That is the most annoying thing in the world.

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Right now, in the south-west corner of a northern California neighborhood, some jerk-ass's Car alarm has been going off for 5 minutes straight.

Get it off your chest Iwaku!

What has annoyed YOU today!?

My old roommates won't give a time to get upstairs to pick up the stuff I accidentally left behind. D<
WHYDIDIGIVEINTHEKEYEARLY? I hate being so absentminded!
I want to make progress in life and then I remember how I live in a town of only 600 people and no school, with no car, and a job that's hiring ding bats.
Someone had to:

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I'm annoyed at my mother and her husband right now. They tell me several times everyday to get a job so I can pay them a fee for living under their roof, and so they don't have to pay for things I need. :|

I'm cool with that and all, but finding a new job is easier said than done... I have applied to every position I see available, that I'm qualified for and still nothing! *sighs and glares at mother*
The neighbor's stupid dog.
It barks, it yips, it howls, and throws a goddamn fit every time they step out of the front door without it.
Whether they're gone for three minutes to get the paper or twenty to go to the store.
I hate nothing, save for purposeful ignorance/dislike of others because of their political views/race/religion/gender/class.
We were talking about annoyance, Roru. ;p
I'm sure I can think of someone- erm, something that annoys you.
I get really annoyed by people leaving cabinet and closet doors open. o__o

Or leaving only two spoon fulls left of cereal in the box. >< If you're going to eat all the cereal - eat ALL the damn cereal. Don't leave two bites in there and put it back on the shelf. Only to piss off the next person who THINKS they're getting a bowl of cereal and then gets two bites. D:<

In fact that annoys me about all food. If you're going to eat what's left EAT IT ALL. Frustrates the hell out of me when there's two or three bites left. Not enough for a meal, and not worth putting away. Such a waste. D:<
Nationalism. All day, every day. Priding yourself over something some other guys did years and years ago, and probably was reconstructed to your forefather's ego's liking, and you had nothing to do with it.

You might argue that it brings people together and people shouldn't be blamed for priding themselves over who they "are". Fact is, you were just born within a limited area constructed with borders, made by the same kind of guys you love to hate, sitting in some office, drawing lines on a map.

In the end, it mostly makes us think we're different from each other, based on cultural events/dishes/flags/religions, made from material that was already there, created by nature, constructed into something else out of human curiousity, something living in us all, not in "you people" or "them people ovar there", it's the result of chance and hard work. Your food? Nature made that, you just "discovered" it, due to your surroundings, with the spices and the-

.......err.....rain and cold winds are so annoying.......NYANYANDESUCHAN ^_^;
Have to agree with everything Torsty said. Except for the rain and cold winds part. I love cold winds. :P