comfortable about being here.

    Watching the crowds milling around she drifted in to her mind and remembered time's with her Husband when they had gone to charity events such as this, they always seamed being the first to dance, and all the laughing she had once done. Smiling at her own memories Rowena listened to the music and found herself swaying to the rhythm, while watching the younger people dancing dance she danced when she was there age.
    Rowena was pleased that she had picked this event to rejoin the high society crowd.

    One of the Lady's standing near to Rowena started to inform her Husband that Lady Felicity DeBarbarac had indeed been seen.
    Rowena had not yet had the pleasure of meeting the young woman as of yet, but was sure before the end of the evening there paths would cross.
  4. Armand made a habit of leaning against walla and sittign in chairs as often as possible at these places when he wanted to remain unseen, being taller than the rest of them ( almost freakishly so) He prefered to be where his silhouette wouldn't become the epicenter of a large amount of whispers. His silken Vest and elegant brocaded coat with it's red trim sparkled in the chandelure Lights when he shifted his weight. There was a collective hushing of voices towards the right of His senses and he turned his Head to see the lady debarbarac as she dove into the throng of courtly murmurings.

    "A swan thrown out amongst the ugly." he sighed.

    "Miho, You Think too much!" He father said, pattign him on the shoulder, almost as tall as Armand. "These people, The british, they see life differently, but that doesn't mean they are all ugly inside." he prodded His Sons Nose with his forefinger on the other hand which held a brandy glass firmly in his dark skinned grasp, tanned from years of sun.

    "No it doesn't, Papa... But these people ARE ugly inside..." he said simply.

    Father and son shared a quiet snicker at their expense.

    Armands Father, Lord Villegas made a Point to bow infront of Lady Debarbarac before he left, he had business Early tommorow morning in Cheddar, and had to leave tonight.

    Armand watched him leave, shakeing his head a little. "Better Excuse than being too drunk to remain civil." he laughed to himself, leaning against a Pillar near Felicity.