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  1. L O G A N

    The lacrosse team was still celebrating from their huge win against their rival school on the weekend. Logan Kayes, as the captain and the one who had made the winning shot, was receiving most of the attention from his teammates and the cheerleaders alike. The four pivotal members of the lacrosse team and the five main cheerleaders walked into the school at the same time as they often did. They were the group everyone wanted to join, but as they could not, they admired from the sidelines.

    "Logan, you may be many things, but you are not a loser," Lyndall Kayes proclaimed as she clapped her brother on the back. Two of the most popular students in the school, Logan was the captain of the lacrosse team and Lyndall was head cheerleader.

    "Thanks, Lynnie." Logan slung his arm around his twin sister's shoulders as they walked to the English building. Logan would rather have stayed outside all day, daring his friends to do stupid things, but unfortunately school contained these stupid things called classes.

    Logan walked into English alone as none of his friends shared this class with him. It was his only Honours class; Logan was gifted in this topic but often spent the time he should have been spending refining this ability playing sports. He kept his grades up out of fear of being kicked from the lacrosse team; he was the captain, after all, and needed to set a decent example for his teammates.

    Not too far into the lesson the teacher announced they would be pairing up to write a joint story, each person writing from the perspective of one character. Logan liked to write and he was excited for this project. He soon learned he had been paired up with a girl named Mirabella, who he had never spoken to before but soon identified. He moved to sit beside her, hanging his varsity jacket on the back of his seat.

    "Hi," he said in his deep British accent. "I'm Logan."
  2. Getting ready for school this morning was the same for Mirabella as any other day. Tip toe around the house, grabbing her books and clothes and such, cleaning up a little bit, eating breakfast. This was all just her normal morning routine. And once she was all ready and was satisfied that she could leave the house, she poked her head into her mother's room to see the woman dead asleep, exhausted from another long night shift at the hospital. She left a quick note for her mother, telling her she had cooked breakfast and put it in the fridge to be heated up later should she wish and that her clean uniform Mira had washed was hanging in the bathroom for when she would get ready. Then, putting the note onto the fridge, Mira snuck quietly out of the house to head toward school.

    She always walked to school, not only because she didn't have a car just yet, but because school was already so close to her home, being just a ten minute walk. Besides, walking to school and back gave her a bit of exercise and time to just enjoy the nature of their small town. Very soon, she walked into the school, sliding past and around the crowds of other students standing beside their lockers or joking around. There were times where in their joking around, students would run into her or accidentally trip her by moving around so much, yet no one bothered saying anything about it and just kept on with whatever they were doing.

    It was like Mirabella didn't exist.

    She might as well have not. After all, she wasn't very social in the first place, so if anyone had tried to apologize or talk to her anyway they likely would have gotten a quiet or mumbled short response. So why would anyone bother anyway?

    Mira continued to make her way down the hallways until she finally came to her first class of the day; English. It was one of the few AP classes the girl took and she tended to do very well in it. Considering she loved to read and write that was no surprise. She sat in her seat in the very back corner of the room staying to herself as she quite often did. She was content this way and was very relaxed as she sat there.

    That is until the teacher began to discuss a project they would have to do with a partner. She grew a little more tense and rigged at that, sitting at her desk as the names of partners were called out, and when the teacher said the name of her partner, Mira wanted to get up and walk out of the class. Logan Kayes. Any other girl would die to be in her place, yet she would have happy let any of them take it. He was the most popular kid at school, the type of guy that girls fawned over, and, as far as she knew from the way he was always surrounded by the cheerleaders, likely a ladies man. Definitely not the type of girl she would hang around, if she ever hand out with anyone at all. Too popular and probably too much trouble. Not trust worthy at all. But then again, who was?

