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    Brian yawned softly as he walked down the cobblestone walkway. The people passing by him were bundled in they're scarves and coats, trying there best to fight the cold breeze that blew through-out the streets. The windows were all closed and covered in condensation and frost. The cold was bone chilling, worse than last years snow. He stopped for a moment, pulling the pack of marlboro reds out of his pocket, he picked one out of the pack and lit it up. After placing the lighter and cigarettes back into his inside jacket pocket, he continued on. As he wandered down the road, his first find was a bar hidden in a small alley off to his left. The bar seemed pretty warm enough, not one of the slimy bars like he had seen back when he was in new york. A smile came to his face as thoughts of warm lager and peanuts came to mind. A place to kick back and get off his feet for a while.

    He wandered into the bar, shuffling his coat, brushing the snow off his shoulders. Taking a minute to take the place in, he took his coat off and placed it upon the coat rack to his left. Looking over the patrons, he noticed one a few people actually took residence here, the apartments upstairs must of been the homes of the only customers of this fine establishment. He then proceeded towards the bar, pulling his wallet from his back pocket, he then called the bartender over. After ordering a shot of whiskey and a tall glass of lager, he took his seat at the bar. Grabbing a handfull of peanuts from the bown sitting next to him he decided to take another look around the place, the people in the small tavern were mainly pulled into there little social circles, making small little jokes about there day and just enjoying eachothers company. It brought a small smile to his face as he settled back for the cold night.

    Taking a small sip from the whiskey, he sighed in relief as he felt warmth begin to radiate from his chest, the whiskey was strong, but it went down smooth. Looking back to the bar keep, he waved his hand to get his attention. The next thing on Brian's list was a warm bed for the night. After asking the bar keep for a room, he passed over the nights rent. Not too much, but still enough to break him. His pulled a small piece of paper from his pocket and scribbled a little note, it seemed his list was never ending.

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  2. Kam looked up from her table in the corner, moving her blond hair over her shoulder. She was dressed rather extravagently for this particular establishment, wearing a pair of Lee's men's carpenter jeans and a black pleather jacket with a hit of a red shirt underneath, but no one cared. She was a regular here, just like most of the others, though she was the only woman. They had nowhere else to go, usually kicked out for the night by their wives or just barely getting by with paying for a room so they weren't out in the cold this winter. Kam didn't sleep here, she had an apartment down the street that was a bit nicer than most of the places around here, but she enjoyed just coming in to hear the light bar music that the bartender kept going or the local band that needed someplace to play just to have an audience.

    The door came open and a newcomer walked in, more than likely a passerby to this neighborhood. He didn't seem familiar to her, anyway, and she knew everyone on this side of town. He bought a couple drinks and then a room, and Kam smirked. Definitely an out-of-towner. She considered intercepting him and offering him a drink or two, but most men would have thought that would lead up to something, and she wouldn't give up to just any man. So instead she just idled in the corner, wondering if he'd notice her.
  3. Taking another sip of his whiskey, Brian began to let his curiousity get the best of him. He was new here, that was normal for him. He was used to wandering from place to place, doing odd jobs here and there to keep some money in his pocket. Something about this place seemed different, quieter. He liked it, thought he might stay for a while. He looked out over his shoulder, peering around the bar, noticing the same people from earlier. This time, a woman in the back caught his eye, he then realized she was the only girl here. He smiled softly in her direction, and then looked back towards the bartender.

    " Excuse me, could you send a shot over to the woman in the corner? " He said it a bit softly, trying not to bring any attention to himself, but also trying to find some warm hearted conversation to keep the night lively.

