That Free Balloon In Your Hotel Room May Be A Used Condom

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Blind Hemingway

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Pretty sad...

But what I want to know is if our lord and master admin Rory does searches like this alll the time... after all, I seem to get all my out of the way news from him.
I use the great media known as Facebook and mostly NPR.
Why were they letting a kid stay at the Hotel California in the first place?
I blame Congress.
...... I'm horrified now.
Shit, I got plenty of those lying around. Anyone want a water balloon?
Eeeeeww! Poor kid! I hope everything turns well for him, but shouldn't he have known not to blow up dirty balloons that were randomly on the floor?
Even though it's not a balloon, you'd figure that he wouldn't blow balloons that were from the floor.
You also don't expect people to do stupid things. They still do.