That Moment...

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Do You Often Dread the Next Day?

  1. Yes.

  2. No.

  3. Hell Yes.

  4. Hell no.

  1. ...When it's midnight and you just don't want to go to sleep because you dread the next day, whether it be work or school. Yet you stay up any longer and you'll be a sleepy mess all day the next day. Yeah. That's happening to me right now.

    Does this occur for anyone else?

    It does for me. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights. :D Especially Sunday nights.
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  2. I'm having one of those same moments right now. Like, it's just over midnight and I gotta get up at five in the morning just to go to college. I wasn't ready for college, I was forced into and now it's stressing me out to no end. I've got so many other things to worry about, the last thing I need is the thought of school keeping me up at night.
  3. I had such a moment.

    I made it go away with alcohol.

    Then I had a tummy ache the next day.

    Sour about that.
  4. All of my classes are honors, and I've never been one that's excelled in math. In fact, my school is set up to where I have to keep at least a C average to stay in- that's pulling some strings. It was supposed to be a B average. So, I'm taking a math course that is way higher than my grade. I actually failed a test today, it's been horrible. I barely was able to come back to the school this year. I'm always stressed about school, and thing is, I excel in all my other classes. I might just have to screw it and get a damn tutor, but I don't want one. I want the pride of knowing I could do it myself, but I just can't do these things. It's a damn shame.

    I imagine you would be! Aches anywhere suck. Especially headaches/migraines. I get those often for some unknown reason. Nevertheless, hope it wasn't too bad for yah!
  5. oh i am a veteran drinker

    tummy ache goes away quickly