    He looked back over as the bartender took the shot to the woman, he noticed she didnt seem to dress like a woman, more of a tomboy look. He liked it, thought it was kinda thoughtful. It was good to see an individual here, it seemed she was the only person who didn't blend in with the woodwork. He then took another gulp from the glass of whiskey, finishing it off. He turned the glass over on the table, and turned to his glass of lager. A bit of the froth was still making it's way down the side of his glass, he didnt mind. He grabbed a napkin, wiped the glass off and took a nice satisfying gulp.
  4. Desireh sat at a table close by and saw as a guy asked the waiter something and he looked famiular. Desireh was abandoned by her family when she was younger and got sent to a foster home in flordia and now she back in her home town. Desireh had just turned 21 and she didnt have memory of her past family. But he looked very firmular so she walked up to him "Hello I'm Desireh Macintosh" she reached out her hand.
  5. Brian was a bit suprised as a hand appeared next to him. The voice was soft and the woman seemed to have just come of age. He took her hand, introducing himself as well. He thought she was sweet, younger definetely, atleast by 5 yrs compared to him. He then peered back over his shoulder to the other woman, then back to her. He didnt remember seeing this young woman earlier, he must have missed her when he first checked the place out. He must be getting a bit slow in his old age.

    " Well its a pleasure to meet you Desireh, " He let go of her hand, taking his lager back up to his mouth. He took a small drink and offered her a sear next to him.

    He called the bartender back over to him, and looked back over to his new acquaintance. " Can I get you a drink? ", he said in a soft voice, coughing slightly on his last drink. Tonight seemed to be getting lively, people were slowly pouring into the bar, groups of young men just getting off work. Woman coming in to find themselves a pair of warm arms to sleep in that night. He smiled softly as a small roar of laughter came to him from his right. It seemed one of the groups of guys was just getting started.
  6. Melissa took her shift at the bar, washing shotglasses, and picking up on conversations nearby. At this time of night, the bar was usually dead, except for their regular, Kam.

    Melissa was wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt. She should've been cold, but after tons of nights sleeping on the snow-flooded streets, she was used to it.

    She had tied her auburn hair in a bun, and as she put the shotglass up to her face to inspect for any smudges, her dark green eyes reflected back at her.

    She poured a shot, and walked over Kam's table.

    "Compliments of that fine gentelman over there", she said, smiling.
  7. Kam wasn't too surprised to see the guy finally notice her, and less surprised when the bartender brought her a shot.

    "Thank you, Melissa," she told the bartender with a sweet smile before the bartender walked back to the counter. She studied the guy a little longer. Then, a young girl walked in and beelined right over to the guy. Kam frowned; this was unexpected. The usual crowd followed, now that it was getting later in the evening. A few nodded her way, having frequented here enough that they too knew her. She was mostly ignored though, which was fine. She was still staring at the guy, wondering whether he'd been expecting the girl.

    Slightly furious, Kam swallowed the shot and sulked in the corner.
  8. Melissa saw Kam's sulk, and quietly laughed.

    In the next few minutes, Melissa served orders for nearly everybody that had walked in.

    She sighed, and sat on a barstool, somewhat expecting someone to tap on her shoulder and ask for another drink.
  9. Looking over towards the woman once more, Brian politely excused himself from his new acquaintance, and made his way towards the door. A little fresh air would do him some good, he wanted to smoke a cigarette anyway, but didnt like having to hunt for an ashtray, he hadnt seen any, and didnt want to waste the time. As he made his way out he grabbed his coat off the rack to his right, and pulled it over his shoulders. He opened the door, letting a bit of a cold breeze past him as he made his way out. Stepping off to the left, he pulled the pack out of his inside pocket. He lit his cigarette and took a deep drag. Inhaling deeply he tapped a bit of ash off the tip. Then reaching down into his pocket, he pulled a small flask. He usually didnt partake, it was only for emergencies, but he could get it refilled here, so why not enjoy himself. He took a few more swigs from it before returning it to his pocket. He then looked to his left to fiind an empty bench, he took a seat, sat back a bit, and took in the scenery.