    As the boy came to sit next to her, Mira was still tense, looking straight ahead with the sheet of her dark hair acting as a blocking curtain between the two of them as he spoke, introducing himself. When he told her his name, she turned her head just slightly to peer at him for one moment, saying a very quiet, "Mirabella." As an introduction before looking straight ahead once more, letting her hair fall back into place as her own personal curtain once more.
  3. L O G A N
    "That's a nice name," Logan said politely. He wasn't flirting -- she would know if he was flirting -- but simply giving her a nice compliment. Logan was generally a kind person and definitely fell into the British stereotype of being too polite and apologising for everything. As the teacher finished explaining the assignment to the class, Logan opened his notebook to a fresh page and turned to his partner, twirling his pen between the fingers of his left hand. "So, did you have anything in mind already?" he asked. It was a partner assignment, after all. They needed to make an equal contribution.

    Logan liked to read and he was a good writer but he hardly pursued it as a hobby. With lacrosse, his friends, his other classes and, of course, his beloved piano Logan barely had the time to eat, let alone pursue a completely new hobby. But, who knows? Maybe, if he enjoyed this project immensely, he may be the next Stephen King.

    "So I like horror," he said, "but that can be rather difficult to write so I understand if you don't want to do that. But it would be suspenseful, and quite interesting to see the same horrific event from the perspective of two different characters, right?" He was half-rambling, scrawling down ideas in his neat-for-a-left-handed-person handwriting.
  4. This was just a project. It wasn't like it was anything big. All the two of them had to do was come up with a basic story line and plot, then each of them write a character's perspective. That was it. Surely it wouldn't take long and once they were done then they honestly didn't even have to talk to each other again. It'd be very simple. As long as the two of them could find a topic they agreed on and could work together properly, then surely this whole assignment would fly by and wouldn't be a bother to either of them. They could go their separate ways and never have to talk to each other again. She hoped anyway.

    In hearing his idea, of it being a horror themed story and the interest of seeing it through the perspective of two different characters, the wheels in Mira's head began turning. She herself loved to write and make up stories. It was one of the few hobbies she did have. She was rather good about, when someone gave her an idea or a topic, coming up with something to roll with and create an interesting story. And he had just given her a fairly good topic to work with.

    "What about a murderer and a victim?" She spoke up, her voice still quiet like before, but tone also inquisitive now, "It could show both sides of the story, of the fear and panic as the victim is hunted down, but also the collective mind of the murderer and his or her reasons behind committing such a crime?" She asked hesistantly, glancing over at him slightly once more, the pen in her hand tapping very lightly in nervousness against her desk.
  5. L O G A N
    "I think that would be brilliant," said Logan. He jotted down her idea before turning to her, holding eye contact, because that was polite. "You know what would be great? If the characters didn't have names -- just pronouns, he and she. That will distance the characters, to show that the killer does not care about the victim in the slightest and the victim is just emotionally and mentally lost in this scenario." Realising he probably sounded like a serial killer, Logan laughed and said, "Sorry, I watch a lot of horror movies."

    Logan noticed that Mirabella was very pretty, but not in the sense the cheerleaders were pretty. Lyndall and her friends liked to doll themselves up and parade around the school like they were Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid at a fashion shoot in Paris. Mirabella had a kind of raw beauty, something that required no maintenance because it was already lovely.

    "Would you feel more comfortable playing the killer or the victim?" he asked her, turning back to his book. He absent-mindedly began to lightly tap against his desk, not making any noise but instead miming the verse from This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco that he had been trying to learn on the piano the previous evening. He almost-silently hummed the tune as he read the notes he had taken.
  6. She definitely liked the idea of just referring to the other character as pronouns rather than actual names. Not only did it leave the two characters detached from one another, it also left a lot of open ended questions to leave the reader wondering. Such as who this murderer is. And why they were going after this one person. Where the two characters connected in any way? Do they know each other, or is the murderer just going after a random victim? So many question to be answered, yet it would always remain a mystery to the reader, which was perfect. The best mysteries in history were never solved, after all.

