That feeling... when something ends.

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  1. I keep getting it. That feeling, you know, when a series you really like ends? I feel almost as if my mind is trained solely on the feeling I get, and I cannot describe it.

    It's like a mixture of wonder and despair, is the best I can put it. Wonder at what you just experienced, but at the same time despair that whatever it was is now over. They are not two separate emotions, but one and the same; this indescribable feeling which I have no name for.

    Anyone else experience this? How do you deal with it? Do you enjoy it, or do you, like me, wish for it to go away as fast as possible?
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  2. i rewatch the show

    or read fanfiction
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  3. I honestly can't say that there has been a series I was upset to see end. Usually by the time the end is near, I've either lost interest in it, or the writers have pissed me off so much that I'm glad to see the show over.
  4. I never actually felt this. Either I'm glad that I actually got to see it to the end, or butthurt if that ending was bad.
  5. So many feels.

    I sit and dwell upon it, soak it into my brain, with the quiet hope that it will breed with the other feels and make liquid beauty drip from my writing hand on some future day.

    *rubs Battlestar Galactica DVDs on his cheek*
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  6. That's what I do!

    Really though, I dwell on it and think about it, especially if it impacted me in any meaningful way. Then I participate in discussion.

    And that's when I grow to hate it. :C
  7. I've definitely had a feeling which I would describe like that. Sometimes I enjoy it and sometimes I wish it would go away. As for dealing with it - Most commonly I either dwell on the series or go work on my own creative projects.

    EDIT: Also, what Asmodeus said.
  8. [​IMG]

    One of my most favorite shows in the world, cancelled at the worst of times. v___v The way it 'ended' pissed me off because I don't get to see what happens next! Not enough people watched it, if I remember right. BUT DAMMIT...

    Futurama, too. Ultimately my favorite show, never wanted it to end. </3

    The way I deal with it is I let the emotions fester inside, then I take it out on a lesser being. In the end, it's just TV. I dismiss the feelings and go on with life.
  9. Oh man, yes. It's not like it's sad or that you're upset to see it go or anything, it's just that "It's over?" type ache. I spend the rest of the night just sitting there and thinking about it and it drives me nutty.
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  10. I look for a sequel series, if there is none.... The internet is filled with other fans that write stuff...
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  11. It happens only rarely, but I've had that feeling before.

    In general, I like to take it as a good thing. Sure, I despair at the new hole in my entertainment fill. But after a while, I realize that because I liked a show or book series that much, that I can be sure that at the very least, I didn't waste my whole life on meaningless mundanity.

    Also, I kinda like being a little sad every now and then.
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  12. Ugh. That's exactly what I do too. Keeps me up for longer than I'd like.
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  13. I get that feeling all the bloody time, I don't know single person who doesn't. I also get this other feeling with on-going series that I follow, like Doctor Who; it's mixture of dread and enjoyment. Because I'm in the moment, really happy that the series is still going, but at the same time I'm looking to the future when it all inevitably ends and being just being absolutle terrified of it. Though, honestly, I get that feeling for everything, not just fictional crap; endings just aren't my cup of tea, mate.
  14. Just got that again less than a week ago, when I finally got around to finishing White Collar. It was just... and I was like... ugh. I listened to the ending credit song like five times after it was over on YouTube and just... thought about it. Then I made up a couple scenes in my head, felt better, and got over it!
  15. Three words:

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  16. My mate went like "hey you should totally watch Firefly." Which I did. I marathoned that fucker. Then he told me it was cancelled and that he knew about it all along.

    Long story short, some guy in Bangkok fetched me a pretty nice price for his organs.

    Seriously fuck that shit.
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  17. Would go solely with Firefly but others have already pointed that one out.

    I felt this with Cowboy Bebop a while ago. Just sitting there like "is it really over now?... That was really the ending?... No, I don't want it to end like this!"

    Even then though, it was more just because it was a bittersweet end to something I liked. Things come and go, and I'm just happy to be exposed to the ideas and characters presented, whether that's long or short.
  18. I get somewhat upset when a good anime series ends. But as long as the ending is good, I am quite satisfied. If the ending is terrible, then I'll feel like I've wasted all my time watching the series.
  19. When Naruto ended, I was both relieved and happy because reaching an end to something is satisfying! But at the same time I was sad that it was all over because it'd been in my life for a decade. ):
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