    It didnt take him long to figure out that the temperature had dropped a decent bit then the small chill it was when he arrived. He bustled the jacket closer around him, buttoning a few buttons in a weak attempt to trap some of the heat inside its flaps. Taking another hit off his cigarette, he took the flask out once more, finally deciding to get a decent buzz before he decided to get a nice warm meal.

    His mind then returned to the woman still in the bar. He was intrigued, he couldn't lie to himeslf. She just seemed different than the other people that he'd seen so far. He was curious, so he decided he would satsify his curiosity as soon as he finished his cigarette.

    Standing up, he began to unbutton his jacket as he made his way to the door. He ruffled a bit of snow out of his hair and made his way inside. He took his cigarette from his mouth, flicking it into a muddy pile of snow, he made it back inside the nice warm bar. Placing his jacket back up on the rack, he turned towards the woman's table.
  10. Desireh looks at the bartender....he was a cute young guy"hello can I get something".She couldn't quite see really what he looked like all she could see was a bright row of teeth.
  11. Outside, another man smoked. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses. He had very white teeth which he flashed whenever he breathed out the smoke of his cigraettes. He had, a large smile on his face. He was handsome, with a narrow face and some stubble along his jawline. His nose was very straight. His short but thick blonde hair flopped in his face. It was unusual. No snow seemed to fleck in his hair. He wore a simple, linen button-down shirt, and graying blue jeans. He ran a hand through his hair, before extinguishing one of his black cigarettes in the palm of his hand. It didn't leave a burn mark. He watched the other man smoke for a moment, the smile remaining on his face, before he also went inside the bar. He watched his fellow man, and then, sat next to the table with the girls.

    "'Ello ladies. An' gent, I 'supphose." He has a thick accent unlike most heard in this bar, a thick cockney accent that seems to have out-lived its era, "Wot are yuh fine folks doin' on this fatefulleh dark and stormeh night?" he laughs slightly, "Literary reference, that, dark and stormeh night. Sign of bad writing, it is. Purple prose." He chuckled, "Names Todd, if yeh wanted to know. " he smiled slightly, revealing his pearly smile, "Imuh a poet, of a sort. Enjambment is sortah what I do." He shrugs his shoulders, "But I'm on leave, for deh moment." He looks at the women and pulls of his sunglasses, revealing light blue eyes that are slightly watery and heavily dilated.
  12. Melissa sighed.

    "Nope, guy bartenders are the only ones worth talking to, I suppose", she muttered.

    She got herself a bottle of whiskey, and drank straight from the bottle.

    As people whispered all around her, she said, "It's all mine, fellas. Just ask the other 'tender to get you something", and added under her breath, "bet you'd like 'im better anyways."
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    He was leaving. Figures. Kam huffed and waved her glass at the bar to ask for another beer, her other hand going to her pocket to grab the wad of dollar bills she always had on her for her visits here. Then the door opened again and the man walked back in. She let her eyes watch him, but pretended she wasn't paying any attention. Seeing the man approaching her, Kam turned towards him with a warm smile. She wasn't about to let him think she had been upset about him talking to that girl earlier. That would most definitely be embarrassing.

    "Hey there," she said when he got close enough. "Thanks for the shot. Wanna join me?" she added with a slight flirtatious tone to her voice, just subtle enough that if he turned out to be a total loser she wouldn't feel obligated to stick around.
  15. Brian smiled softly as he took a seat next to the woman, " Well thankyou, appreciate it. And don't worry about the shot you just seemed like the only person worth talkin to around here. Atleast so far... ", he said this with a light chuckle. He looked the woman over once more, not openly, but a bit secretly as he looked over towards the bar. Raising his hand, he made an attempt to call over the woman with the bottle of whiskey at her lips.

    The bar had seemed to livin up since he had come back in, the patrons had started to get there fill and were at the peak of they're buzz. Some were just laughing and enjoying the night, while a select few were back in they're corners sulking there night away. One peticular individual he could pick out just from his accent. He had seen him outside while he was enjoying his cigarette, but he hadn't really paid any attention to him.

