That Horrible Moment

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  1. when you're waiting for something to happen. In 2 hours I will be picked up and go do something at my other unorthodox job.

    But waiting is a slow burn and I am bored and I want it to be 5 o'clock already
  2. Man I felt like that yesterday. O___O I had to wait inbetween phone calls and all kinds of nonsense.
  3. Or when you wait, and wait, for your pizza to be don and come out of the oven.

    Longest 23 minutes of my life.
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  4. Iknwr

    I hate that, especially when I am hungry
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  5. That moment when you go unconcious and need to wait eight hours to regain concious...
    The worst part is I hardly even remember waiting, what the hell was I doing in that time? o_o
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  6. Try waiting for the kids to go to sleep to watch a good movie, or just have five minutes of quiet. That's the longest wait ever.....
  7. Or how about that time when you are watching, 'It' and waiting for the clown to pick off one of the little shits and he never does until they are much older.

    Hate that feeling.
  8. Trust me, I know that one all too much too.
  9. People are so impatient.. Goodness..

    Finding something to pass the time is never easy, but it's always something to keep in the back of your mind.

    Here are some tips I've picked up!
    • Mobile games. Nothing fancy, just enough to hold you over while you wait. Good for short waits.
    • Books! Perfect if traffic is at a stand still or you're in a waiting room!
    • Contemplation. Not the best by far. But inner reflection is actually pretty handy (to me) when no other options are around.
    • Day dreaming! Once you start then you're likely not to stop!
    • Call someone! Phone chats can last when you're not looking.
    Patience isn't a virtue. It's a lifestyle.
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  10. For most waiting situations I'm fine and end up doing one of the other on this list.

    Except when I'm travelling. Very nervous traveler. I usually pass the time staring at the clock.
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  11. ADD like excitement makes time move too slow
  12. Hence trying to figure out ways to overcome it rather than wallow in it. Add an H into that acronym and it's a little more difficult.
  13. My focus and attention and concentration is fucking damn horrible. I try not to wallow in it, but just about anything breaks any form of normal concentration I have. But most of my life is

    "Gah I should do the dishes" goes to do the dishes, few seconds later, "oh that table is dirty" few seconds "oh I should vacuum"

    hours later nothing is done because I ended all over the god damn house because I cannot sit down and just do something. It's hard for me to watch a lot of television too. The only thing i can tend to sit down and do is usually writing, but that's my special interest.

    And I hate just sitting around so I am doing the chair dance jig because ah god
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