    "I could play the murderer." Mirabella commented softly as she continued to look down at her paper, jotting down notes for the story and avoiding his gaze. She didn't like to look at anyone for too long and didn't like people looking at her, "I don't see many horror stories with a female being the murderer and/or psycho, so I think it might be interesting." It would be new and fresh, seeing as it always tended to be the guy that was the crazy one and the girl running for her life (and doing a horrible job at it by tripping and hiding in horrible spots). With it being the girl that was chasing down the guy and the guy panicking, she thought it would make a good read.

    As she sat there in her seat, she heard a light humming and glanced up from her writing for just a moment, stealing a glance over in Logan's direction, his fingers tapping against his desk in a way that sort of mimicked the way one might play a piano. She tilted her head lightly in curiosity, having half the mind to ask if he played. But, then thought better of it, looking back down at her paper and going back to writing. Not only would that open too many questions as to her own hobbies and such, it would also sort of be useless to ask, because the answer would likely be no. Someone like him? Someone who was so popular and had time for nothing other than sports? There was no way someone of his popularity and stature played something, what most people considered anyway, as classical and boring as piano. Only people like her, the social outcasts and geeks, played something like piano.

    Getting her mind off of the subject, she glanced up from her notes to look at him, "What of the setting? A forest? An old mansion? An abandoned factory?" She asked, throwing out some examples to jump start some ideas.
  7. L O G A N
    Logan nodded, content with Mirabella portraying the killer. He pictured the lead-up to the actual murder scene; guys, generally, were stupid and would never think their hot date or the nice girl next door was capable of such violent acts. He could see a young man, dragged in by nothing but his hormones as he believed he had a fun night ahead of him ... only to end in his own demise.

    "I think an old mansion in the forest," Logan offered excitedly. "That way, we could have an elaborate chase scene if we wanted one. It also plays with the reader's fear; mansions and woods are typical horror movie settings, so it'd make sense to have a story set in that area."

    Still humming and trying to remember the chords of the song, he jotted down the new notes. "So is your killer just going to stab him to death, or will she go full Saw on him?"
  8. Mirabella had to think for a moment on his question. While just being stabbed to death would be short and sweet, it would also be very interesting to play out a sort of Saw scenario where he had to escape different trials within the mansion once she had chased him into there. It would be very interesting indeed to write out and figure out what traps this killer would be setting for the boy, "What if he gets through all the Saw trials?" She asked, looking over to him, "Would she still get the chance to kill him in cold blood herself? Or would he, turn the tables on her in the end?"

    It felt strange, to be discussing such details as murders and traps so casually. Especially with someone who probably wouldn't otherwise be talking to her in the first place. No, if he had the choice he probably would have paired up with someone at least a little closer to his level in the hierarchy that was high school. Because she was at the lowest level one could possibly go, even below the geeks and nerds. She was on the level of unnoticeable, almost as if she wasn't there at all most of the time. But, it didn't bother her. It was what she learned to live with.

    Looking quietly over to him, she continued to watch him as he hummed, silently waiting for the answer to her question.
  9. L O G A N
    Logan had to seriously consider his answer. On the one hand, he wanted to write a gritty horror story with lots of suspense and action, blood and guts. On the other hand, he wanted to focus on the emotions of the characters and their narration of the events at hand. He also did not want to have to undergo a psychological evaluation.

    "Well, Mirabella, as much as I would love to plagarise the plot of seven wonderful films, I think we should stick to something short and sweet so we don't get expelled and or arrested," he lightly joked. "No, but seriously, it would be better for the emotions and the tones of the characters if it was a tad more up-close-and-personal."