    After getting the woman's attention he turned back to his current acquaintance, " Brian " He said as he extended his hand out to her.
  16. Desireh had relized he wasn't a bartender and watched as his blonde revealed it's self watching his face. She was him look at her and blushed as she saw his blue eyes that came Linithe. She turned around and looked at the rows of drink in the front of her she thought Wow what a cute guy i wonder?
  17. Todd grinned at them. Perfect. Already infatuated with their meat and chemicals coursing through their heads and their general good will. The last time Todd had been around, walking around towns, he hadn't been so lucky. A haunted house incident, a demon, and some nightmares were not something that Todds particularly enjoyed. He had been stuck in the Enjambers' Office for days after that particular episode, and it still made him uncomfortable. He didn't like most of his co-workers. He was quite a bit happier now that he was here, in this bar, with these people here. It showed on his face in the form of a smile.

    Todd watched Brian's face slightly and grinned broader, before pulling out a deck of cards, which he proceeded to shuffle, "Nice to meetcha Misteh Brian. Whatcha doing in a bar like this on a night like this?" He began to build a house of cards, leaning the stiff deck up against one another, the whole thing balancing precariously, "I'm celebratin', meself. Finally got out of the office. First time in a long while."
  18. Brian grinned as he looked over at Todd, " Well glad to hear your having such a good time bud, but let me tell you. I would kill to get a job in this humble little town. The county always seemed to suit me over the hustle and bustle of the big city. Never really liked it much, not enough green. ", he followed this comment with a warm hearted chuckle. There could never be enough green in his surroundings, he felt that normal ache deep in his chest that came when he thought of his homeland. The warm scent of whiskey had started to make his stomach growl, wierd he thought, normally he's starving, but here his hunger was quenched for some reason. Must have been the warm and pleasant atmosphere he thought. Looking back towards the bar, he began to wonder when the woman would make her way over this way, she seemed to be a bit buisy at the moment with her patrons, so he simply turned back to the table. Deciding to wait for her to get some time.

    As he was turning back towards the bar, his eyes came to rest back on Desireh. " Desireh, your more than welcome to come join us. " He said this with a smile, he never liked to see someone left out.
  19. "Kam," she said simply, eyeing the men. When Brian called over Desireh as well, she got a little touchy; she wasn't used to other female company anymore. It was something she denied herself, because women were snobbish and unpredictable. She'd rather spend time in a man's company. She looked over at Melissa, who seemed to share her distate with the lot tonight. Brian tried a couple times to catch the bartender's attention, only to be ignored. Kam tried not to smile.

    She turned to Todd and smiled warmly. "I don't think I've seen either of you around here before. First time in our neck of the woods?" Though, she did suppose Todd looked familiar. Perhaps they had just never spoke before? Kam always remembered those she spoke to. Most of the time.
  20. Todd shakes his head as if to disagree. Truth be told, he had been here before in various forms and incarnations of himself - a self that he didn't really remember. He supposed he had been here before on business, but he tried not to remember his business. Sometimes left a funny feeling in the back of his throat. He wondered if he had come here with Cor, his coworker, when they had briefly worked in con-junction with each other. Perhaps his boss had sent him here for some reason or another. Inspiration, myabe. This was his first day out from the office in some time, and Todd hoped to make the most of it.

    "Nah, I' been 'round before. Not recently, mind yah, but I 'ave been round," he shurgs, and polishes his pitch-black sunglasses for a moemnt before putting them back on again. He ran a hand through his thick blonde hair and leaned back in his seat. "You'd kill to git a job, Brian? Meybbe I can 'ook you up with somethin'. My friend Cor is always lookin' for fresh meat." He grinned wickedly, and pulled a pitch black cigarette box from his pocket. He flicked it open, revealing rows and rows of equally black cigarettes.