    He found it odd that he was so comfortable discussing such dark, unspeakable topics with a girl he had only just spoken to for the first time. He could not speak like this around his friends, because the girls were all too squeamish and the guys did not care about anything other than sports. Logan liked to consider himself a well-rounded guy with a variety of hobbies and interests, but when all of your friends only care about one thing, it can be difficult to explore these topics. For example, his piano was, after lacrosse, one of the most important things in his life; he loved every part of it. His friends did not even know about Logan's piano abilities.
  10. Mirabella was looking down at her paper, writing down notes to what she and Logan were discussing, and as he made his light joke about not getting expelled or arrested, a very small and almost unnoticeable upturn of her lips happened before her face set quickly back to that shielded expression she had on her face from the moment he had sat down beside her, "Plan on killing in cold blood from the start it is. Up close and personal with lots of blood to wash off her hands after words." If this was her own joke, it didn't show on her face as she continued to write, focusing on her work. She was always a rather serious girl, and jokes or even smiles were rare when it came to her. When they did show up they were almost un-noticeable as well, it taking a pretty keen eye to spot.

    "I think we have a good start." She mentioned, looking up from her notes a moment to look at him, then back down at them to read them over, "Should we each try to write a bit and see where it gets us? Sort of as a first draft to tell which ideas we want to keep and which we want to toss?" Writing was all trail and error for her. A great story was never written in one attempt in her opinion, it always took a few tries to get a story just right.

    Besides, it was growing closer to the end of the period and they didn't have much more time to discuss much else, "We could write the drafts sometime today and bring them back to class tomorrow. That should save us some time during class to actually fully discuss and go over some more ideas."
  11. L O G A N
    "Good idea," said Logan. "I've got lacrosse practice and then piano after school, but I should be able to get whatever I don't do now done tonight after dinner."

    He set to work, still humming as he wrote out the first few paragraphs of his side of the story. When the bell eventually rang for the next class of the day. Logan shrugged on his jacket and waited for Mirabella. "When we're both done with the final drafts, you can send me yours and I'll put them both together," he offered as they walked out of the class.
  12. When she heard Logan say he had piano after school, it came as a big surprise to her. So, he was musically inclined. Interesting. She would have never thought someone like him would be interested in something most people considered so boring. Before she could really comment on the fact he did though, the bell rang and it was time for them to head to their next classes. She watched him shrug on his jacket and she herself stood up as well, grabbing her books and walking out of the classroom, looking to him when he spoke to her,

    "I would actually prefer it if we could put the final drafts together...well, together. It is a team effort after all. I wouldn't want you doing all the work on the final product." Looking to him sort of nervously as she spoke, "After we finish, we could meet in library maybe? To put the drafts together. If...that's okay?"
  13. L O G A N
    "Oh, sure," Logan agreed when she suggested they meet up once the drafts were done. "That's a much better idea."

    "Logan!" It was Logan's twin, Lyndall, running to catch up with him. "Come to cheer practice tonight."

    "I can't, Lyndall, I have practice myself, remember?"

    "But Brittany -- "

    "Brittany and I broke up," Logan said firmly.

    "But she wants -- "

    "I don't care." Logan sighed and turned back to Mira. "I'll see you around," he said, giving her a small wave as he walked with Lyndall to their History class.
  14. "Bye." Was Mira's quiet response as she watched Logan and his twin sister walk off together. They were two of the most popular kids in school. The head cheerleader and team captain of the lacrosse. Nothing could touch them and nothing could bring them down. The opposite end of the spectrum from her. She supposed though, being at the bottom, at least no one could really knock her down any further than she already was.

    High school was like a ladder. You could be at the very top, but one wrong move and you could be knocked down a step. She supposed that's the way it was with Brittney, one of the cheerleaders. She faintly recalled the girl having been dating Logan for a few weeks. Honestly, Mira didn't keep up with the rumors and drama that happened at their school, so she hadn't known that the two had broke up. She guessed now she did though, and she could guess that Brittney wanted to get back together with Logan for one reason. When they broke up, it knocked Brittney from the top of the ladder, down to second step. If she wanted to be back on top again, that meant getting back together with Logan. But, it seemed Logan wasn't having it.

    The life of high school. Mira had a fascination in picking it apart and observing. What else could she do since she didn't socialize. Psycho-analysing people was better than staring at a brick wall all day at least. Watching their backs for a moment as she walked off, Mira turned and headed in the other direction toward her next class.
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